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updated Wed. August 23, 2017

The book "The True Story of the Israeli attack on an American intelligence ship" features Lockwood's experience and what happened during ...
It is noted that the physical attacks (injuries and beatings) that were at the forefront of the Israeli attacks accounted 34% of the total number of ...
A CONSORTIUM of Non- governmental Organisations in Nigeria have called on the United Nations to investigate Israel's use of excessive ...
Occupation forces barred journalists from entering Jerusalem's Old City during two weeks of Palestinian civil disobedience and protests against ...
04 August 2017: 8 Palestinians were killed in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas at the hands of Israeli forces in July, 600 were injured, 425 ...
Taken by Noam Menashe recently, the images in this post show IAF AH-64D "Saraf" of the 113 "Hornet" Squadron based at Ramon, Israel, ...
Palestinians are continuing demonstrations and a boycott of the al-Aqsa mosque compound in protest of increased security in the area ...
Hundreds of people gathered at Istanbul's Beyazit Square on Friday to protest against a recent restriction Israel placed on Palestinians entering ...
A number of Palestinian worshippers were wounded on Sunday when Israeli police attacked them outside the gates of al-Aqsa mosque, Safa ...
Israel has carried out almost a hundred of attacks against convoys that delivered arms to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement and other ...
A decade later, November 1956, the Beirut Extraordinary Summit was convened in the aftermath of the Tripartite Aggression, the British-French-Israeli attack on Egypt. The Arab leaders then emphasized Egypt's sovereignty over the Suez Canal according to ...
The indiscriminate Israeli attacks on Lebanon have created a rare unity across the country's many divides. But most people still want Hizbullah to disarm.
Iran strongly condemned the Israeli attack in Syria on the night of March 17, 2017, and called on the UN to prevent further attacks.
On March 21, 1968, Jordanian soldiers repelled an Israeli attack on the small Karamah town in the Jordan Valley, whose name means "dignity".
Tourney spoke in depth about the 34 Americans who were brutally slaughtered, 172 wounded [including himself] all because Israel attacked America's virtually unarmed premier spy ship the USS Liberty while she navigated in international waters during ...
He was on a Congressional delegation to Lebanon during the height of the Israeli attack in 1982. Tip O'Neill wanted the Arab-American congressman to go because his own daughter-in-law was Arab-American and he had mixed feelings about Israel.
"Syria's forceful response to the Israeli attacks changed the rules of the game," said Syrian ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari.
The stench that wafted across world politics last Friday was unbearable. It originated from a place where there was once an old slaughterhouse.
The firing of the anti-aircraft missile was the first armed response by Syria to an Israeli attack in decades, even though Israel has mounted dozens of such attacks since the present conflict began in 2011.
This means that Hamas' modus operandi of conducting its operations from within or near densely populated areas appears only after the detailed analysis of the Israeli attacks on populated areas, which led to civilian casualties and destruction. As a ...
In the evening hours on Tuesday, 21 March 2017, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired several artillery shells targeting a group of Palestinian civilians in eastern Rafah.
On March 21, 1968, Jordanian soldiers repelled an Israeli attack on the small Karamah town in the Jordan Valley, whose name means "dignity".
Tensions between Israel and Syria continue to mount after last Friday's stunning missile clash that followed an IAF airstrike on a weapons convoy bound for Hezbollah in Lebanon near the city of Tadmor (Palmyra) in central Syria.
Since the criminal complaint was unsealed last week for a warrant for the arrest of Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al Tamimi, also known as "Khalti" and "Halati," a Jordanian national in her mid-30s, charging her with conspiring in the suicide bombing outside the ...
Further, the Israeli attack took place unusually deep in Syrian territory, well north of Damascus, and this was apparently the reason why Israel's ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry and dressed down.
Damascus - Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said Monday that Russia can play a role in preventing any further Israeli attacks on Syria. Speaking to Russian media outlets on Monday, the president said that defending the Syrian borders is the right and ...
The Israeli attack resulted in the killing of 7 family members, including 5 children, and injury of a man and child. Mohamed Naser el-Reify (11), victim of this attack, lost his twin brother, Omar; his father; uncle and cousins.
According to the Palestinian Center for human rights (PCHR), all Israeli attacks on Palestinian fishermen have taken place within the distance of six nautical miles, which it said "proves that Israeli forces' policies aim to tighten restrictions on the ...
Jaafari said that the response of the Syrian Army was "appropriate given the Israeli attack" and accused Israel of aiding terrorist organizations.
The Israeli attack came shortly after a rocket was reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. The Israeli army said the rocket had exploded near the Hof Ashkelon area in southern Israel, but caused no injuries.
Tehran, Mar 18 (Prensa Latina) Iran on Saturday described as a flagrant aggression against Syria the recent air bombing by Israeli, and demanded that the United Nations exercise all its authority to prevent the repetition of actions that violate ...
An Israeli attack on Iran can be perpetuated through Arab aggression. This will send shock waves from Middle East across the whole world.
The Israeli attack came shortly after a rocket was reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel. The Israeli army said the rocket had exploded near the Hof Ashkelon area in southern Israel, but caused no injuries.
The day after the IDF attacked within Syrian territory, an Arab news website reported that Israel conducted the airstrike in order to prevent sophisticated North Korean missile convoy from reaching Hezbollah.
After Israeli attack in Syria: Russia Summons Israel's envoy for Clarifications. Netanyahu says Israel will continue to prevent advanced arms from reaching Hezbollah from Syria; clarification comes week after Putin-Netanyahu meeting.
But given that the Israeli attack was hundreds of kilometers away from Israeli territory, why would Israel launch Arrow, which is intended to defend the homeland?
... "direct support from the outgoing American administration and French and British leaderships." It said it was part of a series of Israeli attacks that started with Syria's war in March 2011. It called on the international community to "punish the ...
Russians see that a mammoth assault would oblige "Hezbollah" to withdraw from Syria to focus on a potential Israeli attack over Lebanon. This explains the return of Israeli threats against "Hezbollah" in Lebanon - Israel wants to exhaust it through ...
Israel attacked a pro-government military position near Palmyra, aiding the so-called Islamic State, according to the Syrian military.
Beirut, Lebanon (3:07 A.M.) - The Syrian government increased its security presence in Quneitra in the south western Golan Heights region on Friday, after Israeli fighter jets conducted a series of airstrikes inside Syria.
Also pointing to this being no ordinary Israeli attack, Russia summoned the Israeli ambassador after the incident to seek "clarification" on what happened, which is also unprecedented, with reports in the past of Israel having communications with ...
There have been no immediate reports of possible casualties as a result of the Israeli attacks. Earlier, Israeli forces claimed that a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into an unpopulated area in the southern occupied territories without causing ...
New figures show 95 percent of reported Israeli attacks against Palestinians bring no charges. Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP/Getty. In comparison, the other 191 cases opened about Israeli civilian crimes in the West Bank resulted in police bringing charges in 55 ...
Right-wing nationalists attacking left-wing activists during a protest in central Tel Aviv against the Israeli attack on Gaza, July 12, 2014.
This coincided with an Israeli attack on Gaza and a Knesset vote to confiscate - ie, steal - yet more lands from Palestinians in the West Bank.
Hamas Threatens to Retaliate Strongly for Israeli attacks Responding to rocket fire into Israeli Territory ... Abu Obeida, spokesman for Hamas' military wing, threatened that the next time Israel attacked, Hamas would respond and not remain silent. He ...
Until now, supposed Israeli attacks have gone with no response from Syria, but this may not be a sustainable reality. "Once the Assad regime is more or less stabilized, Assad may tell the Russians that this can't go on," Remez said.
"Deploying these troops in accordance with Israel's vision - seeking to restrict and hamper the work of the resistance in protecting the Palestinian people and in retaliation for the Israeli attacks - is totally unacceptable," Ghul noted. At the same ...
When Israel attacked Lebanon in the summer of 2006, thousands of evangelicals descended on Washington to lobby Congress to support Israel unconditionally.




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