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updated Sun. October 1, 2023

Take higher education. The number of Haredim in colleges and universities has grown more than three-fold since 2008, which is nice, but in actual numbers, only a tiny fraction of Haredim aged 25-35 have a bachelor's, or are studying for one. The standards for admission to special university programs for ...

The president of San Francisco State University issued an apology last week for saying, "Zionists are not welcome on campus," following a wave of ... Abdulhadi is well-known for supporting terrorism against Israel, calling for a “Third Palestinian Intifada,” in addition to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions ...
... three academic institutions in the territories under the Council for Higher Education, which is responsible for such institutions inside Israel. The law's sponsors are proud of it, because it's meant to advance the imposition of Israeli sovereignty on the territories. The universities were silent over this measure, ...
Even prior to the signing of the agreement, about half of Hebrew University's pension obligations were being funded through the state's higher education budget. The additional 70 million shekels per year is designed to help the university meet its pension obligations over the next decade, when they are ...
Now the Israeli Council for Higher Education will take over that responsibility. Now we are all Ariel. However, at a conference at Tel Aviv University a few weeks ago, Professor Manuel Trajtenberg warned that the move would be a violation of Israel's signed commitments with the European Union concerning ...
While much public discussion has focused on concerns about the rights of conservative speakers to appear, the Virginia disruption was of a panel featuring Israeli military reservists. And the University of Virginia is but the latest institution where events organized by Jewish and pro-Israel groups have been ...


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