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updated Wed. March 28, 2018

They find Israel, as a country, guilty of all kinds of crimes, and regard Jews, anywhere, as Zionist sympathisers. Within the far left, the de facto position is one of hostility and distrust, not just towards Zionists but towards Jewish communities wherever they are. This attitude infects the whole party, even ...

Religious Zionist rabbis have come out against a Diaspora Affairs Ministry report recommending Israel to reach out to tens of millions of non-Jews with an affinity to Judaism. The rabbis criticized the report, saying that calling for the conversion of non-Jews is not Judaism's way. "According to Jewish ... Missionaries
The date picked for this mass march, on the same day Israel's Arab citizens hold their annual Land Day demonstrations, is hardly coincidental. This is the best date on which to mobilize Palestinian brothers in the Israeli Arab towns of Sakhnin and Tarshiha against the "Zionist enemy" that expropriated ...
Two major political parties in Israel still bear the names "Labor" and "Likud," but the contending ideologies that fueled their founding--and animated the venomous quarrels between them--seem to be fading away. Where Labor is concerned, union membership continues to plummet, biting into the ... Zionist
In 1976, a New York magazine article referred to the Presbyterian Senator as the “Jewish candidate” for President. The article quoted the Saudi ambassador in Washington: “who is this Henry Jackson—from 6,000 miles away from Israel, more Jewish than the Jews, more Zionist than the Zionists?” For 30 ... soccer player Zionists
Earlier this month Bialik asked her followers on Facebook to nominate her to light the torch reserved for a representative of Diaspora Jewry during the opening Israel Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl. At the Global Forum, she is scheduled to speak about her experiences as a Jewish and Zionist ... soccer player Zionists
In a message to residents issued Friday, Kfar Vradim Mayor Sivan Yechieli said he was “responsible for preserving the secular-Jewish-Zionist nature of Kfar Vradim,” adding that he planned to “ask the relevant government bodies to create solutions allowing for the maintenance of demographic balances.”. soccer player Zionists
They are waging an uncompromising and unapologetic battle with one goal: a redefinition of the normal place women have in Israeli society. The air force clip threatens Zionist rabbis since it shows that female pilots, airplane mechanics, combat soldiers and commanding officers is the norm, whereas their ... soccer player Zionists
But behind all these excuses stood the latest polls, which predicted that Zionist Union was heading for a crash. It's now clear that the party deserves to crash, having lost whatever remained of its political path. Israel's opposition leaders were more concerned about their political future than the future of the ... soccer player Zionists
Valid or not, the Israeli Zionist contention that all of Palestine belongs to the Jews has received unqualified backing from Christian Zionists in America and elsewhere. Christian Zionism – a prime mover in the birth of Israel – has become a key supporter for all that country's policies, including the ceaseless ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The 14th annual Karen and Pace Robinson Lecture on Modern Israel Thursday night offered a history of the modern Zionist movement. The lecture highlighted the relationship between Israel and the U.S. in the 20th and 21st centuries, and it was delivered by rabbi and writer David Ellenson, who serves as ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The Labour Party on Sunday expelled prominent Jewish anti-Zionist Tony Greenstein, citing his allegedly abusive language and his criticism of leading pro-Israel figures in the UK's main opposition party. A disciplinary panel expelled Greenstein for what it claimed was online abuse. But Greenstein disputes ... zionists Israeli Settlements
But the panel itself embodied Jewish intolerance of dissent: All three speakers on stage at the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan were ardent Zionists, introduced by a JCC official, Dava Schub, as people who could “articulate our connection to and our commitment to Israel. . . the great Jewish project ... zionists Israeli Settlements

A recent visit to Qatar by attorney Alan Dershowitz, Zionist Organization of America President Mort Klein and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is part of a campaign by Zionist leaders in the U.S. and their supporters to fortify Israel's standing in the region in the most difficult period faced by the Arab ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The comments made on Saturday “were by no means intended to deny the Holocaust, or charge the Jewish victims of the Holocaust with responsibility for what was a Nazi German perpetrated genocide,” the statement also said, adding that Poland “wants to continue dialogue with Israel in the spirit of truth ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Two Palestinian teenage boys have been found dead following Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip. The Health Ministry in Gaza identified the victims as Salam Sabah and Abdullah Abu Sheikha, both 17. Palestinian eye witnesses said the two were killed east of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza on ... zionists Israeli Settlements
A highly unusual event took place in Warsaw in October 1926: A public trial was held against the Zionist movement for its treatment of those who had immigrated to British Mandatory Palestine during that ... My mentor claimed that, based on macroeconomic data, there was no starvation in pre-state Israel. zionists Israeli Settlements
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has given grants to an interfaith group accused by critics of being a pro-Israeli, Zionist organisation. The head of the Anglican Church gave funds to the Council of Christian and Jews (CCJ) for the purpose of organising trips to Israel and the occupied territories. zionists Israeli Settlements
... than a month, America's 45th president was on Wikipedia's “List of Zionists,” highlighting the fluidity of truth on the online encyclopedia. At the beginning of 2018, an unknown user added Trump's name to the list. Though the roster is limited to great leaders from early Zionist history, including former Israeli ... zionists Israeli Settlements
I suppose todays "ex-Zionists" could claim that Zionism "died" then. But it still has no relevance to todays issues. Like most phenomena on the left, the renunciation of Zionism is mirrored on the far-right. 12 years ago, in the wake of Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip and the dismantlement of ... zionists Israeli Settlements
A petition is calling on the University of Southern California to discipline a professor who included “Israeli Zionists” on a list of “terrorists” during a classroom presentation. zionists Israeli Settlements
There is no doubt that Bassem Tamimi and his activist relatives accept devoted anti-Zionist Israelis like Miko Peled, who can always be counted on to defend ... anti-Semitic meme alleging Israelis detain Palestinian children to steal their organs, and that Zionists control the media to suppress this information. zionists Israeli Settlements
Fear of excessive resemblance to Arabs, or over-successful assimilation in the enchanted (but degenerate) Orient, troubled thinkers and activists in the Zionist movement from its inception. Many studies have dwelt on the connection between the development of Zionism in Europe, and the effort to peel ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The Israeli parliament or Knesset passed an amendment Tuesday drafted by hardline Zionists that would bind future governments from ceding control over the city of Jerusalem in any future peace talks, despite Palestinian desires that the eastern half of the city, which has been illegally occupied and ... zionists Israeli Settlements
In an October lecture, a professor at USC included “Israeli zionists” on a list titled “Who are terrorists?” the Jewish Journal reported Thursday. A student who attended the October 26 lecture said that David Kang, a professor of International Studies, listed “Israeli zionists,” along with well-known terrorist ... zionists Israeli Settlements
A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) suggested in an October lecture that Israeli Zionists are terrorists. International Studies Professor David Kang gave a presentation on terrorism on October 26 in front of 200 students in the International Relations 210 class. One of the slides was titled ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked has criticised Orthodox Zionist rabbis for meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is embroiled in corruption investigations, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported. “It's because of them that he disregards us,” the paper reported Shaked as ... zionists Israeli Settlements
TEL AVIV — The first meeting between an Israeli prime minister and a ... The story they know — the Zionist narrative — is of powerless Jews in ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is reported to have advised Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad not to retaliate against the Israeli airstrike ... zionists Israeli Settlements
The organization has accused McMaster for supposedly being against Israel, an accusation that was strongly denied by senior Israeli defense ... zionists Israeli Settlements
“The moment in which an Israeli soldier gets a gun and feels the power to ... And for all the militancy that the Zionist Yishuv was indeed capable of at the ... Surely, other alliances of Zionists and Nazis, including meetings with ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Identifying himself as a “white Zionist,” alt-right figure Richard Spencer recently told Israeli television, “I want us to have a secure homeland for ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Diaspora families living worldwide, the vast majority in New York with smaller communities in Paris, London and other major conurbations, are ... zionists Israeli Settlements
US Zionists say Trump's advisor is hostile to Israel and pro Hamas ... of America (ZOA), as well as the billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson. zionists Israeli Settlements
Breaking Israel News offers news from Israel from an Orthodox Jewish perspective to both Jewish and Christian readers. We encourage open ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Directed by Shimon Dotan; written by Dotan and Oron Adar This June marks the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day Arab-Israeli War, in which the rapid victory of the Zionist state led to a tripling of the territory under its control. The war spawned a ... zionists Israeli Settlements
In a report, Israeli advocacy group Peace Now said the World Zionist Organisation "operate without authority and provide support and assistance to illegal activities. zionists Israeli Settlements
In their first joint press conference, which included reciprocal ego-stroking, Netanyahu clearly defined the currently convenient mutual interest that binds modern day Israel and Zionists with Trump and his anti-Semitic enablers: radical Islamic ... zionists Israeli Settlements
But some, mostly on the political left, worry religious Zionists, who account for about 10 percent of Israel's population, have gained disproportionate influence on the traditionally secular army, as well as other parts of Israeli society. One concern ... zionists Israeli Settlements
A fake anti-Semitism campaign masterminded by the usual Zionist suspects, their Israel lobby colleagues and their stooges in the corridors of power, continues to sweep across UK universities - and our political parties, especially shambolic and ... zionists Israeli Settlements
To a Palestinian woman in the West Bank, no issue may appear more central to her liberation than the end of the Israeli occupation. zionists Israeli Settlements
A new Israeli law bars entry to foreigners involved in boycotting Israel and criminalizes even those who have supported a 'partial' boycott targeting settlements. zionists Israeli Settlements
Jewish students countered the anti-Israel events by proudly wearing shirts bearing the word "Zionist" and accused the activists of spreading lies about the state. zionists Israeli Settlements
Mere days after Donald Trump won the US presidential election, American Zionists moved quickly to ensure that Israeli interests were fully guarded by the new administration. The Zionist Organization of America wasted no time, hobnobbing with notorious ... zionists Israeli Settlements
Although I hope for a two-state solution and am critical of certain Israeli government policies, I identify as a Zionist because I support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Increasingly, I worry that my support for Israel will bar me from the ... zionists Israeli Settlements


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