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updated Sat. April 14, 2018

Theodore Herzl, the father of modern political Zionism, argued that a Jewish state in Palestine would "form a portion of a rampart of Europe against Asia, ... system which presumed non-European territories were ripe for colonization, allowed Zionists to justify horrific crimes against the Palestinian people. Massacre

Adam Bellos' stated mission is as grandiose as his personality. "I'm here to reignite the Zionist movement," he says, without an ounce of facetiousness. Injecting new blood into Zionism was the impetus for The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF), a nonprofit Bellos founded last year to highlight Israeli culture. Zionist
JJ: You identify six schools of thought about Zionism, one of which you call "Diaspora Zionism," that is, Zionism for Jews who stay in America but support Israel. Some ardent Zionists of my acquaintance insist that you cannot call yourself a Zionist at all if you choose to remain in the galut. And there are ...
First, "shame on them": Shame on the anti-Zionists who single out Jewish nationalism, meaning Zionism, in a world organized by nationalisms, and call it "racist." Shame on them for libeling a democratic movement. Shame on them for ignoring Judaism's national-religious duality, which allows non-Jews ...
All too often, when I ask campus organizations that are pro-Israel and deeply Zionist why they avoid using the "Z-word" in their messaging and literature, I'm told, "Zionism doesn't poll well." True, not polling well is one of today's great sins. But imagine what our world would be like if our ancestors feared ... Jews

In this Israel they are no longer Zionist at all. In Israel at 70, Zionism means a government of the racist, by the racist, for the racist. As a public servant, as an Orthodox rabbi, as a settler, you're free to say anything you want, as long as it's anti-Arab, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian, anti-immigrant, ...
Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, leaning over the balcony of the Drei Konige Hotel during the first Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzerland, Aug. ... First, "shame on them": Shame on the anti-Zionists who single out Jewish nationalism, meaning Zionism, in a world organized by nationalisms, ...
“Our committee has been looking into how you define Zionism, who describes themselves as a Zionist, what that means to different people and how you engage with the concept of Zionism — however you define it in the world of 2018,” Schiller said. “It's about what does it mean. We want to be able to ...
... Zionism and a serious academic. (Dr. Mahmoud Abbas's PhD thesis argues that Zionists exaggerated the number of victims of the Holocaust and collaborated with the Nazis.) Avineri devotes a chapter of his book to Herzl's 1902 utopian novel, Altneuland, his depiction of the Jewish state that the Zionist ...
Professor Machover was reinstated, while others have not been, and now Labour member Tony Greenstein, well-known in the UK for his work against racism—Zionist and otherwise—has been expelled, and his Facebook account suspended.[1]. Bigotry, of which anti-Semitism is but one variety, persists ...
In breathtaking cognitive dissonance that is impossible to explain, so-called liberal Zionists stand against every wrong known to man except for the wrong meted out by the Zionist movement to Palestinian Arabs. Zionism is, as Dr Gideon Polya put it, “genocidal racism in awful theory and appalling, intentional genocidal ...
In a country where for generations Zionist propaganda, mainline US media, powerful pro-Israel lobbies, and the US Congress have threatened and ... His thoughts were echoed by Rabbi Yisroel Weiss of Jews United against Zionism in the same protest who told Al Jazeera, "Zionists have no right to steal ...
Wong added, “Let me be clear: Zionists are welcome on our campus.” Shortly after Wong made his apology, chalked messages appeared in front of the student center with the words, “Zionists not welcome,” and, “Zionism = Racism!” SFSU ethics studies professor Rabab Abdulhadi condemned Wong's ...
Then, the Jerusalem Post's Lahav Harkov wrote a paeon to the film in Tablet Magazine, insisting that “Black Panther is the most Zionist movie I've seen in a long time.” Beyond the straightforward appropriation of a celebration of someone else's euphoric cultural moment, the “Black Panther Is About Zionism” ...
So paradoxically, while SJP is being attacked as a racist organization, Hillel, an international organization on university campuses that is widely perceived as Jewish but is in fact a racist Zionist organization, gets a pass. Conflating Zionism [see ESCWA report on Israel's Apartheid] with Judaism, President of ...
Salaita rightly deplores all the energy that goes to catering to Zionist anxieties—“to assuage Zionist fragility,” as he puts it so well. He's right, it is maddening. But that is the game board in the U.S. This is a country devoted to Zionism. Throwing the Zionists out of the Chicago dyke march struck me as a ...

The intersectional potential of a “liberal Zionism” that claims to depart from the historical Zionist tradition seems viable until we acknowledge how this purportedly postcolonial Zionism benefits and emerges from a movement that was violent at its very inception. Zionists who also consider themselves to be ...
How should anti-Zionist Jews relate to Zionist state and para-state institutions, like the Jewish National Fund? What forms should solidarity with Zionism's victims take? Zionism and Its Discontents offers no easy answers, yet activists today will find a small measure of comfort in knowing that they are far ... Jewish
If this is so, then the moral distance between various Jews is as extreme (on this important point) as between anyone else, and one wonders why members of the first group would be supporting members of the second group -- which seems to comprise Zionist Israeli-Jews and some Zionists who are ... Zionism
Can an Anglican be a Zionist? Most of us think the answer is no, because when we think of Christian Zionism, we think of fundamentalist dispensationalists with crazy eschatologies. The term calls to mind date-setting, a rapture theology that suggests that Christians will not suffer, and the refusal to entertain ... Zionism
“Our goal is to activate and empower Jews and Zionists. Progressives have always been at the forefront of social justice. It is an exploitation of the real issues to talk about a foreign conflict. “I want to fight for issues without checking my Zionism at the door.” Another Zioness organizer is Ann Lewis, the White ... Zionism
President of @SFSU Leslie Wong has apologized for saying Zionist students are not welcome on campus. SFSU students responded to his apology by intimidating Jewish students on campus with "Zionism = racism", "Zionists are not welcome" graffiti and fliers. ... Zionism
The Labour activist suspended from the party in a bitter row over the inclusion of transgender members on all-women shortlists had previously made online remarks comparing the actions of the Israeli government to the Nazis and claiming “Zionists have hijacked Judaism, the Jewish race and the Holocaust ... Zionism
Herbert Block, the new executive director of the American Zionist Movement (AZM), says he wants to “rebrand” Zionism. What direction this re-branding will take is anybody's guess, as he is still talking in the language of the existing brand of Zionism, which equates Zionism with being Jewish. The days are ... Zionism
Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone on Iran TV Repeats Claim That Hitler Backed Zionism ... appearing on Iranian state television to discuss the topic “Has the Holocaust been exploited to oppress others?,” repeated his claim that Hitler worked with the Zionist movement to convince Jews to move to Israel. Zionism
New calls have been made for Ken Livingstone to be expelled from Labour after he repeated his claims that Zionists collaborated with Hitler. The Labour chairman of the all-party parliamentary group against antisemitism said Mr Livingstone's comments formed a deliberate pattern, and demanded his ... Zionism
However, it is the increasing acceptance and elevation of anti-Zionists across the world that is cause for particular concern. Those who deny the Jewish people, and only the Jewish people, the right to live in freedom and security in their homeland are routinely paraded as the picture of progressive politics. Zionism
The religious accuse the nonreligious of heresy and the Zionists accuse the non-Zionists of anti-Semitism, even if the latter are Jews. When did Zionism become a religion? Every toddler in day care will tell you that he's a proud Zionist. Who's the genius who turned the word Zionist into a synonym for Jew, ... Zionism
Yesterday in the New York Times, Roger Cohen published a column from Hebron titled “Holy City of Sterile Streets” that lots of people are talking about, and which I see as distancing the columnist from Zionism: 1, It states bluntly that the Israeli goal of sterilizing Hebron streets by emptying them of ... Zionism
"How dare the Zionists inflict pain on those who hosted and protected us for so long?" The New York native said it was important to push through the message of differentiating between Judaism, which Muslims acknowledge as a holy religion, and Zionism. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas made the ... Zionism
Aviner, a leading figure in religious Zionism, belongs to the stream that is considered both Haredi and religious-Zionist. He is considered a big supporter of army service and does not have a record of calling on soldiers to refuse an order to evacuate settlements. At the same time, his approach on matters of ... Zionism
Abbas did not invent this characterization of Israel; it is a longstanding contention of anti-Zionists. Zionism's opponents often deny a historical Jewish connection to the land. Consider a recent op-ed in Al-Hayat al-Jedida, the official Palestinian Authority daily, in which Fatah Revolutionary Council member ... Zionism
The Zionist movement is the consequence of particular socio-political and economic Jewish experiences in the West, particularly in Europe, which are related to anti-Semitic and anti-Judaist politics and discourse in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. All this enmity toward the Jewish people had no ... Zionism
The United Zionists-Revisionists of America published a full-page ad in the New York Times, denouncing the UN resolution as "the end of the great Zionist dream." One of those who drafted and signed the ad was "Dr B. Netanyahu." Those pronouncing today the death of Zionism will be heartened to learn ... Zionism
Feminism and Zionism are ongoing rebellions against millennia-long power structures that assigned women and Jews a “proper place” in society. .... cultures and civilizations were mobilized to drive a wedge between the 'Good Woman' and the 'Bad Feminist,' between the 'Good Jew' and the 'Bad Zionist.'. Zionism
In other words, Zionism renders the supposed values of 'liberalism' meaningless. It may well be that 'liberal Zionists' consider liberal values to be their highest goal, but when it comes down to the competition between Zionism and liberalism, Zionists will go Zionist. Where the more fundamentalist and more ... Zionism
Such thinking, even if its expressions are somewhat hidden, is not new in Zionist or Israeli history. From the beginning, Zionism had to face the question of the existential need to establish a national home with a solid demographic majority for the Jewish people – which had known harsh periods of expulsion ... Zionism
Pence fortified his Christian Zionist identity in a recent keynote speech at meeting of Christians United for Israel. Former administration officials have wisely refrained from directly engaging with Christian Zionists, so Pence's appearance plowed new and dangerous grounds. Christians United for Israel, three ... Zionism
Zioness was created as a civil rights movement that seeks to undermine "bigotry, misogyny, and social and economic inequality," said Berman, who thinks there is nothing revolutionary about coming out as proud, progressive Zionists. "It's the most natural alliance in the world," she said. "Zionism is the civil ... Zionism
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign Thailand (PSC) stands by our statement describing Israel as an apartheid state and accusing Israel of conducting “slow-motion” genocide. There was no indication of anti-Semitism in our statement whatsoever. Mr Leitner would however be correct if he characterised the ... Zionism
The Theodor Herzl faction of early Zionism attempted to secure influence with the Turkish Sultan in the very late 19th century by offering to help calm anti-Turkish ... The global power of Great Britain was apparent to Zionists, whose goal was at least securing Jewish immigration into Palestine, but whispers of ... Zionism
In answer to the Yachad survey question “Do you consider yourself to be a Zionist?” 31% responded “No”, with a further 10% “Not sure”. So there we have 41% of British Jews who surely do not regard anti-Zionism as antisemitic. And the trend is also against him: those saying “Yes” dropped by 13% over the ... Zionism
In August 1917, Montagu charged the British government with anti-Semitism for supporting the “mischievous political creed” of the Zionists. British support for the Zionist movement emerged from its growing uncertainty surrounding the war's direction, and the geopolitical benefit that Zionism might bring to ... Zionism
In this, AIPAC and similar organisations were recognising the increasing demographic and political power of the Christian Zionists, and also securing a wider foundation of support at a time when American ... The Christian Zionist worldview is thus at the heart of the Trump administration's approach to Israel. Zionism
Five-hundred years after the Reformation, Trump has presented his Protestant supporters with a bonanza: In Washington he founded the Zionist-Protestant kingdom of Jerusalem. The president's declaration is one of the peaks of the Protestant mission to realize the vision of the “return to Zion” – with the aid ... Zionism
The natural ease with which the “right marker” of political Zionism, the originator of the concept of Greater Israel, relinquished Jewish sovereignty in the heart of historical Jerusalem, attests to one of the fundamental facts of Zionist history, which its scholars know well: Contrary to Education Minister Naftali ... Zionism
Those Jews and evangelical Christians who say an undivided Jerusalem should be the eternal capital of Israel have a ready answer for anyone who questions that claim: The Bible says so. The most often-cited text is 2 Chronicles 6:5-6, wherein King Solomon quotes God as saying, "Since the day that I ... Zionism
Realization of Zionism's objective of a Jewish state, hailed by Theodore Herzl and other Zionist leaders as the solution to anti-Semitism, has been highly ... Predictably, individuals associated with white supremacist movements, such as Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, are heartily embraced by Zionists. Zionism
What is the basic argument of critical Zionism? It's that Zionism is a national movement whose aim was the establishment of a Jewish national home. Hence, once the state was founded, Zionism's role was finished. Now we are Israelis. Post-Zionists, in other words. And that being the case, let's find a ... Zionism



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