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updated Mon. May 29, 2017

W.Va. Catholic diocese purchases Wheeling JesuitWHEELING, W.Va. (AP) - Wheeling Jesuit University has been purchased by the Diocese of ...
IMG (12-1) defeated Christ school (Arden, N.C.) 26-9 on a rainy Sunday afternoon to advance to the semifinals of the GEICO high school Lacrosse Nationals at Catholic University. The Ascenders face Georgetown Prep (Md.) at 7 p.m. ET on Monday. "(I said) ...
The bride was born in Peru and the groom in Fairfield. They met while working at Snowbasin Resort in Utah in 2012. He was doing his culinary internship and she was on break from her nursing school at the Catholic University of Santa Maria in Peru.
Wheeling, W.Va. (CNS) - Wheeling Jesuit University, the only Catholic institution of higher education in West Virginia, announced May 23 that the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston's purchase of the university's property will help the school stabilize its ...
Wheeling, WV (AP) - Wheeling Jesuit University has been purchased by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston to assure the future of the only Catholic University in the state. Media outlets report that earlier this year, the school's board of trustees ...
"My friends, you are graduating from a great Catholic University in a city that is named for God's holy angels. That gives you some sense of your identity and mission after you graduate," the archbishop said.
SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (AP) - Officials will consider whether a Catholic University in New Jersey should offer a course on gay marriage.
The Newman Society: From your perspective as somebody who's taught in a Catholic University, what kind of discussions should be happening in classrooms at Catholic Universities? McAdams: For a real Catholic university, the center of gravity should be ...
So much has been written about the student walkout at the University of Notre Dame's commencement on May 21. The students didn't chant and interrupt Vice President Mike Pence's speech, and that is commendable.
She attended Sacred Heart Elementary, Immaculate Conception Academy, Clarke College and Catholic University, where she received her master's degree in library science.
Father Jan Dolny, a priest of the Archdiocese of Kosice, Slovakia, gestures during a May 19 interview at the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops' headquarters in Washington.
women laugh as they listen to a keynote speaker during a leadership forum for young Catholic women in 2016 at The Catholic University of America in Washington. In dioceses across the U.S., the 300 attendees are now implementing their "action plans ...
Graduating students from the University of Notre Dame turned their backs in protest of US Vice President Mike Pence and staged a walk out during a commencement address on Sunday.
Fairfield University senior Riley Barrett, right, poses with a Planned Parenthood "sexpert" during the "Let's Talk Sex" event in March.
Foley wrote extensively and held doctorate and master's degrees in philosophy and a master's in biology from Catholic University in Washington, D.C., and a Master in Sacred Theology from Union Theological Seminary in New York. Foley taught in high ...
Martin Junge, General Secretary of the Lutheran World Federation, and recipient of an honorary degree from the Catholic University on occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Rev. Junge, in turn, bestowed a blessing on Fr. Jenkins.
These three graduates are a small sample of the 503 students that received their degrees from the Catholic University, which celebrated its 75th year as an institution this year.
Chicago ( - DePaul University in Chicago will now charge undergraduate students an additional fee in order to make scholarships for illegal aliens.
Born in Prairie du Chen, Wis. to the late Phillip Barr and Rachel Marie (Hampton) Barr, he attended Holy Name Seminary and Edgewood College in Madison, St. John's Seminary in Collegeville, Minn.
At The Catholic University of America, we try to invite people who offer our graduates examples of what they should aspire to in life, now that they have completed their studies.
This was the first time Australian Catholic University has been included in the award ceremony. The Dean of the Thomas More Law school at ACU, Professor Rocque Reynolds, said it is a fantastic achievement.
Catholic University OF AMERICA PHOTO BY DANA BOWLER Meredith Eib, a graduating student from the Benjamin T. Rome school of music at The Catholic University of America in Washington, hugs John Garvey, the president of the university, as he ...
Wilfredo Ardito, a law professor from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru who has studied the country's racism, says that advertising in the Andean nation underscores its great inequalities, showing "the ideal world of happiness in which ...
Despite a recent decision by Fordham University to reject a proposal for a Chick-fil-A on campus, students say the Catholic University still refuses to openly ...
students at Catholic University of America rejected John Boehner in 2011 because they didn't like his preferred policy solutions to poverty.
Praised for her level of scholarship in her work, she went on to earn many more academic degrees which include a master's and Ph.
DePaul University in Illinois, the largest Roman Catholic University in the United States, prohibited posters with the slogan "Gay Lives Matter" to advertise a presentation by a gay reporter on Islamic discrimination against LGBT people across the world.
He'll be transferring those to Catholic University, where he's headed in the fall on a presidential scholarship to major in finance and business analytics, his mother said.
Vatican CITY - The Vatican is celebrating the big-bang theory. That's not as out of this world as it sounds.
In a genuinely Catholic University and Catholic college, this character of genuine 'leisure' for truth would shine forth, precisely as a consequence of the faith.
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Peggy Noonan, speech writer and special assistant to President Ronald Reagan, will speak at the Catholic University of America on May 13. She is the author of several books, including a biography of St. John Paul II that ...
Chestnut Hill College petitioned to take its battle against Pennsylvania discrimination laws the distance, and it's getting financial help from a national organization whose membership includes Catholic Universities like Villanova and Saint Joseph's ...
Catholic University of America student Isaiah Burroughs attends an April 30 Mass on the Washington campus at St. Vincent de Paul Chapel.
Fordham University, a Catholic school in New York City, recently rejected the proposed opening of a Chick-fil-A on its campus after the school received complaints from pro-LGBT groups.
Fordham University, a Catholic school in New York City, recently rejected a proposal for the opening of a Chick-fil-A on its campus after receiving complaints from Pro-LGBT groups.
Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Nguyen-O'Dowd received degrees from the University of California at San Diego, The Catholic University of America, and The Catholic University of America Columbus school of Law. She is a Democrat. W. Glen Pierson of ...
Fordham University in New York City has reportedly decided not to bring fast-food chain Chick-fil-A to its campus. The decision was made after much backlash from LGBTQ advocates and apparently they got their way.
Death of student in Fall From Balcony Ruled Suicide. Authorities in western Pennsylvania say the death of a student who plunged from a fifth-floor balcony at a Catholic University in Pittsburgh last week has been ruled a suicide. | May 9, 2017, at 11 ...
For Monique Fahey small class sizes, personal attention and Australian Catholic University's (ACU) outstanding reputation for training teachers were the keys to her decision to study a Bachelor of education (Primary).
Juba - 8th May 2017 [Gurtong] Last Saturday, the Catholic University of South Sudan held its 5th graduation ceremony at Nyakuron cultural Centre.
Freshman Fast Pass is for freshman students already admitted to Benedictine University for our upcoming Fall 2017 semester. You will have the chance to pay your deposit, complete placement testing and enroll all in the same day.
Newman University student Ruben Lerma has spoken out on the complex difficulties of being gay in a conservative educational institution.
In a recent letter commemorating the Italian bishops' annual day for the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the Vatican's Secretary of State recalled the theme of the upcoming Synod of Bishops, "young people, faith, and vocational discernment.
These words have been echoing around the Australian Catholic University (ACU) Health Clinic at Brisbane - as people who have experienced a stroke are put through their paces.
Wichita, Kan. - A private Catholic University in Kansas is planning to offer a support group for its LGBTQ students, using a model implemented at Notre Dame.
He earned a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Ottawa, an S.T.B. degree from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, and a master's degree in liturgical studies from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C ...
Is it worth paying more for college if the money goes to help undocumented immigrants? students at DePaul University, a Catholic institution, will put their values to the test in a referendum next week.
Kabarak University will admit 1,286, Catholic University of East Africa (1,104) while University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, will take in 1,012.
A student at a Catholic University in Omaha says he received a note telling him to "kill himself" taped to his dorm room door.
Wichita, Kan. (KNSS) - A support group for LGBTQ students is in the planning stages at a private Catholic University in Kansas.




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