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updated Sat. April 29, 2017

Cairo, Egypt, Apr 28, 2017 / 11:39 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis closed his first day in Egypt with a visit to Coptic Orthodox Patriarch Tawadros II, telling him their Churches are bonded by the blood of their martyrs, and are called to further ...
... secularism is creeping over the remnants of Catholic culture, in modernistic suburban parishes, ethnic enclaves (whether Polish, Irish, Vietnamese, Hispanic or whatever it is), in minority-Rite communities (Tridentine, Eastern Catholic, Anglican ...
Caroline Jushchyshyn, left, leans over the Shroud of Turin replica and examines up close the image of a man, presumed to be Jesus of Nazareth, whose wounds consistent with that of a crucifixion left imprints of his suffering permanently affixed to the ...
The interior of the Basilica of St. Bartholomew on the Island. At the very end of the isle the Icon for the "new martyrs" is visible.
"I'll drive you to Pittsburgh for the Eastern Catholic Formation field trip. I have room." said someone else who recalled we were poor and had no car.
Salt Lake City, one of the U.S. mission dioceses, consists of 85,000 square miles, which is the entire state of Utah, and some of the Eastern Catholic eparchies, which also are considered Catholic home missions, cover the entire U.S. and consist of ...
The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is an Eastern Catholic Church of the Byzantine rite which is in full communion with the Bishop of Rome.
It may have come to your attention that the Protestant blogger Jeff Maples visited Resurrection Matins at a Greek Orthodox church, and didn't like it.
The weary old theory that Christianity is just Paganism warmed up always circulates around this time of year. Armchair atheists like to point out the similarity between the word "Easter" and the Near Eastern goddess "Ishtar".
But the church actually already allows exceptions to the rule. A Protestant married priest who converts to Catholicism can stay married while working as a priest, as long as he has his wife's permission.
Since Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is arguably the holiest of days in all of Christianity - symbolizing what many Christians believe will happen to them after death - namely, resurrection in spirit and eternal life with ...
Pope Francis has encouraged preachers of the Church to be merciful above all as if there wasn't anything more to Christianity.
It should come as no surprise that for some of us in Vancouver, this political theology was what got us involved in the Eastern Catholic Church - in the Kyivan Church, in particular - because this was a church that did not only preach that Jesus was ...
Since Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it is arguably the holiest of days in all of Christianity - symbolizing what many Christians believe will happen to them after death - namely, resurrection in spirit and eternal life with ...
I insisted that as an Eastern Catholic, I could not possibly be intervening in the Protestant ecclesial houses; this was taken as disingenuous, and this threw me into a bit of a crisis into how it might be possible for me to write about Protestants ...
Through studying the Church Fathers, an Arizona pastor leads part of his congregation into Catholicism. Nicholas Wolfram Smith. Tucson, Ariz.
In this story of Good Friday it is the best things in the world that are at their worst. That is what really shows us the world at its worst.
Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches include a cherished tradition of dying eggs red to represent the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross.
Perhaps some of my Protestant readers will be able to appreciate that I am still reading Scripture as an Eastern Catholic, and if that is so, I will be glad because I feel like this exercise during this Great and Holy Week is helping me break some of ...
Once it was a Latin Catholic priest, and once an Eastern Catholic priest. I went and sat in the confessional and cried, and they were nice to me.
Egg shells took on the significance of the sealed Tomb of Christ, while cracking them represents Jesus' resurrection from the dead.
'Eastern Hospitality' showcases recipes from a monastery kitchen and food for thought from spiritual masters. At a time when Christians are supposed to be "giving up stuff," what are a monk and a nun doing in the kitchen cooking tasty meals?
"For the size of the South Bend/Mishawaka area, it's surprising that we'd even have an Eastern Catholic Church." Both rites were developed based on how the Gospels were expressed and presented to different cultures.
As I relive my catechumenate during this Great Fast, there's a piece that I want to share that I wrote as a catechumen for my catechumenate that was at the time only circulated within our temple.
He rejected any efforts to oppose one Roman Missal to the other or to oppose the Roman liturgy to those of the Eastern Catholic Churches. "We ought, rather, to enter into the great silence of the liturgy, allowing ourselves to be enriched by all the ...
The second half, though, was read by a woman around my age who can be described as the epitome of the EvangeliCatholic of the Audrey Assad/Matt Maher ilk; indeed, instead of attracting rad trad Latins like some other Eastern Catholic temples, our ...
It said the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, the Vatican body overseeing Eastern Catholic Churches, had clarified the Pope's approval was for changes in the Roman Missal (a compendium of prayers, chants and instructions for celebrating mass) and ...
And there we were, Eastern Catholic Bishops and Latin Catholic bishops, praying for our eparchies, dioceses and faithful, preparing to meet with Peter.
It was not because I became an Eastern Catholic catechumen that I stopped praying the rosary; instead, it was because I admitted to the priest who became my spiritual father that the rosary was presenting me with difficulty as I found it a bit too busy ...
The Syro-Malabar Church in India has directed its parishes not to include women in the feet-washing ceremony on Maundy Thursday with the major archbishop of that Eastern Catholic Church saying that Pope Francis' directive to include women apply only to ...
But what that also shows me is that evangelicalism is impossible to escape, much as I claim to be an Eastern Catholic and others might claim to have become Latin Catholic or Orthodox or to have secularized.
Cologne, Germany, Mar 31, 2017 / 05:12 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Despite the controversies and abuses following the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic liturgy is ultimately a source of unity that forms Christians in the sacrifice and salvation of the ...
However, the Syro-Malabar Church, with 45-50 lakh faithfuls around the world and large numbers in Kerala, did not wash women's feet last year, citing that the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, the Vatican body that oversees Eastern Catholic ...
He rejected any efforts to oppose one Roman Missal to the other, or to oppose the Roman liturgy to those of the Eastern Catholic Churches. "We ought rather to enter into the great silence of the liturgy, allowing ourselves to be enriched by all the ...
It's a concept, the Bishop said, that the Eastern Catholic Churches understand well. As an example of the importance of listening, Bishop Motiuk pointed to the next Synod of bishops, set for October 2018, which will focus on youth.
Pope Pius XI founded CNEWA in 1926 to support members of the Eastern Catholic Churches in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, India and Ethiopia plagued by conflict, poverty and natural disasters.
Kochi, India ( - India's two Eastern Catholic Churches are upholding the traditional practice of washing only men's feet on Holy Thursday, amidst increasing pressure to act to the contrary.
A. The Byzantine Catholic Church is one of 23 Eastern Catholic Churches worldwide. It is in full communion with the bishop of Rome and recognizes the pope as the visible head of the church.
Vatican City -- Pontifical commission on clergy abuse expresses 'strong support' for Marie Collins. The commission also said Sunday that its members "unanimously agreed to find new ways to ensure its work is shaped and informed with and by ...
The Bishops collectively form the Assembly of Western Catholic bishops (AWCB). Established in 1974, the Assembly gathers the Bishops of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic Churches of the four Western Canadian provinces, the Northwest Territories ...
But ever since becoming Eastern Catholic, I have often felt that there is something unseemly about commenting too much about Protestants and their ecclesial homes.
The patriarchate specifically suggested the ordination of married men, which is allowed in the tradition of the Eastern Catholic Churches. References: Chaldean Patriarchate: the communities of the diaspora must take charge of the shortage of priestly ...
Lenten mission: Eastern Catholic Churches of Greater Scranton 2017 annual Lenten mission, today-Friday, "Thou Shalt Keep Holy the Sabbath Day," the meaning and practice of the Lord's Day, preached by the Rev.
In Eastern Catholic tradition, images such as the one Albanese painted are called icons. These images - often of Christ, Mary and the saints - are meant to aid worshippers in prayer and reverence.
As for St. Patrick himself, he was born in Great Britain and has been venerated in the Catholic Church, Eastern Catholic Churches, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglicanism and Lutheranism.
The mission of the organisation is to serve and accompany Eastern Catholic Churches in pastoral and humanitarian activities, generally at the level of the diocese or eparchy, Mgr Kozar said.
Indeed, what I probably disagree with the most is the evangelical fervour of these campus protests, which makes sense because I started becoming Eastern Catholic around this time too. I've been trying to reflect on why I am so into the occupy movements ...
The Western or Roman Catholic Church has the rule of celibacy, but the Eastern Catholic Churches, who are in union with Rome, have always had married priests.
Aleppo, Syria, Mar 15, 2017 / 04:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Warning: The following article contains graphic depictions of violence that readers may find disturbing.





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