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Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri and an MU graduate, had put pressure on the federal Treasury Department to change the rules earlier in the year.
Missouri higher education leaders didn't invent the program known as "15 to Finish," but give them credit for borrowing something that makes a lot of sense.

Since 2004, FAFSA Frenzy events have provided assistance to more than 16,000 Missouri students. FAFSA Frenzy, a program of College Goal Sunday SM, is offered in Missouri through partnerships between the Missouri Department of Higher Education ...
Learning to read is one of the fundamental concepts that schools are expected to teach. But parents of children with dyslexia say public schools in Oklahoma are failing to identify and educate these students.
Seven alumni and one faculty member will receive Merit Awards presented by the Southeast Missouri State University Alumni Association Nov. 4 at the Copper Dome Society/Merit ... Following his military service, Durham completed a master's degree in ...
Washington University's Rochelle Smith (right) and Dedric Carter (center) help Art Hicks of the NSF's Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation program announce the $5 million grant that will aid a consortium of higher education institutions in ...

The state Department of education has a professional development program called Language Essentials for the teachers of Reading and Spelling, but it's optional and has been completed by just hundreds of the 42,400 educators in the state.
Under Secretary of education Ted Mitchell and President of Colorado mountain College Dr. Carrie Hauser discuss education reform Tuesday at Colorado Mo. ... "American higher education has always been an engine of social mobility. ... in higher education ...
Eight Missouri universities will share a $5 million grant for minority students in science, technology, engineering and math education.
Rebecca Woelfel, director of communications at the Missouri Social Services Department, said via email that about 16 percent of Missourians, or 985,392, were covered by MO HealthNet as of August. If the General Assembly expanded Medicaid statewide in ...
police Chief Yvonne Meyer, with the university's police Department, speculated there has been an increase in liquor violations the past two years due to an increase in residential life efforts and community policing that has made more students ...
Heather Grove, Excelsior Springs high school Counselor for 11th- and 12th-grade students, said the FAFSA Frenzy event is open to the public and facilitated by the Missouri Department of Higher Education. "ESHS will be one of the many sites across ...
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Missouri and Statutory Propositions to be submitted to the qualified voters of the State of Missouri at the General election to be held on Tuesday, the 8th day of November, 2016. .... of the member's ...
It's good news disguised as bad news. More students qualified for the Bright Flight scholarship than ever before, causing what could be a slight drop in the scholarship amount come January.
March 1, 2018 - submit a 75 percent complete construction plan to the Fire Department for review. May 1, 2018 - submit a complete construction plan that meets the requirements of the 2015 International Fire Code and all city ordinances and code to ...
College of the Ozarks will partner with the Missouri Department of Higher Education and offer assistance regarding the Free Application for student Financial Aid.
Too many top students, not enough money. That's the problem for the Missouri Department of Higher Education and it's Bright Flight Scholarship program.

The U.S. Department of education has scrutinized schools nationwide for failing to comply with laws designed to protect women on campus.
Kansas City, MO. - "Graduate on time and get ahead" is what the Missouri Department of Higher Education is encouraging college students to do with its new "15 to Finish" program that recently launched. The program advocates full-time students graduate ...
Middleton's talk is titled, "Intercultural Communications in Higher education." The event is free and open to the public.
The event was sponsored by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and Complete College America, a national nonprofit focused on helping more individuals, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, complete higher education goals.
The Missouri Department of Higher Education is tag teaming with the national nonprofit group Complete College America to provide Missouri's two- and four-year colleges with promotional materials and ideas to personalize the initiative for each campus.
The events are sponsored annually by the Missouri Department of Higher Education in partnership with The Missouri Association of student Financial Aid Personnel, the Missouri Higher education Loan Authority and the National College Access Network.
The Missouri Department of Higher Education is tag teaming with the national nonprofit group Complete College America to provide Missouri's two- and four-year colleges with promotional materials and ideas to personalize the initiative for each campus.
"In many cases, students need to take just one more three-hour course every semester to graduate on time," said Zora Mulligan, Missouri commissioner of higher education. "By completing 15 hours of college credit each semester, students can graduate ...
Philip Craiger is a professor and principal investigator at the Advanced Cyberforensics education Consortium at DSC. Craiger has served on the executive board of the Department of Defense's Cyber crime Center Academic Cyber Curriculum Alliance.
A retired Presbyterian minister, he received degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and has served churches in New Jersey, Missouri, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas. He and his wife, Betsy, are members of Columbia's Golden K Kiwanis Club and, ...
Policing in the United States' minority communities has been a flashpoint since the deaths of Michael Brown in Missouri, Tamir Rice in Ohio, Sandra Bland in Texas and others. The increasing number of graphic .... For students seeking higher education ...
Mississippi University for women has been recognized on the 2015 President's Higher education Community Service Honor Roll, the fifth time that The W has received the national recognition.
KOSTER: "The Missouri Department of Transportation has been preparing for some time to show Missourians that they have been good stewards of the resources that we have sent them.
Five sisters accompanied Mother Francis Joseph Ivory to the fledgling city on the Missouri river. They arrived Aug. 4, 1866 and, again, went quickly to work, opening St. Joseph's Academy that fall.
Since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the sharing of video-recorded deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement has sparked unrest in many cities around the country, and prompted calls for additional training and more ...
DEBATE PREP, Missouri STYLE: In typical St. Louis fashion, a team of hitched "Budweiser" Clydesdales will parade around Washington University this afternoon in a pre-celebration of Sunday night's presidential debate, to be held at the school.
As part of the Higher education capital Fund's requirements, S&T had to raise half of the costs from private donations or grants.
Missouri is one of those states. When I contacted the MO Department of Higher education, a spokesperson told me that the Department does not have investigative or enforcement authority related to this statute. Instead, she said complaints could be ...
Sue Nickerson, a member of the Pay It Forward Committee at Northwest Missouri State University, stands beside shelves containing non-perishable food items and personal care products available to university students and staff in need through the Pay It ...
Perry County is home to rich history and countless stories that have yet to be unearthed. Within the past few years, Perryville has blossomed with museums and places to honor fallen and sometimes forgotten men and women.
Hundreds of colleges have begun seeking a new accreditor after the U.S. Department of education last month backed a federal panel's decision to terminate the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and schools.
Eleven hate crimes were reported to MU police in 2015, as detailed in a Sept. 28 report from MU police. That's up from one hate crime reported in 2014 and three reported in 2013.
"To participate, a provider must form a partnership with an institution of higher education and what the Department of Education calls a third-party Quality Assurance Entity, or QAE," the report states. U.S. Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell ...
The program still has to be approved by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, the U.S. Department of education and has to be accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
The 2015 MAP tests for English language arts and math were created using test items from the multi-state Smarter Balanced Act Consortium, but legislative action in 2015 required that Missouri no longer be a part of the consortium, Sireno said. "It is a ...
College students and their parents who rely on publicly funded grants to help pay for higher education had better get a jump on their paperwork this year.
Northcentral Technical College also saw an increase in cost for the average student, jumping from $6,200 to $9,600, according to the U.S.
... classes at the MACC-Columbia Higher education Center. In the past, she taught at MACC in Moberly. The board gave formal approval to accept and implement $7,000 in grant money from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. A change by the Department of Higher education will hopefully encourage more families and students to apply for financial aid.
It's a shift that has helped state universities cope with declines in state funding for higher education; the awards bring in students whose families can pay close to full tuition.
While there are certainly reforms to the design of remedial education in higher education institutions that could improve student retention and completion, the recommendations that conclude this report focus on other ways for the K-12 and higher ...
That dire news comes even though Brownback and the Legislature over the last three years have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars from the highway fund, postponed a large payment to the state's pension fund, cut higher education funding by tens of ...





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