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Hamas officials said there were no casualties in the attack on the post, at Beit Hanoun, near the border with Israel. Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza have fought three wars since 2008 and there are frequent ... Al-Quds was heavily criticised ...
Palestinians should take their rights "by force" and implement a consumer boycott of Israeli goods, a leading Palestinian official said in an interview published on Monday. Nabil Sha'ath, a former Palestinian chief negotiator and currently ...
The village is one of 241 Palestinian communities in the Israeli-controlled West Bank -- a zone known as Area C -- that lack services because "Israel practically bans Palestinian construction" while helping Jewish settlements grow, according to the ...

Israeli settlers are establishing a new outpost in the northern Jordan Valley on privately owned Palestinian land. According to the Haaretz report, although Israeli authorities have not authorised its construction, and are aware of its existence ...
In addition, Israeli authorities are also pressuring social media companies to do more to remove posts which could incite violence.
Israeli forces stationed at the gates to al-Aqsa compound claim the children threw stones and glass at them from Dar al-Aytam.
Johannesburg - The Palestinian government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) have condemned this week's visit to to Israel, and specifically an illegal Israeli settlement, by South African MP Kenneth Meshoe, in violation of South Africa's ...
Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian Tuesday during clashes in the Silwan area of East Jerusalem, Palestinian officials said. Ali Shiouki, 20, was killed as security services and the Israeli army were deployed in force across the occupied West Bank ...
Jerusalem - Israel has been challenged by land, sea and air in recent weeks, as security officials have braced for a wave of violence around the Jewish High Holy Days and the anniversary of the outbreak of Palestinian stabbing, shooting and automobile ...
The article about Chekla's death on Little Ethiopia, which is a semi-official website of lobby groups representing the interests of Ethiopian Israelis, accused the Israeli government of dragging its feet because of racism on the immigration of the ...
On Tuesday, the Obama administration reportedly "boiled with anger" over the announcement that Israeli authorities had approved the construction of 98 housing units within the existing municipal borders of Shiloh, a Jewish village in Samaria that ...
In 2015, only 1 percent of 384 "incidents" - encounters with Israeli or Palestinian authorities that include searches, delays or deportations - resulted in humanitarian workers being deported by Israel, according to the group's analysis of data ...
Jerusalem (AFP) - The International Criminal Court has no deadline for deciding whether to investigate alleged war crimes by Israel and the Palestinians, an ICC official said on Friday. "There is no time limit," the ICC's Phakiso Mochochoko told AFP ...
Green Party MP Marama Davidson is being detained by Israeli authorities in international waters near Gaza, according to reports.

Iran's foreign minister and parliament speaker reportedly canceled meetings with the German vice chancellor after he said Tehran must recognize Israel to secure normal relations with Berlin, Iranian media said. It was later claimed media "distorted ...
Here's what Gadi Eisenkot, the Israel Defense Forces' chief of staff, said about the Iran deal in January: "The deal has actually removed the most serious danger to Israel's existence for the foreseeable future, and greatly reduced the threat over the ...
Israeli authorities have charged six Palestinians suspected of belonging to ISIS and of plotting attacks, police said Sunday.
A Turkish official has said Israel has paid millions of dollars in damages for the storming of a Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010.
Trudeau's whirlwind trip to the funeral of Israel's legendary 93-year-old statesman erased any lingering doubts that the new Liberal government might, in any way, be wavering in its support of the Jewish State compared with its Conservative predecessors.
Boston (AP) - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is planning his first overseas trade mission to Israel. Administration officials say the focus of six-day trip will be to pitch Massachusetts as a potential business hub to Israeli cybersecurity and ...
The coffin of Shimon Peres, a former president of Israel, near the Knesset in Jerusalem. Credit Abir Sultan/European Pressphoto Agency.
Legal advisor of the Israeli occupation government, Afihai Mendiltit, approved the decision of investigating Arab Members of the Knesset Jamal Zahalqa and Hanin Zoabi.
Three months after the High Court of Justice prohibited the public display of kashrut certificates other than that issued by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, Israel's highest legal official has expressed support for reopening discussion of the issue. A ...
(CNN) The health of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres has deteriorated, Israel's interior minister said Tuesday, two weeks after Peres suffered a stroke.
Egypt's foreign minister recently visited Israel for the first time in nine years, and there is talk of a possible summit between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian president Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. Ties with Saudi Arabia, which does ...
Israel currently operates inside its own territory to locate tunnels, while also conducting operations west of the Gaza border fence [i.
Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN) The health of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres has deteriorated, Israel's interior minister said Tuesday, two weeks after Peres suffered a stroke. The visibly shaken minister, Aryeh Deri, told reporters at ...
sand storm, a gritty film dealing with the lives of Bedouin women in an impoverished and conservative southern village, is the directorial debut of elite Zexer, a Jewish-Israeli, and was automatically selected as the Oscar entry after winning the award ...
Beersheba, Israel (AP) - A senior Israeli military official on Sunday said a massive underground barrier being built along the Gaza border to defend against Hamas tunnels should be finished in a matter of months, dealing what he said would be a ...
A spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry says that an attacker apparently armed with a knife tried to enter the Israeli Embassy before being shot and slightly wounded. Emmanuel Nahshon told The Associated Press that it was "an attempted assault near ...
A man wielding a knife has been shot and wounded by security officials outside Israel's embassy in the Turkish capital, Ankara.
Israeli officials acknowledged systematic violations of the Geneva Conventions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, secret documents disclosed by Israeli newspaper Haaretz have revealed. The previously classified foreign ... The documents also ...
... she was detained by the Israeli authorities during a charity mission. Margaret Pacetta, 62, from Bishopbriggs, who is a founder member of the Glasgow Palestine human rights Campaign, is being held in a detention centre at Ben Gurion airport in Israel.
The official noted that when, two months ago, David Friedman, Trump's advisor on Israel affairs, asked to meet with Netanyahu's aides in Jerusalem, his request was granted, but at the same time the Prime Minister's Bureau asked the Clinton campaign to ...
... threatened settlers and Israeli forces. He was told that his deportation will help decrease the state of tension at the mosque.
Senior defense officials said that Israel was keeping an eye on areas where large numbers of Israeli tourists or Jews will gather over the chagim.
We were told earlier that Nusra coordinate actions with IDF", said Hasson in an interview for Israel's Channel 2 and was written by Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post. He gave the statement at a moment when Al-Nusra Front is trying to take the town ...
Jerusalem (JTA) - A former Israel Defense Forces deputy chief of staff said that any supposition of innocence for an Israeli soldier on trial for the killing of a downed Palestinian assailant was "trampled on." Uzi Dayan, nephew of the late Gen. Moshe ...
Jerusalem // Israeli police have arrested more than 20 officials and activists from a leading Arab political party as part of an investigation into its financing, authorities said on Sunday. The party, Balad, denounced the move as an attempt to silence ...
The Israeli authorities transferred, on Sunday evening, the body of slain Jordanian man, Sa'id Hayel Amro, 28, to the Jordanian side of the Allenby Border Terminal.
Israel launched its Shavit rocket for the first time since 2014 on Tuesday, carrying an Ofek reconnaissance satellite into low Earth orbit.
Senior officials from both sides will sign the agreement on Wednesday in a ceremony in the Treaty Room at the State Department in Washington at 9 P.M.
The Israeli government and facebook agreed to work together to determine how to tackle incitement on the social media network, a senior Israeli Cabinet minister said Monday. The announcement came after two government ministers met top Facebook ...
Ukrainian council Anatoliy Pisarevskyi in Israel reported involved in the drug scandal. According to the online edition ForumDaily, the diplomat was caught with 200 grammes of white powder sewed up in his track pants.
An aid official in Gaza is accused of illegally diverting funds to the Islamic militant group, which runs the Gaza Strip. Aid groups fear new restrictions but Israel ...
Israel claimed it would allow a working group from the International Criminal Court (ICC) into the country stressing the court is not eligible for conducting a probe into the2014 Gaza war, an Israeli official said on Friday. The upcoming visit would be ...
... Criminal Court prosecutors' Request for Israel, West Bank Visit. ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's office has requested a visit in the context of a preliminary inquiry into Palestinian complaints about the 2014 Gaza war and settlement building ...





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