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As a relatively new country, Israel often looks at legal precedents in other countries, so the Israeli Supreme Court regularly recruits foreign clerks. Patricia Alonso Galera spent the summer clerking for one of the court's justices. When she applied ...
The Israeli people do not elect the justices of the Supreme Court; a committee, which includes presiding justices, appoints them.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday the administration was disappointed by the immigration decision and called on Senate Republicans to "confirm a ninth justice to the Supreme Court so that the business of the American people can be ...

The Palestinian Authority's Supreme Court ruled Monday that the Palestinian local elections will take place, but only in the West Bank and not Gaza, as tensions between Fatah and Hamas continued to mar what was to be first democratic exercise in the ...
WASHINGTON - the White House rushed Friday to correct a diplomatic blooper after an official transcript listed Jerusalem as part of Israel, contradicting a delicate U.S. policy that takes no position on the city's status. The mix-up came in a ...
The administration initially sent out a copy of President Barack Obama's remarks at former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres' funeral in Jerusalem, indicating that the remarks had been given in Jerusalem, Israel. But later Friday afternoon, the press ...
"It is not the court's place to rule on claims against the wisdom of the law, or its morality or whether it is just," only whether it is legal, Supreme Court President Miriam Naor wrote. ... On Wednesday, Israel Discount Bank, the third largest lender ...
In two days, the Israeli Supreme Court will discuss the appeal of the complainant against head of Lahav 433 Roni Rittman in which she claims that he forced himself upon her.
In 2014, the al-Daqiqa community petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court to stop the Israeli Civil Administration's (ICA) plan to relocate them.
"The State of Israel is ready, I am ready to negotiate all final status, but one thing I will never negotiate is the right to the one and only Jewish State," he said, inviting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to speak to the Israeli people at the ...
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says we should prevent terror attacks like the one in New York City on September 15 by using Israeli-style profiling and other anti-terror tactics. But experts say the GOP nominee fails to understand basic ...
(To read Nir's piece, "American Jewish progressives must act to defend their values in Israel," see http://www.tinyurl.
The Land of Israel Caucus, a hardline group that wants to extend Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, has launched a PR campaign aimed at convincing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to demolish Palestinian ...
Israel Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran (middle) with JCRC Assistant Vice President Steve Dishler (left) and Chicago Board of Rabbis Executive Vice President Rabbi Michael Balinsky.

Earlier this month Israel's Supreme Court attacked the English Court for overreaching itself in relation to orders made by the England's High Court in the ongoing legal Saga surrounding the insolvency of Eli Reifman.
During the past few years, there has been a dispute between the Israeli tax Authorities ("ITA") and the taxpayers regarding the recognition of losses derived from depreciation in the exchange rate.
A recent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court has cleared the way for FATCA implementation by lifting a temporary injunction on the disclosure of information to U.S.
I continued thumbing through the pages and found President of Israel's Supreme Court Miriam Naor, as well as a number of high-ranking members of various government ministries.
The agreement was negotiated among women of the Wall, the site's haredi Orthodox leadership, the Jewish Agency for Israel, the Israeli government, and the Reform and Conservative movements. All parties praised the decision as path breaking at the time.
Over the weekend, Israel's Supreme Court ruled that officials can force-feed prisoners on hunger strike, news agencies reported on Monday.
7 rebuttal to a lawsuit challenging Israel's intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to facilitate disclosure under the U.S. Foreign Account tax Compliance Act (FATCA) "could immediately undermine the ability of Israeli financial institutions to work with ...
On Tuesday 13 September seven Israeli Supreme Court judges will hear a petition from Sharon Ben-Haim, a father from New Jersey, USA, against the Rabbinical Court of Haifa and Rabbi Daniel Edri, also of Haifa, challenging their decision to send ...
The Israeli Supreme Court yesterday ordered a temporary suspension of the detention of two hunger striking Palestinians who are being held on administrative detention, the Palestinian Committee of prisoner's Affairs said.
Israel's Supreme Court has confirmed that 66-year-old ultra-Orthodox Israeli Eli Cohen will be extradited to the United States.
But justices express concern about provisions that retroactively strike at pension and severance agreements.
The Israeli Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily suspended administrative detention of two Palestinian brothers, who have been on hunger strike for more than two months in Israeli jails, a Palestinian official said. "The court decision allows the ...
Cellcom Israel Ltd. (nyse: CEL) (TASE: CEL) has reported the Israeli Supreme Court has rejected the previously reported Golan Telecom request to appeal the interim injunction granted at the request of the company by the District Court against the ...
Israeli Arab Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran will be the honored speaker at a reception hosted by the Decalogue Society of Jewish Lawyers in Chicago on Thursday Sept.
The prime minister responded to the Supreme Court's decision during a news conference in The Hague with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, saying the court was "making things clear" and that the minister of labor will decide which projects will be done ...
Subsequently, the JNF was incorporated into the Israeli state's land administration bureaucracy, while still remaining a private organisation.
Israel's Supreme Court yesterday ruled that an illegal Israeli settlement outpost in the occupied West Bank district of Bethlehem be demolished by March 2018.
To the best of my knowledge, the Israeli Supreme Court has yet to weigh in on the scope of the immunity of the UN and its officials in Israel. Lower Israeli courts that have considered the issue have found that the UN and its organs, including the UNDP ...
The Israeli drugmaker still has a chance to defend itself, in a court fight scheduled to begin Sept. 26. Novartis and Momenta ... Teva took a fight over the original Copaxone's patents all the way to the Supreme Court. If it loses to Novartis and ...
Applying the Supreme Court's "at-home" test as articulated in Daimler, 2 the appeals court held that the defendants' maintenance of an office in Washington D.C.
Obama's 2014 proposal to grant temporary work permits to several million additional undocumented immigrants has been stymied by the courts, but that's because the Supreme Court deadlocked 4-4 this year and deferred to a lower court's decision. If ...
Shraga has appealed the father's sentence to Israel's Supreme Court, where Hacohen is representing the daughter-in-law.
(JTA) - Israel's supreme court ordered the demolition of 17 buildings in Netiv Ha'avot, a West Bank outpost 11 miles south of Jerusalem.
Three years ago, she landed her job with Sha'ar HaNegev, just about the same time that Israel's Supreme Court ruled that Reform and Conservative rabbis could be regional rabbis and receive money from the government for their services.
"I have said before and I say again to the settlers of Amona, there is a judgement of the (Israeli) Supreme Court and we shall honor it," Lieberman said at a Jewish school in the occupied West Bank on the first day of the new school year. Amona, home ...
Even by Israeli law standards, explains Zaher, the proposal constitutes a violation. She noted that many of the Israeli Supreme Court decisions and records of budget allocation - including on education - state that the allocation should be based on ...
Israel's Supreme Court eased punishments Monday for seven Arabs indicted for throwing rocks at Israelis. According to a Monday report by Israel National News, the incidents took place on three separate occasions, including one in which a Jewish victim ...
(JTA) - Israel's Supreme Court ordered an Israel arms dealer who allegedly sold American-made fighter jet parts to Iran to be extradited to the United States.
Shraga has appealed the father's sentence to Israel's Supreme Court, where Hacohen is representing the daughter-in-law.
Papers belonging to writer Franz Kafka will be transferred to the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem, Israel's Supreme Court ruled. The papers are part of the estate of writer Max Brod, a friend and biographer of Kafka. Brod brought the papers ...
Together, the Israeli state and the KKL-JNF - an NGO that works closely with the government and owns around 13 percent of the land in Israel - are building the new town of Hiran here in the Negev desert. As part of the town's master plan, the ...
The ancient Palestinian village of Susiya, in the South Hebron Hills faces the threat of demolition by the Israeli military.
In 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to relocate the Jahalin Bedouins to an area near the city of Jericho, where they would be under Palestinian Authority control.





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