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In a survey released on Channel 2's show "People," respondents were asked to rank the performances of Israeli ministers on a scale of 1-10.
Developed and demonstrated by General Robotics with support from Israel's Ministry of Defense (MoD), Project Hyena - named after an animal notorious for deception and thievery - infuses foldable, semi-autonomous lightweight platforms with the sounds ...
On October 7, 1973, the second, and darkest, day of the Yom Kippur war, a panicky Defense Minister Moshe Dayan proposed to Prime Minister Golda Meir that the time had come for Israel to "prepare" to make a "nuclear demonstration." That, at ... Now, in ...
"Ever since last year, and especially since [Avigdor] Liberman entered the Defense Ministry [in May], 1,700 permits to enter Israel have been revoked," Tabbaa claimed. "It started very slowly, but we noticed the trend over a year ago. When a merchant ...
The death of Shimon Peres, Israel's ninth president and former prime minister and defense minister, has pushed the current corruption scandal out of the public eye.
A pillar of Israel's national security leadership, he subsequently became an ardent peacemaker, always maintaining a love-hate relationship with an Israeli public that consistently declined to elect him prime minister but admired him when he did not ...

The Israeli government on Sept. 30 paid $20 million in compensation to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara flotilla raid in 2010, which led to the suspension of diplomatic ties between the two countries before a reconciliation deal was reached earlier this ...
My guess is that very few of the obituaries will examine Peres' life and activities from the perspective of the victims of Zionism and Israel. He occupied many positions in politics that had immense impact on the Palestinians wherever they are. He was ...
The Israeli government is taking steps to deepen its defence relationship with The Philippines by offering military-industrial collaborations to meet various requirements of the Philippine armed forces (PAF).
Shimon Peres, dubbed late in life "the grand old man of Israeli politics," was a slightly later part of that generation, which produced such leaders as the prophet-like founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, the dashing warrior Moshe Dayan, the ...
FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 11, 2001, file photo, Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, left, gestures as he talks to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, right, at the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in Jerusalem during a special memorial session for ...
One of Israel's most storied politicians, Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, has thrown his significant personal and political capital behind an early stage emergency services app Reporty.
A look at the life and career of Mr. Peres, a former Israeli prime minister and president, featuring commentary from Clyde Haberman, a former Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times.
"I want Israel to pay compensation. It is not the first time this has happened. The Israelis try to kill many Palestinian children, and I want the world to know about this.
Israeli Defense Ministry: "Continuous contact with Ofek-11 has been attained". The Israeli Defense Ministry gave its official confirmation that the Ofek-11 reconnaissance satellite that was launched last week has in fact been stabilized and transmitted ...
The Department of capital market, insurance and Savings at the Israeli Ministry of finance has issued the final version of its Circular on Cyber Risk Management in Institutional Entities (Institutional Entities Circular 2016-9-14).
Israel is looking for tenders to build several new data centers that will replace dozens of existing Israel Defense Forces facilities.
New Delhi: French Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian will arrive in New Delhi to sign the Euro 7.8 billion deal on Friday for 36 Rafale jets which will come equipped with latest missiles and weapon system, giving the Indian Air Force (IAF) a cutting ...
The Israeli defence ministry said the girl arrived "on foot with a suspicious bag at the vehicle-only lane of the Eliyahu crossing which is not open to foot traffic.
The Israeli defense ministry said she had approached the crossing by foot while carrying a bag. "Crossing security officials called to her to stop and fired warning shots into the air," it said in a statement.
Jerusalem - Israel's Defense Ministry says its forces shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in the leg after she refused to stop at a West Bank crossing.
The Ministry of Defense today said that due to the secrecy and complexity of the venture, only Israeli companies would be allowed to take part, with foreign companies serving as subcontractors.
Jerusalem (AP) - Israel's Defense Ministry says its forces shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in the leg after she refused to stop at a West Bank crossing.
20, the Israeli Air Force successfully shot down a Hamas drone over Gaza. However, Israel's most active front was an internal one: the rising tension between the country's two security chiefs - new Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and the chief of ...
A few weeks after that, Shimon Peres - our country's former president, prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, finance minister and so much more - will turn 95. We hope ... We, the Israeli people, will decide what he means for Israel. And ...
US Defense Secretary Ash Carter, right, meets with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman at the Pentagon. (DoD photo by army Sgt.
Dozens of small defense companies that rely on procurement financed by US military aid will close down, thousands of workers will be laid off, and Israel is liable to lose unique know-how accumulated over decades. This is the ... At the same time ...
(JTA) - Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said Benjamin Netanyahu cost Israel $4.5 billion in defense aid because of Netanyahu's strained relations with President Barack Obama. Barak's latest criticism of Israel's current prime minister came ...
Israel's hardline Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has ordered a boycott of a U.N. special envoy after his criticism of Jewish settlement building in the occupied West Bank, Israeli media reported Thursday. Both Lieberman's office and U.N. officials, ...
Israel's hardline Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has ordered a boycott of a UN special envoy after his criticism of Jewish settlement building in the occupied West Bank, Israeli media reported Thursday. Both Lieberman's office and UN officials ...
Hours after Israel launched its latest spy satellite Tuesday, officials said they were unsure if all was well with the satellite.
Cpl. Jeremy Golden, a team leader with Search and Extraction Platoon, Reaction Force Company, chemical Biological Incident Response Force, CBIRF, speaks to officials from the Israeli Ministry of Defense for chemical, biological, radiological and ...
Credit Vadim Savitsky/Russian Defense Ministry, via Reuters. Until now, Mr. Abbas insisted that before any meeting Israel must freeze its construction of settlements in the West Bank and release prisoners. Mr. Netanyahu had insisted that he would meet ...
Avigdor Liberman, left, the Israeli Defense Minister, greets his American counterpart, Ashton Carter, at the Pentagon, June 20, 2016.
Israeli Defense Ministry approved the project worth $ 530 million in July. However, it is still unclear how the project will be financed due to the lack of explanation from the government.
South Korea's defence ministry expressed "deep concern" about the launch, calling it a "grave threat" to the South's security.
Abu Shahla said that his ministry was following the incident closely, and that it holds the Israeli government responsible for the recent spate of construction site deaths.
Despite the trend of raising fines for defense companies and exporters violating regulations, Lavi told "Globes", "The vast majority of Israel's defense industries are disciplined, responsible and abide by the Defense Export Controls Act. During the ...
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop arrived in Jerusalem on Sunday for a three-day state visit to Israel. In her first round of meetings with Israel's prime minister, president, and defense minister, Bishop stressed Australia's continued ...





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