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updated Thu. March 30, 2017

And based on what I've seen in many courtrooms, most criminal defense lawyers just haven't kept up. The Department of Justice spends serious resources on trial advocacy, and some of those lawyers and offices are very effective at using other ways of ...
Tewolde then began working as an assistant district attorney for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, gaining extensive criminal experience. Having learned the intricacies of criminal prosecution, Tewolde moved on to become a criminal defense ...
FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Fairmont State University Criminal Justice students recently took top honors at the Academy of Criminal Justice sciences/Alpha Phi Sigma National Conference in Kansas City, MO. In fact, Fairmont State will be known as the ...
On Criminal Minds latest episode, "Hells Kitchen," he was forced to smuggle drugs, but instead, he swapped the drugs with a harsh and poisonous laundry detergent.
Austin, Texas - A judge is postponing the criminal trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and is moving the case from the Republican's hometown.
The charges against Rose are all felonies, and the case falls under the jurisdiction of adult court as defined by the Indiana Criminal Code due to the suspect's age and the severity of the alleged offenses. The charge of rape is a Level 3 felony, while ...
Radar is facing charges of mail theft, criminal possession of a financial transaction device, criminal possession of an identification document, third-degree burglary and criminal impersonation. No further information about the crimes Radar is accused ...
The 3-credit course, "crime, Law and Society in 'The Wire,'" will use the Baltimore-based drama to analyze many of the contemporary issues in the criminal justice system. According to the course description, these include, "drug enforcement, race, ...
You cannot marry without parental consent. But you can go to jail if you're caught shoplifting an expensive designer handbag - because the state's criminal laws view 17-year-olds as adults. This legal inconsistency doesn't promote public safety or ...
President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner reportedly met with key senators on Thursday morning to discuss stalled efforts at criminal justice reform. Kushner was seen entering Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley · Chuck ...
Salgado-Millan is far from the only criminal fleeing from justice. In Wayne County Circuit court, it happens often. Angelo Ashmon already had an armed robbery conviction when he was found guilty of felony firearm, two other weapons charges and a drug ...
SUNBURY - Northumberland County Prothonotary Justin Dunkelberger is facing new criminal charges filed by the state Attorney General's office on Wednesday.
David J. Bos, 35, of the 0-100 block of Sparrow Road, Carpentersville, was charged with class 2 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor over the age of 13, under 17, stemming from incidents that occurred between November and March ...
Criminal mischief: A worker for a West Liberty Street business reported having seen two dirt-bike riders on a track in the 300 block of Hall Avenue before officers discovered they apparently had entered through a gate.
Evansville police Department Captain Andy Chandler and the lead detective in the case of Aleah Beckerle, Det. Brent Melton, held a news conference on their latest findings in the case on Wednesday.
SOUTH BEND - It's a program where students are helping fellow classmates clear their criminal record. The "Opening Doors to a Second Chance" program is open to any Ivy Tech student and to anyone from the public who wants to clear an adult criminal ...
Two pro-life activists who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood conversations about foetal tissue must each face more than a dozen criminal charges. California's new Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed 15 counts apiece on Tuesday against David ...
Proos says the bills represent the most ambitious criminal justice reform in the country. He says one of the main goals is to save tax dollars by preventing people from returning to prison after they've been released.
BEAUMONT - Breaking News: KFDM and 6 News on Fox have learned a Beaumont police officer is the subject of a criminal and internal investigation.
After Pablo Escobar was gunned down on a rooftop in Medellin, Colombia, the massive cartel he helped build to shuttle cocaine to the US and wreak violence throughout Colombia soon came apart.
Kentucky lawmakers have voted to gradually repeal Common Core educational standards and give ex-prisoners a better chance to launch careers as they started a two-day wrap-up session to put the finishing touches on a Republican-dominated agenda.
COLLIN COUNTY (CBS11) - The judge overseeing the criminal case against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says he'll issue written orders by noon Thursday on whether he will hold the trial out of Collin County, whether he'll delay the May 1 trial or ...
SPRINGFIELD - A bill that would bar Illinois public universities from asking prospective students about their criminal history was approved Wednesday by Illinois' House Higher education Committee.
U.S. Capitol police officers have apprehended a female driver after she struck another vehicle and nearly hit several officers near the Capitol, police said this morning.
Rolesville, N.C. - Rolesville police Chief Bobby Langston II died at his home Wednesday night, according to Mayor Frank Eagles. police were called to a home in the 200 block of Tortuga Street that property records show belongs to Langston.
California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter - under Criminal Investigation by the Justice Department over alleged campaign violations - insists he did nothing wrong.
Salgado-Millan ultimately pled no contest to criminal sexual conduct, agreeing to spend nine months in the Wayne County jail, two years on probation and receive sex offender counseling.
Harrisburg, PA. - Two of the eight candidates for four-year terms on the Harrisburg school board say they will not withdraw from the campaign even though state law says they cannot legally hold the position because they are ex-felons.
After an investigation by the department, Moquin, 30, was arraigned on the misdemeanor Domestic Violence and felony criminal sexual conduct charges Monday before 51st District Judge Richard Kuhn Jr, who released Moquin on $25,000 personal bond.
What is agonizing is that people either enjoyed or criticized the joyful act of a teenager, but no one seems to be noticing that this public trial and her forced apologies only mean further isolation for the young Muslim women.
Jeff Stone, R-Temecula, with the latter asserting the shooting "appears to be another example of the danger created by the passage of misleading propositions and bad legislation that have allowed dangerous criminals back onto the streets of California.".
A Lake County woman claims a local coin shop that sold her rare silver dollar collection on consignment refused to pay her share which totaled $36,000.
The group is expected to consider changes to policy that bars housing applicants with criminal convictions. Advocates say current policy is unfair.
Jam fan Dania Bennett was tapped to write the episode of CBS police procedural crime drama Criminal Minds that aired on Wednesday night.
Austin -- Attorney General's Ken Paxton's legal team plans to argue in state criminal court next week that the judge should toss the criminal securities fraud charges against the attorney general, pointing to issues with the grand jury that the court ...
Rep. Duncan Hunter is likely under Criminal Investigation by the Department of Justice for allegedly misspending tens of thousands in campaign funds.
You've only ever watched the CBS show Criminal Minds if you're home sick from school or work, scrolling the depths to find something to watch that isn't a horrible daytime talk show.
The House voted overwhelmingly Thursday for the measure, which adjusts gang-related crimes and defines more specifically what constitutes a criminal gang and criminal gang activity. prosecutors and law enforcement says it's difficult to prosecute gang ...
CBS has given early renewals to 11 returning and 5 freshman series, leaving Elementary, Criminal Minds & 2 Broke Girls on the bubble.
"Trying to adjust to come back into society. It's kind of like having that scarlet letter on your back," said LaHeather.
It works by running calculations based on historical crime data each area and looks for trends in criminal incidence from the data.
West Lebanon - The owners of the Shady Lawn Motel have reached a memorandum of understanding with prosecutors and Hartford police intended to cut down on potential criminal activity at the White River Junction business, according to Windsor County ...
The Gazette | Des Moines - The House Ways and Means Committee approved adding a 1 percent fee to the cost of wire transfers to raise money for ...
Longtime Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said officials who served under the Obama administration could be facing criminal charges for illegally revealing the names of people working on President Donald Trump's transition team.
BIRMINGHAM, England: Before he killed at least four people in Britain's deadliest attack since the 2005 London bombings, Khalid Masood was considered by intelligence officers to be a criminal who posed little serious threat. A British-born former ...
WASHINGTON - The Justice Department has opened a Criminal Investigation into a California congressman who faces allegations that he spent tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds on family trips to Hawaii and Italy, private school tuition and ...
law enforcement agencies around the country are warning iPhone users about a potentially deadly prank involving the Apple iPhone's "virtual assistant" Siri.
A Canton massage parlor, caught up in a broader Criminal Investigation by Oakland County authorities, has lost its appeal to reopen after it was shut down in January amid allegations it illegally housed two women and used some unlicensed employees.





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