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But if look through the eyes of someone who just became an American, the attitude is a bit different. "I think it's a huge privilege for Americans to be able to serve," said Merle Dennis.
As a politics junkie, I feel privileged to live in a state where the races for president and U.S. Senate are relatively competitive, where the candidates and their surrogates frequently visit and where my vote matters.
citizen steel Debuts In New Legends Of Tomorrow Clip. Russ Burlingame; - 10/27/2016; 1 comments. share · Newsletter · Share on facebook · Tweet This · Share on Google+ · Share on Reddit · Pin to Pinterest.
The ambition is to collect every scrap of information available online about China's companies and citizens in a single place -- and then assign each of them a score based on their political, commercial, social and legal "credit.
THE citizens' VOICE FILE Plains Township receives quarterly payments that total about $3 million from Mohegan Sun Pocono.

Philadelphia (CBS) - With election Day rapidly approaching, dozens of immigrants inside Philadelphia City Hall met to talk about what lies ahead when the next president is inaugurated.
First citizens in N.C. Wrestles with Online Banking Problems. by Joseph Kellard. OCT 26, 2016 5:33pm ET. Customers of First citizens Bank in Raleigh, N.C., have been unable to access their accounts online since the company upgraded its digital platform ...
Gannett is in the process of reducing its workforce by 2 percent, CEO Bob Dickey announced on Oct. 24. As part of the media giant's cuts, the Asheville ...
Additionally, and not, she said, related to the digital rollout, First citizens' ATM provider experienced an outage Wednesday, also impacting customers.
According to data from TD Ameritrade, which mined the holdings of its retail clients, there is a high overlap between the top 10 holdings of the millennial generation, Generation X, baby boomers and senior citizens, though there's also enough ...
Vote Protectors wants volunteers to approach voters on election Day to ask about "election fraud."
"[I'm] becoming a citizen to make my voice count," said De Leon, 30, who runs his own photography and video business.
Two U.S. citizens were arrested by police in Tunisia on Tuesday on suspicion of encouraging terrorist activities, according to reports from the North African country.
Colorado's Amendment 71 would raise the bar on future constitutional amendments. In order to make the ballot, initiatives would need signatures from 2 percent of residents in every state Senate district.

"It's so important that you model for your kids how to be a citizen of the world, and I think that's the very best thing you can do," she shared, adding that she and Affleck each have special causes that they try to teach their children about.
Initiative 735 would reject the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. The 2010 ruling says political spending by corporations and unions is protected free speech.
Those who become a U.S. citizen less than 15 days before the election also may register and vote at the County elections Office.
The other major project is to rethink the relationship between the police and citizens. Today, the police are focused on politicians whereas they must focus on citizens. In Britain, police assessment is partly based on citizen satisfaction. This is far ...
This award is designed to honor an individual with outstanding leadership and citizenship within the community, someone who has demonstrated exemplary vision, civic pride, and a strong commitment to a better Coweta.
(ABC 6 NEWS) - On Tuesday, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office recognized public service members and citizens for their life saving efforts.
The Asheville citizen-Times laid off nine full-time employees Tuesday as part of staffing reductions announced by its parent company, Gannett Co.
The new tool, developed by Heather J. Lynch, PhD, an Associate Professor of ecology and evolution, and colleagues internationally, is the first of its kind giving citizen scientists a lens into the world of scientists seeking to impact global ...
Robison also noted they identified areas that need zoning changes, but they needed to gather more input from citizens to clarify what they want.
... while also indicating his close relationship with the governor. "I wish people could know Mike Pence like I do," he said. "He has never ever tried to influence me with a decision that I had to make within the state police as we protect the citizens ...
The intense ambitions and undisciplined behaviors of Mr. Trump have confounded even those close to him, especially as his presidential campaign comes to a tumultuous end, and he confronts the possibility of the most stinging defeat of his life.
5 in Ponemon Institute's 12th annual Privacy Trust Study for Retail Banking. PNC Financial Services Group Inc., based in Pittsburgh, and citizens Financial Group, based in Providence, R.I., were both in fifth place, according to the study, released on ...
First citizens Bank customers can resume their online banking activities after the bank resolved technical issues following Monday's launch of its new First citizens Digital Banking platform. Bank spokeswoman Barbara Thompson said customers had ...
395-broadway-retail-space Very good news! Pearl River Mart, which closed its store at 477 Broadway last spring (but continued online), is opening another store, and this one is in Tribeca.
NUTLEY - Authorities are looking for an alleged thief who they say targets elderly women in supermarkets. Denmon police are searching for Denmon.
The West Utica Concerned citizens will meet Wednesday at the Shoppes At The Finish Line at 809 Court St. The West Utica Concerned citizens will meet Wednesday at the Shoppes At The Finish Line at 809 Court St. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. with ...
citizens were able to give input into the library portion of the Parks, Recreation and culture Master Plan being developed by the city of Auburn.
Dining table photo by Garrett Rowland courtesy Interior design The September issue of Interior Design featured a 6,400-square-foot triplex on Duane created by Nancy Nienberg of Wunderground Architecture + Design and Tribeca's own Damon Liss Design.
Tampa - Body-worn cameras will be the focus of Tuesday night's meeting of the Tampa police Department's citizens Review Board.
The good news: A vast majority of those workers will be hired promptly by citizen's Energy Group when it takes over direct operation and management of its wastewater system on Jan. 1. Suez Water Indiana, an affiliate of Paramus, New Jersey-based Suez ...
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has complained about a potentially rigged electoral process in the U.S. - for good reason.
Signs of political discontent are increasingly common in many Western nations, with anti-establishment parties and candidates drawing significant attention and support across the European Union and in the United States.
ASHEVILLE - Authorities are still working to identify the body of a woman who was found dead Sunday evening along the French Broad River.
The citizen of the Year is a member of the Hamilton community who has left a special mark on the city in 2016 and has done so in a way that transcends his or her everyday job.
Bogus lottery winnings, sweepstakes fraud schemes, telemarketing scams, phony phone utility workers or messengers dropping off a bouquet of flowers for a neighbor - the list of more or less imaginative scams targeting senior citizens is long. Imagine ...
That means that by racking up too many infractions, anything from minor traffic violations to late bill payment, a Chinese citizen wouldn't be allowed luxuries like flying first class or staying in expensive hotels. The document emphasized information ...
Amidst all the other headline-grabbing pronouncements in Wednesday night's debate, Hillary Clinton mentioned the importance of overturning Citizens United. While this is encouraging, focusing on citizens United is not enough; our campaign finance ...
An alpha version of the massively crowdfunded space combat and exploration game Star citizen is free to download for new players this week as part of developer Cloud Imperium Games' Fall 2016 Free Fly event.
Three French defence officials and two other people died when a surveillance plane crashed shortly after take-off at Malta International Airport.
NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has been surveying strange "spider-like" surface features on Mars for years, and now citizen scientists are helping the orbiter hone in on areas that require further investigation. These prominent surface ...
citizen Action of New York's capital District Chapter has endorsed Shaun Francis for New York state Senate. Citing his strong support for campaign finance reform and desire to invest in clean renewable energy, citizen Action urged voters to cast their ...
This is a simple story: higher volume combining with the solitary rate hike to give 10% growth in the main income line. Other initiatives on cost control and targets fee lines offer support and citizens appears on course. citizens Financial (nyse:CFG ...
The third annual Stockings 4 Seniors is calling on the community to help collect items for senior citizens to be delivered for Christmas.






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