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Sri Lanka's rulers also price diesel below petrol, with most members of the elected ruling class owning diesel guzzling luxury sports utility vehicles imported tax free.
It has become clear that many people did not vote on the substantive issue of the referendum but rather sought to show their contempt for the political ruling class, thus the senseless result. To have a referendum in a democracy, there must be a well ...

But he has a problem. Over the past generation Democrats have become the party of the new-economy ruling class. In both the 2008 and 2012 elections, according to the Washington Post, Obama won the rich counties of America but lost the poor ones.
There's a lot of talk about how elites and the ruling class have led the nation to a candidate like Trump. It seems to me that in many ways, Trump's fans pine for their own muscular ruling class. Well, if you're a fan of unaccountable plutocrats, you ...
There is growing agreement within the U.S. ruling class that Washington and its allies are incapable of achieving victory in the area.
"That's what Clinton and the ruling-class families who support her really think about workers and farmers," socialist Workers Party presidential candidate Alyson Kennedy told the militant Sept.

When a people lose their spiritual bearings, the disappearance of community soon ensues. The rule of law is applied only on behalf of a certain ruling class, which is why slavery is such an obnoxious notion throughout the world. The mystery to me is ...
Echoing the language of the Washington political establishment and the think tanks of the billionaire ruling class, the U.S.
In response to the Brexit vote, which was organized amid deepening misgivings in the British ruling class over a German-led EU, Germany and France are moving ahead with attempts to unify the EU as a military alliance that Britain had previously blocked ...
Las Vegas celebrates Mexican Independence Day today with food specials all over the city. The day commemorates Sept. 16, 1810, the day Father Miguel ...
Remember, "It's in your hands."
In the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, one of central political issues concerned the Corn Laws, protectionist tariffs on imported grain that were designed to support the landed interests, the traditional basis of wealth for England's ruling class ...
The ruling class is not like those who once built the Hoover dam, triumphed at the Battle of Midway, or built the interstate freeway system.
The ruling class has responded to this crisis with the promotion of militarism and by building up the repressive apparatus of the state.
The Americanism that those who do horrible things can still be good people ties both to the Christian debate over acts versus grace and to the tribalism that 'good' encompasses the division of 'us' from 'them.
The starting point of this vision of socialism is that it is a society that has to be created by revolutionary means--not only, as Karl Marx wrote a century and a half ago, because the ruling class will not voluntarily give up power in any other way ...
There is no blueprint for a socialist future, but we know from the struggles of past that it will involve a vast expansion of democracy and freedom.

The second, far more concerning aspect of this trend is that Putin-love likely reflects a genuine (once-latent) shift among Republican voters.
Colin Powell has long presented himself to the world as a figure of singular probity, too morally unimpeachable for the grimy world of elective politics.
The push especially by the German ruling class to organize Europe militarily after Brexit to defend its geostrategic and economic interests on a world scale is only increasing the tensions between the European powers and the danger of another major war ...
The burning question a world interested in justice has long demanded an answer to is when are these so-called leaders and democrats, members of a ruling class dripping in the blood of millions, ever going to be held accountable for the vast human ...
Someday, death will become something more than an unexplainable mystery to the incumbent ruling class. Every public officer will die; their family members too.
The response of the ruling class to the contradiction embedded in the capitalist system, between the world economy and the nation-state system, is imperialist war and plunder.
That was way too much "sunshine" for the ruling class. The district attorney (or alternately, the "developers' advocate" if you will) petitioned the Board of County Commissioners to remove me as a planning commissioner, alleging that telling my ...
A number of xenophobic attacks on the large Polish immigrant community in the UK following the Brexit referendum are being exploited by both the Polish and British ruling class to strengthen their alliance, amid deepening divisions within the European ...
The second, far more concerning aspect of this trend is that Putin-love likely reflects a genuine (once-latent) shift among Republican voters.
The "two sides" reflect the range of acceptable disagreement within a ruling class that shares most of its interests and assumptions in common.
One of the consequences of Obama's policies has materialized in the unprecedented divide between elites, or the ruling class, and we, the American people. The ruling class: politicians, big businesses, media, academic circles, the PC police, all have ...
Donald Trump lambasted the "arrogant ruling class in Washington, D.C." for only looking out for its own interests as he presented an impassioned appeal to Rust Belt voters during a rally in Canton, Ohio, Wednesday evening.
The ruling class's march towards a flatter world - from free trade to the European Union - seems stalled by popular backlash.
Ned and Constance Sublette's book indicts the ruling class of the United States for the sins of slavery, the institution that made them rich.
"Nayeem was used as a weapon by the ruling class. He eliminated about 70 to 100 people in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Orissa, where he tortured people whose bodies were never found," stated Mr. Ravichander.
In response, ruling-class Chilean began waging a sustained campaign to disrupt the Chilean economy and discredit Allende, thus legitimating a right-wing intervention.
The Democratic party is currently a coalition of the upscale urban professionals who make up the ruling class and less-affluent members of minorities who feel betrayed by it.
At the same time, he stressed that the working class of China and Russia must deal with its ruling class, alongside its class brothers and sisters across the world.
The great unmentionable in Rajoy's failed investiture is the ruling class's fear of the workers and its moves to block a politically independent revolutionary movement of the working class.
In Trinidad and Tobago, Nevis and St Kitts, Barbados, and Jamaica, post-independence, in the tumultuous 1950s, the light skinned Creole became a key component of the ruling class. This social stratification based on possession of Caucasian features ...
journalist George DeStefano said Barbaro possessed "a burning hatred for the ruling class." He called him one of the last representatives of "the lost world of Italian American radicalism.
The debate in ruling-class circles and between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidates of the two big capitalist parties for U.S.
"Both Trump and Clinton will continue U.S. wars abroad, representing the interests of the ruling class," Kennedy replied.
The liberal ruling class is missing the exact same phenomenon that defeated the likes of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.
One of the negative things for corporate America and the ruling class in this country was that during the 1960s and 1970s, while they were out trying to protect their power and wealth during the Cold War under the pretext of spreading democracy and ...
In 1964 this class imposed its rule through an open military coup by the army, part of the state apparatus that serves the capitalist ruling class. Under that brutal military government, the young Dilma Rousseff was a heroic revolutionary who aided the ...
Theoretically, the ruling class lived in a city where those in charge must love wisdom foremost and have studied critical thinking, people, ethics, and the world around them for most of their lives.
But breaking with the long-standing policy would be difficult for the ruling class, which has facilitated corporate tax avoidance for so long it is written into their DNA.
We Americans can tear down this wall that is holding our nation's children hostage in government schools where they are indoctrinated to enrich and empower the ruling class, by supporting countless, burgeoning government programs and agencies, which ...
This is not Shakespeare or Sheridan though, nor is it one of those lofty-lefty bits by West End Playwrights with their gun sights fixed on the ruling class. London Road beams its sympathy, as well as an irreverent eye, on one lower-middle-class street ...
While the French oil giant Elf Aquitaine exploited the tiny Central African country's substantial oil reserves - filling a massive slush fund for France's ruling class as well as for Bongo's kleptocracy that was uncovered in the 1990s by French ...
That's not leadership, that's the perks of being in the privileged ruling class." Grassley told Radio Iowa on Tuesday that he has "consistently voted for measures to deny all congressional pay raises" since 1975.
Far more important, the Times is the arbiter of the language in which the English speaking world's ruling class conducts its business (and, alas, ours).





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