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updated Sun. April 30, 2017

All the while, the county's unmet pension liabilities now top $750 million, including long-term obligations to the retirement fund and taxpayer debt from past pension bonds. "It really frosts people," said Jack Dean, editor of, a ...
"But these are taxpayers," Kearns said. "They don't have unlimited deep pockets. And people say the insurance company pays it.
On Thursday, the California public utilities Commission denied access once again to scores of communications that it exchanged with Southern California Edison, the office of Governor Jerry Brown, and others over the ratepayer shakedown to cover the ...
In addition, as detailed in Petersen's Hunting, the federal lands grazing program cost taxpayers $1 billion over the last decade.
Public money and public universities boost Big PhaRMA's profits, so shouldn't the public be able to afford the drugs? Share on facebook · Tweet this · Share on Google+ · Share in email · Tracy Matsue LoeffelholzClo Copass posted Apr 28, 2017.
A constitutional amendment would not only protect taxpayers, but also strengthen the current expenditure limitation already in the Iowa code.
One year after the NBC2 Investigators first exposed a massive pile of old, dirty tires behind a Lehigh Acres recycling business, we're learning Florida taxpayers are now helping to pay for the clean-up. "I'd look outside and I couldn't see anything but ...
The Governor submitted a draft bill to the Senate President, Assembly Speaker and minority leaders of both chambers that will impose commonsense accountability and transparency measures, addressing abuses and misuses of taxpayer money outside of ...
Take it from someone who lives in the Metro: The average local taxpayer, if not a U of L basketball fan or Generation Xer, generally never sees the innards of this project.
For the past five years of Cuomo's administration, state agencies have purchased less copy paper, increased recycling, and incorporated renewable energy systems to become greener- and leaner for taxpayers. According to a statement from Cuomo's office, ...
"While our hearts go out to the families who rely on the center's programming and the employees of the center, the city believes it is imprudent to risk additional taxpayer funds by subsidizing the organization's operations during an ongoing police ...
"Unfortunately, some companies take a tax break and then leave, without creating the jobs or growth they promised. This legislation ensures that taxpayer money that is given to businesses for economic development is actually used to help our communities.".
Daviess County, KY home owners will see a slight increase in property taxes starting this summer. The Daviess County Board of Health approved a property tax rate hike of a half percent - from 3.5% - 4% - to fund their share of the Green River District ...
Since Mr. Trump hasn't divested from his business interests - including Mar-a-Lago - taxpayer-funded promotion for the club by U.S.
This week, the Forrest Gump star vented to SFGate about the Oakland Raiders' move from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, and took NFL owners to task over taxpayer-funded stadiums in the process. "Here's the thing I don't quite understand. And I'm not trying ...
MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WSET) - The Martinsville Fire Department says it could take months and up to $100,000 to investigate what caused a furniture warehouse to go up in flames last Saturday.
MADISON - Earlier this month, the Wisconsin Department of agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) warned consumers about the resurgence of fake Internal Revenue Service (IRS) phone calls.
taxpayers in Wisconsin are reporting threatening phone calls from imposter Internal Revenue Service agents that at first appear to be coming from the Milwaukee Department of Revenue office.
Just a day after Mayor Sylvester Turner warned as many as 2,200 city workers could lose their job if a pension plan isn't approved, we're still asking questions about how taxpayer money was spent on some "unbelieve-a-bowl" deals after Super Bowl LI.
Many of the former campuses of the collapsed, notorious Corinthian Colleges were bought by debt collection non-profit ECMC in a Department of education-blessed deal that has led to perpetuation of failures and abuses at taxpayer expense. The predatory ...
The IRS will inform a taxpayer whose return will be examined. A taxpayer could be subject to one of three types of audits, depending upon the objective.
MCCL says as a result of that decision, taxpayers now fund 43 percent of all abortions performed in Minnesota, costing taxpayers more than $1 million per year. MCCL says from the time of the court decision until the end of 2015, taxpayers were forced ...
"Rhode Island taxpayers deserve a well-functioning system that they paid for," Raimondo said in a statement. "I've spoken weekly with Deloitte Consulting's CEO and am heartened that the firm is making a good faith effort to offset the state's ...
The richest people in the United States aren't just getting several years of extra life, they're also reaping a financial reward for their longevity courtesy of the U.S.
Many of the former campuses of the collapsed, notorious Corinthian Colleges were bought by debt collection non-profit ECMC in a Department of education-blessed deal that has led to perpetuation of failures and abuses at taxpayer expense. The predatory ...
The Board of Assessors urges the Middleton taxpayers to reject Warrant Article 40 of the Annual Town Meeting on May 9, 2017.
Because they get taxpayers to subsidize part of their construction while they keep the entire profit from its use. But the latest brownfield transformation scam - ooops, legislation -- that Gilbert is pushing in the state would put all of these ...
The IRS wants to work with taxpayers to help them resolve their tax debt before taking any actions to collect the debt. Based on a taxpayer's ability to pay, the IRS might provide alternate payment options, such as an installment agreement, which would ...
"While we want everyone to have their First Amendment rights respected, we also want people to have their wallets respected," said Michi Iljazi, vice president of the taxpayers Protection Alliance, a taxpayer watchdog group in Washington. In an ...
Legislators had said the bi-partisan Senate agreement has turned a bill that's supposed to fix South Carolina's crumbling roadways into a hoax on taxpayers. Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey on Wednesday called it a "horrendous, God-awful ...
In 2015, Walmart made almost $15 billion in profits. taxpayers pay about $1 million per store for worker subsidies due to low pay.
To the editor: What a disgrace. Our colleges and universities are supposed to be places where students learn to think and challenge each other's thoughts.
To fuel the late-night negotiations, taxpayers are picking up the tab for lots of food. As 5 Investigates' Mike Beaudet and Northeastern University school of Journalism found out, we may never know what we're getting for our money.
An Internal Revenue Service employee in Georgia has allegedly used her access to taxpayers' personally identifiable information to file tax returns seeking refunds in their names.
the White House unveiled a broad outline Wednesday for a dramatically simpler tax code that could lead to lower tax bills for many ordinary taxpayers but also eliminate many of the tax deductions that Americans currently claim. President Trump's plan ...
Ward County Jail Deficiencies Cost taxpayers More Than $300K. North Dakota taxpayers in Ward County have paid nearly $323,000 in jail and legal costs after a state report found deficiencies in jail operations.
House Democrats on Tuesday approved a controversial bill that would expand the availability of taxpayer-funded abortions in Illinois, putting Republican Gov.
Prevailing wage laws emerged from the Great Depression, and are tainted because they drive up taxpayer costs and were enacted for racist reasons.
"As far as budgeting goes of a high school, the only real cost of Lockwood taxpayers would be the cost of building the building," Novasio said.
This school year, Shoreham-Wading River taxpayers shelled out more than $150000 to send about 180 students to Walt Disney World.
Northampton County taxpayers sent county employees on trips to Las Vegas and New Orleans last year, according to the county controller.
Data Source: The New Jersey Department of education 2017 taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending * The average daily enrollment figures include students ...
To ensure privacy and security, taxpayers need to provide their social security number, tax year, filing status and Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) or Total Household Resources (THR).
"I could be convinced to bite the bullet for the first year, but we need to look at additional revenue, or some help from the city budget," said Bruce F. Bushore, an airport commissioner, who seemed to echo other commissioners who said Palm Springs ...
The tax amnesty program, kicked off on Friday, is hoped will generate a net $100 million to fund the current year's budget, which was running a nearly $700 million shortfall at the end of March.
... legislature approved the largest taxpayer subsidy in American sports history. As long as the NFL allowed the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas, taxpayers would fork over $750 million to help fund a new $1.9 billion stadium adjacent to the Vegas ...
A conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, estimated that Obama cost taxpayers $97 million in leisure travel costs during his two terms.
The IRS has expanded options for taxpayers who live abroad and need to get an Individual taxpayer Identification Number to file U.S.
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is ready for a fight with state lawmakers over the Dallas police and Fire Pension fund. The mayor is asking residents to support his ...
If a client owes the IRS money, he or she may not have to cough up the full amount. Instead, the taxpayer can make the IRS "an offer it can't refuse" under its offer ...






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