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I am writing to express my unwavering support for Representative Jim Lyons' re-election, and to encourage my fellow citizens in the district to vote for him on Nov ...
Chicago taxpayers will continue to pay extra for police misconduct lawsuits because the mayor's proposed 2017 budget doesn't cover the expected costs - meaning costly borrowing will make up the difference.

A conservative group continues to use a two-year-old debunked claim that Democratic Colorado state Senate candidate Rachel Zenzinger once voted to use ...
Gilbert's belly-up deal with Saint Xavier University has come under fire by the Goldwater Institute for leaving taxpayers holding a potential $36 million bag. The report quotes one expert as calling it "a little wacko" and another as a "foolish and ...
Australia could save billions of dollars in healthcare costs by investing in proven treatments for people with diabetic foot disease, according to QUT research.
Proponents of industrial riverfronts in Michigan are seeking taxpayer funding to improve the aging infrastructure and huge facilities around the waterfront.

Company officials say they can build the jets faster, and that should give them a leg up in the T-X bid evaluation. Lockheed Martin could build new training jets for the U.S.
Two groups aligned against the half-cent sales tax hike for San Luis Obispo County transportation improvements say the county violated campaign reporting laws.
Stadium supporter and Mayor of Arlington Jeff Williams is paying no mind to rational thinkers such as economist Robert Baade, who WFAA quotes as saying the Rangers deal "is one of the worst public projects anyone could imagine" or Arlignton taxpayer ...
On Wednesday's Board of Public Works meeting, Comptroller Peter Franchot announced plans to open his agency's first remote customer call center in order to help taxpayers during the 2017 tax season.
A federal judge has once again blocked The Clarion-Ledger from obtaining a copy of the $300,000 taxpayer-funded report commissioned by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health evaluating children mental health services and housing for the mentally ...
Origin:The image shown above, stating that it costs U.S. taxpayers $200,000 per hour to maintain and operate the official White House jet, Air Force One, was circulated heavily in the final months of the 2016 presidential campaign, during which ...

PUC recommends more taxpayer-funded solar incentives, Local News, Portland local News, Breaking News alerts for Portland city.
If the taxpayer has not yet filed, here are some things to keep in mind about the extension deadline and filing taxes: Try IRS Free File or e-file.
taxpayers vs. citizens. journalists and politicians in every political party routinely use these terms without considering that this framing is anti-democratic.
Their contributions save county taxpayers about $87,000 annually, Doyle said. Additionally, the sheriff's office receives a $28,000 annual contract with U.S.
Donald Trump is very proud that he has financed his own presidential campaign, about $100 million worth. Meanwhile, he hasn't paid any federal taxes in 18 years.
Buffalo Grove will abate $650,000 in property taxes to ease the pain taxpayers are feeling as they repay the debt for street improvements -- even as the village needs more money for infrastructure work, officials say.
Even though the full extent of hurricane Matthew's destruction is unknown, more than 1000 people lost their lives.
The report, "Presidential Access to taxpayer Information," claims that President Barack Obama, seeking IRS returns information on opponents of his policies, used individual consent forms and attorneys from the Department of Justice tax Division to ...
October won't be as frightful as usual for Lane County property taxpayers. Instead of scary increases, the property taxes of most property owners should decline ...
The Internal Revenue Service issued an alert to taxpayers and tax professionals to be on guard against fake emails purporting to contain an IRS tax bill related to the Affordable Care Act.
There are enough adults at the table in these talks to produce a contract that is fair to all: teachers, students and, not least of all, taxpayers. That needs to be the goal of negotiators and the expectation of those who will pay the bill, whether ...
It makes sense for Sanders to bring up taxpayer cost: California spent $3.8 billion on prescription drugs in the 2014-15 fiscal year for state employees, retirees and prison inmates.
Manny Alfonso, the Republican challenger in the Bergen County sheriff race, on Wednesday accused incumbent Mike Saudino of what he termed "grant deception.
Ministers repeatedly gave more public money to project despite warnings against doing so, National Audit Office report finds.
And it would guarantee that Portland taxpayers spend more on each unit than ever before. Because of a restriction in the Oregon Constitution, the city would not be able to partner with any other financial backer on projects financed by bonds, meaning ...
Plans for a new royal yacht have been scuppered as the government insisted it is "very, very unlikely" taxpayers' money will be used to investigate any privately-backed proposals.
Scotland's universities have demanded that SNP ministers make clear whether EU students who win a place next year will get their tuition fees funded by the taxpayer after Brexit. Principals, staff and students joined forces to issue a joint call for ...
'During the past few years, the District has consistently sought to benefit local taxpayers by seizing opportunities to refinance old General Obligation Bonds that have higher interest rates and replace them with new Bonds that have lower interest ...
Ellison to immediately release Maye-Quade's employment records to reassure taxpayers that she has not violated congressional ethics guidelines and is putting in the hours commensurate with her taxpayer-funded salary." In September, Alpha News reported ...
An emotional Broome County Executive Debbie Preston (R) addressed rumours Tuesday rumors of an investigation into misuse of taxpayer money during her ...
The proposed land bridge, one that would carry humans and animals to both sides of Hardberger Park, across the Wurzbach Parkway, would cost you, the taxpayers $15 million dollars. (SBG San Antonio). Critter bridge.
Watching Spectrum News on the go is easy with our app. Download it now for Android and iPhone to stay connected with the region's only local 24-hour news, weather and sports channel.
... by the taxpayer. "If anyone calls you asking for personal information or worse yet, threatening you with arrest, don't respond and hang up immediately," Franchot said in a news release.
Attorney Robert Amsterdam said a complicated real estate scam involving the schools and related companies have generated more than $19 million in profits at the expense of Ohio taxpayers. "The Gulen movement is a global organization thriving on ...
CPS, CTU and taxpayers: What happened to Mayor Emanuel's 'shared sacrifice'? Video: Mayor's statement on teacher contract negotiations.
Most taxpayers simply need to check a box on their tax return to indicate they had health coverage for all of 2015. For any month that the taxpayer or anyone in their family did not haveminimum essential coverage, they need to either claim or report a ...
"As global temperatures continue to climb, these events are going to become more frequent, more powerful, more deadly, and more costly.
You, the Chicago taxpayer, must make up the difference. So you would hope the people who pick and choose pension fund investments are incredibly diligent.
The two programs, which help cover healthcare costs for the poor and elderly, are funded by taxpayer dollars. From 2011 to 2015, government spending rose from being 23 percent of Mylan's EpiPen revenue to 53 percent, according to Grassley's analysis of ...
... at a time when the ag economy is struggling," said Keebler. "As a voter and a taxpayer you can be a supporter of SCC and still vote no on this measure.
WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers affected by recent changes involving the Individual taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) program that they can now begin submitting their ITIN renewal applications to the IRS. Under the ...






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