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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

The Philippine National police's task force against bad cops has been receiving complaints against policemen as high as star-rank officers allegedly involved in illegal drugs, illegal gambling, kidnapping, and other criminal activities. Senior Supt.
If approved, the measure would allow officials at state colleges and universities to use the set definition as a guide when investigating criminal activity on campuses. That includes when swastikas are painted on buildings or crimes are committed ...
Anti-immigrant violence has risen in South Africa against a background of about 27 percent unemployment, with foreigners being accused of criminal activities and taking jobs from locals. In a country with 5 million immigrants, the Southern African ...
Anytime you see suspicious or criminal activity, you can call CrimeStoppers at 912-234-2020 to submit an anonymous tip. You can create a code number to follow up on the tip and claim your reward if the tip leads to an arrest.
"We'll be informing people about what to look for in terms of suspicious or criminal activity and to notify either their neighbors or especially the police departments in regards to individuals who are not usually seen within their neighborhoods ...
They keep pointing to "statistics" and fancy graphics somehow linking illegal (or even legal) immigrants to criminal activity and convictions, when in fact these same news talking heads of the Mainstream Media are deliberately hiding and obfuscating ...
No time - Information report on non-criminal activity. No time - Information report. Assist other police agency. 10:38 a.m.
San Angelo, Texas - Three San Angelo residents have been arrested for allegedly engaging in organized criminal activity. San Angelo police arrested Robert William Pierson Jr.
Swiss engineering group ABB fell victim to a "sophisticated criminal scheme" at its South Korean subsidiary, it said on Wednesday, with the chief suspect an executive responsible for ethics training.
criminal activity, the stepsister of poverty with a lack of education and meaningful employment, will continue in Aiken. We cannot expect that the many positive programs of the Aiken Public Safety Department alone will diminish the criminal activity in ...
Lahore (Daily Dunya) - Criminal activities have continued in Lahore unabated as dacoits looted cash worth millions and other precious things from citizens in Lahore.
Johannesburg - The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) says according to global studies, migrants are less likely to be involved in criminal activity for fear of deportation. The organisation says it's trying to correct the perception that ...
Rusi was able to post two $5,000 bonds for charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and evading arrest. "Because he engaged in criminal activity while he was out on bond on the two felony charges, those bonds are revoked," Lt. Jay Chase said.
The practice lets police departments take property they believe was gained from or was involved in criminal activity. It's a very subjective assessment, based entirely on the officers' suspicions.
A bill making its way through the state legislature could require greater oversight on the criminal records of school employees. According to a news release from the New Mexico Legislature, House Bill 190, also known as the children First Protection ...
BEFORE we can begin to get a hold on the out-of-control crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago, and further prevent young men from becoming gang members, ...
At a news conference at the District 7 police Station on Fond du Lac Ave., the mayor touted the rate of illegal weapons seized during criminal activity in Milwaukee and pushed for more state funding and legislation to keep firearms out of the hands of ...
"I believe strongly that the officers of the Jacksonville police Department can deal with any criminal activity that arises," he said.
12th Judicial District Attorney's Office investigators executed a search warrant on Alamogordo's city water billing department Tuesday.
The deputy added that there appeared "no rhyme or reason," to the criminal activity. He said beside the stolen vehicle, the thefts were primarily petty: a car charger, loose change, some papers tossed around.
NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) - law enforcement in New Iberia is fighting a wave of increasing crime. Crime is not isolated to just one specific part of town.
"Suspecting public indecency or some other criminal activity, Inv. Smith and Ross continued out of sight to don their ballistic vets and returned to investigate," the report states.
Torri Duana Sheridan, 28, and William Patterson, 40, each face a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity-burglary of vehicle in a case on Cork Drive in the Eastwood area, police said.
A house and a small adjacent Wendy house, allegedly notorious as the scene of criminal activities, were set alight on Saturday morning, allegedly by angry Pretoria West residents, reports the Pretoria Moot Rekord.
If you recently lost some electrical devices due to a robbery, the Mission RCMP would like to hear from you. On Jan. 22, Mission RCMP received a report of a man and woman attempting to sell several electronics from a vehicle near the 32000 block of the ...
Three Persons who have been using state protocol vehicle to embark on criminal activities have been arrested by the police upon a tip off at Obuasi junction in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti Region.
Daryl Voan Williams, 21, of Greenville, entered guilty pleas to two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon during a Feb. 9 hearing in the 196th District Court.
Three Persons who have been using state protocol vehicle to embark on criminal activities have been arrested by the police upon a tip off at Obuasi junction in the Adansi North District of the Ashanti Region.
The executive branch is burning the house down, and Congressional Republicans want to investigate the fire alarms. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) Credit: AP Photo.
Arena operates a ranch 40 miles north of the Mexican border and said the cost of criminal activity affects every taxpayer in the room.
Charles Gerald Mikkelson, 47, will be released on Feb. 21 after serving his sentence handed down by the court. He will live on the 900 block of Fillmore Street.
He has charges pending from a 2014 investigation into criminal activities by two rival gangs in Asbury Park. READ: Names of 44 indicted in Operation Dead End revealed.
R22 million worth of hijacked cigarettes have been recovered in a joint operation between officers of the JMPD and the SAPS.
The practice lets police departments take property they believe was gained from or was involved in criminal activity. It's a very subjective assessment, based entirely on the officers' suspicions.
Though a motion was presented, the Gadsden City Council on Tuesday chose not to revoke the beer, wine, gasoline and business licenses for an East Gadsden service station because of alleged criminal activity. The city's resolution states that a search ...
Not the criminal activity being leaked, but people talking about the criminal activity, because as we all know, Republicans would all prefer this criminal activity be kept secret. Like the communication between Trump's team and Russian officials during ...
BELMONT MLA Glenys Godfrey has acknowledged the suburb has an issue with pockets of condensed public housing but has dismissed claims it is causing criminal activity. "Having said that, it is recognised across the world that grouping public housing ...
We view most seriously the death by criminal activity of even one person and empathize with the emotional trauma that accompanies the loss of a loved one.
Superintendent Nesbeth said the St. James police have received significant resources from the government which were being strategically deployed to maintain a tight lid on criminal activities. He said the police and the JDF have also been involved in a ...
According to a news release, Chillicothe officers set up a covert operation in the area where criminal activity was taking place.
Neighborhoods with active guardians (such as Neighborhood Watch groups) typically see less criminal activity. If criminal activity does take place, the chances of apprehending the offender are higher when there are eyewitnesses or surveillance.
Johnny Ray Martin was booked into the Jefferson County Correctional facility on Monday for Engaging in Organized criminal activity on a bond of $100,000. Photo: Beaumont PD. Image 2 of 3. Johnny Ray Martin is accused of stealing property from over 20 ...
We believe if someone is involved in a criminal activity, and that property comes from that criminal activity, this bill does not get in the way of the officers or the police or whoever doing their job.
WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- A string of criminal activity out on Bill Dedmon Road leaves Bowling Green witnesses with nothing but the bare facts.
City of Grande Prairie Enforcement Services and the RCMP traffic unit will team up to allow police officers more time to combat criminal activity on the road. "A traffic stop won't be simply: you're speeding, here's your warning, ... According to ...
The proposed Directive provides that for a money laundering offense to be punishable, it would not be necessary, amongst other things, to establish a prior or simultaneous conviction for predicate criminal activity that generated the property or the ...
A four-year decline in youth offenders reversed last year when the number of young people caught in criminal activity rose in the ACT.
The abatement came after the Lancaster police Department and Major crimes Unit sent a letter to the Relax Inn's owners and no changes were made that curbed criminal activity on the property, according to court documents. A nuisance abatement, or ...
Residents of the densely populated Amukoko area, Lagos, are currently living in fear owing to incessant and unprecedented attacks by hoodlums on daily basis.
The president wants more laws, or existing ones patched up, to better reduce criminal activity. Given the state of mind of many in law enforcement, any perceived "deficiencies" in existing laws are likely concessions made to Constitutionality.






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