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updated Tue. May 30, 2017

The teen said she tried to hide behind a couch, but was shot in both of her legs. Her 9-year-old ... He couldn't fit into the hiding spot," the teen said. "He died when he ... were pulling up. The boy said that before he hid, he spotted a second person ...
At least 12 children were in the house and all began to hide. "He asked Jordan. He asked him where your Mama and Daddy at?
Liam Payne has spoken about his relationship with Cheryl - and says that he was forced to hide his inner kid when it came to meeting Cheryl's dad for the first time.
Iceland staff were ordered to hide under tables and 'pretend to be a vacuum cleaner' after a mystery hoax call. Supermarket employees in Bitterne, Southampton, were instructed to carry out humiliating tasks in a similar vein to a prank at a Poundworld ...
A suspected car thief was arrested after fleeing from Garland police and crashing into a train late Tuesday, authorities said. The driver fled into Dallas, barreled through a railroad crossing and struck a freight train along Santa Anna Avenue about 9 ...
Thieves are hiding stolen cars and machinery in oilseed rape fields in Lincolnshire in a bid to avoid being caught with stolen goods.
Many people from Tyneside were at the Ariana Grande concert when the attack took place, including young children.
PHOENIX (AP) - A lone clerk in the state's social services agency hid hundreds of unemployment denial appeals requests over more than three years to avoid work rather than filing them with the Arizona Court of Appeals, a state official has told the ...
Kathy Press, the supervising forensic scientist tasked with examining this evidence, was hiding cases from her supervisors to cover up her backlog of cases, DPS records show.
A lone clerk in the state's social services agency hid hundreds of unemployment denial appeals requests over more than three years to avoid work rather than filing them with the Arizona Court of Appeals, a state official has told the court.
Spencer said about 13 people were removed from the home in the effort to arrest Noble, but the man ran out the back door of the home and hid inside a doghouse in the home's backyard. Officers working on perimeter containment of the house located him ...
COMEY CHAMELEON' hid FROM TRUMP. The news about Mr Comey comes as it is reported that he became "unsettled" and "disgusted" by Mr Trump's attempts to befriend him.
Exhibits A and B for Friday's lesson involve a report that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hid in bushes to escape from reporters, and a separate incident in which former FBI Director James Comey allegedly tried to hide from President Trump by ...
former FBI Director James Comey once tried to hide from President Donald Trump, camouflaging himself with White House curtains the same color of his suit to avoid interacting with the president.
former FBI Director James Comey reportedly once tried to hide among the curtains in the White House Blue Room in order to avoid speaking with PresidentTrump.
He hid in the curtains! The ghost of J. Edgar Hoover is gagging over this, honey. James Comey is like the hapless hero of a YA novel, bouncing from awkward situation to embarrassing moment, all while slowly being embroiled in a vast conspiracy in the ...
The man who admitted to killing his wife and then hiding her body in a homemade tomb in their basement has been acquitted of murder, but found guilty of manslaughter.
former FBI Director James Comey now says he tried to hide among the tall, blue curtains adorning a White House meeting room in an attempt to hide from President Trump at an Inauguration Day event. Comey said the incident was one example of what he ...
former FBI Director James Comey Once Tried to hide In the White House Curtains To Avoid Trump. The incident was one of several in which Comey tried to maintain a buffer between the FBI and the White House before he was fired, his friend said.
Kathy Press, the supervising forensic scientist tasked with examining this evidence, was hiding cases from her supervisors to cover up her backlog of cases, DPS records show.
A BOOZED-UP driver has been jailed after being caught by police in a bush after fleeing from officers. Patrolling police officers stopped Callum James McCloskey, of West Ridge, Coventry while he was driving a white Peugeot in Charles Eaton Road, ...
At some point, police found him hiding in a Dumpster and fired their weapons, officials have said. Holt was found dead inside the Dumpster.
The Trump-Russia Saga grows more tentacles with each passing day, and the latest installment(s) involve Trump reportedly spilling "highly classified" information about an ISIS plot to both Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey ...
Spicer's latest meme-worthy moment involves him literally hiding in the bushes to avoid talking to reporters. Moments after Spicer wrapped up an interview with Fox Business about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, he hid behind some hedges ...
At the "office," Arya increased the transparency of virtual objects obscuring people and exit signs. On the "road," Arya hid an email pop-up and deleted virtual ads hiding pedestrians in the road. The images in all three scenes came from model AR apps ...
Under pressure from his parents, Boy X revealed Sean Mercer had given him the gun to hide and told him: "Don't say anything to anyone!
The state department has released satellite images of the facility which it said was used to hide evidence. ... Evidence of the crematorium hiding or disguising mass murders at the prison will be presented to the international community, Mr Jones said.
Orlando police arrested a man, after he allegedly stashed drugs inside something that looked religious.
crime Stoppers of El Paso is looking for the alleged peeping Tom suspected of placing a hidden camera inside a family restroom inside Cielo Vista Mall.
Stephen Colbert is demonstrating first-hand that Sean Spicer hiding "among bushes" instead of "in" them is totally different.
However, it has now emerged that Mr Spicer was not actually hiding "in the bushes" and was instead "among" the bushes.
You can now add "Sean Spicer arguing about hiding in bushes" to the list of bizarre things that have happened this week.
Jeanette Vizguerra, the undocumented mother of four who took sanctuary in a Denver church to avoid deportation, walked out of the church Friday morning after she was granted a 2-year stay of deportation on Thursday.
reporters were all over the story that the White House Press Secretary hid himself in the bushes ... er ... sorry ... "among" bushes ... following the announcement that FBI Director James Comey had been fired. Now, as if things couldn't get worse for ...
After news broke Tuesday that President Donald Trump had fired Comey, the Post reported that Spicer huddled with staff "in" the bushes.
Today, the Internet is gifting us with a particularly perfect one, and it has to do with Sean Spicer as Homer Simpson slowly retreating to hide in a bush. For some context, the meme begun after a report stated that Spicer actually hid in the bushes ...
After an interview with Fox Business's Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night, the White House Press Secretary "disappeared into the shadows, huddling with his staff behind a tall hedge" while news of Comey's firing unfolded and reporters sought more information, ...
One of the weirdest details about the chaos roiling the White House in the aftermath of James Comey's firing Tuesday night was Press Secretary Sean Spicer speaking to reporters in "near darkness" after spending "several minutes hidden in the bushes.
One man was quickly captured; Madden and a female companion were later discovered hiding out in a man's RV near 5600 S. Ferron Dr.
He was hiding among the bushes. The newspaper issued a absurd correction Wednesday night to an absurd story: That Spicer stood behind a hedge to hide from reporters after the Comey bombshell dropped on Tuesday. The Post initially wrote that he ...
In an interview with the FBI, Hood admitted that before the disappearance, he purchased to two pre-paid phones and hid one near her home so they could communicate with one another.
A Davidson County man is accused of stealing $33,000 of aluminum tubing from a business Wednesday before fleeing from officers and hiding in a crawlspace behind a home, the Statesville police Department said. police were called to Tubular Specialties, ...
Well, the Press Secretary appears to have come up with a full proof plan to avoid the journalists. According to The Washington Post, he's utilising the bushes near the White House to "hide" him. Earlier reports indicated he was hiding in the bushes ...
Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse woman was sentenced to prison today after admitting that she hid a sweatshirt discarded by a fleeing man who had opened fire on a Syracuse police officer.
Nathan Foth, 24, said he heard voices while he hid in a basement closet, but was no longer hearing them when he decided to kill 74-year-old Allen Retzer in July.
We've all had days we'd rather spend hiding from our responsibilities - and it seems Sean Spicer is no different. Unfortunately for Sean Spicer, people tend to notice if the White House Press Secretary, say, dives among some bushes to avoid journalists.
White House Press Secretary was in shock after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday, a report says. According to The Washington Post, staff at the White House scrambled to provide answers as to why Comey was fired to ...
CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) - The woman accused of killing her father in his Mount Pleasant home will remain in jail until further notice.
Bahram Javaherian was arrested on a child pornography charge after police say he hid cameras in the women's bathroom of his restaurant.





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