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updated Sat. January 21, 2017

... at Taney County Tire & Towing on Missouri 248. According to a probable cause statement from the Branson police Department, Byrd walked to the back of the facility's storage room while the business was still open and hid until the business was closed.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregory Melucci called witnesses to buttress his contention that the reality TV show star tried to avoid repaying hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt by hiding about $775,000 in income from a bankruptcy court. ... But ...
The hapless would-be thief was seen with the 7ft blind clearly sticking out from the top of his coat as he tried to make a getaway.
Point 2: When did the hiding happen? If they hid it before the thaw and in the woods, it could be OK. But what if they hid it in a field that's melting away? Would they re-hide? Eyeballs are already out for suspicious characters wandering the landscape ...
The mom behind that viral video that shows her hiding from her kids in a pantry made it on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and she showed the host just how busy life with quadruplets can be.
The 23-year-old, who lives in Hackney, east London, was so shocked she ran and hid in a housemate's bedroom before a friend filmed the animal as it sat nestled in her bedcovers.
With the help of a K-9 unit, officers eventually located the suspect, who was hiding completely submerged in the water of the creek.
For months, Tank the homeless pit bull had been seen wandering the fields on an oil refinery, all alone. People passing by would try to approach him, but he was so scared that he would run away and crawl into some nearby pipes, completely unreachable.
The central focus of the conference will be to develop a procedure so that criminals will get no space to hide in any corner of the world after they escape their countries.
DUBOIS - Charges have been filed against a DuBois man who allegedly hid from and then fought with police. William Merrill Bell II, 41, was charged by DuBois City police with two counts of aggravated assault, flight to avoid apprehension, simple assault ...
"The way they used the organization to steer incentive awards improperly toward themselves without board oversight or approval, the fact that they manipulated the budget to effectively try to hide things from board oversight, the fact that they took ...
A Norfolk canine unit was then used to find Howard, who was hiding in a cubbyhole above a closet bedroom. police said Howard attempted to use a fake name when questioned by officers.
... they ended up hiding from police in a hotel bathroom after the 2015 Grammys. "We were at a party in Mark Ronson's [hotel] room and then the police shut it down," Sheeran said.
It's almost like they're hiding something. And that is indeed what we find. I finally tracked down an exception to this reporting trend: the UK newspaper The Independent gives us the relevant numbers.
Orlando, Fla. - City crews boarded up the Carver Shores home on Lescot Lane where police found accused police killer Markeith Loyd hiding Tuesday night. The abandoned structure is around the corner from the house where Lt. Debra Clayton's ...
police are asking residents near Court and 16th Street to stay inside their homes after a man fired a gun shot and hid in nearby apartment building.
A man in downtown Austin was arrested after police found that he was hiding marijuana under his testicles Sunday, according to reports.
A US music journalist described hiding in fear amidst a shooting attack at an electronic music festival in Mexico's Caribbean coast resort of Playa del Carmen.
Mona Parsons grew up in Wolfville but was living in the Netherlands during the Second World War with her Dutch husband when she was caught by Nazi forces hiding Allied airmen in her house outside Amsterdam. She was arrested and sentenced to death, ...
Otto Frank, whose employees rescued the diary after the family's arrest, initially did not want it to be published, but did so after realizing that Anne had planned to ...
The man, Joshua Carl Campbell, hid in a place where he may have hoped the smell would keep police away. "He attempted to hide in a corral where there was a lot of cow manure that had been liquefied due to the weather we have been having," Wright said ...
Steganography is the hiding of messages in innocuous-seeming communication - such as e-mail messages or images - so that nobody except the writer and the intended receiver knows that there is a hidden message, let alone its contents.
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - An Arlington Heights man and former part-time firefighter pleaded guilty to charges stemming from accusations that he hid a video camera in a Northfield fire station's shower, the Daily Herald reports. Edward T. Panicko, 59, ...
A man suspected of shoplifting from Scheels and then pointing a handgun at an employee was arrested on Friday night in Billings after he was discovered ...
A Little Rock teen says he was robbed of his cellphone after an acquaintance hid in the back seat of his car and choked him, police said.
Hope has broken out of prison and it seems that Eric is hiding her in his farmhouse.
But it seems even the reality star and model needs a day off, as she headed out make-up free. And the 21 year old appeared to be self conscious as she kept her ...
A Utah man accused of attempted armed robbery was found hiding from police in a corral full of cow manure on Tuesday, police said.
Financial Services giant Wells Fargo & Co. (nyse:WFC) is once again in the limelight as CNN money has accused the $274 billion company of hiding material information from its shareholders. The San Francisco based firm is said to have hidden the ...
prosecutor: Maintenance worker hid cameras in five women's bathrooms at Steeplechase Apartments. Jerry Rowe pleads guilty to voyeurism, burglary.
Dubai // A man stole Dh30,000 in cash, phones, prepaid mobile top-up cards and Nol cards from a supermarket after hiding in a cabinet until the shop closed.
You're going to have to do a bit of work, because the airline has hid the free tickets on its website. Starting at 9 a.m.
The individuals pulled over near a farm, got out of the vehicle and attempted to run from police, Wright said. The woman, identified as Jessica Lynn Savory, surrendered to police shortly after.
Tacoma, Wash. (KCPQ) - Pierce County prosecutors said two women found dead in a fire last week were beaten and decapitated by 32-year-old Matthew Leupold amid a drug binge at a house in Tacoma's Lincoln District.
Credit KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman. "We didn't have a place to go," he said. "I had no work. I was afraid of immigration. But it was a wonderful opportunity because the Sanctuary Movement grew.
BRAZZAVILLE: A former opposition leader in Republic of Congo was arrested on Tuesday for arms possession after months in hiding, police said. Okombi Salissa, who lost last year's election to President Denis Sassou Nguesso, but accused the longtime ...
Bryan Cranston has been hiding purchased copies of his own recent autobiography in bookstores across the country. Ryan Seacrest caught up with Cranston on the Golden Globes red carpet Sunday, and, while talking, Seacrest showed him fan photos of his ...
According to the affidavit, the witnesses said Camateco-Mercado "began hiding beer bottles" and "took off running" west along the service road immediately after the crash.
The pair hid the body in the attic, packed in cat litter to hide the odor until the middle of October when police came to the house investigating Grace's disappearance.
"We were hiding out anywhere you could. There were people out running toward us, people hiding behind any trucks that were there.
During the federal trial of Dylann Roof, the man convicted in December of the massacre, Pinckney testified she hid in a church office with one of her daughters when she heard the gunfire begin.
He immediately dropped to the ground and hid behind a column, as others ran to hide in a bathroom. Biana said he could hear children crying.
47-year-old Bryan Alwine from Elkhart, Indiana was busted back in October of 2015 for cutting a hole from his ceiling into his upstairs neighbors' bathroom .
You know the scene in This Is 40 when Leslie Mann's character barges in on Paul Rudd's in the bathroom only to find him not going to the bathroom and instead playing a game of Scrabble on his iPad?
Auclair said an airport employee eventually ushered people hiding in the kitchen out onto the tarmac. She said she saw a man handcuffed and that airport officials said the shooter was in custody.
(CNN) - A mom hiding in a closet secretly eating Twizzlers with her child's eye peering through the crack under the door.
"Two men called to the property but there was only one person there. "He told gardai that he thought one of the men had a handgun but said he wasn't 100 per cent sure.
But it turns out that the CDC has not been exactly safe in its handling of some of these pathogens, and worse still, it has been hiding its mishandling. Based on heavily redacted documents released by the CDC in response to a Jan. 6, 2015, request by ...
Eventually, a resident on Cindy Lane exited his home with a shotgun in hand and informed officers that a white male had run into his garage.






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