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A facebook page devoted to Pedals the Bear, an upright-walking bruin believed to have been killed in New Jersey's bow hunt, has been taken down amid "hundreds" of threatening messages by grieving animal lovers directed at a hunter they mistakenly ...
An internet service marketed as a Sky TV and Netflix killer isn't likely to survive for very long, a technology commentator says.

While Karin Ann Ross was being beaten to death, her final acts ensured her killer's guilt was etched into his face for all to see.
Pictures of alleged serial killer Stephen Port 's home have been shown to the jury at his Old Bailey trial. Port, 41, is accused of luring four young men to his flat in Barking, east London, after meeting them on gay social media websites such as Grindr.
Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse man who has already spent three stints in prison is accused of violently targeting a 47-year-old woman by smashing her head and face onto a concrete floor, according to court records.
He died from blunt force trauma to the head, and his killer or killers had left him face down and naked in a former horse pasture.

The discovery that three of the crime scenes had marijuana growing operations has fueled rumors the slayings were drug-related. A message was left with Reader seeking comment.
Someone in the tiny southwestern Minnesota town of Magnolia could be a killer. But nobody seems to know who. The community is waiting to learn which of its 200 residents is suspected in a 25-year-old homicide.
The court heard the killers had originally intended that the girl would murder Katie and the boy kill Liz. But she told police he had killed both because she "lacked the mental and physical strength".
Bobby Cook, left, tells defense lawyer Jeffrey Glass and prosecutor Gina Hawkins that he will not testify against Sherard Adams. Bobby Cook, left, tells defense lawyer Jeffrey Glass and prosecutor Gina Hawkins that he will not testify against Sherard ...
The killers, both now aged 15, were described by someone close to them as a "time-bomb waiting to go off". A friend of the killer schoolgirl told of her disbelief at how she turned from a typical teenager into a "hideous monster". The pal, who last saw ...
Pamela Nightlinger had married Paul Kuzan just 10 days before police say he fatally shot her with a crossbow in their Northeast Philadelphia home.
New Delhi: Heart attacks, lung obstruction and strokes are the three top causes of death in India, accounting for over one-third of deaths.
In truth, most serial killers are thoughtless creatures of impulse, and no movie captures that mindset with more disturbingly matter-of-fact casualness than Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer, which is being re-released in theaters this week on the ...

A convicted cop killer's bid to escape execution by arguing that he is autistic failed when Georgia's parole board denied his clemency petition Tuesday.
(CNN) For Christina Hildreth, the ex-girlfriend of accused killer Shawn Grate, hearing the harrowing tales of what Grate allegedly did to the women he's accused of killing were not surprising.
'Killer clowns' have hit the headlines recently, with various incidents reported to police in recent weeks. Clown hunting groups have also been set up on social media, although police are warning against people taking things into their own hands.
UFC star Conor McGregor has fired a warning to anyone thinking about coming near him in a killer clown costume. The Irishman is aware of the rather worrying recent craze of people dressing up like clowns and attacking people, but is fully prepared for ...
Google Pixel release date UK - killer feature could get Apple fans to ditch the iPhone. Google'S Pixel Phone will be released before the end of the month and Google is trying to make it simple to switch from iOS to Android.
Jailed sex killer Nathan Matthews is on special watch after being bullied by another lag for mislaying a PlayStation game. He borrowed it from Lee Tremayne, 27, who is serving 12 years for two knife attacks.
The 76-year-old admits he "was a troublemaker" in his youth, leading police on car chases just for fun. Now, he promotes alternatives to violence and counsels ...
'Mixed Signals' features on his forthcoming 'Heavy Entertainment Show' album.
children aged 4 to 12 are most at risk from contracting Enterovirus D68 in an epidemic that is spreading across the UK, Europe and the US.
Scotland on Sunday focuses on Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the SNP conference in Glasgow, saying the first minister "ramped up" the Indyref rhetoric.
The wife of Paige Doherty 's killer has returned to her native Poland despite standing by him in the run up to the trial. Kasia Karbowiak insisted John Leathem ...
Sony Corp.'s release of the PlayStation VR on Thursday brings virtual reality to the cusp of mainstream adoption. To make it a must-have home Entertainment device, the gadget will need a breakaway hit like Angry Birds or Pokemon Go.
schools and police forces are sick of the killer clown craze - but how did it even start to being with? Author Stephen King, who famously made clowns terrifying in his book 'It', has insisted he is not responsible.
The letter, forwarded on by Stillness Junior school, says: "You will be aware that there have been a few incidents of so called 'Killer clowns', where someone dressed as a scary clown has thought it is okay to frighten children when they leave school.".
Dallas police suspected the killer of a Dallas lawyer "may have suffered serious burns" when setting IRA Tobolowsky on fire inside his garage, according to court records obtained Friday by The Dallas Morning News.
Rather than leading to the violent downfall of humankind, artificial intelligence is helping people around the world do their jobs, including doctors who diagnose sepsis in patients and scientists who track endangered animals in the wild, experts said ...
Picking up PlayStation VR today? You may find that some of its best launch experiences are musical. Maybe it's all a harmonious coincidence, but there are quite a few games for Sony's PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset that revolve around the mixing ...
The creepy clown craze that has been taking the U.S. by storm since it began in South Carolina in late August has spread across the pond to the U.K.. Greater London's Metropolitan police force has reported responding to a growing number of clown ...
The killer clown craze has been terrifying people all over the UK - and the world - but there's one man who think he's more than a match for the scary figures.
Jason Hayes was out walking his Labradoodle yesterday evening in Lanarkshire when he spotted the 'Killer clown'. He saw it through a fence at the 'New Parks' near St Bernadette's Primary in North Motherwell.
Armed police have arrested a man wearing a "killer clown" mask who was brandishing a fake gun. police warned that people joining in with the craze sweeping across from the US that if they use the costumes to scare members of the public they face arrest.
With "The Walking Dead" season premiere approaching and the identity of Negan's victim still a mystery, every word and every breath of the show's stars are being over scrutinized.
Opponents of Proposal A, a city ordinance on the ballot that would require community benefits when developers seek tax breaks from Detroit, said today that it would hurt the city's economic recovery and push badly needed jobs out to the suburbs.
If you thought the 'killer clown' craze sweeping Britain couldn't get more bizarre - think again. Schoolchildren up and down the country have been left terrified by the prospect of sinister clowns popping up to scare the life out of them.
According to Paul Kidd, author of Australia's serial killers, Mary went to a spare-parts yard where David worked and he told her she should come by his house.
The killer, who admitted murder when he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow last month, was told by the judge Lady Rae that he had taken the life of a "defenceless child" in a "savage and frenzied attack".
I want to help get that killer off the streets," he said. Four weeks on, the Cook County Medical Examiner said how Griffin died remains a mystery and Chicago police said they are no closer to finding his killer or killers. The investigation is ongoing ...
A horrifying 'Ronald McDonald' clown has been spotted lurking outside a fast-food restaurant in Lancashire as the killer crown craze sweeps the UK. The bizarre looking character, dressed as the McDonald's mascot , was seen peering into the windows to ...
So far on The Flash, Flashpoint consequences range from the relatively small (the WestAllen kiss never happened - again) to the pretty major (Cisco's brother was killed by a drunk driver), but the biggest consequence is the arrival of Dr Alchemy ...
THIS is the terrifying moment a spooky "killer clown" charged at a family after blocking their car in the dead of the night.
Killer clown sightings in UK trigger police warning. Pranksters could be fined for public order offences after craze sweeps Britain.
A 19-year-old has been arrested after reports of a man dressed as a clown scaring people at a west London university campus, police have said.






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