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updated Tue. March 12, 2024

The IDF Spokesmans Unit this week told Haaretz: On Friday, December 15, disturbances erupted, involving some 200 Palestinians who set tires alight and threw stones at IDF forces near the village of Nabi Saleh. The troops used crowd-dispersal methods to break up the gathering. We are aware of the ...
In a statement, the IDF Spokesmans Unit said the soldier is receiving treatment in his unit and his commanders are in close touch with him and are addressing his needs. Out of respect for his privacy we cannot give details but we emphasize that the soldier met with the relevant medical personnel.

Heres how soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces spend their time: On two consecutive nights, dozens of soldiers from the Binyamin Brigade raided a home in Kafr Ein, a village north of Ramallah, where a young Palestinian man lives with wife, infant son and elderly grandparents. They damaged the property ...
Many accounts describe him as an inseparable part of the political apparatus surrounding the Netanyahu family, and of what goes on at the Prime Ministers Office, especially regarding communications, in which he specialized during his army service in the IDF Spokesmans Unit. The anti-Semitic meme is ...
During her excursions around the country, a light plane was placed at her disposal, in order to be flown to IDF units, and wherever she went she asked .... In my youth, I enlisted with my friends in the Haganah, she says, referring to the pre-state Jewish defense force, and simultaneously we were drafted into ...

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israeli journalist Yossi Elituv posted the cover page of the set and the page of the exercise that included the topic to his Twitter account on Monday. In a response, the IDF Spokesmans Unit confirmed that The moral and ethical conduct of commanders is among the range of topics ...
But more than eight months later, the regulation still hasnt been amended and military police officers continue to search soldiers cellphones freely. The IDF Spokesmans Unit did not respond to a request to comment on why the rule has not been changed. Some of the proposed changes in the regulation are ...

The Spokesmans Unit of the Israel Defense Forces said in a response that it does not provide details on what officers say in cabinet meetings. Halevis remarks reflect the predominant position that members of the Israeli security establishment in general, and the IDF in particular, have been presenting to the ...
Four dogs from the canine unit were killed in battle during Operation Protective Edge, falling into traps meant for the soldiers accompanying them, the Israeli military spokesmans unit said. In doing so, the office said, these dogs spared many human lives. The IDF Spokesmans Unit would not provide details ...
In light of the investigations findings, we have rejected claims of casualties in the school grounds as they were presented by various elements immediately after the incident took place, the IDF Spokesmans Unit announced Sunday morning. The IDF regrets any harm to citizens who are not involved in the ...
"This visit is a step towards strengthening cooperation between the countries," the IDF Spokesmans Unit said. "The visit will help boost robust bilateral military ties between the two countries.


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