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updated Sun. June 9, 2024

Moving military intelligence down south is the last of four phases in the broader IDF relocation to the Negev. The first two phases, moving the air force to the Nevatim Air Base as well as army training facilities to the Negev Junction, have been completed. The Signal Corps is supposed to follow later this year.

An anonymous, high-ranking military officer in the Israel Intelligence Corps told Ynet's Calcalist that a new “time capsules plan” would enable career soldiers in cyber and tech units to take the fully paid absence to work in select, nonmilitary tech companies. Israeli military tech and intelligence veterans are ...
“The claim that the intelligence task force ordered the journalists' arrest wasn't supported by the investigation,” it continued. “The IDF respects freedom of the press in the West Bank. The claim that IDF soldiers try to deter journalists from doing their jobs is baseless.” MADA, an independent Palestinian ...
A visit to Israel's increasingly tense border with Syria makes clear that the ground units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are building their own "air force." The clear ... “In today's combat, the low and middle levels of forces commanders need the intelligence information in a matter of seconds not minutes.
One of the most pressing threats faced by the IDF in recent years is the network of cross-border attack tunnels from Gaza. ... It is the cooperation among the branches of combat engineering, intelligence, and the technological lab for tunnel detection in the Gaza Division that creates the technological ...


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