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updated Fri. April 26, 2024

The Congregation Children of Israel will be the site of an Israeli Festival, where the star will be some of the foods available. ... able to educate and help people, and by bringing the taste of Israeli culture to Augusta, he feels he can help local residents understand Israelis on a more personal level, he said.
Adopted on April 16 by the city council members of Durham city, the agreement explicitly opposed international exchanges with any country in which Durham's police officers receive military ... “Israeli defence force brutalise and terrorise the people of Palestine and so does the Durham police department.

A new report from an Israeli news outlets states that the Israel Defense Force (IDF) is deeply concerned that Hamas is training its members to kidnap IDF soldiers during the border riots. The Israeli news outlet, Walla, is reporting that the IDF has feared ever since the riots started that the protesters would be ...
Larry Wilkerson, who is former chief of staff to the Secretary of State Colin Powell, now a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary. .... That was about 650-700 Israeli Defense Force officers, NCOs, and others who had come out to just that, break the silence, and tell about some of the things ...
This is what happened over the weekend as thousands of Gazans swarmed the Israeli border crossing on what they called a "march of return." It's not just that the Israeli Defense Force claims to have video showing peaceful marchers interspersed with militants wielding Molotov cocktails and burning tires.
A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ruling Likud faction, Eli Hazan, told i24NEWS on Monday that all 30,000 protesters who marched on the Israeli border from the Gaza Strip on Friday were "legitimate targets", as the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) use of lethal force against ...

Israeli soldiers open up boxes of gifts. ... The Israel Defense Force (IDF) presently has about 6,700 lone soldiers from 35 countries worldwide. ... For the Passover holiday, Yahad ran a gift campaign where supporters could donate blankets and other treats to lone soldiers and send a personal note of ...
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was responsible for the violence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu said Israel was protecting its sovereignty and citizens. Hamas said five of those killed were members of its armed wing. Israel said eight of the 15 dead belonged to Hamas, ...
On March 30, thousands of Palestinians—as many as 20,000, by some estimates—gathered in five camps inside the Gaza Strip near the territory's border with Israel. Members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) subsequently opened fire with live ammunition and at least 16 Palestinians were killed, according ...
He said Zambia is eager to learn how Israel has used its powerful military to become one of the world's most developed countries. He noted that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has, for example, helped the Jewish nation boost agriculture. Indeed, Zambia's military has a lot to learn, and benefit, from the ...

The IDF is a reflection of Israeli society, and it too is torn between two opposing poles: Western liberalism still sets the tone in Israel and has turned Tel Aviv into one of the global LGBT capitals and produced an impressive number of women pilots, navigators and combat air crew members. At the beginning ...
The footage described here was released Wednesday by the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and displays a series of airstrikes on a Syrian nuclear reactor, destroyed ... "This was actually the most significant Israeli strike in Syrian territory since the Yom Kippur War" says the current Israeli Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen.
“It's not only the forces physically deployed here in Israel, but forces stationed in the [U.S. European Command] arena in Germany. We connect via communication lines and other methods of interoperability,” he said. “So the fact that you're not seeing them on the ground here doesn't mean they aren't here.
HAZOR AIRBASE, Israel ― U.S. and Israeli contingency plans for a joint response to an Iranian missile attack could be activated at any moment, with U.S. forces arriving in Israel from Europe in 72 hours, officers from ... Tal Kaduri, head of cooperation for the Israel Air Defense Force, told Defense News.
In a few short months, Ahed Tamimi has become a symbol of resistance against the Israeli occupation. In recent days, even the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported on the chutzpah of the 16-year-old Palestinian girl. But Tamimi is about far more than that. By defying the Israel Defence Force, she has ...
Just last month, the long-simmering Israeli-Iranian conflict came out of the shadows when Iran sent a drone across the Jordanian border into Israel, and .... Israel's new shaky coalition government and the outgoing Israeli Defense Force chief of staff are unwilling to risk war with Hezbollah because of the ...
Netanyahu was joined at Mount Herzl by President Reuven Rivlin and a number of other senior officials including Israeli army Chief of Staff Gadi ... "We need a strong and determined Israel Defense Force and the understanding that we live in a fragile and explosive reality, and at any moment, we can need ...
Israel is believed to have bombed an air base in Syria on April 9, which Iranian state media reported killed seven Iranian military personnel. ... Yossi Kuperwasser, the former head of research at the Israeli Defense Force's military intelligence division, said Israel could use international help in reining in Iran.


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