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John Sununu signed legislation that established the legal presumption that firefighters with cancer acquired the illness from work. Two years later, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional, siding with Municipalities who said it was an unfunded mandate. mhayward@unionleader.
John Sununu of former GBCC President Will Arvelo as New Hampshire's newest economic development director. Prior to his appointment as chancellor in 2012, Gittell was the James R. Carter Professor in the Department of Management at UNH's Whittemore school of Business and economics.

"I'm probably the only poet inspired by John Sununu," Trillin later explained. Trillin got started by ruminating on the line: "If you knew what Sununu." "It sounded like a poem to me," Trillin said. But I'm not writing to complain about the lack of a deadline limerick contest during the Palm Beach Poetry Festival.
John Sununu (R) has expressed his opposition to the measure, although he has not yet promised a veto. Senate Democratic Leader Jeff Woodburn, who has led the opposition to the legislation, has called it "a sly political ploy to stop democracy from happening," according to New Hampshire's WMUR. The famous deal occurred when Hatch, Kennedy, Harkin, former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu and a few others met with Dole in his office to finalize the legislation. The meeting became tense, and Hatch was forced ...
From White House Chiefs of Staff Sherman Adams and John Sununu to Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Judd Gregg, it's a pretty exclusive and accomplished club. Hassan is its newest member and she made her first national headlines after just two weeks in office by nearly derailing the nomination of ...

The payments became a point of controversy when John Sununu failed to disclose them while serving as a columnist for the Boston Globe. A spokesperson for Gov. Sununu rejected any suggestion that his position on the matter was swayed by financial concerns, calling the statements by the state ...
Former Republican governor John H. Sununu says he doesn't believe there will be a Democratic wave in the 2018 elections. But Sununu, a three-term New Hampshire governor who headed to Washington in 1989 to serve as chief of staff to President George W. Bush, said the key for Republicans next year ...
FILE - In this Jan. 4, 1985 file photo, young Chris Sununu, left, sits in the governor's chair at the Statehouse in Concord, N.H. with his father Gov. John Sununu. Chris Sununu, 42, will be sworn in as New Hampshire's governor on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017. (Ken Williams/The Concord Monitor via AP, File) Ken ...
John Sununu. But it was struck down as an unfunded mandate to towns and cities. This time around, that pitfall is being avoided with a new funding source, said the bill's sponsor, Sen. Dan Innis, R- New Castle. "The fund will be created with an insurance charge of just over a penny a day on policies in New ...
December 2008, a Saturday morning meeting of the American Olympic Committee, Chicago: Sochi was named for Putin's vanity Winter Games. This was Putin's first Public Relations win and was considered by many Americans to be President Elect Obama's first loss. The Republicans celebrated with cheers ...
John Sununu told reporters that "of course" he was against drilling off the New Hampshire coast. Massachusetts -- Republican Gov. Charlie Baker: "Governor Baker made clear to Secretary Zinke over six months ago that the administration opposes offshore drilling in the north Atlantic and is pleased to see ...
... Hampshire governor John Sununu's name, for instance, or the infamous and not-really-so-funny "the bombing begins in five minutes" ad-lib, ...
John Sununu said in a statement that the president has signaled to Congress that the ball is now in their court and it is time for them to do their ...
The anonymous owner wrote: "The plate has been personally signed by the Governor John Sununu with a permanent marker. According to the ...
... agreeing to serve as Reagan's third chief of staff in 1987; John Sununu, who was governor of New Hampshire before becoming George H.W. ...

In an endorsement of John Sununu, then running for governor of New Hampshire, Reagan repeatedly mispronounces Sununu's name, ...
Of the 164 towns that passed the 2007 Resolution, 99 towns voted for U.S. Senate candidate John Sununu in 2002 and the Bush-Cheney ticket ...
Neither Robert Parker nor John Sununu could be reached for comments upon Trump wines, but I'm told that they produce both reds and whites and The Donald can tell the tasting room difference without looking, although he does relish his name upon the ...
Neither Robert Parker nor John Sununu could be reached for comments upon Trump wines, but I'm told that they produce both reds and whites and The Donald can tell the tasting room difference without looking, although he does relish his name upon the ...
John Sununu and mother of current Gov. Chris Sununu - is partially to credit for Howard Glynn's involvement in community service.
New Hampshire Governor John Sununu is slated to join Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard on stage at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at noon, March 20, during a luncheon organized by the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations.
Other keynote speakers of the evening were Governor John Sununu and Congressman Steve Cohen. The highlight of the event was the presentation of ten USACC Appreciation Awards to dignitaries, politicians and companies for their continuous contribution ...
John Sununu, who was a former advisor to President Ronald Reagan and George Bush. The youngest current U.S. Senators are Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton and Colorado Republican Cory Gardner, and they both were elected in the year 2014.
"John Sununu and Dan Rea are great storytellers who will engage guests with their perspectives on a variety of newsworthy issues.
Complicating matters is the fact that the chief's responsibilities change at the mercy of the boss -- the president. As John Sununu, chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush, counsels: "the role of a Chief of Staff is whatever the President wants ...
Complicating matters is the fact that the chief's responsibilities change at the mercy of the boss - the president. As John Sununu, chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush, counsels: "the role of a Chief of Staff is whatever the President wants ...
ISTOCK/LUEVANOS 02/22/2017 THOMAS ROY/UNION LEADER Ben Beauchemin, owner of Wicked Weaponry Firearms in Hooksett holds a NH made Sig Sauer P320 9mm handgun on Wednesday.
"There was a chance the White House bitterness at 140 House Republicans would lead to a permanent civil war with [John] Sununu and [Richard] Darman on one side and the young activists on the other," Gingrich told POLITICO. "Michel acted decisively to ...
John Sununu was accused of using a government car and driver to go to a coin show in his "off time." The vehicle was equipped with secure communications equipment in the event that the chief of staff had to communicate with the White House on an ...
(Reuters) - New Hampshire lawmakers on Thursday blocked a bill that would have allowed employees in union-represented jobs to opt out of paying their dues, a rare defeat in a Republican-controlled legislature for one of the party's national priorities.
Sununu, whose father, John Sununu, served as New Hampshire governor and later in the first Bush Administration, signaled he would be moving on after the defeat.
President Donald Trump passes Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford, left, and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn as he arrives last month in Florida via Air Force One.
Other flops included John Sununu for President George H. W. Bush, a powerful but overbearing and abrasive individual who alienated many legislators and others in Washington.
Buckley said the Republicans were guilty of the most recent large-scale voter fraud, when Republicans jammed the phone line of Democratic "get out the vote" efforts in the 2002 senate election.
The same fate befell another New Hampshire governor, John Sununu, who in 1988 rescued Vice President George H.W. Bush from political disaster with a decisive New Hampshire primary win.
John Sununu, should serve as a constant reminder of how subordinates can undermine intent in selecting judges. Judicial appointments require the president to have unusual prescience, in addition to receiving input from normal "vetting" by staff advisers.
John Sununu did the same in the Senate. Then the White House set out to build support for the reform with the 2006 midterms looming.
Akin Gump has a large presence in Washington, D.C. and staffs Vernon Jordan, Jr., the noted civil rights lawyer; Kay Hagan, the former U.S.
After Senator Udall lost reelection in 2014, the practice faded. Mr. Fenn also recalls the time, in 1997, when newly elected Rep. John Sununu Jr. (R) of New Hampshire offered his tickets to President Clinton's second inauguration to the man Mr. Sununu ...
John Sununu, who served as chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush. "That's going to be his toughest challenge." Priebus was not available for an interview, but colleagues described him as having the work ethic and long-term strategic thinking ...
John Sununu and Harold Ford Jr., co-chairmen of Broadband for America whose members include major Internet service providers, have asked Congress to step in, saying the new rules "will discourage private investment in new networks and slow down the ...
He had already been spending time in the woodworking shop, but says, "once the furniture masters came in, I knew it would be good.
In addition to their weekly private lunch, he joined the president each day for two early morning small meetings, one covering international matters with National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft and chief of staff John Sununu, a second covering ...
Donald Trump is likely to make his presidential mark on the US legislative front very quickly where energy is concerned, a former Republican senator John Sununu told a webinar hosted by law firm Akin Gump late January 12. The president-elect's ...
The structure was a correction to George H.W. Bush's White House, where Card, as deputy chief of staff, witnessed the infighting created by chief of staff John Sununu, who played the role of aggressive gatekeeper. Hughes recalled approaching Bush on ...
New Hampshire Governor-elect Chris Sununu smiles and reaches to shake hands while greeting state employees prior to his inauguration at the State House in Concord, N.H.
Romney's campaign co-chair John Sununu added that Obama should "learn how to be an American." (He later apologized.
He was Waterville's CEO until last week. When he becomes governor, he'll take on a job that will bring more responsibility and the opportunity to make the family name even bigger.


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