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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

Sitting around 350km north of Baghdad, it's the capital of Kurdish Iraq and one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities - dating back to 5000 BC.
It's a nightmare: civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq in the ongoing war against Daesh are rising faster than local officials, and remote military intelligence gathering, ...
Author and former Air Force major Anthony Jones who suffers from major brain injuries from Iraq, gets out of his hyperbaric oxygen chamber in his home in Las Vegas, Wednesday, April 19, 2017.
Under the guise of Iran's top diplomat in Iraq, Masjedi will likely coordinate key Iranian activities including support of Iranian-backed Iraqi groups, who dominate the Popular Mobilization Mobilization (PMF), in their quest to expand their network's ...
Pushing carts loaded with bags, babies and the elderly, hundreds of people fled Mosul on Saturday after Iraqi forces retook another district in the west of the city from Islamic State.
Iraq will need billions of dollars to rebuild after ISIS. Large portions of major cities were destroyed in the war, infrastructure was neglected under ISIS, villages are riddled with mines and booby-traps.
"When I first got out it was kind of the first wave of veterans to come back from the war," Tanenbaum said. Four years of serving his country had taken a toll on his mental and physical health, so he sought help.
Their release was a boost for tiny Qatar which has used its influence to free foreign hostages in war zones but was alarmed when 26 of its own citizens were seized by unidentified gunmen in 2015 while hunting in southern Iraq. Their abduction in ...
Check out these first look photos and the press release for The Long Road Home TV show, coming to National Geographic Channel. The series is a re-telling of the 2004 "Black Sunday" ambush in Sadr City, Baghdad.
What I usually say is that, my experience in the Iraq war felt a bit Sisyphean in that, I would push a boulder up the hill alongside the other men and women that I served with, and then it would roll back down again.
And the case achieved some notoriety due to Blackstone's multiple media appearances in which he gave details on camera of being blown up in Iraq by a land mine that were strikingly similar to that of fellow Marine, Casey Owens. In fact, Blackstone left ...
A federal judge on Friday called Brandon Blackstone's actions in faking a war injury to profit financially shameful, shameful conduct before...
Two leading human rights lawyers face a tribunal next week over false claims against British soldiers during the Iraq war. Martyn Day and Sapna Malik risk being struck off by the solicitors disciplinary tribunal if found guilty of 19 charges alleging ...
Those aims are much closer to the goals of George W. Bush's surge strategy for Iraq at the end of his second term, under which US conventional forces embedded with the Iraqi Army would "clear, hold and build" areas that once belonged to al Qaeda's ...
A retired Marine Corps officer has formally announced he is running as a Democrat for northern Michigan's seat in U.S. Congress.
An Iraq war veteran's dogs were taken off death row Monday after a Michigan judge ruled there was not enough evidence to prove the canines had killed three goats in July 2016.
Iraq war Vet Is First Democrat To Jump Into Tennessee Senate Race. State activists hope the surge in Democratic engagement gives them a boost as they look to replace Bob Corker in 2018.
As the United States launched missiles at Syria in retaliation for a chemical attack on its people days earlier, the Penn Museum prepared to open an exhibit about war's toll on the people and culture of Syria and Iraq. "cultures in the Crossfire ...
Those aims are much closer to the goals of George W. Bush's surge strategy for Iraq at the end of his second term, under which US conventional forces embedded with the Iraqi Army would "clear, hold and build" areas that once belonged to al Qaeda's ...
America's infamous military campaigns in Iraq are steadily being picked apart through literature, and they rarely make for happy reading, even if the books themselves are often brilliant.
Task & Purpose spoke with screenwriter Chris Roessner, whose new film, "Sand Castle," is based on his own experiences as a young soldier in Iraq in 2003.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has called on the U.S. to deepen cooperation with Baghdad under the 2008 U.S.-Iraqi Strategic Framework Agreement. That makes sense. America has expended incalculable resources in Iraq, intervening militarily four ...
Eric Fair, an army veteran, worked in Iraq as a contract interrogator in 2004. His 2012 Pushcart Prize-winning essay "Consequence," which was published first in Ploughshares and then in Harper's Magazine, detailed some of his experiences.
Trump showed support for the Iraq war when asked about it in a 2002 interview, and later called the war a "tremendous success" in another.
The recently-appointed chaplain of the Casper police Department and a veteran who served under Chief Jim Wetzel's command in Iraq have each come to Wetzel's defense as he faces increasingly scathing criticism for his leadership of the department.
The most interesting thing about the Netflix exclusive Sand Castle is probably how much of an Iraq war movie it is, in the sense that, like any truly middling example of a genre, it involuntarily bares the genre's tropes.
The Attorney General will demand that a bid to privately prosecute Tony Blair over the Iraq war is rejected by the courts, it has been claimed.
The government's top lawyer is reportedly seeking to block a bid to prosecute Tony Blair over the Iraq war. Tory MP Jeremy Wright QC, the Attorney General, has formally asked to join hearings to oppose such a move against the former prime minister, The ...
Pro-Iraqi government paramilitary troops, al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units), have been active around Tal Afar, recapturing several nearby villages and towns since a U.S.
Mosul ( The Iraqi Army's elite Counter-terrorism Service (CTS) controlled on Sunday one of the biggest markets in Mosul, while Federal police ...
In a story sure to anger veterans, feminists and anyone who believes that a fight should be fair, a white male fundamentalist identified as a US veteran has been ...
Jeremy Wright QC argues crime of aggression does not exist in English law, even though his predecessor reportedly claimed otherwise.
James Mackler, a Nashville attorney and Iraq war veteran, is the first Tennessee Democrat to announce plans to run in 2018 for the state's U.S.
Baghdad (AFP) - Iraqi forces made major gains in the six months since launching the operation to retake Mosul, but the battle for Iraq's second city and the war against the Islamic State group are far from over. Tough close-quarters fighting in heavily ...
Kids displaced in Iraq Though the United States formally ended its war in Iraq in 2011, Iraqis continue to experience high levels of violence at the hands of terrorists and foreign and domestic soldiers.
Handicap International began its weapons clearance operations in Iraq in January 2017. Since the start of the year, the organization has destroyed more than 2,000 explosive remnants of war in areas affected by heavy fighting. Outside Kirkuk, Iraq ...
Meanwhile, Iraq's war Media Cell confirmed on Thursday coalition jets heavily pounded IS headquarters in western Mosul whereas dozens of jihadists were killed or injured.
Heavy fighting in Mosul, Iraq, has driven 430,000 civilians from their homes since last October. More than 90,000 people have since returned to parts of the city retaken by the army.
The Trump administration is weighing different options regarding Syria at the present moment after a chemical weapons attack widely attributed to the Assad regime.
The battle for Mosul is approaching an endgame. Over nearly half a year of fighting, an Iraqi-led, American-backed military offensive has driven ISIS out of more than half the city and surrounded the militants in an enclave on the western bank of the ...
This is the first time a MOAB has been used in the battlefield, according to the US officials. This munition was developed during the Iraq war and is an air blast-type warhead that explodes before hitting the ground in order to project a a massive ...
The New York Times hired Wall Street Journal deputy editor Bret Stephens as its newest opinion columnist, claiming he "will bring a new perspective to bear on the news.
Augusta, GA. (WRDW/WAGT) -- He was an Iraq war veteran with multiple tours under his belt. "He went to basic in '99 and he went to Germany for a while and then after September 11th he went to Iraq," said Brooke Ragen. "He was one of the first deployed ...
Nevertheless, it was the accusation that Iraq had such weapons that served as the Bush administration's primary justification for America's war there, and while American officials took caution in their claim that there were no talks of transitioning ...
Tikrit ( Al-Hashd al-Shaabi Media Directorate announced, on Wednesday, arresting 12 suicide bombers, who sneaked from the city of Mosul to the city of Tikrit.
Two military buffs from the United Kingdom bought a tank used in the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, only to open it up and find five one-kilogram bars of gold, Britain's Daily Mail reported.
Former U.N weapons inspector Scott Ritter warned before the start of the Iraq war that claims that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction were false.
The veteran is entitled to monthly compensation. The stress, he said, was what destroyed his esophagus, during and after the war. Ottman said he had never experienced anything like it before he was sent to Iraq, and there was no family history of the ...
"We say that this resembles very much the situation of 2003 and the war in Iraq," Putin said Tuesday during a press conference in Moscow.
director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center For International Policy. His latest book is Prophets of war: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the ...






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