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"In the beginning, we were afraid, but Saint Matthew was protecting us," said the stoic monk, referring to a Syriac Christian saint who sought refuge in northern Iraq and founded the monastery, now one of the oldest in the world. As Thomas spoke, war ...
He argued that his country can't cut production because it badly needs oil revenue to fight the Islamic State, which Iraqi forces are now fighting to dislodge from Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city and ISIS's last stronghold in Iraq. Crude output from ...

... the Islamic State. Al-Hashd al-Shaabi was formed in 2014 for deployment against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
The operations room is the clearest visible example of cooperation between the US contingent here and the Iraqi military command.
The objective is not only to defeat ISIS and al Qaeda and its offshoots militarily, but to create order in war torn Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia, as well as to counter Iran and Russia in the region. The Obama years demonstrate the dangers of ...
How else to explain that in the past 15 years this city's so called bipartisan foreign policy elite has promoted wars in Iraq and Libya, and interventions in Syria and Yemen, which have opened Pandora's box to a trusting world, to the tune of trillions ...
A U.S. Army veteran is being forced to pay back thousands of dollars she received as a bonus from the military a decade ago - but she's not the only one facing a broken promise from uncle Sam.
In February 2003, a month before the invasion, Powell spoke before the United Nations Security Council, saying there could be "no doubt" that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction and would produce more. Powell also ...
journalist Bud Wichers from the Gelderland village of Gorssel was injured near irkuk in Iraq on Friday. He had to jump out of the way of a sniper bullet and sustained bruises and fractures in the fall, according to the Gelderlander.
Around 2004, when America was at the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and struggling to recruit and retain soldiers to fight in those places, the U.S.
Sanchez said her experience on the House Armed Services Committee made her question the long-term implications of the Iraq invasion, and whether the U.S.
Further, Ankara maintains that the Iraqi government's legitimacy is eroded by years of civil war and sectarian policies that persecuted Iraq's Sunnis and Sunni Turkomen and alienated its Kurds. Second, Ankara is concerned not just about Mosul proper ...
war had turned into a video game. "I'm now going to show you a picture of the luckiest man in Iraq," army General Norman Schwarzkopf told reporters as he showed them footage from a U.S.
Google Donald Trump Iraq and you'll see the dozens of sources which verify that he was for the invasion of Iraq.
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, center, is received off a C-130 transport plane by Paul Bremer, right, the chief of the U.S.

An SAS veteran has denied he shot dead three fatally wounded enemy soldiers during the Iraq war. Reports had claimed Colin Maclachlan, who starred in Channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins, faced a murder investigation after he reportedly suggested in ...
But the bloody consequences of those campaign are treated as the expected outcome of war, where people, both warriors and civilians, lose their lives.
Kansas City, Miss.,-- A Missouri man who set fire to a mosque and attempted to set fire to a Planned Parenthood facility twice was sentenced to 63 months in prison for the crimes on Tuesday in federal court.
[JURIST] Iraqi government and paramilitary forces are committing serious human rights abuses [press release] and war crimes, according to an Amnesty International (AI) [advocacy website] report [text, PDF] Tuesday. AI claims that both the Iraqi ...
With a score by Canadian composer Tobin Stokes and a libretto by Iraqi-American playwright Heather Raffo, Fallujah excavates the human and social effects of the Iraq war. The opera tells the dual story of an American Marine, Philip, - inspired by ...
Without the slightest public discussion or debate, US-backed forces have begun the bloody siege of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city.
It was also a war over values, a war over religion and a war over idealistic beliefs. But despite this, the response taken by the West, in particular the United States, in response to 9/11 went badly wrong; namely that of the invasion into Iraq in 2003.
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, center, is received off a C-130 transport plane by Paul Bremer, right, the chief of the U.S.
Degner brought up Goodlatte's vote to invade Iraq in 2002 and the war's contribution to the national debt, but the incumbent ignored the attack.
An SAS veteran has denied he shot dead three fatally wounded enemy soldiers during the Iraq war. Reports had claimed Colin Maclachlan, who starred in Channel 4 show SAS: Who Dares Wins, faced a murder investigation after he reportedly suggested in ...
( Baghdad - Russian Ambassador to Iraq Morgnov Ilya Anatolyevich renewed on Sunday his country's support for Iraq in its war against terroris.
He's known the city of Mosul since the earliest days commander of the 101 airborne in 2003. He would be in an out of Iraq for most of the decade securing the election process and training Iraqi troops here. In those early days of the war al-Qaeda in ...
The Iraqi Army, directed by U.S. advisers, launched an offensive Sunday aimed at wresting Mosul from the hands of ISIS and ending its brutal two-year occupation.
After the attack Sgt Maclachlan discovered two Iraqi soldiers who had been disembowelled and another who had lost three limbs.
The AFP is tasked with keeping an eye on Australians travelling in Iraq and Syria and it is currently monitoring about 110 suspected foreign fighters or terror supporters.
Antonious J. Hall, the editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune, made the comments on Sunday, after it was announced that some British soldiers face allegations of mistreating Iraqi people during the war. The UK-based Iraq Historic Allegations ...
Scott Bennett, a former US Army officer, believes Turkey's military presence in northern Iraq which has caused escalating tensions between the two countries is a "declaration of war". "It is clear that Turkey waged war on Iraq by invading Iraqi ...
A schoolboy who made headlines after telling Tony Blair not to go to war in Iraq has joined the armed forces. Aged just nine, Stirling Harden posted a letter in 2003 to the then Prime Minister, urging him to avoid the conflict in the Middle East.
When Donald Trump insisted - during both debates - that he had opposed the war in Iraq, many believed that they were catching him in an outright lie.
I have heard people say that they don't like either of the major candidates, so they will either not vote or will vote for one from one of the other parties.
Iraqi forces, which have driven hundreds of miles for what Baghdad has hailed as a last battle against the terror group, moved into their final positions on Friday, joining Kurdish peshmerga soldiers ahead of an expected advance from the south.
There, Hage laid out Iraq's position that it did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction and that it would consent to an investigation and search by U.S.
A Clark County grand jury indicted PTSD-afflicted Marine veteran Walter H. Laak on 22 charges on Thursday. Most stem from a Sept. 14 confrontation in which he allegedly tried to run over a Las Vegas pastor with his vehicle before firing multiple ...
She was joining journalist friends who were working for the non-profit online publication Seattle Globalist; Glidden would observe as they gathered stories about the lingering effects of the Iraq war, especially on those displaced as a result of the ...
A timeless story of lust, jealousy and vengeance, this "Othello" is set in a contemporary Iraq war zone by director Jeff Coussens.
Islamic State (IS) is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in both Syria and Iraq. Sexual violence is ... ABC News recently aired a story that depicted an Australian Army brigadier working with the Iraqi Army in the battle against IS. He ...
When Canada's Liberals were in opposition, their approach to the Iraq war appeared to make sense - at least in the abstract.
( Nineveh - Iraqi forces are preparing for a battle expected to take place during the coming few days to liberate the city of Mosul from the grip of terrorist group of ISIS.
Earlier, Erdogan had sneered at Abadi's call for him to withdraw his force back to Turkey. "It's not important at all how you shout from Iraq. You should know that we will do what we want to do," he said. "Who's that? The Iraqi prime minister. First ...
Akron, Ohio - A man serving a life sentence for killing an Iraq war veteran was found guilty Tuesday of attacking and raping a woman in 2000.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hit back at Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi who last week warned Ankara of a "regional war" if Turkish troops do not pull out of a military training camp set up in the country's north. The spat between ...
In Vermont, five high school students have died after a motorist driving the wrong way down Interstate 89 slammed into the teenagers' car, which burst into flames.






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