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updated Mon. September 1, 2014

Iraqi Army units, supported by Shiite militiamen, broke the six-week Islamic State siege of the town of Amirli on Sunday with the help of US airstrikes.
This file image posted on a militant news twitter account on Thursday, June 12, 2014 shows militants from the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) people raising their flag at the entrance of an army base in Ninevah Province ...

Meanwhile in the US, Kurdish-American fundraisers at the Salahadeen Center of Nashville, in Tennessee, will send 600 boxes of donated shoes, clothes and baby products to Kurdish refugee camps that cater to Yazidis and other minorities who recently fled ...
Dianne Feinstein said Sunday that President Obama may be "too cautious" in setting a strategy to deal with the Islamist militant group seizing territory in Iraq and Syria, and called for a bolder U.S. effort to confront the group. "I have learned one ...
Iraqi security forces, Shia militiamen and Kurdish fighters have launched a major operation to attempt to break a more than two-month long jihadist siege of a Shia Turkmen-majority town, officials said.
Islamic State militants are waging a deadly jihadist war in the region, which took a sharp turn in June when the group declared an Islamic caliphate over the areas of land it occupies in both Syria and Iraq. ... She has ended up in a refugee camp in ...

I will never forget 10-year-old Adnan, who was sitting crying in a corner of another refugee camp near Dohuk. His told me his entire family, Yazidis, had been wiped out by a shell that landed as they fled their homes in Northern Iraq. He was the only ...
IS besieged the Yezidi town of Shingal and expelled tens of thousands of Yezidis who are now in refugee camps in Syria. The threat against the Yezidis was one factor prompting US military strikes against IS in Iraq. ... The United Nations issued a ...
After promising to strictly limit the military mission in Iraq, the president is preparing to expand the war to Syria, where the administration is working to overthrow the Assad government - which now blocks Islamic control over the entire country ...
The recent surge in fighting appears to be worsening the already desperate situation for Syrian refugees, the agency said, as the extremist Islamic State group expands its control of broad areas straddling the Syria-Iraq border and terrorizes rivals ...
Baghdad (AP) - As Islamic militants rampaged across northern Iraq in June, seizing vast swaths of territory and driving hundreds of thousands of people from their homes, the Shiite Turkmens living in the hardscrabble town of Amirli decided to stay and ...
... will be killed. Another militant then beheads him. Islamic State, which declared a "caliphate" in June in parts of Iraq and Syria under its control, has been cited as a major security threat by Western governments since posting a video in August of ...
But for centuries, Muslims and Yazidis have lived side by side as friends, neighbors and economic partners in the area around Mount Sinjar, which rises from the plains of northern Iraq. Most Yazidis had a kreef, a Muslim who is like a ... Convinced ...
NCRI - At the behest of the Iranian regime, for the 17th day, the Iraqi forces of Nouri al-Maliki stationed in Camp Liberty, obstructed the entry of fuel, food, medicine and other essential items to the camp near Baghdad that houses Iranian refugees ...
Displaced Iraqi Yazidis gather to collect bottles of water at the Bajid Kandala refugee camp in Kurdistan's western Dohuk province on Aug. 13.
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis called a priest at a refugee camp in Iraq to express his closeness to the persecuted Christians who have taken refuge there and to promise his continued support.
"The refugee camp is actually a pit hole. The floor is littered with stones, whose sharp edges pierce through the shoes and feet of the children.

Suleyman arrived here as a child in the late 1980s after her family fled the Kurdish region of Iraq to escape Saddam Hussein's genocide.
SHARYA CAMP, Iraq - Thousands of Yazidi families currently face a dire humanitarian situation. They have been scattered in refugee camps, while the fate of hundreds of Yazidi girls who were kidnapped by the Islamic State (IS) remains unknown. Summary ...
The Islamic State, which recently seized control of parts of Iraq and Syria, accused Hezbollah of "carrying out criminal acts, such as burning refugee camps, forcible displacements and arrest campaigns" against residents of the Lebanese town of Arsal.
Now, it is just as much a refugee camp as it is a sacred site. Since the Islamic State organisation (IS) launched its offensive in Iraq earlier this summer, around a thousand people have fled to Lalish to seek shelter. "I don't know why [IS] is doing ...
Thousands of Yazidi may be crossing into Turkey every day. Because the conditions at refugee camps in Iraq are harsh, many are paying high premiums to smugglers, even though the road to Turkey is dangerous.
Bahia Mamo, 13, in a refugee camp in northern Iraq. "We left ... "Our Arab neighbors turned on all of us," said Mr. Habash, who recounted his story from a makeshift refugee camp on the banks of a fetid stream near the city of Zakho, in Iraqi Kurdistan ...
The time has come for Americans to come together to express our disapproval of the mass murder and displacement of the Christian populations of Iraq and Syria by radical and Muslim groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. It is reported on July ...
This week I heard news reports of Turkish Muslims providing shelter and care for Yezidi refugees fleeing northern Iraq. I know of several Christian aid groups not only in refugee camps in the region but even risking their own lives to go into Iraq to ...
Outside the Ivy apartments are dozens of families who came as refugees from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq and Ethiopia. Some parents are walking their kids to the first day of school.
Later on, ISIS demanded an immediate decision by the small group of Iraqi Christians, and they are now giving all non-Muslims one week to decide.
Displaced Iraqi Yazidis gather to collect bottles of water at the Bajid Kandala refugee camp in Kurdistan's western Dohuk province on Aug. 13.
"Europe has to be in Iraq these days, otherwise it would not be Europe," Renzi said in a meeting with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the Iraqi capital on August 20. Having travelled from Baghdad to Erbil, he visited a refugee camp there ...
Oral polio vaccine has played a critical role in the nearly three-decade effort to eradicate the paralyzing disease, as health workers have gone house-to-house, to refugee camps and to roadside checkpoints delivering the drops. The number of countries ...
Dohuk, mainly inhabited by Kurds and Assyrians, is in the north in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan while Qaraqosh, a town of about 50,000 people in Nineveh Province, sits between Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, and Erbil, the capital of the ...
Islamic State was formally disavowed by al Qaeda earlier this year after being deemed too brutal. Curtis' release was likely to renew questions about the intentions of different militant groups in Syria and Iraq and how the U.S. should deal with ...
Muhammad Naif al-Qarinawi, an engineer from the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, fought and died for ISIS under the nom-de-guerre Abi al-Bara al-Ghazi.
Although trade first declined between Jordan and Iraq after fighting erupted between Iraqi government forces and Sunni tribes in Anbar Province in December 2013, the situation has worsened since armed groups seized the Iraqi border crossing with Jordan ...
They have left their homes with only the clothing on their backs Some are in United Nations-run refugee camps, while others are scattered throughout the area near the Singar mountains.
"I urge the Iraqi government to do all it can to relieve the siege and to ensure that the residents receive lifesaving humanitarian assistance or are evacuated in a dignified manner," Mladenov said, adding that "Iraq's allies and the international ...
The United Nations (UN) has decided to build twelve more refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan for Christian and Yazidi refugees based in the region.
Islamic State militants have posted a video that purported to show the beheading of American journalist Foley in revenge for U.S. air strikes in Iraq. ... The real target is the watching audience, firstly in the Middle East itself, where communities ...
Picasso's iconic painting in turn became the inspiration for the contemporary Iraqi artist Dia Al-Azzawi who depicted the slaughter of Palestinians in 1982 by the Lebanese Phalangist under the direct supervision of the Israeli army in the two refugee ...
A Palestinian boy, along with supporters of Hamas, holds a representation of a rocket as others shout slogans to protest against Israel and to support people in Gaza, during a demonstration in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Friday, Aug. 22, 2014.
This week the UN launched a major new campaign to get aid to over half a million people displaced in northern Iraq, but as Amerli is inaccessible by land it's residents have no chance of receiving support except by air, or by making it to refugee camps.
In a makeshift refugee camp near Dohuk, Iraq, a woman recently gave birth to a baby girl and named her Hajir, or "refugee" in Arabic.
An injured Palestinian man sits in his ruined house after an Israeli military strike in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip.
Yazidi refugee children inside a tent at Silopi refugee camp near Sirnak city, at the Turkish-Iraqi border on Aug. 16.
Officials in Imam Wais said Iraqi security forces and Shiite militiamen raced to the scene of the attack to reinforce security but stumbled upon bombs planted by the militants, which allowed the attackers to flee.
Stanton is now taking pictures in places like Erbil, Iraq, Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and the Democratic Republic of Congo on a world tour with the U.N.
The United Nations refugee agency launched a land, air and sea aid push to address the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, one that the organisation says is one of the worst it has seen in recent years.
Local troops from Iraqi Kurdistan, known as peshmerga, are back in control of large chunks of territory - including a string of towns and villages, and the strategically important Mosul dam - lost to a shock offensive by insurgent group the Islamic ...
Tens of thousands of Yazidis fled when the Islamic State group earlier this month captured the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, near the Syrian border.
Iraq's most influential cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, today expressed grave concern for 18,000 Shi'ites in the town of Amerli after their food, water and medical supplies were cut off.


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