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updated Mon. April 30, 2018

Mosul, Iraq - If seen from afar, Mosul's old town could be compared with a sandy beach. It has been more than eight months since the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS). While rebuilding efforts have begun, Iraq's second-largest city continues to struggle to get back ...
The needs in Mosul are huge - from the urgency of clearing bombs planted by ISIS to helping thousands of orphans in Iraq's second city. This has led to some questions about putting aside tens of millions of dollars to rebuild a mosque. However, Al Nuri's and Al Hadba's reconstruction are about much ...

International donors have pledged $30 billion in Iraqi reconstruction. After a stellar 11 per cent GDP growth in 2016, Iraqi real GDP growth fell to near zero in 2017 due to Baghdad's compliance with Opec output cuts. Iraq produces 4.3 million barrels of crude oil a day. However, the surge in Brent crude ... stock market
"This agreement underlines our shared commitment to support the continued development and reconstruction of a prosperous and stable Iraq. This framework acknowledges the vital importance of the successful reintegration of migrants in rebuilding their country," said Waite in an IOM statement.
Under one-off special legislation enacted for the mission in 2003, a total of some 5,500 GSDF personnel were dispatched to the southern Iraq city of Samawah to engage in reconstruction aid such as building schools and other infrastructure, supplying water, providing medical guidance and so on. Although ...
Saudi Arabia pledged $1.5 billion for Iraqi reconstruction at a donors' conference in Kuwait in February. Saudi Arabia garnered substantial brownie points in February by playing its first soccer match in Iraq in almost three decades, boosting Iraqi efforts to persuade world soccer body FIFA to lift its ban on ...

The climax of the rapprochement bid saw Kuwait host an international conference for the reconstruction of Iraq in February. Donors pledged $30 billion to rebuild Iraq, with the most significant contributions coming from Turkey and Gulf countries. “Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey signalled ...
“After the defeat of Daesh [Arabic acronym for the IS], Iran's priority is to help with Iraq's reconstruction,” he noted. Araji called for expanding cooperation between the two militaries and defense sectors, describing it as a contributing factor to Iraq's national security and development. “We are keen on using ...
At the beginning of the week, Japanese Twitter users were caught by surprise when the recently discovered logs of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force dispatched to Iraq for a reconstruction support mission from 2004 were posted online. They revealed the breezy, daily lives of the troops in between times ...
As a reporter, he covered events including the rise of Solidarity in Poland and the growing Eastern European resistance to Soviet rule; the coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia and his summit meetings with President Ronald Reagan; the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon in the 1980s; and the ...
Iraq had signed a EU60.4 million agreement late 2017 for the reconstruction of areas recaptured from Islamic State militants. In February, Iraq announced it collected nearly USD30 billion from donors at the end of a conference for Iraq's reconstruction that was held in Kuwait. Iraq struggles to revamp its ...
H.E. Mr. Fumio Iwai, Ambassador of Japan to Iraq, stated “It is the fourth year in a row since Japan started the assistance for vulnerable Iraqi/Syrian people affected by ISIL through its Supplementary Budget. This assistance shows Japan's strong and faithful commitment to addressing the basic needs in the ...
The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) welcomes a contribution of USD 4 million from the Government of Japan to support reconstruction and peacebuilding in Iraq by providing shelter and livelihood assistance to vulnerable returnees in key liberated cities. As of the end of March ...
The governor urged international aid organizations to contribute to the region's reconstruction, noting that Kirkuk's Hawija district -- along with the towns of Zab, Abbasi and Rasheed -- were in particular need of help. “Since the government is still fighting the terrorists, it is having difficulty rebuilding damaged ...
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sought international support in Japan on Thursday to restore peace and prosperity in the Iraqi country. Abadi co-hosted a meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss ways to improve public safety in Iraq. A, and agreed to set up a working group ...
“It is necessary to mobilize all international efforts to ensure the success of May's parliamentary elections, a move that precedes the reconstruction of Iraq,” Jabouri stressed. Praising the role played by the U.S. in the country's fight against terrorism, Jabouri said the reconstruction of Iraq will “help put an end ...
“Some families have left the camps and returned to their villages, even though many of these have been reduced to rubble,” he said. Following an ill-fated referendum on Kurdish regional independence late last year, the Iraqi army moved into the oil-rich Kirkuk province after the Peshmerga withdrew.

Even though the Iraqi government has hardly engaged with Qaraqosh at all, Yousef is optimistic for the town of his birth. The state is as markedly absent as it is in other Iraqi towns retaken from IS like nearby Mosul, where civilians have taken the initiative and are bearing the cost of rebuilding their cities ...
Rebuilding efforts in Iraq have been slow since the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) last year. But it is not just about reconstructing schools and homes, archaeologists say Iraq's very heritage is at stake. Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from the country's ...
Cairo ( – Egypt is scheduled to host on Sunday an exhibit and conference in support of Iraq's reconstruction under the auspices of the Arab League. According to Alforat News, Iraqi Ambassador in Cairo Habib al-Sadr welcomed the promising investments scheduled to be offered at the ...
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, left, talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the opening ceremony of the expert level of the international conference on Iraqi economic development in Tokyo, Thursday, April 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi). Tokyo - Asharq Al-Awsat. Iraqi Prime ...
Baghdad, 5 April: The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) welcomes an additional contribution from the Republic of Estonia in support of mine action activities in Iraq. The Republic of Estonia has prioritized mine action, including clearance of explosives in areas liberated from ISIL, as essential ...
The UAE is funding the rebuild of a 12th century mosque in Mosul, Iraq which was blown up by ISIS in June 2017. United Nations cultural agency UNESCO announced earlier this week that the UAE will provide US$50.4 million (Dhs185 million) to finance the restoration of the Great Mosque of al-Nouri. Iraq
Iraqi security forces continue to provide the security that enables stability necessary for rebuilding and reconstruction, he added, noting that the U.S.-led coalition will continue to conduct operations that limit ISIS' freedom of movement and constrain their ability to build forces. In Syria in over the past ... Iraq Caliphate
I recently attended a panel discussion on the Iraq reconstruction conference held in Kuwait that ultimately became a discussion on the future of Iraq. The discussion was held at the Hudson Institute, a world-renowned think tank in Washington DC. I have attended many discussions at Hudson and other ... Iraq Caliphate
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi hailed the conference as an unqualified success, according to the state-run Kuwait News Agency, and Mustafa al-Hiti, head of the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, said he was very satisfied with the conference's results, though others weren't so sure. “The real success achieved at ... Iraq Caliphate
To contain Tehran, the United States could also help prevent these groups from appropriating the $1 billion allocated to the PMF from the Iraqi national budget, and curb their access to the billions of dollars that the international community intends to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq. These resources ... Iraq Caliphate
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq must urgently fast-track reconstruction to assist the reintegration of internally displaced people (IDPs) as they return to their homes following the defeat ... “Provision of specialized support to all who survived the conflict is also needed, alongside reconstruction of infrastructure. Iraq Caliphate
Turkey, which has been involved in Iraq's reconstruction since the end of the war that ousted Saddam Hussein, was the biggest contributor. It pledged $5 billion. The Saudis, who may be wary of the composition of the next Iraqi government (elections are in May and Riyadh doesn't want pro-Iranian interests ... Iraq Caliphate
Before ISIL took control of Mosul in 2014, the Iraqi city was famed for its cultural heritage - its poets, musicians and artists. Now, despite the destruction, they have begun to return. A cafe in the city has become a centre for cultural life since ISIL's defeat late last year. Artists feel the reconstruction of the city ... Iraq Caliphate
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – NATO plans to establish a permanent training mission in Iraq to help the country's forces professionalize. ... He touched on the Iraqi reconstruction conference that was held this week and explained that funds pledged for projects would not be split proportionately with the ... Iraq Caliphate
This week, donors, politicians, aid agencies, and investors met in Kuwait to discuss the reconstruction of Iraq after three years of war against so-called Islamic State. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said it'll take $88 billion. Only $30 billion was pledged this week. Although some news reports focused on ... Iraq Caliphate
KUWAIT CITY: Governments, global funds, organisations and investors on Wednesday pledged billions of dollars in loans and investment for the reconstruction of Iraq, a nation reeling from a three-year war against the Islamic State group. Donors had pledged $30 billion by the final day of the international ... Iraq Caliphate
At the conclusion of the International Donor Conference on Iraq on 12–14 February, held in Kuwait City, Iraq received USD30 billion dollars in pledged loans, credit lines, and investment for reconstruction efforts. Iraq assess that it needs USD88 billion to rebuild the country after the three-and-a-half year war ... Iraq Caliphate
The president of the United States Institute of Peace, Nancy Lindborg, who has just visited Iraq, says divisions in the country remain an underlining problem. And although Iraq's Prime Minister, Haider Al Abadi, announced a military victory against ISIL in December, there must be a focus on reconciliation to ... Iraq Caliphate
Last week at a Baghdad press conference, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi talked about Iraq's “readiness for huge investment” following the defeat of IS. And this week's Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq is expected to help lay the foundations for large-scale rebuilding – Iraq says ... Iraq Caliphate
International donors have pledged tens of billions of dollars to help Iraq rebuild after a four-year war against ISIL has left large swathes of the country in ruins. Iraq received $30bn in pledges to fund its reconstruction efforts, the government of Kuwait confirmed on Wednesday after the conclusion of a ... Iraq Caliphate
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday pledged $5 billion in loans and investment for the reconstruction of Iraq after its devastating three-year war with Daesh. Saudi Arabia meanwhile said it would allocate $1 billion to investment projects in Iraq and $500 million to support Iraqi exports, ... Iraq Caliphate
AMMAN — Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani said that Jordan was willing to use its capabilities to support the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. Momani, who is also the government spokesperson, pointed out that the integration of the Jordanian and ... Iraq Caliphate
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on allies in the fight against the Islamic State militant group to contribute more in Iraq's reconstruction—but Iran has also pledged its support after contributing heavily to the battle against the jihadis next door. Tillerson made his remarks Tuesday at a ministerial meeting ... Iraq Caliphate
Australia has chipped in an extra $18 million towards efforts to reconstruct Iraq following the downfall of Islamic State. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is in Kuwait attending an international conference on rebuilding Iraq. "The widespread destruction of people's homes, hospitals, schools and other critical ... Iraq Caliphate
KUWAIT CITY – Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Wednesday (February 14) pledged $5 billion in loans and investment for the reconstruction of Iraq after its devastating three-year war with the Islamic State (ISIS). Saudi Arabia meanwhile said it would allocate $1 billion to investment projects in ... Iraq Caliphate
Allies pledge billions for Iraq's reconstruction. By: Reuters. Wed, Feb. 14, 2018. KUWAIT - 14 February 2018: Iraq received billions of dollars in credit lines, loans, and investment from Turkey, Gulf Arab allies, Europe, and other countries, their representatives ... Turkey said it would give Iraq $5 billion in credit lines. Iraq Caliphate
Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday collectively pledged $3 billion for the reconstruction of post-Daesh Iraq. Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said his country would contribute $1 billion worth of loans and investments to help rebuild ... Iraq Caliphate
Arriving in Kuwait for the conference, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said his country would "stand by the Iraqi people forever". "At a time when only a few countries were participating in the reconstruction of Iraq, Iranian companies were active in building roads in the country and providing Iraqis with ... Iraq Caliphate
An international donor conference opened in Kuwait on Monday with hopes of rebuilding Iraq following its devastating war against ISIL. We discuss Iraq's reconstruction efforts in this week's edition of Beyond the Headlines. The conference brings together 70 countries, aid groups, UN agencies and ... Iraq Caliphate
KUWAIT — Devastated by a war with Islamic State extremists that razed its cities and left millions homeless, Iraq has asked affluent allies led by the United States for $88 billion to rebuild. They are basically saying no. An Iraq fund-raising conference in Kuwait attended by dozens of potential donors was ... Iraq Caliphate
President Donald Trump has criticized U.S. spending of more than $7 trillion on conflicts and reconstruction efforts in the Middle East and Afghanistan, shortly after officials said the U.S. would not pledge money to a major conference geared toward helping Iraq rebuild after more than 15 years of conflict. Iraq Caliphate
BAGHDAD, Feb 6 (KUNA) -- Iraq's Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi has predicted his country to host a large number of investments by several internationally ... No miracles are expected from "Kuwait International Conference for Reconstruction of Iraq," he said, explaining that the event, however, is part of a ... Iraq Caliphate
GENEVA, Feb 6 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti initiative to host a conference over reconstruction in Iraq is extremely important, an official from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Tuesday The ICRC's Regional Director for the Near and Middle East Robert Mardini made the remarks after ... Iraq Caliphate



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