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updated Sun. October 22, 2017

Indian soldiers in a bunker in a forward post during the war. ... share the border along the Himalayan range that runs across Nepal, Sikkim, and ...
Forging electoral alliances in Nepal is getting to be far more difficult than ... An intense battle is raging, not just within the Left Alliance, but also ...
Nepal's conflict had been going on for four years, the violence was spreading out from the Maoist 'base ... The battle for Dunai was a turning point in the war.
Int'l community seeks justice for Nepal's conflict victims ... in delivering "transitional justice" to the victims of the civil war. ... after waging a decade-long insurgency against government forces that claimed more than 16,000 lives. ... How UCLA is fighting proxy patent battle for expensive cancer drug in India.
Kathmandu's record on conflict-era cases does not add confidence in how ... On October 16, Nepal became a member of the United Nation's ... More than 13,000 people were killed and thousands were forcibly disappeared during the war. ... He spoke to Nepali Times this week during a visit to Nepal about ...
Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan elected to UN Human Rights Council ... "This election offers post-conflict Nepal an unprecedented opportunity to ...
I keep a satellite phone in the trunk of my car, the same one I used to cover disasters and insurgencies in places like Myanmar and Nepal.
However, if the prime minister and his party, the Nepali Congress, ask us to ... 20 years after waging a decade-long insurgency against government forces ... The civil war ended in Nepal in 2006 and Maoist leader Prachanda ...
Nepal has been elected member of the United Nations Human Rights Council ... that "the election offers post-conflict Nepal an unprecedented opportunity to prove its ... formed to settle human rights violations taking place during the insurgency. ... Bhattarai asks Nepali Congress to leave Gorkha-2 for him ...
Ordinary people in countries teetering on the edge of violent conflict can ... Halting and reversing a slide toward civil war requires acting on four levels. .... Nepal was lucky that individuals on both sides were prepared to put aside ... I led USIP's support for our Nepalese partners -- members of the security ...
Nepal has been elected member of the United Nations Human Rights Council for ... "This election offers post-conflict Nepal an unprecedented ...
Nepal's conflict had been going on for four years,the violence was spreading out from the ... The battle for Dunai was a turning point in the war.
Is Nepal heading towards becoming a communist state? ... tweeted the former deputy prime minister, Bimalendra Nidhi of the Nepali Congress. ... The Maoists had waged a decade-long war against the state for a "social and political transformation" - a conflict that took the lives of more than 16,000 people.
... League Championship matches in battle for Cricket World Cup Qualifier .... Hong Kong host Nepal in the final round six matches of the ICC ...
... (Michelle) on a relief mission in Nepal following a devastating series of ... focus on emergency disaster relief as opposed to the brink of war.
Nepal's Maoist party announced Tuesday an alliance with the largest ... final step in the Himalayan nation's post-war transition to a federal democracy. ... 20 years after waging a decade-long insurgency against government forces ... Party Nepal-Union Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), and the Nepali Congress ...
Nepal does not recognize Rohingya as refugees on the grounds that ... to pay them 200,000 Nepali rupees to demolish a concrete building, but ...
Irked by the Saptari incident, UDMF - which consists of seven Madhes-based parties including the National Madhes socialist party (NMSP), Nepal Sadbhawana Party (NSP), Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum- Republican (MJF-R), Tarai Madhes Democratic party (TMDP ...
Kathmandu( Nepal), March 27 (ANI): Updendra Yadav, the Chairman of the Federal socialist party (FSP) and co-coordinator of the Federal Alliance in Nepal, has said that holding local elections prior to the amendment won't resolve the ongoing conflict.
Kathmandu -- When Nepalese Maoists launched an armed insurgency in 1996, one of their targets was Pepsi, a multinational brand owned by Pepsico of the U.S.
George Varughese, a country representative for the Asia Foundation, gave a lecture in the Howard Baker Center on the issues of Nepal and Afghanistan titled "Politically-Informed Development Approaches in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Environments: Key ...
Historical anecdotes have it that Pandey was buried on the top of the hill obeying his last words after he was killed in 1757 during the war of Kirtipur under the Nepal unification campaign launched by King Prithvi Narayan Shah. He had wished to be ...
In this difficult context, Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, rightly points that "It is fundamental that children who have been uprooted by war and violence are not left behind even further. We must be smart about ...
The three-day event, which saw 29 players from Meghalaya, Nepal and Bhutan battle it out in 60 matches, came to a fitting end at the packed Rilbong community hall here on Saturday with the paddlers keeping the best for the last.
The leaders of eight political parties in Nepal, including the Maoists (then spearheading insurgency), the oldest pro-democracy party, the Nepali Congress and six others signed a deal that India mediated in November 2005. As a fallout, Nepal's monarchy ...
While State's Tanushree Das Gupta won the girls' singles event beating her Nepal rival Sonu Thapa Magar 11-3, 11-5, 11-4 (3-0), Santoo Shreshtha (Nepal) beat fellow Nepal player Mani Kumar Lama 7-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-5 (3-1) for the boys' singles title.
For countries that had long been at war, European integration continues to be the most successful peace project in our history.
Bhojpur: police on Saturday seized dozens of arms and explosives from a deserted house in Dobhane of Salpasillichho Rural Municipality in Bhojpur district.
Birendra Shrestha, who is leading a campaign to rebuild Kathmandu's Kasthamandap with community involvement, said locals will continue to battle against the tender process. "Lowest bidders cannot maintain quality... Residents of Kathmandu can tolerate ...
Conflict victims had tried to move the apex court on March 2, but the SC registrar refused to accept their petition attaching reasons for refusal on the petition against which the petitioners filed another petition seeking repeal of the registrar's ...
To that extent, the Maoist insurgency or Maoist People's war was the need of the hour to fight against the autocratic system.
South Sudan separated six years ago after a brutal civil war, but independence did not bring peace. Today, the world's youngest country is a failed state mired in ethnic conflict and haunted by famine. United Nations peacekeepers from Nepal stationed ...
Photos this week show Kamal Thapa with a befuddled Nepal army bodyguard confronting riot police who later fired tear gas and baton charged supporters of his Hindu-royalist RPP.
Chinese Defence Minister General Chang Wanquan has pledged a grant assistance of Rs 3.04 billion (Chinese yuan 200 million) to strengthen the Nepal army ...
ON GUARD: Nepali soldiers on sentry duty as UN peacekeepers in Juba say they worry about Nepal, seeing what happens to a country wracked by ...
Indian visitors in Kathmandu have sent conflicting signals while meeting Nepali leaders on issues like Nepal's secular, federal and republican Constitution.
LAHAN: Naya Shakti Party Nepal Coordinator Dr Baburam Bhattarai has warned that the country would plunge into conflict if elections were held forcefully without amendment of the Constitution. Speaking at the public gathering organised by the NSPN under ...
So far, a few hilly, Tarai, and mountainous districts have local forest fighting groups with forest firefighting equipment from the Nepal Forest Fire Management Chapter. A foundation meeting of the UNISDR-Regional Wildland Fire Network had been ...
More than 5 million people in South Sudan do not have access to safe, clean water, compounding the country's problems of famine and civil war, according to UNICEF. Even those South Sudanese who can find water spend much of their day hiking, fetching ...
For China's One Belt and One Road initiative, economic cooperation is not enough to guarantee the success of the initiative, and China needs to deepen military cooperation with Sri Lanka and Nepal because these countries are at key geographical ...
New Delhi: Surya Kiran-XI, the joint Indo-Nepal military exercise, concluded at Pithoragarh on Monday. According to Indian army, the 14-day joint training had troops of the Ekta Shakti Battalion from the Punjab Regiment of Indian Army and Durga Baksh ...
Former coordinator Devi Lal Gautam of the Local peace Committee, Rukum, said that hundreds of people were victimised by both the state and the rebel sides during conflict era. "Justice has to be provided to victims who were deprived of government ...
Kathmandu, March 21: Prince Harry of Wales has expressed his hope that more people will visit to Nepal to experience a truly captivating country.
Mar 21, 2017- Former Prime Minister and Coordinator of Naya Shakti Nepal Baburam Bhattarai has said that there is a lack of 'proper understanding' in India about Nepal. Speaking to Post before concluding his visit to India on Tuesday, leader Bhattarai ...
Mar 21, 2017- The army personnel from 28 countries, majority of them contributing in the UN Peacekeeping Mission, have gathered in Nepal to participate in Nepal to participate in two-week long multi-national military drill Exercise Shanti-Prayas-3 that ...
During the exercise, an Indian infantry battalion called Ekta Shakti of the Punjab Regiment and its counterpart, Durga Buksh Battalion from the Nepalese army, shared their experiences of various counter insurgency operations in their respective countries.
The chief of Nepal's tourism department, Durga Dutta Dhakal, said Monday that climbers would be hooked with a GPS device during the spring climbing season to track their movement as they attempt to scale the 8,850-meter-high (29,035-foot-high) summit.
In that sense, Yogi Adityanath's take over as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has triggered speculations in Nepal, that does not normally happen in the other chief ministers case.
During the exercise, an Indian infantry battalion called Ekta Shakti of the Punjab Regiment and its counterpart, Durga Buksh Battalion from the Nepalese army, shared their experiences of various counter insurgency operations in their respective countries.
Next month, Nepal will mark the second anniversary of a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people and reduced to rubble more than 600,000 houses.



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