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Theresa Mary May (née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party. She has also been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. May identifies as a one-nation conservative and is characterised as a liberal conservative. She is the second woman to hold the post of UK Prime Minister.

Theresa May
Theresa May
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She did not call explicitly for military action however she said: "We're calling on you Theresa may, we're calling on you Boris Johnson and we have faith in you.
It is expected that British Prime Minister Theresa May during her India visit will announce the extension of a pilot currently underway in China to offer easier, longer and cheaper visa to tourists.

Theresa may, occupied though she is by Brexit, will shortly have her chance to start enacting her mission - to make life better for Sun readers.
May is in Brussels for the EU leaders' summit - and judging from this reaction by Juncker, the European Commission president, we're guessing things are a little tense.
It was her first electoral test since becoming Prime Minister, so I was incredibly proud to see Theresa may choose my leopard-print Joe sneakers when she went canvassing for the Witney by-election last week.
New images give a unique insight into some of the defining moments of Theresa may's time in office so far.

And so it came to pass on Thursday when Theresa may went to Brussels for her first European Council meeting as Prime Minister.
Now more than ever, businesses and investors in Britain need certainty. Whether you wanted Britain to leave the EU or remain, there can be no doubt that the Brexit result has created major challenges for our economy.
Theresa may once pledged to "fight to stop the third runway" at Heathrow and warned it would have a "detrimental" impact on her constituents, it can be revealed.
Theresa may has been Prime Minister for 100 days, but Jeremy Corbyn has been beating her for search interest across that time.
21 October marks Theresa may's 100th day as prime minister and Conservative leader. She was catapulted into power following David Cameron's resignation in the wake of the EU referendum and fittingly, the prime minister is spending the day in Brussels, ...
As Theresa may completes her first hundred days as Prime Minister, commentators have been assessing her domestic political programme, particularly her most radical policy - ending the ban on academic selection that has characterised British education ...
Theresa may is under pressure to examine the case for a new royal yacht after it emerged that Tony Blair secretly considered backing a privately-funded Britannia two years after scrapping her.
Theresa may has emphatically stood up to all the EU leaders by saying she will not rubber stamp any agreement the Brussels bloc makes unless Britain was ...
For Theresa may, there is no such luck. The Prime Minister will spend her hundredth day in Brussels, at her first European Summit - the latest of many meetings with European counterparts who want to know what her plan for Brexit is.
Nick Timothy (R) and Fiona Hill, two of Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May's Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy. One of these aides is feted as a philosopher-king.

Theresa may has said that she is "categorically" not considering whether to exclude students from the government's net migration target in an apparent rebuke of her Chancellor.
Theresa may last night called on EU leaders to impose tough sanctions on Russia over Syria because of its "sickening atrocities" in Aleppo.
BT boss Gavin Patterson has threatened 10 years of litigation if the government forces through structural separation, which critics say is the only way to improve ...
Theresa may was the most reluctant of Remainers, but there can be no doubting that she gets it - this country is leaving the European Union because it is what our people want and what they voted for in greater numbers than they have ever voted for ...
Mrs May's plain style may well come to irritate people in a few months, but just now it is extremely popular. The lack of glamour, soundbites, smart clothes, and ministerial overclaiming is a blessed relief.
SIR - In terms of a commanding personality and aptitude for hard work, Theresa may has already proved herself to have the potential to exceed Margaret Thatcher as Britain's greatest post-war prime minister.
On October 4, 1936, hundreds of men and women descended on London's East End to take a stand. They came together to stop Mosley's Blackshirt fascists ...
"Theresa may's speech yesterday was endorsed by Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far right. "Nigel Farage said yesterday that 'virtually everything' that Theresa may said in her speech were things that he had said over the past few years. "All ...
At the same time, Farage's army is feeling the squeeze from Theresa may. On the first day of her Party's conference she delivered a speech to swell the heart of even the flintiest Leaver - almost banishing the awkward memory of her support for Remain.
Wishing, for instance, to throw a bone to her more rabid followers, she promised a "Great Repeal" of the European Communities Act.
The head of Theresa may's local Tory association is part of a group threatening to sue her government if it approves the third runway at Heathrow.
The discussion of Theresa may's debut party conference has been dominated by that inept and - a word famously associated with her - nasty threat to compel companies to list foreign workers as if they were the enemy within.
A weakened and divided UKIP to the right of her, a weakened and divided Labour party to the left of her, and a hole in the centre where the Lib Dems used to be.
It was hardly surprising that, as I listened to Theresa may's speech last Wednesday, I was reminded of Powell. When she told some of her colleagues, and their tame pundits in the media, to stop whining about Brexit and instead to respect the votes of ...
Theresa may sits in her hotel room as she prepares the conference speech which she delivered yesterday. Reuters/Jack Hill /Pool.
Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has said that it is for the government to help millions of savers who have suffered because interest rates are at a record low.
Prime Minister Theresa May told a Conservative Party conference that the vote to leave the European Union had been a call for a "change in the way our country works, and the people for whom it works.
It comes after the Braintree MP hit the headlines last year after playing a game of 'snog, marry, avoid' on a radio show. He was asked by John Pienaar on Radio 5Live about pop star Rita Ora, to which the married 47-year-old said 'snog'.
Private school heads have attacked Theresa may plans to make them help under-performing state schools as they say the Prime Minister is "holding a gun to our heads".
This Tory conference is making clear quite how topsy-turvy politics has become over the past few months. David Davis is sweeping around with a ministerial entourage.
In her opening speech to the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Theresa may spoke out against those still agitating against the historic vote to quit the EU on June 23.
IF there was any doubt about "reluctant" Remainer Theresa may's commitment to Brexit, it has been comprehensively dispelled.
Theresa may has warned Conservative MPs not to be "complacent" about Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. Speaking at a late night reception at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday evening, the prime minister began by joking with her ...
When Theresa may formed her government in July, pro-EU Conservatives hoped that she appointed the "Three Brexiteers" - Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox - to own their mistakes and make a mess of it.
The prime minister has said she wants to listen to the Welsh government's views on Brexit to ensure it is "fully engaged" as Britain prepares to leave the European Union.
She revealed she is more of a dog person, and that the cat keeps his distance from her. The Prime Minister said despite being "very happy to see Larry", "we always had dogs at home rather than cats".
In a conference speech on Sunday, Theresa may referred to "divisive nationalists" who she accused of seeking to "undermine" the UK.
Theresa may used to think Britain was "on balance" better off staying in the European Union. You would struggle to have thought that from the speech she gave on Sunday to kick off the Conservatives' conference in Birmingham.
The search to understand what Theresa may really believes never ends. Is our new Prime Minister on the Tory Right or Left? Actually a closet Leaver rather than a reluctant Remainer?
Prime Minister Theresa May said she would trigger the process to leave the EU by the end of March, offering the first glimpse of a timetable for a divorce that will redefine Britain's ties with its biggest trading partner.
Sterling has fallen to a three-year low against the Euro after Theresa may outlined the timetable for starting Brexit negotiations.
In an expansive interview with the Sunday Times, Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed her grandmother's scone recipe, alongside a conversation about her appreciation of The Great British Bake-Off.
It explains the success of Jeremy Corbyn and, in a subtler way, the rise of Theresa may. It also underpins the hatred of figures such as Tony Blair and Boris Johnson, and the disgust one feels as one gazes at a Mediterranean view, spoiled by the ...





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