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Theresa Mary May (née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party. She has also been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. May identifies as a one-nation conservative and is characterised as a liberal conservative. She is the second woman to hold the post of UK Prime Minister.

Theresa May
Theresa May
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updated Sun. April 23, 2017

Theresa may has made some erratic decisions in the few short days since the snap election was called. And a tabloid newspaper that's usually closely allied with her is picking those decisions apart.
That means politicians around the United Kingdom are cluttering up your doorsteps, filling your mailbox with flyers and coming into your places of work with hard hats and hi-vis vests.
For Theresa may to properly dent the momentum behind a second independence referendum, she needs to take both these seats and more.
Here's an idea that could give Theresa may and the complacent Tory elitists a shock they'd never forget. The idea is a fairly simple one, but like all good ideas it would take solidarity and people pulling together and working hard to make it happen ...
Prime Minster Theresa may, talking to students and first-time voters at Cox Green school in Maidenhead on Friday, seems willing to lead.
SIR - Why is it that much of the media, and many Opposition spokesmen, are lambasting Theresa may for reversing her stance on a snap general election?
Sir Patrick McLoughlin is no Brenda from Bristol. When the latter told TV cameras what she thought about breaking news of a snap election - "You're joking?
Barry Manilow and Theresa may surprisingly have something in common, says Sunday People political editor Nigel Nelson. They can both be cavalier with the ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May refused on Saturday to rule out an increase in personal taxes if she wins a June election, riling supporters at the start of a campaign designed to strengthen her hand ahead of Brexit talks.
Theresa may says the Conservative party is the only viable option for a secure Britain, at an election campaign event in Dudley on Saturday.
Despite the all-but-certain knockout Tory victory, Theresa may should work on her relationship with the JAMs. The PM will feel the wrath of the 'just about managings' if she decides to go back on her summer pledge.
THE EU's top Brexit negotiator has branded Theresa may an "opportunist" over her decision to all a snap election. Guy Verhofstadt said the PM was was using the need to strengthen her hand in the upcoming talks as an excuse for grabbing more power.
Theresa may has insisted the Conservatives remain the party of "lower taxes" but refused to repeat their 2015 manifesto pledge not to raise them.
Theresa may is sharpening her blade for a post-election reshuffle - and a big win will mean more heads rolling. Ministers fear a huge majority will give the ...
It was meant to be the big reveal. A day after Theresa may had wrong-footed Westminster with the most unexpected general election for generations, Labour's top brass was informed of the party's campaign catchphrase.
We are all drama queens, really, we political hacks; and so we were all thoroughly delighted by Theresa may's Tuesday coup.
The latest polling suggests Tories have soared to 45 per cent - a 19 per cent lead over nearest rivals Labour.
In North Staffordshire we've been particularly blessed, with February Stoke-on-Trent Central shenanigans and the county council elections to look forward to.
Theresa may will scrap the Tory 2015 tax pledge because it is unaffordable, David Cameron's former policy chief has claimed as Number 10 moved to close down the row.
The fact that nothing leaked about Mrs May's snap election tells you much of what you need to know about her. It shows how iron is her discipline and how close her inner circle (so close, in fact, that it is a triangle rather than a circle).
Theresa may launched her "different kind of election campaign" in the same factory David Cameron visited the last time round.
With election campaigning now in swing, Prime Minister Theresa May visited GlaxoSmithKline's Maidenhead factory today (Friday) to speak to staff and reporters ...
Theresa may has said that Britain's commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of its gross national income (GNI) on foreign aid spending "will remain", amid concerted ...
From the moment Theresa may became Prime Minister, there was speculation that she would abandon the UK's 0.7 per cent aid pledge.
Theresa may does not want a major reshuffle after her expected June election victory, the sun can reveal. While there will be "some minor tinkering" with the Cabinet, the majority of ministers will stay in place after June's snap poll.
Speaking in Enfield during a campaign visit to a factory, the prime minister said she would not abandon the target. "We've been very clear, as I was as home secretary for six years, that it's important that we have net migration that is in sustainable ...
Wondering how the U.K. government can just decide to dissolve itself and call for a general election? As our expert explains, it's not uncommon.
CHANNEL 4 yesterday became the latest national broadcaster to say it could hold TV leaders' debates without Theresa may if she refuses to take part. The PM is so far only prepared to take part in a Question Time special with no head-to-heads with other ...
Theresa may's new fan club seemed to include many working women of a certain age who used to vote Labour. Since then, that story has been repeated around the country; according to many voters, Prime Minister May "gets things done".
Theresa may rebuffed one of her closest Cabinet allies by signalling a pledge to reduce net migration to "tens of thousands" will be in the Tories' manifesto.
As one of the few 1983 election campaign veterans still in newspaper journalism, I can testify that Jeremy Corbyn is notably more hopeless even than the then Labour leader, Michael Foot.
Theresa may has been warned against abandoning the government's foreign aid pledge by the former Archbishop of Canterbury.
Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa may, addresses staff at GlaxoSmithKline toothpaste factory in Maidenhead, April 21, 2017.
If Theresa may secures an increased majority in the House of Commons on June 8 as most Pundits expect, she will be in a much stronger position domestically to define Britain's new relationship with Europe.
The Mirror Chicken caught up with Theresa may - but she's still flapping out of TV debates. Bok bok bok, Mrs May. It's time to show some cluck.
Theresa may has ignored those in her party lobbying her to scrap the foreign aid pledge and confirmed the UK will commit to spending 0.7% of its GDP every year.
Theresa may's team has been hit by the departure of a second key aide in a matter of days after her official spokeswoman announced she would leave on Friday ...
Theresa may has risked upsetting core supporters by promising to continue spending 0.7 per cent of Britain's economic output on international aid and refusing to commit to a "triple lock" that guarantees the value of pensions.
Theresa may called the general election to bury an investigation into Conservative candidates' election expenses, the veteran MP Dennis Skinner has claimed.
Conservative MPs have been asked to submit ideas to No 10 for Theresa may's first election manifesto, with some of those trying to keep their seats in remain-supporting areas asking for explicit mention of the need to seek a trade deal with the EU.
When Home Secretary, Theresa may insisted that foreign students should continue to be counted in the overall immigration figures.
Canvassing with party activists in Manchester on Friday, he accused the Conservatives of believing the election result would be a coronation and said Theresa may was using "bogus" arguments about Brexit to justify an early election motivated by party ...
Theresa may has moved to quash speculation that the government could drop its pledge to spend 0.7% of national income a year on foreign aid, saying the commitment "remains and will remain".
Theresa may will not take part in TV debates ahead of the planned general election, she has told the BBC. The prime minister told BBC Radio 4's Today she preferred "to get out and about and meet voters".
Theresa may has long been clear about what sets her apart from other politicians: she doesn't play political games. When she launched her bid for the top job last year, she was clear that - unlike her rivals - she hadn't succumbed to the temptations ...
On Easter Sunday, one of the least pious societies in the world heard an explicitly Christian message from its prime minister. As proof of Theresa may's monopoly on British politics, her freedom to express herself like a midfielder given time on the ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May clearly sees the opportunity for an increased majority - and all the opinion polls would support this.
Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks to the media outside her official residence of 10 Downing Street in London, Tuesday April 18, 2017.
Theresa may steps outside Downing Streets and announces a General election for just seven weeks' time. She says : "The country is coming together, but Westminster is not".
So much for the cautious Theresa may. The myth that the new Prime Minister is a cautious or careful operator has been decisively demolished by her decision to seek an early election.





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