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Theresa Mary May (née Brasier; born 1 October 1956) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party. She has also been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidenhead since 1997. May identifies as a one-nation conservative and is characterised as a liberal conservative. She is the second woman to hold the post of UK Prime Minister.

Theresa May
Theresa May
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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

BILL Collison must be a very disappointed Conservative. He obviously wrote his letter "Bring it on Theresa" June 22, before the Queen's Speech and failed to listen to the newspapers and the television news.
He stood for election in Maidenhead, Theresa may's constituency, on a mandate of "strong, not entirely stable, leadership", and received 249 votes.
It was intended as a big bang moment when Theresa may went to Brussels to reset the troubled Brexit negotiations by unveiling the UK's "generous offer" towards the three million EU citizens who live and work in Britain.
Prime Minister Theresa May at the state opening of parliament on June 21 2017. She is said to be finished politically, but who will be better?
Radiohead slam Theresa may as they return to Glastonbury stage 20 years after they first headlined festival. "See you later Theresa - shut the door on the way out," Thom Yorke told the crowd.
MPs from all parties are already planning an alliance to defeat Theresa may's plans for a hard Brexit, just days into the new Parliament.
Theresa may's naughtiest confession has been immortalised at Glastonbury, after one festival-goer spotted a flag printed with an image of the Prime Minister running through a field of wheat.
Theresa may is being forced to consult her six most powerful ministers on the terms of any DUP deal in yet another blow to her authority.
Has Theresa may done the same in guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens living here indefinitely? Well, sort of. Although the PM has said that there have to be reciprocal arrangements for British citizens abroad, the difficulty is that because we don't ...
Theresa may's body language on leaving the European Council summit last night shows quite how much of a toll the past few weeks have taken on the Prime Minister.
The Theresa may rise-and-fall-story is similar even if uniquely speedy. Despite providing little or no practical detail - when promising strength and stability - Mrs May expected voters to trust her ability to deliver.
There's very little more satisfying in the life of a government minister than being able to tell a colleague that the project or policy on which they've been campaigning has been agreed.
But is Theresa may actually putting people out of work? Mr S only asks after bumping into Rory Bremner at the inaugural fundraising dinner of the Petra Stunt Foundation - in aid of PS Place - this week.
Pity Theresa may. So much self-flagellation for the PM of late, and one doesn't get the feeling she much enjoys contrition.
Theresa may has been forced to defend her offer to give more than three million European Union citizens living in the UK the right to stay permanently post-Brexit after EU leaders lined up to criticise the proposals.
Contrary to Theresa may's expectation that she would be able to talk to individual member states, Article 50 is designed to ensure that agreement is reached "de vous, chez vous, mais sans vous" - "about you, in your own home, but without you", as I ...
But he told Sky News he was "at a loss as to why Theresa may has not convened Cobra over this to actually get emergency arrangements, led by central government, to support the local authorities and to give the residents the necessity reassurance and ...
Theresa may has hinted at a compromise over the vexed issue of EU citizens' future rights in the UK, suggesting they could be guaranteed in the International Court Of Justice in The Hague.
Theresa may has urged EU leaders to back her counter-terror blitz on web giants - and rid terrorist material from the internet "in all our languages".
EMILY Thornberry has been at the receiving end of outraged listeners after she made a personal dig at Theresa may's appearance during a radio interview.
Talks between the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Theresa may reportedly became so tense the Northern Irish party refused to answer the phone to the Prime Minister's advisers for 36 hours.
Theresa may will head to Brussels today for her first European leader's summit since the general election left her without a majority at home.
Theresa may has played her opening gambit of Brexit negotiations, telling European leaders she will offer some three million EU citizens a new 'settled status' allowing them to stay in Britain if they have lived here five years.
Two weeks after a General election that was supposed to make her stronger in Europe, Theresa may is in Brussels - a diminished figure amongst the EU leaders.
Why Theresa may's offer to EU migrants is more complicated than everyone thought. Should migrants who arrive the day before Britain leaves the EU be allowed to stay forever?
RESOURCEFUL DUP negotiators have heaped further pressure on Theresa may by holding secret talks with Labour and the Lib Dems about proposed amendments, according to reports.
Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa may for the first time in a poll asking who would make the best prime minister. The YouGov survey for The Times found ...
Theresa may held an early general election for one reason only: to exploit the unpopularity of the main opposition party. Even now, viewing the wreckage of the Conservative Party election campaign, it's hard to deny this was a reasonable political ...
After a year of prevarication, it has emerged that the Prime Minister has agreed to offer permanent residency to all EU nationals who were living in Britain.
Theresa may could be in for an awkward night in Brussels as she holds talks on Brexit with EU leaders for the first time since losing her majority at the general election.
This was a Theresa may that had been kept well hidden of late. A prime minister in control of her brief, taking some responsibility for her own actions and talking in meaningful sentences.
Theresa may made a "fair and serious offer" to European Union leaders over the contentious issue of the future rights of EU citizens, offering those who arrive lawfully before Brexit the chance to build up the same rights to work, healthcare and ...
Theresa may, the British Prime Minister, vowed to European leaders at a summit meeting in Brussels that the rights of the more than three million E.U.
queen Elizabeth II giving the speech that sets out the British government's legislative program during the state opening of Parliament in London on Wednesday.
Theresa may's vow to "see Brexit through" has been thrown into doubt after it emerged that the Scottish Parliament and House of Lords could join hostile MPs in blocking legislation to smooth Britain's path out of the EU.
Theresa may has apologised for a "failure of the state" over the Grenfell Fire disaster that killed at least 79 people.
In the wake of the recent attacks in Manchester and London, British Prime Minister Theresa May has called on social media companies to eliminate "safe spaces" online for extremist ideology.
Leo Varadkar beamed as he walked into the oak-panelled state dining room at 10 Downing Street to face the press with Theresa may. It was not just his first overseas trip as Taoiseach, but the first time he had set foot in the British Prime Minister's ...
London - Boris Johnson and David Davis have emerged as the leading contenders to be the next Conservative Party leader as Prime Minister Theresa May's position looks more precarious by the day. May is under huge pressure to turn her fortunes around ...
Theresa may fights for survival as Brexit talks start. The PM faces a crunch week as she seeks to get her premiership back on track - amid rumours she could face a leadership challenge.
Germany has hinted it would be willing to grant the UK Brexit concessions amid fears that talks could collapse if Theresa may is ousted as Prime Minister as a result of Brussels playing hard ball, according to reports. Germany is reportedly willing to ...
On 19 June, Theresa may launched the Brexit negotiations. But she has forgotten her most important negotiating asset - an actual government behind her.
After being elected leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa may and her advisers placed a bet that was essentially the opposite of that placed by Tony Blair and New Labour almost a quarter of a century ago.
Pamela Anderson, the model, actress and campaigner perhaps best known for her epoch-defining performance as CJ Parker in Baywatch, has hit out at British Prime Minister Theresa May in a scathing blogpost on her website. Describing Mrs May as being ...
Moreover, Theresa may has never given the impression that she wants to be particularly radical, even in her honeymoon days as the Prime Minister who gets things done.
Downing Street has brushed aside any suggestion Theresa may has considered quitting and sought to assert her authority saying she is "leading the country".
Theresa may has pledged that the details of any deal for the Democratic Unionist Party to prop her up in power will be made public, as talks go down to the wire.
Theresa may is a "victim" of the Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 58 people, Boris Johnson's sister has said.
The Conservatives have fallen three points behind Labour in a new opinion poll - but Theresa may remains the leader most trusted to secure a good Brexit deal.
David Lammy has warned a cover-up could plague the Grenfell Tower disaster and issued an impassioned plea for Theresa may to immediately seize all pertinent documents.




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