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British Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted she knew there was some tension between former New Zealand High Court judge Dame Lowell Goddard and the panel she led on the UK child sexual abuse inquiry.
British Prime Minister Theresa May will lead a trade mission to India next month during her first major bilateral visit since taking office.
Britain is experiencing a tumultuous period at the minute with the fall in sterling, as well as the ever present conversation about Brexit, eating up the news headlines each day.
London - British Prime Minister Theresa May's India visit next month will give a fillip to bilateral economic and commercial ties, a top Indian diplomat here has said, asserting that New Delhi is keen on working with the United Kingdom to ensure that ...

The British Prime Minister said this delay would give time for further debate on the topic. By Kedar Grandhi. October 19, 2016 06:51 BST.
The red carpet is being rolled out by the White House Tuesday to welcome Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is joining President Barack Obama for the last state dinner hosted by the commander-in-chief.
As PM Theresa May approaches her 100th day in office, Baroness Margaret Thatcher has been named the worst Prime Minister of the past 100 years, according ...
"We should be kicking the door in of the British Prime Minister to ensure the interests of the people of Northern Ireland are protected," said Mr Eastwood, the leader of one of Stormont's two official opposition parties.
London, United Kingdom - British Prime Minister Theresa May's office sought to downplay cabinet tensions over Brexit on Monday after reports her finance minister is antagonising colleagues with his warnings about the economic dangers.
British Prime Minister Theresa May is coming under mounting pressure to reveal her Brexit strategy before she triggers formal negotiations to leave the European Union.
The British Prime Minister does not have the legal power to trigger Article 50 and start the Brexit process, the British High Court has been told.
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, pictured arriving at the Houses of Parliament in London. Picture: AFP. Nearly nine out of ten of those 85 academics surveyed, who specialise in contemporary history and politics, said the European Union ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May vowed on Wednesday to put the UK at the forefront of global efforts to eradicate modern slavery, warning human traffickers: "We are coming after you.
Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, pictured arriving at the Houses of Parliament in London. Picture: AFPSource:AFP.
Theresa may has bowed to pressure and committed to holding a parliamentary debate on Brexit before triggering the Article 50 EU exit mechanism.

Theresa may: 'If you believe you're a citizen of the world, you're a citizen of nowhere.' JENS DRESLING. by Martin Wolf.
The Telegraph reports that British government ministers have been banned from wearing Apple Watches during cabinet meetings, over fears that they could be hacked by the Russians.
Sometimes great damage can be caused by a government policy idea that doesn't end up seeing the light of day. Think back to 2013, when the Tory-LibDem coalition announced plans to introduce a visa bond.
Canadian Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King (left), US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Second Quebec Conference, (codenamed OCTAGON), Quebec City, Canada, September 1944.
London: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Friday hinted at a possible return to frontline politics as he asserted that the UK at present seemed a "one-party state".
British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to visit India early next month, according to highly-placed sources involved in finalising the details of her first trip to the country as premier.
British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks on the final day of the annual Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, England, Oct. 5, 2016.
British Prime Minister Theresa May went into this week's annual Tory conference in Birmingham, her first as the leader of the Conservatives, with a big question hanging over her young premiership: how to set a clearer course for Brexit without ...
Brooke Blair is a 5-year-old girl who is not happy with the United Kingdom's Prime Minster. The girl tells Theresa may to help the homeless in a passionate video, saying "You should be out there, Theresa May.
Prime Minister Theresa May laid out her vision for post-Brexit Britain Wednesday, calling for a new approach to government that serves working-class people who voted to leave the European Union in protest at the elite.
Dubai: A Dubai-based lawyer has started legal action against former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, seeking his prosecution for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Prime Minister Theresa May delivers a speech during the fourth day of the Conservative Party Conference 2016 at the ICC Birmingham on October 5, 2016 in Birmingham, England.
Mr Eastwood said: "In her speech, the British Prime Minister spent a lot of time telling us why people in England voted to leave the EU.
"[British Prime Minister] Theresa may's vision of Brexit Britain is a deeply ugly one - a country where people are judged not by their ability or their contribution to the common god but by their birthplace or by their passport," Scottish first ...
Radical extremist Sodagar, who was born and raised in in Washington DC, has spent the past 14 years in Iran studying Islamic law and principles.
Midlands Northwest MEP Marian Harkin says the British Prime Minister's hardline stance on Brexit is 'shocking' for Ireland.
British Prime Minister Theresa May Calls for a Fairer Society. May told the Tory conference that the vote to exit the EU was a protest against the "rich and powerful.
London (AFP) - British Prime Minister Theresa May is making a "huge mistake" by heading for a hard Brexit -- severing ties with the European single market, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg told AFP.
Birmingham: The Tory government is shutting the UK's doors to international students and foreign workers, announcing a harsh new policy to prevent overseas workers from "taking jobs British people could do".
Britain will be treated 'like Greece during 2015 bailout negotiations' when it comes to Brexit talks, Malta's PM warns.
The U.K.'s new prime minister, Theresa may, promised to begin the formal negotiations for Brexit at the end of March 2017, meaning the U.K.
One of David Cameron's former cabinet colleagues has lashed out at the former British Prime Minister's "control freak" management style.
British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled the timetable at her annual party conference and she also revealed she'll play hardball with her European partners.
British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she is planning on implementing Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which will begin the UK's formal negotiation process for leaving the EU, by March 2017.
London (AP) - Britain will trigger the formal process for leaving the European Union before April, Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday, putting to rest weeks of speculation on the timing of the move.
Approximately 90 delegations from 70 countries will be in attendance, including French President Francois Hollande, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, British Prime Minister Theresa May, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, former French ...
Speaking today to BBC Scotland, British Prime Minister Theresa May insisted that Scotland won't be allowed to "veto" the Brexit, and that while they will be allowed to give some input on the matter, ultimately the United Kingdom will negotiated the ...
At the Conservative Party Conference on Sunday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will face pressure from both Leave and Remain campaigners to clarify the government's objectives for the forthcoming two-year negotiation.
British Prime Minister Theresa May ordered a review of employment practices on Saturday, saying she wanted to ensure workers' rights were protected under changing business models and a growing trend towards flexible or self-employment.
"The Czech government finds it unacceptable to see Czechs attacked because of their origin and being treated as second-class citizens," Sobotka told May.
Tony Blair 'Nearly Quit' As British Prime Minister According To Alistair Campbell. 'Tony had pretty much had enough and was being ground down by Gordon'.
... expressed his sadness for the country's ninth leader, calling him "a man cherished by the nation." Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair tweeted that Peres was "a political giant, a statesman who will rank as one of the foremost of this era or ...
n what is perhaps one of the most unlikely match-ups of the day, Sylvester Stallone was joined by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as they lifted Kate Hudson into the air over the weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. The trio were attending a ...





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