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It is surely reasonable to assume that all in Britain, on both sides of the divide, would like British companies and businesses to face the lowest possible tariffs and other barriers in the trade they seek to do, over the years to come, with the half ...
On October 25, after years of delays, the British government will announce whether it favours expanding runway capacity at either Heathrow or Gatwick airport.

The enduring legacies of Gordon Brown and Ed Balls' sojourn at the Treasury were the decisions to free the Bank of England from political control and to keep the UK out the Euro. Brown-Balls had the courage to do what a succession of chancellors from ...
In the early days of the New Labour government (1997-2010), when the word "Brexit" didn't exist and Euroscepticism was as quixotic as causes go, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, cheered on by much of the bien-pensant establishment, wanted Britain to ditch ...
"Oddly enough this will offend some, I put her down as one of the most successful PM's of all time, not because I agreed with her, but because she laid out her stall and she achieved it, and Britain in many ways was stronger afterwards although in many ...
A Dorset man accused of driving to his ex wife's home in Wincanton and starting a fire has been found guilty of the offence following a trial before Somerset Magistrates.
Since 1721, 40 of Britain's 54 prime ministers went to either Oxford or Cambridge, collectively known as "Oxbridge." The rivalry between the two elite institutions manifests itself in an annual boat race, which is how Oxford Today, a magazine sent to ...
Argentina and the UK re-established diplomatic relations in 1990; relations have since deteriorated as neither has agreed on the terms of future sovereignty discussions.
During the 2010 general election, the then-U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was overheard dismissing a Labour voter as a "bigoted woman" after she questioned him about eastern European immigrants coming to the U.K. Brown's comment captured the elite ...
Jeremy Corbyn's repeated rebellions against Labour governments underline his "strength of character", the party's new Chief Whip has declared.
"The Deal" between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown meant that Mr Blair, despite being prime minister, did not interfere with economic matters.
A former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, has called on the Federal government and negotiators not to give up until all the abducted Chibok schoolgirls are freed.
The British, despite their sometimes deluded, and unrequited, belief in the transatlantic special relationship, have always had an obvious intense interest in who is running the superpower.

Jeremy Corbyn has moved to strengthen his grip over the Labour party by sacking his moderate chief whip and replacing her with one of Gordon Brown's closest allies. The Labour leader has replaced Rosie Winterton with Nick Brown, who served as a whip ...
Rudd's speech to Conservative Party conference delegates on Tuesday afternoon left business leaders aghast, with the head of the British Chamber of Commerce, Adam Marshall, calling the policy a "badge of shame" for companies grappling with the UK's ...
Sparks will fly on and off the track when the final rounds of the BTRA British Truck Racing Championship are followed by season-closing fireworks display on Sunday, November 6. There will be ... Sweethearts. Gates open at 5pm, with Entertainment from 5 ...
Can you imagine Gordon Brown having a cheery pint with Alan Milburn or any of the Blairite Cabinet ministers who opposed him?
He repeats the canard that "Tony Blair and Gordon Brown .... brought this country to the very brink of total economic collapse".
General secretary Roy Rickhuss told the Mirror: "Big infrastructure projects like the new Trident submarines are crucial to supporting British manufacturing, but this government need to make sure that wherever possible these projects make use of ...
It wasn't quite "British jobs for British workers", Gordon Brown's daft sound bite that was as undeliverable as it was offensive, but it was near enough.
Speaking on the fringes of the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on Tuesday evening, former Tory cabinet minister Theresa Villiers expressed "grave concerns" about the idea of Trump being elected president of the United States.
The funereal Philip Hammond, a Chancellor of the Exchequer with the gloomy air of an undertaker, burying the Tory pledge to clear the deficit and put Britain back in the black by 2020 should is an admission the Tories triumphed in 2015 by deceit just ...
MANY people believe that Brexit has undermined the legitimacy of the 2014 independence referendum in which continued UK membership of the EU was assumed.
On October 4, 2008, exactly eight years ago today, the global financial crisis was approaching "a situation that risked becoming worse than 1929", according to the then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. At his behest, the French President Nicolas ...
Imagine if Tony Blair had never left Britain to run the European Union. Life would ... As you know, Tony Blair resigned as prime minister in October 2004, giving way to Gordon Brown and jetting off to Brussels to become President of the European ...
The UK's vote to leave the European Union was a remarkable rebuke to the political and business establishment and an outcome for which few had prepared.
But though No.10 has wisely avoided publicly contemplating an election (unlike Gordon Brown), the question refuses to die. The Conservatives have a majority of just 12 - the smallest of any single-party government since 1974 - and, as David Cameron ...
I hope he does, because none of his ideas - and there were plenty of good ones in his speech - will do anything to make Britain a better place unless Labour win power. ... although again, it would have been useful to have heard a more rousing clarion ...
When I took the first yummy-scrummy bite, I was hooked even before the camera had slid across the manicured parkland and into that mad and misty realm where a couple of hours is a long time .
Through her life chances, agenda and industrial strategies, she aims to sweep up the support of hard-grafting Tory families and send a seductive signal to moderate Labour supporters turned off by Jeremy Corbyn's out-of-touch definition of working Britain.
There were some fractious negotiations between broadcasters and politicians about the televised debates during the 2015 general election.
A key player in exposing the scandal was the campaigning journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown, sister-in law of the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Malaysian government later issued a warrant for her arrest. Specifically named in the US ...
Dull, boring, uncharismatic, safe, loyal, unflashy, robotic, risk averse, plodding, unassertive. These are just some of the words used to describe Philip Hammond, who, with his first big set piece Autumn Statement pending, next week makes his maiden ...
Serialised in The New European, Mr Campbell claims that Mr Blair only abandoned the plan because he feared he was being driven out of office by the well documented battle between Mr Blair and his then chancellor Gordon Brown. The Press Association ...
Prince Charles and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson are also listed, along with former UK Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. Also expected are the presidents of France, Germany, Ukraine, the Ivory Coast, Togo, Mexico, ...
Gordon Brown Solicitors, who already hold a number of accreditations including Lexcel and CQS, have achieved another in the form of the Legal Eye Quality Standard.
Mr Brown was a senior partner of wholesale fruit and vegetable merchants George Brown and Sons in the town which became a household name.
Janan Ganesh, a Financial Times columnist, wrote that "there is a reasonable chance, and it becomes stronger by the day, that Gordon Brown will turn out to have been the last Labour prime minister." (Mr. Brown left office in 2010.) But if the mood of ...
Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown, right, opposition Conservative Party leader David Cameron, left, and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg take part in the second of Britain's leadership election debates in Bristol, Southwest England, on April 22 ...
In fact, politics is so much bigger in America than in Britain that we don't often get to fairly size up the two. But as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prepare for their first presidential debate tonight (2am, C4), we've got the perfect opportunity ...
Gordon Brown has urged Labour MPs to rejoin Jeremy Corbyn's frontbench team "for the good of the party and the country", HuffPost has been told.
Theresa may was today forced to deny she's another Gordon Brown because of dithering over Heathrow and Hinkley Point. The PM slapped down claims her premiership honeymoon was over and insisted she would take a decision on airport expansion ...
Obesity, as Sir Harpal Kumar, cancer Research UK's chief executive, wrote in the Guardian, after May made - quietly, from her holidays - her second most offensive decision after the promotion of father-of-five, Boris Johnson, "has a disproportionate ...
First off we had the Brexit vote, despite attempts by Labour grandees Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to rally support for the Remain campaign.
RUTH Davidson would have to lead the campaign group to promote the UK if a second independence referendum was called, according to a former Labour MP.
It was emphasised that in the context of Brexit, Britain could not afford to look like it was pulling up the drawbridge and becoming a more protectionist economy.





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