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updated Sat. February 16, 2019

In the early 1960s, Kennedy administration Defense Secretary Robert McNamara emphasized offensive missiles. He rejected the anti-ballistic missile as impractical and too easily overwhelmed. Later, President Lyndon Johnson forced McNamara to declare support for an ABM system. President Ronald ...
Holbrook may not have a coastline to attract beach-goers, but that's a positive once in a while. “Thank God we weren't Quincy,” said Holbrook Police Commander Robert McNamara as he described the damage caused by Friday's nor'easter that pummeled the state with massive rain and winds. “But the ...

A tunnel under Long Island Sound might be a long way off, but the Village of Flower Hill has already made it clear that it has problems with the current plan. Of the suggestions for a bridge/tunnel combination to cross the Sound, a route from Oyster Bay to Westchester County appears to be the most feasible.
... loving father of Walter (Kim) and Patrick (Stephanie) Moss; cherished grandfather of Mark and Sean; dearest brother of Patricia (late Jack) Pennel, Evelyn (late Eugene) McNamara, James Moss, Joanne (Thomas) Mattingly, Donald Moss, late Richard (Teri) Moss, and late Nora (late Robert) McNamara; ...
Carol J. McNamara-Gardner, 60, of Haines City, Florida, and formerly of Ellington, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, February 7, 2018. Born in Manchester, the daughter of Bethamy "Betty" (Bancroft) McNamara Heim of Vernon and the late Robert McNamara, she grew up and lived in Ellington before ...
On Nov. 29, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson announced that Robert McNamara, the secretary of defense, would leave his post to run the World Bank. “I do not know to this day whether I quit or was fired,” McNamara wrote decades later. “Maybe it was both.” It's actually quite clear: He was fired. But he ...

Katharine Graham and her husband, Phillip, were prime culprits, active on the Washington social scene and counting John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert McNamara and many other power elites as personal friends. When Graham inherited the newspaper from her husband upon his death in ...
The movie also shows Robert McNamara trying to stop publication. McNamara was the former secretary of defense who commissioned the study of the war that became "The Pentagon Papers." "Nixon will muster the full power of the presidency, and if there's a way to destroy you, by God, he'll find it," Bruce ...
... can be passed ... animal to person,” D'Antona said. “I know they sell a lot of things at Home Depot and Lowes ... to try to keep [coyotes] out, but I think to try to just ... do what you can preventatively is the best measure.” Holbrook Police Commander Robert McNamara is used to seeing coyotes around town.
The movie opens with Robert McNamara, defense secretary, sanguine in public about the outcome of the Vietnam War, but negative in private. Working for the Rand Corp., Daniel Ellsberg helped write the 47 volume, 7,000 page “Report on the History of U.S. Decision-Making Process on the Vietnam Policy ...
Robert Kennedy entered the race. LBJ, confronted with defeat by Kennedy in the Wisconsin primary, withdrew from contention. The Tet Offensive ended in military victory for South Vietnamese and U.S. forces, but Hanoi focused on the wider strategic context. Johnson, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara ...
Original caption from 1969: "SP4 Michael Ferreira, left, Dallas, Tex., and SP4 David Booker, Geneva, Indiana, keep close watch during their guard duty tour on the Dak To perimeter with their M14 weapons in Vietnam on June 11, 1969. American defenders have beaten off enemy attacks in the area on 24 of ...
This year brings a number of important anniversaries, especially half-century benchmarks from one of the most eventful, unpredictable and violent periods in American history. This includes our military experiences. One of the earliest and most important is the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War's Tet ...
Edward Lansdale got his first intimation of what Robert McNamara was like in the early days of 1961 when he was summoned to the Pentagon's inner sanctum, Room 3E-880, to give the new ... Ever since he was a schoolboy, Robert S. McNamara had been entranced by the seductive logic of mathematics.
“The Post” covers June 1971 when the New York Times first published details from the government-classified Pentagon Papers, a comprehensive study ordered by U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara regarding United States involvement in Vietnam. McNamara said he wanted the study done so that ...
What became known as the Pentagon Papers was a study commissioned by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in 1967 on the history of policy-making on Vietnam, resulting in a massive 47-volume, 7,000-page report. One of those who worked on the study was Daniel Ellsberg and it was Ellsberg who ...
“The Post” chronicles the role of The Washington Post in publishing the “Pentagon Papers,” the report commissioned in 1968 by then-Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara while he was in office. McNamara, as portrayed in the movie, explains the purpose of the papers. They were, in his words, for future ...

You were 30 years old when you wrote America's nuclear-war plans for the defense secretary, Robert McNamara. Is that too much responsibility for someone that young? It's too much responsibility for an 86-year-old or a 70-year-old. I don't think we've ever had a human leader in any state that could really ...
These two characters are very different people: Graham is a Capitol Hill society matron who's friendly with high-powered types like Secretary of Defense Robert S McNamara (Bruce Greenwood), while Bradlee is a genteel rascal who's not above sending an intern to hang out in the offices of The New York ...
President Bill Clinton's greatest regret was his failure to respond to the Rwandan genocide. He estimated that U.S. intervention could have saved 300,000 lives. The Vietnam War was former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's biggest regret. He wrote an entire book to explain why he was “terribly ...
Pivotal in Graham's transformation was the decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, which was portrayed as torturous owing to two concurrent problems: One, she feared the banks would abandon her during the then-imminent public offering; and, two, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, who had ...
Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Secretaries of Defense Robert McNamara and William Perry, Admiral Stansfield Turner, Generals James Cartwright, William Odom, Eugene Habiger, and George Lee Butler, and Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Schultz have all ...
The Pentagon Papers, officially titled "Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force," were secretly commissioned by then–Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and ended up being a comprehensive history of American involvement in the region from the end of World War II through ...
Daniel Ellsberg (“The Americans'” Matthew Rhys), a top aide to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood), watched his boss tell reporters that the military was making progress in Vietnam, exactly the opposite of what Ellsberg had told him moments before. Later, working for the RAND ...
The way Johnson was manipulated by the war machine and defence secretary Robert McNamara into sending more troops to Vietnam is horrifying. But most telling is that Ho Chi Minh and his cadres in the north of Vietnam outwitted not just American military might but the corrupt south Vietnamese puppet ...
SAN FRANCISCO — The mayor on Monday announced plans to turn three public schools into homeless shelters over the holidays and said he will attempt to provide emergency beds during all cold spells. 50 years ago: WASHINGTON - As president of the World Bank, Robert S. McNamara would lead a ...
The book is an account of America's nuclear program in the 1960s drawn from Ellsberg's experience as a consultant to the Department of Defense and the White House, drafting Secretary Robert McNamara's plans for nuclear war. Ellsberg is the author of Secrets, a book about his experiences leaking the ...
His belief that the US government isn't handling the war well is only heightened when he contributes to what would later be called the Pentagon Papers, a study of classified documents commissioned by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood). Knowing that the papers contain explosive ...
We begin with Defense secretary Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood) talking with staffers on a plane about how badly things are going in Vietnam — but then, when talking to reporters the moment they touch down, praising the progress the U.S. is making. Staffer Daniel Ellsberg (Matthew Rhys) registers ...
Schroeder's method is not unlike the one employed by director Errol Morris with his films about Robert McNamara (The Fog of War) and Donald Rumsfeld (The Unknown Known). Both filmmakers gain access to subjects by promising to allow them to speak freely (and perhaps inflating their egos), and ...
Graham's book exudes affection for Kissinger as well as Robert McNamara and other luminaries of various administrations who remained her close friends until she died in 2001. To Graham, men like McNamara and Kissinger — the main war architects for Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon ...
In one scene, the script has Robert McNamara, who had been secretary of defense during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, declare: “The papers can't be objective.” It was like listening to a current Trump rant against the news media for accurately reporting on his contradictions and half-truths.
Steven Spielberg, on the other hand, begins “The Post” with Ellsberg, who is embedded with U.S. troops in Vietnam. He tells the truth — that the U.S. isn't winning — to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Nothing changes. Then he steals the Pentagon Papers, and the movie goes into high gear.
Robert McNamara, head of UK at eDreams, said: “Our report bears good news for London, with an increase in the number of European travellers choosing to visit the capital. “It's Europe's number one destination for 2017 - a welcome boost to the tourism industry post Brexit.” Keywords: London, Tourism ...
The New York Times runs a bombshell report about a leaked study tracing three decades of growing involvement in the Vietnam War — a cover-up that spans four presidents and places the blame on Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (Bruce Greenwood). Irked about being scooped, Post editor Ben ...
As a consultant to the Department of Defense and the White House, Daniel Ellsberg, senior fellow of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and subject of the film “The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers”, drafted Secretary Robert McNamara's plans for nuclear war.
Graham, in Personal History , recalls that unknown to President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara had commissioned the study sometime around 1967 before he left the Pentagon. By June 15, however, the Justice Department got a court injunction against NYT , “restraining a ...
STEM disciplines teach a dazzling faith in “the data” and the pretty precision their tools promise. But they also risk a method-level fall for the “McNamara Fallacy,” and much math-swaddled twaddle. 4. Named for Robert McNamara's metrics-obsessed management of the Vietnam War, this disastrous recipe ...
On Nov. 29, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson announced that Robert McNamara, the secretary of defense, would leave his post to run the World Bank. “I do not know to this day whether I quit or was fired,” McNamara wrote decades later. “Maybe it was both.” It's actually quite clear: He was fired. But he ...
In Robert McNamara's Other War: The World Bank and International Development, Patrick Allan Scharma attends to the lesser-studied final act of McNamara's political career – his role as leader of the World Bank. This thoroughly ... Robert Strange McNamara is now condemned in history. Secretary of ...
The young veterans, who included Robert S. McNamara, the future defense secretary and World Bank president, were first called the “quiz kids” ...
... they cajoled Ford colleagues with so many questions early on -- included Robert McNamara, who also became Ford president before serving ...
The President was accompanied by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara on the first stop of a coast-to-coast Veterans Day weekend tour ...
... which is why Kennedy's defense secretary, Robert McNamara, had Pentagon staffers digging through McCormack's military service record to ...
Many members of the film's teeming ensemble can be glimpsed in the teaser, including Bruce Greenwood as Robert McNamara, who as ...
Robert McNamara, aged 43, who has an address at Roxboro Road, admitted his role in the incident which happened at Ellen Street shortly ...
... which is why Kennedy's defense secretary, Robert McNamara, had Pentagon staffers digging through McCormack's military service record to ...
... Morris won the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary in 2004 for “The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara.”.
McLaughlin said, “I've got a call in to (Sec. of Defense Robert) McNamara, but haven't received an answer.” He added he queried Powers if the ...
Institute attorney Robert McNamara said he's also disappointed in the decision. “But that doesn't change the fact that what happened to Mr.


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