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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

Why would CPW biologist Tina Jackson, species conservation coordinator, USFS biologist Mikele Painter, zoologist Robert Schorr of the Colorado Natural Heritage Program at Colorado State University, and others give up their weekend evening to brave the ...
Sign Up. David Riley, a Zoologist, who owns Zoosbury, originally based in Shrewsbury who now have a base at the British Ironworks Centre, believes the number of people throwing away pets is increasing, as animals have become a 'commodity' to people.
Who would ever have thought a giant squid would float around Melkbosstrand?
Indeed, the Giant Softshell Turtle has been described by zoologists as a zombie species, a moniker applied to populations consisting of one or a few long-lived individuals ("the living dead") and ultimately doomed to extinction because of continued ...
It's hard to believe that just a few hours drive from Rome, a small population of bears has survived in isolation for thousands of years.
It ain't over till it's over. But the Steven Salaita controversy sure looks like it's over.The University of Illinois can finally put to rest another meaningless controversy.
TONIGHT zoologist Lucy Cooke continues to capture the incredible bonds which are formed between animals and their offspring at birth.
As zoologist Darren Naish learned when researching for a potential book, "Between 1996 and 1999, the Rhino and Lion Reserve near Krugersdorp, South Africa, had two of its three giraffes killed by lightning - the third animal (a juvenile) was also ...
In my haste to do my part in getting everyone fed, dressed, and out the door on time I gave the Zoologist his orange juice to take to the breakfast table AND I gave him the Ballerina's juice to take to the table as well.
No ordinary North Queenslander, she ventured into the wilds of Africa at 15 from Townsville and is now an acclaimed zoologist, elephant expert, best-selling author, film producer and mumpreneur who runs her own safari business from a laptop in Whitfield.
Joanna Bagniewska, a 32-year-old Polish zoologist currently teaching at Reading University in southern England, has lived in the U.K.
A trained marine zoologist and former game ranger, Blackburn said he had been inspired to tell the stories of this lost history by a friend whose great-grandfather and uncle had served in the Boer war on the site where Blackburn's lodge is now situated.
It's just not something we like to think about, at least for our species: eating others of our own kind (except in zombie movies).
A local resident Ganesh Meher found one of the injured turtles at Vadrai in Palghar on Wednesday,said Bhushan Bhoir, a zoologist from Palghar. "The turtle had sustained an injury to its flippers a week before being admitted to the rescue centre. Meher ...
Produced by Brad Pitt on Netflix's $50 million budget, "Okja" features Tilda Swinton as a scion of a multinational food corporation and Jake Gyllenhaal as a zoologist. Their world in Manhattan stands in stark contrast to a farmer girl's who lives on ...
science Magazine reported on June 22, "A study led by Derek Lee, a zoologist at the Wild Nature Institute, a nonprofit in Concord, New Hampshire, found that giraffe calves in the Tarangire ecosystem in northern Tanzania are more likely to be eaten by ...
Based on the synopsis for the upcoming film, "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" will feature a group of crypto-zoologists from an agency known as Monarch as they discover a host of gigantic monsters, including Godzilla. In the film, Godzilla will battle ...
Compact avian bodies pared down to accommodate long-distance flights, writes Cambridge zoologist Claire Spottiswoode in an accompanying commentary, may "need to negotiate their narrower pelvis, and because the only way to fit a chick into a narrower ...
The book is designed in a question-and-answer format with pictures and illustrations of turtles in their natural habitat, most of which she has experienced first hand as a zoologist. Her character Sheldon the Snapping Turtle provides an entertaining ...
This cave-dwelling creature, which has several Oddities, is "the most bizarre freshwater fish, and one of the rarest in the world," said Yahui Zhao, a zoologist with the Chinese Academy of sciences and member of the search team, in a statement. No ...
Violence has taken the lives of several rangers, and a surge in wildlife killings is devastating populations of one of East Africa's most majestic beasts: giraffes.
The reintroduction marks the culmination of weeks of work by partners PTES, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Zoological Society of London, Paignton Zoo and the Common Dormouse Captive Breeders Group, who were all involved in different ...
Born in 1920 in Wales, Sladen was a teacher, an Antarctic explorer, and "a physician by training and zoologist by choice," according to his obituary in The New York Times.
Harrison Angus McPherson had asked for a spent conviction over attack filmed by mate.
Artist, singer, reader, woodcarver, budding zoologist - Julianne in many ways is mature beyond her just-turned-12 years. But she still loves to snuggle in bed ...
Today, I am featuring a guest post by Anne Innis Dagg, a Canadian zoologist, biologist, Feminist, and author of numerous books.
Sting and snoozi are names of the two male crocodiles that were brought by the catholic Brother Joachim Parr in 1971. The two predators were brought from the US by the late Parr who was a zoologist and biology teacher for then high school students for ...
William J. L. Sladen, a physician by training and zoologist by choice who became a leading expert on the libido of Antarctic penguins and the migratory patterns of endangered birds in North America, died on May 29 at his home in Warrenton, Va.
... the genetically modified animal from becoming genetically modified meat; and Dr. Johnny (Jake Gyllenhaal), a deranged zoologist who serves as a sort of Mirando Corp. mascot (inspired by the host of Animal Magic, a BBC show Ronson watched as a kid).
design doesn't just solve problems for people. It can also help save animals' lives. Case in point: A team of zoologists has decided to build artificial nests for endangered African penguins. The nests, which are made of ceramic-like insulation, are ...
Isaiah Wiggins, 10, was given the Distinguished Zoologist Award for his animal and dinosaur enthusiasm. Isaiah's mother, Laura Robinson, praised the camp's ability to teach social and life skills.
Xenopus frogs were once commonly used to confirm pregnancy with a strange technique known as the Hogben test, for its inventor, British zoologist Lancelot Hogben. Female frogs injected with urine from a possibly pregnant woman would begin ovulating ...
"The reshaping of this dull and strange landscape into a German one must be our most important goal," zoologist Lutz Heck wrote in 1942 after seeing the recently-conquered lands of Eastern Europe from outside a train window.
Produced by Brad Pitt on Netflix's $50 million budget, "Okja" features Tilda Swinton as a scion of a multinational food corporation and Jake Gyllenhaal as a zoologist. Their world in Manhattan stands in stark contrast to a farmer girl's who lives on ...
Wildlife queen Kate Humble hosts BBC2's new wildlife panel quiz Curious Creatures. We caught up with Kate who revealed competitive team captains - Springwatch's Chris Packham and zoologist Lucy Cooke - have the claws out in this raucous new panel ...
Andrew Hebda, a zoologist with the Nova Scotia Museum, said it's rare to catch a trout with a mouse inside it, but the fish has been known to eat the rodent - and anything else it can grab.
This failed to ruffle zoologist Andrew Hebda, who told the outlet he has come across trouts with all sorts of things in their bellies.
What is a zoologist doing running the economy anyway? - Why aren't we getting bigger pay rises? - Could we legalise weed to pay for schools and pay off debt?
Bong Joon-ho's new Netflix movie gets a second trailer, which highlights the emotional connection between a young girl and a fantastical creature.
The evil stage-setting is used to introduce the characters and set up what will be an ongoing personal conflict that will serve as a sort of microcosm for the war - the friendship with a German zoologist, Lutz (Daniel Bruhl), that turns into an ...
At the same time her 2001 textbook about fictional magic creatures, Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them, became a monster hit.
In German-occupied Poland during the darkest days of World War II, a zookeeper and his wife managed to save the lives of hundreds of people, many of whom ...
When does Amazing Animal Births start on ITV tonight? What's it about? The second episode of Amazing Animal Births is on tonight at 8pm on ITV.
First, look for their silvery eyes. And the murky holes where they nest, the way their legs sprawl out across the swaying seaweed as they swish from place to place.
Amazing Animal Births will start tonight at 8pm on ITV. There will be six hour-long episodes each week every Monday. The episodes will show zoologist Lucy witness first-hand the incredible bonds between a mother and their offspring, as well as that ...
Ramapo rescue workers pulled a baby deer from a storm drain Friday morning. police found it on Miriam Lane in Monsey. police found it on Miriam Lane in Monsey.
One species of wart-encrusted octopus looks very much like another - which is why zoologists are taking a good, hard look at those warts: turns out, they could help scientists tell these exceptionally bumpy octopods apart.
Many little kids love plants and animals - but can they name the proteins found in a fungus? One young man has taken his love for the natural world to the next level and reveals his wealth of knowledge in a video that already has fans begging for him ...
Nagpur: Defying the general perception that a tigress rears its cubs for around two years before delivering another litter, six-year-old Katrina (B3) tigress in Bor Tiger Reserve has delivered its third litter in just 2.5 years, with a gap of just 14 ...
... well thought-out and risky conditions are better posited for quality living than those produced carelessly." The professor called for improvement in zoology curriculum in the country to ensure better focus on organisms that feature prominently ...