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updated Sun. April 30, 2017

In the fight against alien animals that invade and overrun native species, the weird and wired wins. "Critters are smart they survive," said biologist Rob `Goose' Gosnell, head of US Department of Agriculture's wildlife services in Guam, where brown ...
Christmas trees and triangles of wood pallets are among other materials that can be used for such projects. But biologist Jeremy Shiflet of the Kentucky Department of fish and Wildlife Resources says anglers like those made of pipe because they're less ...
The Upper Arkansas River Valley has a new aquatic biologist - Michael Atwood, a Buena Vista native whom his predecessor Greg Policky mentored over the past eight years.
The Kentucky Department of fish and Wildlife says they believe they know what is causing Asian carp to die in Kentucky and Barkley lakes.
In hundreds of experiments on all manner of animals, from guppies to grouse, when biologists trim or dim these masculine traits, males lose out on mating opportunities.
biologists from the Russian Academy of sciences (RAS) unraveled the secret of fungi luminescence and created several artificial analogs of their molecules, glowing with all the colors of the rainbow.
Southern Cross University marine biologist and PhD candidate Hannah Sheppard-Brennand recently discovered the collector sea urchin's, or Tripneustes Gratilla's, defence mechanism involved the use of 'pedicellariae'.
In the new book he co-wrote, "How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog)," the UofL biologist details the fascinating history of an experiment that has produced remarkable results through nearly six decades.
Afterbay dam, seen here discharging a flow of about 11,000 cubic feet per second, adds a lot of nitrogen to the waters of the Bighorn River, a famed trout fishery.
Steve Pollock, who owns Triple N Oyster farm with his wife, Ginger Brininstool, hand delivers their oysters to Jolie Pearl and Mansurs on the Boulevard once a week, and the restaurants happily share the story of how the husband and wife team of LSU ...
CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) - The South Carolina Department of natural resources is investigating how a pair of dead leatherback sea turtles ...
Stewart said KinderMiner counts the co-occurrence of a key phrase that the biologist or user is interested in such as "cardiomyocyte" and some target term, which is usually a gene name or the name of a drug or compound.
Greenpeace released their 2017 Tuna Shopping Guide and John Hocevar a marine biologist with Greenpeace says big name companies like StarKist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken of the sea were at the bottom of the list.
SANTA CRUZ >> Robert Sinsheimer, an internationally recognized biologist and chancellor emeritus of UC Santa Cruz, died Saturday in Santa Barbara at the age of 97.
Marine biologists say the use of microbeads must end as soon as possible. Dr David Santillo, a Greenpeace scientist and honorary biosciences research fellow at the University of Exeter, says that it remains unclear how many products include the pellets ...
A.T.P Ajuwape, a professor of veterinary microbiology and parasitology, will deliver the 407th inaugural lecture of the University of Ibadan on Thursday, April 27.
The picture of Martian soil as taken by the panoramic camera on the Mars Exploration Rover (Photo : NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory/ Cornell University/Getty Images ) The picture of Martian soil as taken by the panoramic camera on the Mars Exploration ...
A geneticist and molecular biologist, Dr. Christensen delivered the annual Cawthorne Lecture on April 18 to an assembly of current and former students, faculty, staff, and previous Cawthorne Award winners.
Eels were once the most plentiful fish in the Ottawa River, but they've become endangered because of dams. Now biologists are working on ways to provide ...
The high-profile first-degree murder trial of Ian Bush continued Monday with more testimony from the lead forensic biologist in the case.
A pair of plant biologists has lost a string of papers over concerns about image manipulation. One author has added eight new retractions to his CV; the other ...
Nestled between farmland and Nampa's expanding urban and residential reach, the refuge is a unique habitat, said Christensen, who holds undergraduate and master's degrees in zoology and worked as a regional environmental specialist and biologist at ...
Researcher Zachary Hanna of the Museum of Vertebrate zoology and California Academy of sciences collects tissue samples from a barred owl killed in a ...
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine biologist and conservation strategist, is participating in the March for science in Washington, D.C.
The fourth-domain theory was first floated back in 2003 when evolutionary biologist Jean-Michel Claverie and his team discovered another giant virus, Mimivirus.
Sara Dykman gives a presentation on monarch butterflies to students at Leisure Park Elementary school in Broken Arrow on Thursday.
The cell biologists from Utrecht first discovered that larger quantities of MAP2 accumulate between the cell body and the axon.
Cell biologists from Utrecht University have discovered the protein that may be the crucial traffic regulator for the transport of vital molecules inside nerve cells.
NATURE -- Still time to make the Washington Butterfly Association monthly meetng, 6 p.m., at the Downtown Public Library Branch, Room 1A, 906 W. Main St in Spokane.
An international team of marine biologists, led by researchers at Northeastern University and the University of Utah, is the first to investigate a never before studied species - the giant mud-dwelling shipworm Kuphus polythalamia.
"Our study isn't designed to examine the effects of helicopter skiing or human activity on mountain goats," fish and Game biologist Kevin White said at a recent presentation in Haines. "It's more oriented towards figuring out where important mountain ...
Biologist David George Haskell studies the sounds of trees and wrote a book about his findings called "The Songs of Trees.
Lingering in the background is whether wildlife biologists should be killing barred owls at all. "It is gut-wrenching," said Wiens, the USGS raptor ecologist.
The biologist and geneticist has been researching the cellular structure for nearly three decades now, fascinated by the bridge it forms between the ancient and modern worlds.
Canada Geese gather off the shore of Galloo Island, Hounsfield. Clifford P. Schneider, a retired fishery biologist for the state Department of Environmental conservation, said Friday in a letter that DEC guidelines recommending setbacks and maps ...
WGFD Biologist Stan Harter shared, "If it's really windy they tend to be less active, if windy and cold and raining and snow on top of it they may not be, they may appear at the leks but may not display hardly ever or if they do its very, very low-key ...
They're supposed to be the simplest of creatures. bacteria are prokaryotes: they're single-celled organisms whose cells even lack a membrane-enclosed nucleus.
Dave Addison is passionate about sea turtles. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has operated for 53 years, and the senior biologist has been on staff for 43 of those years. "The 'senior' in my title is becoming more accurate all the time," he joked ...
BLOOMINGTON - Biologist Edgar Lehr has been exploring Peru for 20 years, going to places few researchers have been and discovering species no one has identified before.
On Thursday, Jonathan Davis, Marine Biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, talked to juniors and seniors in the classroom of one of his past Little Cypress-Mauriceville high school instructors, Woody CoxDavis talked about the Gulf of Mexico, Sabine ...
The ocean had long been the first great love of marine biologist Shannon Leone Fowler; that is until it took away the love of her life.
The Skyline Sportsmen's Club meets at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 11, in the United Congregational Church, 2945 Bayard. The discussion includes a Legislative update and banquet wrap-up.
ARKVILLE, N.Y. >> Selinda Brandon, wildlife biologist at the state Department of Environmental conservation's Division of fish and Wildlife, will talk about the agency's Young Forest Initiative for landowners at 6:30 p.m.
POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. >> conservation biologist Thomas Lovejoy will discuss his work in conservation on the global stage in his lecture, "Conservation in the 21st Century," at 5:30 p.m.
In this April 4, 2017 photo, Biologist Marta Llanes looks at baby chimpanzee Ada, right, while Anuma II, center, sleeps on a bed, at her apartment in Havana, Cuba.
biologists have discovered that communities of bacteria have been employing a social timesharing strategy for millions of years. The team found that bacteria ...
Synthetic biologists at Rice University have engineered gut bacteria capable of sensing colitis, an inflammation of the colon, in mice.
biologists at UC San Diego have discovered that for millions of years, communities of bacteria faced with limited nutrients have been resorting to a timesharing strategy in which they alternate feeding periods to maximize efficiency in consumption ...





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