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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

The surge in moisture has stirred UCLA conservation biologists who monitor wildlife in the mountains around Los Angeles, the White Mountains and the Sierra Nevada farther north.
In the recent weeks, those traveling near Horn Hill may have seen fresh burrowing crayfish chimneys. Local biologist Mark Bailey captured photographs of the beautiful chimneys recently.
MACOMB, IL - Internationally recognized wildlife biologist Scott Mills will deliver the annual Roger and Jean Morrow Lecture Thursday, April 6 at Western Illinois University.
The white mallow, or Eremalche Exilis, was discovered by biologists during a recent expedition to the island. The small and delicate flowering plant was not previously known to have existed there.
The only guests to appear in artist Sharon Hester's dining room are a smidge on the wild side. The table is set with rows of colored and graphite pencils and sheets of paper - a makeshift studio space where flora and fauna are sketched into being and ...
A local biologist said this past week he believes the eggs of a pair of bald eagles nesting at Lake Shawnee have hatched, based on the behavior of the adult ...
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Feeding peanut butter kibbles to millions of prairie dogs - by flinging the treats from four-wheelers and dropping them from drones - could be the next big thing to help a spunky little weasel that almost went extinct.
biologists who study the malaria mosquito's 'nose' have found that it contains a secondary set of odor sensors that seem to be specially tuned to detect humans.
The Jackson Hole News & Guide reports ( ) that biologists are worried that all the feces at the 39-square-mile U.S.
KAILUA-KONA - Ruth Gates wants to completely change the conversation.
"It's very rare that an animal gets out of a carrier and escapes from an owner for any long period of time," said sea-Tac wildlife biologist Mikki Viehoever. "In this instance, we knew the cat was in the ceiling because people at the TSA checkpoint ...
"Actually the most popular den site is a simple brush pile or under a blow down, a tree that fell over," says Harry Spiker, a state bear biologist. Getting to this bear family required a little more effort. The mother made her den in a hollowed out ...
A new imaging technology allows researchers to track C. elegans worms as they develop in a natural environment. Credit: Rockefeller University.
biologists look back two years to make guesstimates about hunting-season productivity because gobblers aged 2 and older are considered mature.
Adults and children throughout the area will have the chance to learn about forestry and wood-based energy heating and cooling when Michigan State University extensions wildlife biologist William Cook makes his way across Chippewa County. Cook's trek ...
Few animals arouse the instinct to hunt quite like the Burmese Python. The invasive species has slithered across the Everglades and into every corner of South Florida, taking over habitat from native species and consuming thousands of pounds of prey ...
Biologist Katie Sweeney says this information will help scientists analyze images in a timely manner. "That's important so we can come up with important population estimates and figure out why the Steller sea lion, which is endangered, is not ...
Bacterioplankton (dots) surrounded by a nanoflagellate (white), which preys on the bacteria. Credit: Rachel Parsons. The oceans are great at absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air, but when their deep waters are brought to the surface, the oceans ...
The biologists divided themselves into teams and immediately sent the biologist and two others to the top of the ridge where they could get cell service to call for help and where a helicopter could safely land.
As winter wears on, moose get tired and irritable as they wade through deep snow searching for the nutrient-poor food sources still available to them, said Jeff Selinger, area wildlife biologist at the Alaska Department of fish and Game's Soldotna office.
A team of biologists that included Cal State Long Beach biology professor Theodore Stankowich, graduate student Hannah Walker and two other CSULB students, discovered these answers for why panda bears are black and white.
Udeshi is hardly alone: When I asked a handful of post-doc biologists eating brunch in Boston last week how many were teaching themselves to code, every hand went up.
Stanford marine biologists have discovered that corals activate a specific group of ancient, defensive genes when exposed to stressful environmental conditions.
A team of biologists announced an extremely ambitious project: to "read" (sequencing) the DNA of all life that exists on Earth.
"I'm a biologist, and I want to help grow stronger, better trees." Breeding trees is a time-consuming and imprecise field, with breeders relying on a few genetic markers and what they can see.
It turns out some biologists pick up all sorts of sick skills on the job. It all started when animal behaviour researcher Ryane Logsdon asked her followers what field skills they had inadvertently developed while on the job.
SYDNEY, March 8 (Xinhau) -- Despite being separated by around 300 million years of evolution, Australian researchers at Monash University and the University of Newcastle have found that toothed whales and crocodiles have very similar shaped skulls.
The manager of the Malheur National Wildife Refuge and its former fish biologist returned to the witness stand Tuesday to testify about the fears they felt just before and during the armed takeover of the federal bird sanctuary.
Examples of gene networks in the hippocampus affected by brain trauma. UCLA researchers report that the "master regulator" genes (in red) influence many other genes responsible for the effects of brain trauma.
SANTA FE, N.M. -( New Mexico Department of Game and fish fisheries biologist Marc Wethington has received a lifetime achievement award from the American Fisheries Society.
Few species spark people's wonder and passion like the monarch butterfly. With its fiery-orange and black patt.
Co-author of "The Telomere Effect ," Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn received a Nobel prize in physiology and Medicine in 2009. She was honored for her discoveries about human DNA, which have provided notable insights into the body's aging process.
Local biologist Stephen Stringham is likely the man with the most accurate answer. The small group of people gathered to hear Stringham speak at Soldotna's Joyce K. Carver Memorial Library on Saturday got the added treat of a more personal presentation.
She was inspired to become a biologist after watching "Life on Earth" as a child in Britain. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Exeter, U.K.
People - namely, hardworking, dedicated fish and game biologists - are largely responsible for the species you pursue on weekends and vacations.
One of those was local biologist Luke Butler, who spoke during the public comment portion of the supervisors regular monthly meeting Wednesday night.
James Cervino, a marine biologist and president of the College Point-based environmental group, Coastal Preservation Network (CPN), says that his latest tests of water that could flow into the East River through the proposed outfall pipe showed above ...
David Scarpitti has been working as a state wildlife biologist and so-called resident Turkey expert for around a decade, and in that time, he's never seen anything quite like the video that went viral Thursday showing a flock of the large birds ...
Microbiologist Elies Bik is well-known for applying a close eye to studies, and has spent years anonymously submitting reports on plagiarism and image ...
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has named a USF biologist as one of its 2017 fellows, an honor worth $60,000 in research funding.
Thirty-one-year-old undergraduate biology student Aaron Nelson took a nontraditional route to the University of Oregon from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Scott Solomon, an evolutionary biologist with Rice University and the author of "Future Humans: Inside the science of Our Continuing Evolution," wrote on Nautilus that humans on Mars would be subjected to the "founder effect," a phenomenon in which ...
WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) - A former research biologist for the College of William & Mary was sentenced to one year in prison Wednesday for possession of child pornography.
The scientists from California Institute of technology and UC San Diego discovered a drug that actually makes cancer cells self-destruct.
Recent genetic studies on native cutthroat trout in Colorado revealed a previously unrecognized subspecies in the Roaring Fork Valley - one that is so new it still doesn't have a name.
When California state biologists crested a sandbar along the Feather River on Tuesday morning, they expected to find at least some of the water that just a day before had raged through the channel, too deep to stand in - and plenty of fish needing to ...
Now, biologists in the laboratory of Ray Deshaies, Caltech professor of biology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, have developed a new way to inhibit the cancer cell cleanup mechanism, causing the cells to fill up with defective ...
Officials with the Nova Scotia Department of natural resources say bobcats are common in Cape Breton and across the province. "You don't see bobcats because they don't want to be seen," said Mark Pulsifer of Antigonish, a wildlife biologist and Natural ...





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