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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Searchers had hoped to find the bear close to a scree field and cliff near where the incident happened, said fish and Game biologist Dave Battle. biologists may head back into the mountains to continue searching for the wounded bear, said Battle. "It ...
There were so many mayflies coating the outside of Kelly Rivard's home her husband had no choice but to break out the pressure washer to spray them off.
An International team from China University of Geosciences, University of York and Lomonosov Moscow State University have studied the impact of wildfire on ...
Richard Prum, the author of "The evolution of Beauty," explains how who a female chooses to mate with can change the common traits that men show.
The genetic material of any two individuals can be clearly distinguished. Computational biologists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now ...
For the first time, MIT biologists have now identified a mechanism that the immune system uses to eliminate these genetically imbalanced cells from the body.
DNA of 234-year-old tree has few mutations, giving weight to idea that plants protect their stem cells.
J.D. Brooks uses snake tongs to place a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake in a bucket so he and Joey Chase can do field research at Frenchman Coulee, east of Vantage, Wash.
biology's zeal for preprints - papers posted online before peer review - is opening up a thorny legal debate: should scientists license their manuscripts on open-access terms?
Two biologists are currently studying North America's only aquatic songbird, the American Dipper, and took a class from The Fernie Academy out for a field-lesson in ecotoxicology.
The Westhaven Center for the arts' "films of Inspiration and Information" program will present "The Condor's Shadow," hosted by Yurok tribe wildlife biologist Ken Burton, Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Westhaven Center for the Arts, 501 S. Westhaven Drive ...
Through the transmissions, biologists also confirmed the long-held suspicion manatees use the Intracoastal Waterway to move along the Georgia coast.
KUSA - biologists with Colorado Parks and Wildlife have been working along Bear Creek in Colorado Springs to help save Colorado's state fish: the greenback cutthroat trout.
WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) - Until more is known about GenX, one UNCW biology professor and a local engineer will not drink tap water. When the news first broke about the discovery of GenX in the Cape Fear River, those who knew of GenX had a similar ...
They endured five Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists sloshing into their already-degraded habitat to collect genetic material - eggs and milt - as part of an unprecedented ecological rescue.
While studying the population of the Great Whites in Monterey Bay, marine biologists found themselves a little too close for comfort with the large fish.
State lawmakers just passed a bill requiring oyster fishermen in Calcasieu Lake to use tongs instead of dredges. The oyster fishermen say it's a step backwards that will make their lives harder and won't help the resource.
Northwest winters are brutal for ecotherms like snakes, which are at the mercy of their environment when it comes to regulating body temperature, said John Rohrer, a U.S.
A taxpayer-funded professor at the University of Washington is now predicting that Donald Trump's presidency will create trauma on such a massive scale that it will permanently change the human genome.
ASHEVILLE - The work days can be long. Sometimes they stretch to 12 hours dealing with mussel emergencies. But caring for and breeding baby mussels is some days not like work at all for Rachael Hoch, a biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources ...
While studying the population of the Great Whites in Monterey Bay, marine biologists found themselves a little too close for comfort with the large fish.
police Chief Suzi Bogart said although in the last few years the Department of conservation has told the city there is nothing that can be done, they are now agreeing to send out a conservation biologist. "I don't know if they will trap and remove ...
Erin Wood of Crawford, a bighorn sheep biologist who monitors the Fort Robinson and Sowbelly herds, set out on her rounds under the Cheyenne Buttes shortly after 7 a.m.
Mr. Schneider, a former fishery biologist for the state Department of Environmental conservation, said Friday in a letter to the state Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment that the avian and bat studies from 2007, 2008 and 2009 the ...
biologists have been concerned for some time about our ever-growing population of snow geese. The geese, which nest in far northern Canada, are tearing up their tundra habitat and disturbing nesting shorebirds.
Texas parks biologists at the Trans-Pecos Wildlife District in Alpine skinned the bear and plan to use its skin and skull for educational purposes, according to the post.
Approximately 10,000 rainbow trout 9-10 inches long were stocked in Pacific Lake last week, said Randy Osborne, Washington fish and Wildlife Department fisheries biologist. "I didn't stock it heavy," he said. "But the lake should be very productive and ...
However, according to biologist Simon Watt, cities represent some of the world's hotspots for evolution and behavioural adaptation.
"I really didn't want to get any of it on any of my clothes or turn myself into the green Hulk from a blowback when you're filling that tank," DNR fisheries biologist Kendall Kamke said. "As concentrated as that stuff was, you would have had green on ...
Erin Wood of Crawford, a bighorn sheep biologist who monitors the Fort Robinson and Sowbelly herds, set out on her rounds under the Cheyenne Buttes shortly after 7 a.m.
Pantex wildlife biologist Jim Ray will spend this weekend deploying geo-locator and new GPS data-loggers as part of research studying the movements and behaviors of Purple Martins.
Erin Wood of Crawford, a bighorn sheep biologist who monitors the Fort Robinson and Sowbelly herds, set out on her rounds under the Cheyenne Buttes shortly after 7 a.m.
When you apply for this position, please say you saw this job on Green Dream jobs!! Description. Postdoctoral Scholar, population biology.
MASSENA -- New York state Department of Environmental conservation (DEC) fisheries biologists spent Thursday morning working to re-establish sturgeon populations in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.
This week, NASA announced its newest class of astronauts: 12 extremely qualified individuals who will train for the next two years to fly to space.
Lahore: The Higher education Commission (HEC) on Wednesday appointed eminent biologist Prof Dr Ikhramul Haq as 'Distinguished National Professor' in recognition of his invaluable services in the field of botany and Biotechnology.
Aquatic biologist Pete Austerman, of New York state Department of Environmental conservation, will present an update on Canandaigua Lake Fishery from 6:30 to 8 p.m.
Doudna herself has certainly been careful to practice what she preaches: In 2015, she became part of a broad coalition of leading biologists that put parameters in place for the use of CRISPR. They agreed to a worldwide moratorium on gene editing to ...
Scott Opitz, Montana fish, Wildlife and Parks' upper Yellowstone River biologist, said sampling runs in two four-mile river stretches turned up significantly fewer brown trout between 12 inches and 20 inches long this spring.
New York state Department of Environmental conservation (DEC) fisheries biologists will artificially propagate lake sturgeon species reproduction at the Robert Moses Power Project.
St. Jude children's Research hospital molecular biologists have identified an enzyme that activates and "supercharges" cellular machinery that controls how cells become specialized cells in the body.
According to Creighton University biologist Dr. Theodore Burk, an expert in entomology, within the last 10 years, since the virus was discovered in the United States, a total of 75 cases of Powassan have been confirmed in the Northeast and upper ...
A goose knocks off Hunter Cornia's glasses as he and other volunteers help biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources capture and band geese at River Oaks Golf Course in Sandy on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.
Scandinavian biologists say American and European lobsters are crossbreeding and their offspring can survive in European waters, but it is too early to tell if the hybrids can reproduce.
RUTLAND, Vt. - fisheries staff from Vermont fish & Wildlife received a pleasant surprise recently while completing survey work on Lake Champlain in the form of a 48-year old lake sturgeon that biologists first studied and tagged nearly two decades ago ...
When he was a teenager, Tom Welstead decided he wanted to work outdoors with wildlife. Now, after 39 years of work in the same field he already envisioned for himself before he went to college, Welstead capped his career in retiring Friday as the ...
fish biologists from the state Department of Environmental conservation will provide details on the state of the fisheries on Lake Erie and the Niagara River and solicit input from anglers later this month in Woodlawn.
A newborn whitetail fawn curls up motionless where its mother left it between feedings. Does sometimes leave their fawns for as many as nine hours between feedings to avoid tipping off predators.




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