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updated Thu. June 29, 2017

As oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once said, "People protect what they love." "Our most significant contribution to the realm of Sustainability is utilizing the experiences our travelers are having as 'Aha!
Since I am fresh from fieldwork, I thought for this Pride I'd share some of my perceptions of what it's like for me to be a queer ocean scientist doing work internationally. It goes without saying that these are not EVERY queer's experiences or ...
It was interesting to see that," said oceanographer Marin Guiles, who is with the Pacific Island Ocean Observing System.
Likenesses of Confederate generals Robert E. Lee, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, and J.E.B. Stuart; President Jefferson Davis; and oceanographer Matthew Maury are perched on large stone pedestals. Stoney, who is African-American, took office in ...
Next month, Fleischer will get the chance to explore the world for herself alongside oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard, who famously discovered the sunken remains of the Titanic.
oceanographers and global leaders have banded together to stop the proposed Adani Carmichael coalmine in Queensland. The team, known as the "Ocean Elders" have written to Malcolm Turnbull, outlining the devastating effect the mine will have on the ...
This year's dead zone should be twice the usual size, Louisiana State oceanographers R. Eugene Turner and Nancy Rabalais wrote in "2017 Forecast: Summer Hypoxic Zone Size, Northern Gulf of Mexico.
Geoscience will prepare students for several careers, including geologist, oceanographer, hydrologist, natural resource manager and petroleum engineer, according to college officials.
These networks could reveal which parts of undersea faults are slipping harmlessly and which parts might be storing energy for the next big quake.
Star of the occasion was Jacques Cousteau, noted oceanographer, whose research vessel, the Calypso, has called St. Petersburg home since February.
He worked for 30 years, as an oceanographer and geologist, at the Naval Research Laboratory and the Department of Interior.
Drift in on your boat for a special floating screening of the Wes Anderson classic "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou," as oceanographer Zissou and his crew set sail on an expedition in search of revenge against the mysterious jaguar shark. The ...
"The danger is increasing as the sea level rises," said Malcolm Bowman, an oceanographer at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, who is among the group.
C C hris Horvat, a polar oceanographer at Harvard University, had just finished giving a presentation on sea ice at a scientific conference last year when he was approached by an Arctic explorer.
Inside his NOAA research lab at the Hatfield Marine science Center in Newport, oceanographer Rick Brodeur is studying the creatures.
Crashing waves, cawing gulls, the cutting scent of a falling tide -- there's nothing quite as invigorating as the experience of summer along the New England coastline.
From time to time, oceanographers have peppered Cascadia's sea floor with monitoring instruments. A team led by the University of Washington and the Scripps institution of oceanography in La Jolla, California, has been working to create a system that ...
"When you're drinking the water, you're drinking a cocktail of perfluorinated compounds," said Lawrence Cahoon, professor and biological oceanographer at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The forum, which attracted a standing-room-only crowd ...
The Great Barrier Reef is a world treasure, and oceanographers are fearful about what its loss could mean for its rich and invaluable local ecosystem.
Marine biologist Sylvia Earle addressing the general assembly to mark World oceans Day on 8 June. Earle has spearheaded a group of prominent oceanographers and marine biologists in opposing the Adani mine in north Queensland. Photograph: Kim ...
Dr. Stone is Executive Vice President for oceans at conservation International, an ocean scientist, diver, and explorer, advocate implementer of novel projects in marine protected areas, aquaculture, the ocean health index, climate adaptation, and deep ...
Scripps oceanographers Grant Deane and Dale Stokes contributed to the study and in follow-on work will attempt to see if they can determine the composition of sea surface aerosol mixes by measuring how long bubble-filled ocean whitecaps last.
Drift in on your boat for a special floating screening of the Wes Anderson classic "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou," as oceanographer Zissou and his crew set sail on an expedition in search of revenge against the mysterious jaguar shark. The ...
Two young men apparently drowned in cold Sierra waterways, including one man who was practicing face-down meditation in the Yuba River.
Inside his NOAA research lab at the Hatfield Marine science Center in Newport, oceanographer Rick Brodeur is studying the creatures.
Shark attacks may have beachgoers in the U.S. concerned, but a prominent oceanographer says Americans have nothing to fear.
The body of a 20-year-old man has been recovered from the north fork of the American River after he disappeared while swimming near the Forest Hills Bridge.
Meet Dr. Greg Stone, an ocean scientist who spent 30 days living underwater. (Global Dispatches Podcast
Never again is it likely that we'll have the chance to take us from this depressing time of loss to a time of recovery," oceanographer and pioneering deep-sea explorer Sylvia Earle, who joined the Hokule'a at several points during the voyage, told a ...
Climate and ocean scientists say the longest global coral bleaching on record is coming to an end after destroying many reefs.
Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been around since the early 1900s. Originally used for military operations, they became more widely used ...
The colorful 72-page brochure takes a travel magazine approach, featuring rich destination content and beautiful imagery that celebrate Polynesian culture and ...
Across the USA, coastal cities and towns racked up a combined 520 days with high-tide floods, far above the annual average of 275 days over the past couple decades, NOAA oceanographer William Sweet said. That broke the previous record set only a year ...
According to NOAA oceanographer William Sweet, the trend has been underway for many years, and will likely get worse. "It is a fact that ocean levels are rising," said Sweet, the lead author of the report who was described by NOAA officials as their ...
Gregory Stone once lived underwater for 30 days. He is an ocean scientist and author who has spent a career studying and advocating on behalf of our oceans.
Fan coral in oceanographer Canyon. Image courtesy of Northeast Canyons 2013 science Team/NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program. PROVINCETOWN - Two conservation groups will discuss the effects of revoking New England's Marine National Monument ...
Climate and ocean scientists say the longest global coral bleaching on record, which is coming to an end, has left a trail of destruction, causing major damage to reefs in the Pacific.
But first: a conversation with Dr. Robert Ballard. The oceanographer and explorer was in Hartford recently. Coming up, we discuss his latest projects and get an update on his ship, the E/V Nautilus.
A "film" drop (red) and "jet" drop (blue) from bursting bubble filmed 8 milliseconds apart. Photo illustration: Dale Stokes.
Anton Post is a world-renowned oceanographer and phytoplankton researcher who has written more than 120 peer-reviewed professional articles.
University of British Columbia oceanographer Philippe Tortell was part of a 2015 voyage that faced a similar disruption while studying Arctic Ocean conditions.
"It's very simple polar oceanographers are telling us that to have a habitable planet we need sea ice in the Arctic Ocean," said Smith "That cover of white over the Arctic Ocean is the solar reflector for the planet.
I'm actually a marine biogeochemist, which makes it kind of crazy to be an oceanographer in South Dakota. I really liked looking at the intersection between biology and biological organisms, and the impact they have on the environment and how the ...
Representing Scripps oceanography on the expedition are deep-sea specialists biological oceanographer Lisa Levin; biologist Greg Rouse, curator of the Benthic Invertebrate Collection at Scripps; Benthic Invertebrate Collection manager Charlotte Seid ...
There's also a contemporary plot in which a black-clad Admiralty secret agent and an oceanographer on the trail of the Mary Alice do lots of conspiratorial haring about and punching people.
... managers at $58.30; University professors at $58.10; Public administration managers at $56.25; Geo-scientists and oceanographers at $55.50; Senior government managers at $55.45; Commissioned police officers at $54.30; chemical engineers at $54.20.
Hosted by 2011 Explorer of the Year Kenny Broad, the series includes discussions with oceanographers Sylvia Earle and Bob Ballard, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and science Friday host IRA Flatow.
Following the groundwork laid out by Munk and Leloup, Scripps oceanographer John Hildebrand and Division of Social sciences anthropologist Thomas Levy will be the first leaders of the center.
British Antarctic Survey oceanographer Dr Emily Shuckburgh, OBE, says trying to lower our individual carbon footprint is important, but the number one thing people can do to make a real difference is vote.
The current bloom in the Bosphorus (the waterway that runs through Istanbul, separating Europe and Asia) is a particularly bright one, according to Norman Kuring, an ocean scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. However, it is consistent with ...