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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

Texas A&M State climatologist John Neilson-Gammon said since the late 1800s, College Station has only once before seen a storm on April 11 with this much rainfall.
It was a Star Chamber-style hearing in which Republican global warming-denier Lamar Smith used his position as chair of the US House of Representatives science Committee to lambast climatologists for allegedly abandoning the scientific method.
Because of its widespread effect on the region's environmental and socioeconomic health, the monsoon has long been studied by meteorologists, climatologists, and oceanographers hoping to understand and forecast its behavior. One phenomenon in ...
State climatologist Jim Angel said residents of northern Illinois can expect April 28 to be the last date for frost. Whether rain or frost looms, McDonnell noted it's too soon to worry about a planting delay.
And because they have been farther east, barreling up the coast, the storms have been able to tap into Atlantic moisture, generating more snow and rain for North Jersey, according to David Robinson, the state climatologist and a Rutgers University ...
Regional speakers included climatologist Nina Oakley of the Western Regional Climate Center at the Desert Research Institute in Reno; and Douglas County engineer Erik Nilssen.
The network, headquartered in Fort Collins, is key to helping hydrologists and climatologists around the world get the most accurate, informed data on precipitation rates possible.
The National Weather Service issued its annual river breakup forecast this week. The forecast calls for a relatively mild breakup arriving about on schedule across Alaska.
VANCOUVER -- Andrew Weaver was teaching a class of University of Victoria undergraduates about climate science and public policy when he realized he needed to do more than just lecture.
climatologists and scientists studying the increasingly dire coral bleaching event in Australia's Great Barrier Reef have given up finding ways to express the urgency surrounding the mass die-off, and are now simply throwing up their hands in despair, ...
So far, things look pretty good for April and May, according to University of Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley and Iowa state climatologist Harry Hillaker. "It looks like we'll have an early start to the planting season," Seeley said. "It looks like ...
James Hansen is a retired NASA climatologist who has often described himself as a moderate conservative. But along with a few other climate scientists, he has become embroiled in the PR battle between fossil fuel interests and scientific reality ...
KEYSTONE, Colo. -- climatologists said Colorado's ski season will get shorter as the climate continues to get warmer during a panel hosted at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort Saturday.
climatologists Thursday (April 6) predicted a slightly below-average 2017 Atlantic hurricane season that would include 11 named storms, including four hurricanes, with two of them being a Category 3 or higher.
A Methane hydrate sample under a rock encrusted with deep-sea mussels on the seafloor in the Gulf of Mexico. (Photo courtesy of NOAA).
What were the challenges, and how will it affect us going forward? "There's a lot of data to keep track of and it definitely kept us busy trying to analyze all the snow pack data and precip data," said climatologist Nina Oakley. Just by looking at the ...
Sioux Falls, S.D. (KELO AM) - As La Nina conditions fade in the Pacific Ocean, climatologists are mixed on the formation of an El Nino, which produces unusually warm ocean water.
Poultney, Vermont - April 4, 2017 - Green Mountain College President Robert (Bob) Allen, today announced that climatologist and geophysicist Michael E. Mann will deliver the commencement address during the college's 2017 commencement ceremony ...
Bureau of meteorology senior climatologist Agata Imielska said the rain and the warmth went hand-in-hand last month. "Where there is increased cloud and increased moisture we tend to see higher night time temperatures," she said.
According to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center, five states, including Illinois, saw the warmest February since record-keeping started in 1895.
In the areas where drought still lingers, climatologists are keeping a wary eye on the situation. Gary McManus, associate state climatologist for Oklahoma, suggests the state could still be "primed" for a serious drought. "When you have above-normal ...
"A common claim among proponents of action on climate change is that the overwhelming majority of climatologists agree on global warming science.
EVERETT - A climatologist says record-breaking rains aren't so bad. The lettuce and spinach sprouts in his garden are growing.
Regarding the cause of this heavy rain, Kansas state climatologist Mary Knapp offers some interesting comments in an article from Kansas State University's Extension bulletin this week on how very warm Gulf of Mexico temperatures played a big role in ...
Here are the latest prognostications for spring 2017; specifically April, May and June in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas from climatologists, meteorologists and the official Climate Prediction Center's 90-day outlook. ... If that happens and we ...
Well welcoming him in actually we haven't begun to talk climatologists director of Kato's center for the study of science welcome pat.
The panel, consisting of a climatologist and policy professionals, gave insight as to why world temperatures have risen throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, and offered examples of local and regional policy changes that have reduced emissions.
We put that question to Brian Brettschneider for the segment, Ask a climatologist. Brettschneider said it's all about energy.
Climate scientist Michael E. Mann compared the scientific consensus on climate change to that of the theory of gravity during a House science Committee hearing on Wednesday in which supporters and opponents of government action on greenhouse gases ...
STATES CHRONICLE - climate change triggers higher temperatures, leading to extreme weather which amplifies the dramatic floods and droughts by interrupting jet streams.
The colder weather and snowfall over the weekend of March 11 largely contributed to the phenomenon, according state DNR climatologist Pete Boulay. "I've never run into a year where lakes have refroze over," Boulay said. "This winter is shaping up to be ...
"My colleagues and I wonder about the future habitability of Phoenix all the time," said David Hondula, a climatologist who studies the impact of heat on health at Arizona State University. As President Trump rolls back the country's commitments on ...
In case you didn't notice, New Jersey's weather in the last couple of months has been upside-down. Most of February was weirdly spring-like - in fact, the warmest February on record in the state - while March has behaved more like a typical February.
climatologist Brian Brettschneider said temperatures for the month have been colder than normal for most of the state, and well below normal for Anchorage and Fairbanks.
San Francisco, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Stanford University climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh sees no contradiction in California, on the U.S.
Both in the next few weeks and the next year, the forecasters predict the trend will likely continue, University of Georgia climatologist Pam Knox told UGA Extension Service agents and others in a Tuesday morning webcast. Elsewhere in weather trends ...
Peru floods in line with climate change models, says climatologist Mojib Latif. Peru is being hit by devastating flooding. Is it a natural weather cycle or an impact of climate change?
Environment Canada's top weatherman expects a "good chunk" of Canada will be treated to warmer-than-normal conditions this spring.
The state of Kansas can expect to see some measurable precipitation after experiencing a warm, dry winter. Kansas State University climatologist Mary Knapp (Nap) says to look for rain this week. "For the weekly quantitative precip forecast, looking at ...
Just how bad would rainfall have to be in south Louisiana for it to be deemed the "mother of all rainstorms"? Consider the Louisiana Flood of 2016, when record-breaking rainfall killed 13 people and ravaged thousands of homes across south Louisiana in ...
BROOKINGS - (SDSU Extension) - April is more likely to be wetter than average, according to a climate outlook released March 16, 2017 by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center.
Petals from a cherry tree collect in the corner of a parking lot in Lawrenceville in this file photo. The state's climatologist and allergy experts said pollen issues have started earlier than normal this year, but they added some of the worst pollens ...
Enough is enough. Human causation of global warming is not a conspiracy, it is not a theory, it is not fake news. It is a fact. climatologists have been warning us to save the earth; they are not advancing a political agenda. We should not forget the ...
Temperatures on Saturday will make it well into the 60s.
A stubborn dry spell in Florida has finally morphed into a "moderate" drought for much of the Orlando area, according to the widely watched U.S.
From December through February, this was the second warmest winter on record, with exactly half of the 90 days having temperatures of 70 degrees or above, according to Georgia climatologist Bill Murphey. In Augusta, many of the azaleas, dogwoods and ...
... and they measure rainfall in a standard rain gauge, they measure snow on the ground and snowfall, and occasionally if we get some hail they'll record that as well," said New Jersey State climatologist at Rutgers University Dave Robinson, who heads ...
For most of the state, the entire month of March has been clear and cold.
San Francisco, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Stanford University climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh sees no contradiction in California, on the U.S.
Stanford climatologist Noah Diffenbaugh explains why heavy rains during a drought are to be expected for a state in the throes of climate change.





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