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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

"In the coming decades, or even the coming centuries, these samples will be invaluable - be it for entirely unprecedented scientific discoveries or for understanding local changes in the environment," says Jean Jouzel, climatologist and Nobel peace ...
"Rainfall is also projected to taper off and South Dakota will turn drier again for the rest of the month," said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension State climatologist. Edwards added that the new climate outlook for June 2017 is uncertain - given this cool ...
"This drought had a big impact on agriculture, especially as it struck right during the growing season," said Jessica Spaccio '04, climatologist with Cornell's Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC). "Being in the Northeast, water is usually ...
Alaskans may not have very warm temperatures to look forward to each summer, but the interior part of the state hits peak summer earlier than almost anywhere else in the country.
As of May 22, all northern counties - from Perkins to Roberts - were reporting less than half the average rainfall for the last 30 days, said state climatologist Laura Edwards. The U.S. drought Monitor has expanded Abnormally Dry conditions for north ...
Provided by Harry J. Hillaker, State climatologist Iowa Department of agriculture & Land Stewardship. The reporting week began with dry and very warm weather on Sunday (14th) with afternoon highs in the eighties statewide.
"The people who know the least about climate science are the ones who are most fixated on climate models," says Texas A&M climatologist Andrew Dessler. "Model are the most visible part for people who don't know much about climate science," he says.
COLLEGE STATION - Above-average temperatures and dry conditions across Texas could be a sign of things to come this summer, said the state climatologist. Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, College Station, said he is concerned arid conditions could be ...
Harry Hillaker, who has been state climatologist since 1988, helps Iowa farmers predict when to plant and how their crops will grow over the summer.
climatologists can now "see a bigger picture," said Chris Stachelski, regional observation program leader at the National Weather Service's Eastern Region Headquarters in Bohemia.
"The three-month forecast shows above-average temperatures all throughout the Southeast," Georgia's deputy state climatologist, Nyasha Dunkley, said this week. The new year brought with it an unpredictable January, with temperatures fluctuating between ...
Updated May 19, 2017 07:22 pm Newsday Staff. Until recently, climatologists dealing with Long Island's weather have had records that, in some cases, just went back to 1984.
Nielsen-Gammon said summertime forecasts are difficult to predict as the jet stream moves further north. But dry springs typically lead to above-average summer temperatures.
Summer in Alaska is full of endless daylight, a few mosquitoes and also some pretty amazing or terrible weather, depending on the year.
Improved systems needed in predicting weather patterns: climatologists. Tuesday 16 May 2017 05:50. SABC. A 'Winter Rainfall Summit' has been held in Cape Town to discuss one of the province's worst droughts in decades.
In releasing its annual long-range forecast for June, July and August, regarded as the summer months by meteorologists and climatologists, AccuWeather predicts wetter weather will hold extreme temperatures at bay, especially during the early part of ...
Whether trying to predict the future implications of global warming or studying the effects of human activities on the environment, climatologists are awash with data promising to drive new levels of innovation in the field of climate research ...
With the snow, rain and cool spring temperatures, the groundwater has had a chance to recharge, said Mary Stampone, the state climatologist who is also the assistant professor of geography at the University of New Hampshire. "This is good going into ...
We had Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski check the records and he found that the city typically records its first May 70 very early in the month, usually before May 5. This year it didn't occur until May 12 when the mercury peaked at 73-degree and ...
Florida's average temperature was the highest on record for the first four months of 2017 as the state suffers widespread brush fires and drought.
Trudeau says communities need to rebuild better1:19. climatologist Jeannine St. Jacques has some straightforward advice on what this means.
One of Australia's leading climate scientists, Dr John Church, has called for a major shake-up of management and the return of a 'science culture' at Australia's leading science and research agency, the CSIRO.
We all know about volcanoes. At least most of us think that we know about volcanoes. Volcanoes spew forth huge amounts of the carbon-based gases that climatologists believe cause climate change. It is the volcanoes that we do not see that are a problem.
But MPT came with a warning label: The model is only as good as the assumptions you make about estimated returns, said well-known market researcher Ed Easterling, founder of Crestmont Research.
U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, Healy, sits just offshore of Barrow, shortly before setting sail in 2013. (Photo courtesy of NOAA's National Ocean Service).
U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, Healy, sits just offshore of Barrow, shortly before setting sail in 2013. (Photo courtesy of NOAA's National Ocean Service).
Prague, May 9 (CTK) - "Donald Trump's climatologist," U.S. atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen who denies the global warming theory, will support the latest book by former Czech president Vaclav Klaus in Prague, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes today.
Trees and shrubs are starting to turn green in much of Alaska. But Fairbanks is the only community in the state with an historical record tracking the green up date.
"It's still winter in Iqaluit," said David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada. "I always think of the mark of winter, how we describe winter, is what it feels like and what it looks like.
MASHPEE - The community showed up last night in strong support of tackling issues related to climate change during a forum on the topic.
That prompted Professor Gabi Hegerl, a world-leading climatologist at Edinburgh University, to warn that it was "getting tight for avoiding dangerous climate change".
Early springs can take a damaging toll at orchards, said Jim Angel, an Illinois state climatologist. When a mild winter spills into spring, trees come out of dormancy earlier than usual.
Trees are shown toppled over a car in Mayes County on April 26, 2017. The National Weather Service reported several tornadoes touched down in Mayes County on April 25.
David Phillips, the senior climatologist for Environment and climate change Canada, agrees. "At first blush, if you look at the forecast, it looks more depressing," said Phillips.
Through April, this year is the hottest on record for several Southern and Ohio Valley states and the second hottest for the Lower 48.
The New York Times defended hiring former Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens - a writer who has promoted climate denial and bigotry against Arabs ...
CHAMPAIGN -- The statewide average precipitation for April in Illinois was 7.01 inches, 3.23 inches above normal and the second wettest April on record, according to Illinois State climatologist Jim Angel at the University of Illinois' Illinois State ...
Sioux Falls, S.D. (KELO AM) - climatologists say it's rare when a La Nina is sandwiched between two El Nino's in three years, but that may happen later this ...
"Through the middle of May, Minnesota has a greater than normal chance to have below normal precipitation," said Kenny Blumenfeld, a senior climatologist at the Minnesota State Climate Office. "That would be a chance for some of those fields to dry out.
A little bit less of one thing planted wheat and more of something else in this case, welcome rain make up what is currently going on out at the end of the blacktop.
A two-week outlook from Pat Guinan, MU Extension climatologist, shows heavy rain ahead for Missouri, 2 to 6 inches, with heaviest rain to the south.
CHAMPAIGN -- The statewide average precipitation for April in Illinois was 7.01 inches, 3.23 inches above normal and the second wettest April on record, according to Illinois State climatologist Jim Angel at the University of Illinois' Illinois State ...
As what seems like never-ending rain causes water levels to creep higher across much of Central and Eastern Canada, Environment Canada's senior climatologist David Phillips explained to CTV News Channel on Saturday the scientific reasons behind the ...
If one adjusts the data observed during the balance of the "hiatus" in warming, by filling in hot data where there was none, and adjust the model predictions downward that would be the likely result.
It is true that climatologists have provided many important opinions about the effects of the climate change. Mark Skidmore, the co-author of the research study, reveals that if the climatologists are correct, then people living in mobile homes could ...
New Jersey State climatologist and Rutgers geography Professor David Robinson will discuss what's happening to New Jersey's climate in an era of heightened interest in climate change, its causes and impacts on Wednesday, May 24, at 7 p.m.
About 20 mm has already fallen this month prior to this weekend's storm, Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips said.
"They just can't take it right now," Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, told CTV News Channel on Thursday.
... in that millions of people here and abroad (and indeed even most governments) realize the necessity of concerted international action against global warming - now accelerating at rates that shock even the climatologists - while the new U.S ...
Illinois saw an average statewide precipitation of slightly more than 7 inches last month, making it the second-wettest April on record.





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