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updated Tue. April 25, 2017

... solely commemorating scientific events and scientists and Dr Diana Leitch, President of Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society and one of the driving forces behind John Dalton's plaque, has said she would like to see more chemists recognised ...
Would you like to be at the forefront of raw material innovation and creative developments? We are looking for a Dynamic, Innovative, Creative chemist to work in an entrepreneurial environment for a rapidly expanding, successful, luxury skincare company.
Just half of the intended number of pharmacies have signed up to NHS England's emergency supply service pilot, the commissioner has confirmed.
In what is being described as the largest single dismissal of wrongful criminal convictions in U.S. history, a Massachusetts court has dismissed over 21,000 drug-related cases after it was discovered that a state crime lab chemist falsified and ...
WASHINGTON: The US government put 271 Syrian chemists and other officials on its financial blacklist Monday, punishing them for their presumed role in the deadly chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town in early April.
All businesses are permitted to open after 1pm, provided they are not specifically forbidden from doing so. Some shops are free to trade all day, including chemists, petrol stations, cafes, restaurants, takeaway outlets and hire outlets such as video ...
An Oxford University chemist poisoned herself with cyanide after telling her family and friends she was transgender. Erin Shepherd took her own life despite appearing happy with her transition from man to woman, Oxford Coroner's Court heard.
Following the parliamentary vote in favour of Theresa may's snap election in June, C+D asked the pharmacy bodies what they will be doing to make sure community pharmacy is considered in the upcoming campaign.
Well pharmacies are hoping to break the record for blood pressure checks this weekend.
The Locum App is free to use and enables pharmacists to "manage multiple branches, connect with locums and manage jobs in just a few minutes", the creators said.
chemists are unregulated and have no obligation, ethical or commercial, on what they sell patients, they have pointed out. "If doctors are made to prescribe only generics, the chemist might push medicines of companies that give him the highest margin ...
A scientist has won an injunction against the University of Texas at Austin, which was deciding whether or not to revoke her PhD. We've been covering the case ...
You would have come across this advice at the end of a page-long column advert printed in the West Cumberland Times in December 1881 in the business announcements section.
The highest court in Massachusetts has formally approved the dismissal of more than 21,000 drug convictions that were tainted by the misconduct of a former state drug lab chemist. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts says the final order ...
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the C+D Awards, we have created a special category for 2017 - and are giving you the chance to pick the winner.
Oxford University chemist poisoned herself with cyanide from lab weeks after revealing she was transgender. Erin Shepherd took her own life despite being apparently pleased with her transition from man to woman.
In other words, these papers lay the groundwork for medicinal and industrial chemists to expand their universe of possible drugs and industrial chemicals.
The new method enables chemists to turn carboxylic acids into olefins in relatively few steps, using nickel or iron catalysts.
She is one of the 1,000 most cited chemists in the world. She's written papers with three Nobel prize winners, taught a generation of young scientists at Bryn Mawr College, and called out tropes about women in math and science in her article "Sex in ...
The new method enables chemists to turn carboxylic acids into olefins in relatively few steps, using nickel or iron catalysts.
By now, most people are aware that we humans have been polluting the oceans with literally tons of plastic waste, and that this waste has had a devastating effect on the animals that call it home.
With so many hayfever medications available, it can be hard for customers to choose the best one. According to charity Allergy UK, of the nearly 18 million people across the nation who suffer from hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis), 62% say their ...
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Each year, a growing number of patients benefit from cutting-edge "biologic" drugs, complex proteins designed to ease hard-to-treat conditions ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, to Crohn's disease, macular degeneration, cancer and more.
Chichester chemist Ronald James Clarke will be remembered for his work in the coffee industry. Dr Clarke was a consultant who was involved in developing ...
"If the doctor only prescribes the generic name, it will be left to the chemist to decide which particular brand to push.
PM Modi's push for generic drugs to shift focus to chemists: IPA. The Indian pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said that due to the nature of the current off-patent medicines market in India, if such a step were to be followed, the choice of products will ...
Boston - About 20,000 drug cases tied to a disgraced former state chemist appear headed for dismissal, lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union and public defenders said Tuesday as they combed through legal filings from local prosecutors in ...
"If the doctor only prescribes the generic name, it will be left to the chemist to decide which particular brand to push.
Those drug convictions had relied on analysis from Annie Dookhan, a former chemist for the Department of public health. Dookhan worked testing drug samples submitted by law enforcement agencies from 2003 until 2012, when investigators accused her of ...
Six of the capital's independent pharmacies and "around 30" or more Weldricks branches plan to sell Streptococcus group B (Strep B) home testing kits to expectant mothers.
TSRI chemists Devise Simple Method for Making Sought-After Boronic Acid-Based Drugs and Co-authors of the study hold the ingredients to successfully carry out the new method.
"If the doctor only prescribes the generic name, it will be left to the chemist to decide which particular brand to push.
Smaller, faster and cooler - 50-per-cent cooler - computers could be the result of new materials technology being pioneered by a UVic chemist. Natia Frank, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Victoria, has developed a new material ...
Boston, MA -- More than 20,000 drug cases handled by disgraced former state chemist Annie Dookhan may be dismissed today after a decision by the state's highest court that forced district attorney across the state to toss tainted cases.
BOOTS the chemist in West Lane, off West Street, near the Hart and Bell Surgeries, Henley, will be closed today (Friday) and Monday due to the bank holidays.
Nandlal Kansal, president of the District chemists Association, today said the association supports the drive started by the new government against the drug menace, but it appeals to the district administration and police officials not to harass ...
Prior to Miltec, he worked as a Research chemist at the Institute for energy technology in Norway and a Research technician at the University of Kentucky.
ON-LINE chemists are issuing prescriptions within "seconds" of receiving questionnaires and have been prescribing asthma inhalers without GP confirmation, says the UK's leading health watchdog.
With the new method, published this week as a First Release paper the journal science, chemists can take abundant, inexpensive, structurally diverse compounds known as carboxylic acids and convert them easily into similarly structured boronic acids and ...
Representatives of the District chemists' Association led by its president Rakesh Aggarwal met Joginder Singh Maan and SDM Balbir Raj Singh and submitted a memorandum against the alleged indifferent attitude of the police towards chemists. Aggarwal ...
"In a collaboration to demonstrate the translational utility of the discovery, Baran's team and chemists from the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr), also used the method to make boronic acid-based compounds that inhibit a human ...
Well Pharmacy is planning to roll out hub-and-spoke dispensing across its 800 branches later this year, CEO John Nuttall has revealed.
Boots UK has revealed the areas that will offer the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to boys aged 12-16, who are not covered by the NHS scheme.
Most people know Cut chemist as a turntablist/DJ for the Hip Hop collective, Jurassic 5, but to the seasoned music fan, he's also an important part of the Latin-flavored group, Ozomatli, which routinely performs with fellow J5 member Chali 2na.
"Unseen Forces" will be among the works by Sascha Braunig on view at Atlanta Contemporary beginning April 13. Atlanta Contemporary hosts an opening reception for its newest exhibitions, Sascha Braunig (on view through July 30), Paul Anthony Smith's ...
Easter bank holiday weekend is a busy time for retail and leisure facilities. But it is also a busy time for the more essential outlets in our town's and cities.
WESTLAKE, OH - It may sound like a game show on ABC but the state's "You Be the chemist Challenge" contest is very real and very intense.
The protagonist in this novel, Alex - she goes by many names, but let's stick to this for our sanity - is a secret agent and professional torturer.





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