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updated Sun. April 1, 2018

TEL AVIV - Tens of thousands of Palestinians followed the call to demonstrate on the border with Israel on Friday (March 30). At least 16 died and hundreds were injured, most of them by inhaling tear gas. The event is supposed to kick off a 45-day-long campaign of protests. The danger that this could lead ...
The secrets of Israelis' long, satisfying lives. National Geographic Travel reveals the likely reasons why Israel ranks 5th for healthy longevity as cited in the UN World Happiness Report 2018. By ISRAEL21c Staff April 1, 2018, 8:06 am. Herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, olive oil and other plant-based foods are the backbone of the ...
Protesters denounce Israel's deadly response to the Gaza return march on Friday, when Israeli troops killed at least 15 demonstrators and wounded at least 1,400. Israelis protest in solidarity with Gaza near the border. March 31, 2018. (Oren Ziv / Some 300 Israelis protested along the ...
Three Palestinians killed and 365 injured in clashes with Israelis in the Gaza region. Palestinian protesters carry a wounded man who was shot by Israeli troops during a demonstration near 1 Palestinian protesters carry a wounded man who was shot by Israeli troops during a demonstration near the Gaza ...
Israelis warned against traveling to Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Thailand. “Given the risk posed by lone terrorists or local terrorist infrastructure, we seek to underscore the need to be vigilant while visiting crowded locations, especially sites that are known as terror targets,” says the Counterterrorism Bureau in ... Gaza
Israeli sources have said two Israelis are competing as drivers in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge rally, after receiving an official invitation from the hosts, according to al-Quds al-Arabi. The newspaper stated that the drivers, along with three escorts, entered the UAE with Israeli passports. The invitations ... Gaza
They consider the language spoken by most Israelis today a “perversion” of ancient Hebrew, Mintzberg explained. Jews were expelled from ancient Israel because they had gone against God's commandments, the group believes. Jews are not allowed any form of a state until the coming of the Messiah, ... Gaza
The United States Embassy announced Thursday it was launching an easier visa application process for Israeli citizens renewing their non-immigrant visas. The Interview Waiver Program will allow many Israelis renewing their visas to do so without having to report to the embassy for a personal interview. Gaza
The US Embassy in Israel announced yesterday that it was easing the entry visa requirements for Israelis. Under the new regulations, Israelis who are renewing a valid tourist visa or whose visa expired during the past 12 months will not need to present themselves for a personal interview with an official at ... Gaza
Like many Israelis who immigrated to America, they recite the blessings over red wine and challah every Friday evening, “so the children will know who they are.” A regular Sabbath-eve guest is Mussa Salah, who is in charge of the kitchens and almost everything relating to personnel in the Shahams' ... Gaza
Nur Abu Ahmad from Nazareth spent a year trying to achieve a high enough grade on her psychometric (college entrance) exam to enable her to be accepted to an Israeli university. When she gave up in despair, like thousands of young people her age, she set her sights on Palestinian academic ... Gaza
Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party is pushing legislation that would allow for Palestinians convicted of fatal attacks on Israelis to be punished by death. The bill passed a preliminary reading in Israel's parliament, the Knesset, in January. “Demolishing houses will not help. When they decide to impose the ... Gaza
Religious sections of society, even if they aren't vegan, provide a vast market for businesses selling vegan products. For example, when eating a burger it would not be kosher to drink a glass of milk, so many Israelis buy alternatives. These types of non-dairy, non-meat foods are labelled as “parve” and are ... Gaza
Although Netanyahu is American, his identity doesn't undermine his standing and make him suspect in Israelis' eyes. Defense ministers Peretz and Lieberman will die as a Moroccan and a Russian, respectively. Does that indicate the failure of the Zionist enterprise? Zionism wished to establish a new state ... Gaza

An indictment has been handed down against three Arab Israelis for allegedly planning a terror attack at the Temple Mount. According to Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), the Israel Security Agency announced that the three Israeli Arabs, who were arrested in January and February, plotted a shooting ... Gaza
Bitcoin, an online non-cash payment network, is in the news these days – big time – so what better way to attract technology enthusiasts to a meetup, than a program focusing on the new technology? That was Ben Weinberg's thinking, as he considered the program for the first ever “Toronto Israeli Tech ... Gaza
The aspirations of the political right to annex West Bank lands have never been more obvious, as reflected in this week's stormy Knesset committee debate about Jewish-Arab demography. AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images. Palestinian women standing on a balcony look at the damaged interior of the ... Gaza
In other words, Kfar Vradim is “good” Israel, the kind that isn't blatantly racist, doesn't think Israeli Arabs should be expelled from the country or should have fewer rights than Jewish Israelis. But, as the controversy over the housing auction shows, there are limits to how far even the “good” Israel is prepared ... Gaza
Around 20,000 Israelis gathered alongside African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv to protest against the Israeli government's policy of deportations and imprisonment of the asylum seekers. The protest took place in south Tel Aviv, where most of the city's asylum seekers live, and local residents have long ... Gaza
We probably shouldn't laugh about this, because there's some innocent Palestinian plastics factory owner who no longer has a business. But then again, there's something about this story that serves as a somewhat humorous metaphor for the Middle East dispute. Gaza
Three young Arab-Israeli citizens inspired by the Islamic State (IS) faced charges Monday after they were arrested in January and February for planning a shooting attack at the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem, the site holy to all three monotheistic religions. Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed ... Gaza
JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three Arab-Israeli residents of northern Israel were arrested on suspicion of planning a shooting attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Two of those arrested in January and February are 20-year-old men, the third is a 16-year old minor, all from the Arab-Israeli town of Um ... Gaza
An Israeli family that accidentally entered Ramallah Motzoei Shabbos was successfully extricated after they called police and reported that they were apparently lost in the Arab city. Police believe that the family, new immigrants who chiefly speak Spanish, were using a navigation app to get to Yerushalayim ... Gaza
Around 20,000 Israelis gathered alongside African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv to protest against the Israeli government's policy of deportations and imprisonment of the asylum seekers. The protest took place in south Tel Aviv, where most of the city's asylum seekers live, and local residents have long ... Gaza
Noa: We were in med school there for five years, and now we were both there to defend our final theses before a panel of physicians. Stressful? Noa: It's more chill than it sounds. Keep updated: Sign up to our newsletter. Email *. Please enter a valid email address. Sign up. Please wait… Thank you for ... Gaza
Though Israelis can't help feeling disappointed that the Israeli Olympic team does not seem likely to bring home any medals from the Winter Games in Korea, they're still full of pride for Israeli figure skaters Alexei Bychenko and Daniel Samohin, who glided their way to the highest-ever ranking of Israeli ... Gaza
Israelis are "living under terrorism by migrants," Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely said on Monday. Speaking to the State Control Committee of the Knesset on expelling African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan, Hotovely repeated that sentiment several times and added that she is not going to ... Gaza
TEL AVIV - The newest escalation in Gaza demonstrates the constant threat of war between Israel and the Palestinian radical Islamic Hamas. In what Israelis call the "most severe escalation" since the last war with Gaza in 2014, a booby trap Palestinians planted on the border fence injured four soldiers on ... Gaza
Those who planned ahead, of course, could easily obtain a Trump mask from overseas. Increasingly, Israelis are sidestepping the local merchants when it comes to Purim costumes, ordering instead from websites like China's Alibaba, which offers a large range of Trump masks – everything from a scowling, ... Gaza
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki speaks at a security conference in Munich, Germany, on Feb. 17, 2018. (Thomas Kienzle / AFP/Getty Images). Israeli politicians accused Poland's prime minister of anti-Semitism on Saturday for equating Poles who participated in the horrors of the Holocaust to ... Gaza
While the Israelis are currently focused on Iranian forces in Syria, their assessment of the missile threat will lead them to escalate into Iran if necessary. Israel's second pursuit is to convince Bashar Assad's regime that the benefits of enabling Iranian missile forces (paying the IRGC back for their continuing ... Gaza
Israelis shoot down an Iranian drone to find a cheap US ripoff. By Harold Hutchison Feb. 13, 11:46 AM. Over the weekend, you may have heard about the ... The Israelis also operate a mix of F-15C/D/I fighters. The F-15C/D Eagles are designed for air-superiority missions, while the F-15I is a customized ... Gaza
On Saturday, Israel conducted what it described as its largest strikes in Syria in decades following the weekend downing of its fighter jet over northern Israel. Sputnik discussed the escalating tensions with James Dorsey, senior fellow at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore and an ... Gaza
Deeply concerned about rising hostilities between their two countries over controversial legislation that would criminalize statements about the Polish nation's complicity in Nazi war crimes, a group of prominent Israelis and Poles is hoping to turn the tide. In a jointly drafted statement, they tell leaders on ... Gaza
The truth is that most Jewish Israelis do not care about cruelty against disabled Jews and African refugees, and there is no pressing reason anymore to wrap that truth in quotes from our sources. With the Palestinians we have practiced just the opposite of what those quotes preach. No God or European ... Gaza
There's a lot of assumption in American culture about Israel. Our history has become so intertwined with that of the Holy Land. By consequence, there are underpinnings of automatic (and supposed) knowledge about the nation that seem to accompany American citizenship. But these vague understandings ... Gaza
Who knew the lead-up to a handshake could be so riveting? The Oslo Diaries, directed by Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan, tells the secret history of the 1993 peace talks between the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli government. The directors rely on the personal diaries of a chief negotiator ... Gaza
Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday commented on the possibility of conflict with Lebanon breaking out, saying that Israeli soldiers may have to operate deep in Lebanese territory and maneuver on the ground on the battlefield if war breaks out. Lieberman's comments are the latest in a ... Gaza
The latest Joint Israel-Palestinian survey poll from December 2017 found that only 46% of both Israelis and Palestinians currently support the two state solution. In other words, a majority of stakeholders on both sides reject the framework the international community has sought to implement over the past ... Gaza
Prominent Israelis Petition Irish Parliament to Back Bill Blocking Products From Settlements. Letter written by former Knesset members, legal experts, ex-ambassadors, artists and academics published in The Irish Times: 'The Israeli occupation ... is not only unjust but also stands in violation of numerous UN ... Gaza
JERUSALEM — An Israeli government plan to deport tens of thousands of African migrants has sparked an unexpected backlash from liberal Israelis and their American Jewish allies who say Israel — established in the wake of the Holocaust — should never be turning away those in need. The showdown ... Gaza
Survivors and guests walk inside the barbed wire fences at the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz, during the ceremonies marking the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of the camp and International Holocaust Victims Remembrance Day, in Oswiecim, Poland, Jan. 27, 2018. Gaza
The gishmei brachah that have fallen in recent weeks are helping, but they haven't been able to make up for four years of sub-par rainfall, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz said at a conference on water issues. Winter 2017-2018 is shaping up to be the fifth straight year in which Israel is not getting ... Gaza
They were killed early when an Israeli car crashed into a Palestinian vehicle in the northern West Bank. Eight others were injured in the accident, four Israelis and four Palestinians. The two Israelis killed have been identified as Uri Lipnik, 12, and Roy Lipnik 12. The Palestinian man has not yet been named. Gaza
Israel Hayom's Boaz Bismuth called it “the speech Israel has been waiting to hear for 70 years.” The Wilson Center's Aaron David Miller wrote in Politico that Pence “spent less than 48 hours in Israel saying literally everything Israelis want to hear.” And, he added, “Israeli newspapers ran the remarks in full.”. Gaza
This past week it became crystal clear that despite the hopes of many, the chances of Israel reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians any time in the near future have gone from low to zero. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave two speeches over the course of the past week — first, ... Gaza
Wild rain in Tel Aviv is causing some bizarre sights, like a fallen cactus piece stretched across a main street. Today, passersby stopped during their Friday pre-Shabbat shopping to look at signs delineating a path of escape in case of tsunami. “A tsunami means an earthquake,” opined a woman taxi driver, ... Gaza


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