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updated Mon. May 13, 2024

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli court has sentenced a border policeman to nine months in prison for the fatal shooting of a stone-throwing teenage Palestinian protester. The Jerusalem District Court ruled Wednesday that Ben Deri unjustly opened fire during demonstrations in the West Bank four years ago.
Prior to Merrill Lynch, she was head coach of the women's lacrosse team at Franklin & Marshall College, the youngest head coach in the nation to ever win a national championship. She went on in 2013, while working full time, to lead the Israeli women's national team to its first appearance in the FIL ...

JERUSALEM — “As long as the demand from the audience is there, a lot of us can thrive,” said Showtime CEO David Nevins in a Q&A with Avi Nir, CEO Keshet Media Group, kicking off the two-day long INTV conference in Israel, acknowledging that the network is trying to “punch above our weight” in the ...
Israel Adesanya is back in action next month at UFC On Fox 29 and the opponent on that night is going to be Marvin Vettori. Many people ... My sister used to try telling me that 'he's not really trying to hit him,' but I believed…it was real,” Adesanya said in an exclusive interview with Fightful's James Lynch.
The prosecution is offering community service in a plea bargain for four Israelis who attacked an asylum seeker after he was mistaken for a terrorist and shot in Be'er Sheva in 2015. Only one, David Moyal, 33, accepted the offer, which remains contingent on the approval of a relative of Haftom Zarhum, who ...

She's done so even as she and other Israel advocates stage one slanted panel after another in Jewish spaces. Today comes a sharp rejoinder. On twitter, a ... Now, of course, she accuses people who criticize her hamfisted tweets of forming a lynch mob. She cites actual fake news in her op eds that say ...
So much so, in fact, that even some of Netanyahu's most ardent defenders, such as Alan Dershowitz, took to Israeli TV to urge that the expulsion be annulled. While the organised American Jewish community's recent outpouring of concern for African refugees in Israel is to be welcomed, it comes at the ...

Instead, he proposed convening an international peace conference, including Israeli and Palestinian representatives, by mid-2018 that would recognize Palestine as a full-fledged U.N. member state, guarantee the protection of Palestinians, and recognize the international borders of Israel and Palestine on ...
Palestinians hurl stones toward Israeli troops during clashes in Jenin, West Bank, Jan. ... 12 from an attempted lynching in the West Bank city of Jenin. ... The speaker referred to the Christian-controlled SLA militia that operated on Israel's behalf in southern Lebanon until the Israeli withdrawal from there in ...
Two Israeli soldiers, a male and female, accidentally drove into the Palestinian town of Jenin in northern Samaria on Monday. ... Writing in Israel's best-selling daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, columnist Shlomo Pyutrekovsky accused the government of responding too weakly to such incidents, and thereby ...
Aside from the sheriff's comments in the aftermath of Parkland, a letter informing the union membership of the vote contains a multitude of other complaints against Israel. Union audits showed that Israel has returned hundreds of millions of dollars to the county that could have been used money for deputy ...
The abuse described by Labour MPs in the Commons on Tuesday was awful. Attacks on anyone on grounds of their race or religion are indefensible. Jeremy Corbyn's support for certain lobbyists (and murals) indicates a serious lack of judgment, but being anti-Israel does not make him antisemitic, any ...
On April 25, 1945, the Japanese were shelling the battalion that Father Lynch was traveling with and a soldier nearby screamed as he was hit. The tough Irish priest from Elderts Lane ran to the young soldier's side and began offering the last rites when a second shell struck, killing both of them instantly.
Merrill Lynch published a detailed review on March 1, in which it recommended resuming shekel purchases to its customers. The main grounds cited for the recommendation were the positive macroeconomic performance by the Israeli economy, but it also included an unusual analysis of the Bank of Israel's ...
An Israeli family—Spanish speakers—entered Ramallah on Saturday, having been guided there by their GPS navigation app, Israel's Channel 2 News reported. When the family members realized their mistake, which could prove fatal, they called the police, and after terrifying minutes of waiting they were ...


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