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updated Mon. April 23, 2018

Astronomers usually study their subject from afar. They peer at stars and planets through telescopes, or rely on physics and math to hypothesize about the universe. Now, a group of researchers at UT Austin hopes to open up a new way of studying space: by re-creating the stuff stars are made of in ...
A college student requested a "Higher Ed" discussion about meaningful student-teacher relationships - both how to form them and how those relationships could impact grades and behavior. In this episode of KUT's podcast Higher Ed, KUT's Jennifer Stayton and Southwestern University President Dr. ...

Will Neely noticed different tags on different trees along the Lady Bird Lake trails. So he asked KUT to explore for our ATXplained project. Julia Reihs / KUT. You can't not notice the trees that line the paths on Austin's many hike and bike trails. But have you ever noticed a fair amount of them are numbered?
If you live in Austin, chances are your gas bill is going up. That's because Texas Gas Service, the utility that supplies most of the city with gas, is raising rates. The company has done it every year since 2011, and some people think the process by which rates have risen needs an overhaul. The ...
Texas has resettled dramatically fewer refugees in the past year, figures from Refugee Services of Texas show. The organization said 3,518 people were resettled between October 2016 and March 2017. Between October 2017 and March of this year, only 736 were resettled. That's a 79 percent decrease.
Vanderwilt will stay on as director through June. Jay Bernhardt, dean of the Moody College of Communication at UT Austin, will name an interim director until a permanent director is hired. "Stewart led the way on so many great projects and initiatives that it's difficult to name them all. KUT is a vastly ... Colorado

Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley called the Austin serial bomber a "domestic terrorist" at a panel hosted by KUT this morning. Despite previous calls from the community after a string of bombings killed 39-year-old Stephan House and 17-year-old Draylen Mason, Manley hadn't used the term. At ...
In the days after the Austin bombings, Jesus Valles couldn't stop thoughts from buzzing around like bees in his head. He made sense of his feelings the best way he knew how: He sat down at his computer and began to write a public Facebook post about Austin. "Austin is an exhausting place where ...
Austin NPR affiliate 90.5 KUT-FM will host a "community conversation" on the recent Austin bombings this Thursday. The event, set to run from 9 to 10 a.m. at the George Washington Carver Museum, will look at how law enforcement, members of the media and the community at large responded to ...
The plan is to equip participants with binoculars, mp3 players and a map directing them to performances and installations, according to the website. The team contributing to the project includes KUT's Mose Buchele, who produced stories for the show about unwanted dinner guests, ancient Aztecs and ... Artists Austin
“I was just really disappointed,” the mural's artist, Chris Rogers, told KUT at the time. “That one had a lot of significance, not just to me, but to that whole area. Local people would come up and not just congratulate me for doing good work and say hi, but they were thanking me for doing it. A couple of them ... Artists Austin
Council Member Greg Casar speaks at a rally at City Hall in support of mandatory paid sick leave for private businesses. City Council approved the measure early Friday morning. Jorge Sanhueza Lyon / KUT. Austin City Council members voted early Friday to require all private employers in the city to ... Artists Austin
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Early voting for the 2018 primaries in Texas starts on Feb. 20, and Election Day is March 6. You probably aren't entirely positive what's on the ballot. We won't begrudge you for that. In fact, we'd like to remedy that. Below you can view a comprehensive breakdown of every candidate, proposition and issue ... Artists Austin
Colter Sonneville had a hunch that it might be legal to walk down the street with an open beer in most of Austin's residential neighborhoods. It started when he noticed some big signs around Chicon and East Cesar Chavez streets. “The sign says, 'No alcohol consumption on public streets/sidewalks and ... Artists Austin
The StoryCorps mobile booth was in Austin this month, and we're bringing you some of the stories that were recorded there. Locally recorded stories will air Monday and Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition and archived here. Deborah White recently sat down in the StoryCorps mobile booth with ... Artists Austin
Valentine's Day is not everybody's favorite holiday. People in relationships might feel unrealistic expectations to shower their loved ones with flowers and candy. People not in relationships may envy those who are. But haven't we all seen couples in a restaurant or bar, sitting at the same table – but with ... Artists Austin

Darnell Franklin, who works for LGS Sky Chefs, got the flu and had to use all three of his paid sick days already this year. Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT. Mornings at Hoover's Cooking are spent hammering beef to make it thin enough for the restaurant's best-selling dish: chicken fried steak. “Other things that ... Artists Austin
Top intelligence officials are testifying before U.S. Senators this morning on Capitol Hill. Heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency will brief the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on “worldwide threats,” including the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 ... Artists Austin
ATK's Cygnus cargo spacecraft is seen at sunrise, prior to its departure from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik. From Texas Standard. Did you watch the big SpaceX rocket launch last week? It was pretty remarkable – a massive rocket lifting a payload of more than 60 tons into ... Artists Austin
Candidates all over the Lone Star State are pouring their hearts, souls and resources into their campaigns. The primaries in Texas are only three weeks away. While resources are a major challenge for every candidate, that's particularly true for those with little name recognition. Some organizations like ... Artists Austin
A federal court is hearing a case today that challenges the way Texas elects judges for its high courts. The lawsuit argues at-large partisan elections make it difficult for Latinos to get elected. KUT's Ashley Lopez talks about the case with Morning Edition host Nadia Hamdan. Listen to their conversation ... Artists Austin
Residents inspect CodeNEXT maps at an open house for the release of the latest development code at City Hall on Monday. Montinique Monroe for KUT. The City of Austin has released its third draft of CodeNEXT, the ongoing overhaul of the rules governing what can be built where. Staff held an open ... Artists Austin
Dan Brooks is moving to Austin from Philadelphia next week. But before he got here, he wanted some reading material. “I like to know as much as possible about where I am, what community I'm a part of, where I'm living," he said. "It's important for me to have an idea of the space that I'm occupying, and ... Artists Austin
Deadly flooding hit Central Texas over Memorial Day weekend in 2015. Heavy rain caused the Blanco River to rise, damaging or destroying more than 2,000 homes in Wimberley. Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has opened up a public comment period for new ... Artists Austin
Once a week, KUT listeners hear an ominous recording. “This is a test of the capital area warning system,” says a male voice, followed by a ... The tests don't sound too dissimilar from the tests aired today on KUT. More than three decades later, the government expanded the system to include more devices, ... Artists Austin
Unless Congress passes a continuing resolution, this week non-essential federal spending will dry up on Friday at midnight, and the U.S. government will shut down. Disagreements over DACA and other immigration priorities continue to divide the Congress, and the potential shutdown is being used as ... Artists Austin
KUT's Jimmy Maas talks with Jennifer Stayton about the announcement. The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, which submitted Austin's bid, said in a release this morning that the chamber looks forward to presenting its pitch to Amazon, but that it has no further information on the decision timeline. Artists Austin
President Trump listens to President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan during a joint press conference in the Roosevelt Room on Tuesday. Olivier Douliery/Pool / Getty Images. Listen. Listening... /. Originally published on January 18, 2018 7:52 am. As President Trump approaches the one-year ... Artists Austin
A group of local nonprofits, government agencies and private companies are taking part in what's called the Affordable Housing Accelerator to address Austin's housing affordability issues. “For those who aren't familiar with an accelerator, it's a fancy word for a program which looks to accelerate small ... Artists Austin
The StoryCorps mobile booth is in Austin this month, and we're bringing you some of the stories that are being recorded there. Locally recorded stories will air on Monday and Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition and archived here. Luis Cepeda recently sat down with his wife, Alejandra Lima, and ... Artists Austin
Democrats are running in every single Texas congressional race. But that doesn't mean they'll win – especially when you consider each of the districts was drawn to re-elect the party that currently holds the seat (i.e., mostly Republicans). There is, for now, more enthusiasm for Democrats in general across ... Artists Austin
Officials say road conditions in Austin have improved, but with the risk of ice lingering through the morning hours, a number of Central Texas school districts and the City of Austin will operate on a two-hour delay Wednesday. The National Weather Service says a Hard Freeze Warning will continue through ... Artists Austin
Austin Energy is already handling outages across its service area, with roughly 35 customers experiencing outages. Spokesperson Jennifer Herber told KUT residents can conserve energy for shortages and outages by opening shades to bring in heat during daylight hours, setting the thermostat to about ... Artists Austin
Austin police officers aren't the only public safety personnel without an employment contract with the city. For the first time in nearly 10 years, EMS employees are without a contract, too. Tony Marquardt, president of the Austin-Travis County EMS Employee Association, said that because police is the largest ... Artists Austin
Sean Morgan, Tyler Groce and Margaret Hunsicker of Creative Action lead a workshop for students on sexual harassment and how to draw boundaries at IDEA Rundberg. Lynda Gonzalez for KUT. Margaret Hunsicker and two other actors stand in front of a classroom at IDEA Rundberg, performing a scene ... Artists Austin
The Austin Independent School District has received no offers to run Mendez Middle School, which is on the brink of state takeover. Mendez has gotten a failing grade from the state the last four years. If it receives another failing grade this year, the state will have to intervene. These grades are based mainly ... Artists Austin
Reba Parker was living in Charleston, S.C., when she first learned about the tiny-home movement. She started searching online, looking into where in the country she could legally live in a tiny home. “Spur, Texas, popped up No. 1,” Parker says. “So I flew out to Spur, checked it out, bought some land. Artists Austin
After getting heat for keeping candidates' identities secret and evading reporters, the Austin City Council has released the names of six finalists ... Artists Austin
The investigation into what led a gunman to kill 26 people at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs is ongoing, and law enforcement ... Artists Austin
John H. Reagan High School is one of the district's schools that could get a name change. Miguel Gutierrez Jr. / KUT. Five Austin schools ... Artists Austin
In Austin, there are more than 5,000 registered nonprofits, including KUT and KUTX. While philanthropy in Austin is growing, it lags other cities ... Artists Austin
President Donald Trump's insistence that the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, is a bad deal sparked talks aimed at ... Artists Austin
After jumping in an airport shuttle last week in an attempt to maintain secrecy, Austin City Council members agreed Thursday to release the ... Artists Austin
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band out of New Orleans is performing at Antones on Friday night. Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The Sound on Sound Music ... Artists Austin
Cost is often a barrier for residents who want to expand their homes or add accessory units. Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon / KUT. The Austin City ... Artists Austin
It's been a week since open enrollment began for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and groups in Austin say they are experiencing a ... Artists Austin
The Austin Independent School District, Lake Travis ISD, Leander ISD and Lago Vista ISD all posed bond questions, which use tax money for ... Artists Austin
Voters added seven amendments to the Texas Constitution on Tuesday. The mostly noncontroversial propositions won by wide margins of up ... Artists Austin
The measure, rolled out by House Republicans this week, reduces the deduction of mortgage interest on high-dollar homes. Flickr/GotCredit ... Artists Austin


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