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updated Fri. February 8, 2019

NAIROBI, Kenya - Dowladda Kenya ayaa ku dhawaaqday inay joojisay dhismaha derbiga magaalada Balad-Xaawo ee gobolka Gedo, kaasi oo dhaliyay Xiisad iyo kacdoon shacab. Gudoomiyaha magaalada Mandheera Cali Roba ayaa xaqiijiyay in la hakiyay dhisaha Derbiga, kadib kulan wada-tashi ah ...
Its media partners included Al-Masry al-Youm, Masrawy and the Emirati Al-Ayn as well as several development partners such as the Misr el-Kheir Foundation, Al-Warsha group and Al-Turath Library. Fatima Farag, manager of Welad al-Balad, told Al-Monitor that the archive project is based on the concept of ...

... to Tamimi, the incident was the second ambush by IS extremists in the past two weeks in the same area. In another incident, IS extremists attacked Iraqi forces in Tel al-Dhahab village in the southern Balad district of Salahuddin Province, killing two soldiers and wounding three others, a security source told al-Sumeriya.
On the other hand, Zamalek's official website announced that Mortada will reveal the “Signing of the Century” on Saturday night through Sada El-Balad channel. Mortada has previously pointed out that Zamalek reached an agreement to sign a top African player who will play with his national team in the ...
The area known as Al Balad is a Unesco World Heritage Site, but the buildings are hurting, crumbling in the middle of the city's outward growth. The Jameel House of Traditional Arts is trying to change that. The organisation offers a one-year programme in traditional arts that it hopes will equip young Saudis ...
Shortly thereafter, Shabaab's forces also ambushed a convoy of Burundian troops near Balad, which also sits north of Mogadishu. The jihadists hit the African Union troops with small arms and explosives, destroying several vehicles and leaving at least five Burundian soldiers dead. After the ambush ...

On February 28, 2018, more than 39 community leaders from the Shia and Sunni tribes in the districts of Balad and Dujail joined a press conference to announce the general principles supporting peaceful coexistence and stabilization in Yathrib subdistrict, which aim to find the best approaches and ...
The Somali National Army (SNA) recaptured Balad town north of Mogadishu after a brief takeover by the militant group, Al-Shabaab. Mahad Osman, former Information Minister, and current Member of Parliament from Hirshabelle State confirmed to Radio Shabelle the capture of the town. "I have the report ...
The Somali National Army (SNA) on Friday recaptured Balad town north of Mogadishu after a brief takeover by the militant group, Al-Shabaab. Mahad Osman, former Information Minister, and current Member of Parliament from Hirshabelle State confirmed to Xinhua the capture of the town. "I have the report ...
Unaware of the ban on haflas, many passengers gathered at designated pick-up points in Balad, Bab Sharif and Bab Makkah. ... Welcoming the new service, Mohammed Zubair Alam, a Bangladesh expatriate who was waiting to go to Kilo 14 from Balad, said that the new SAPTCO buses are safe and ...
BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq - Now that Iraq has claimed victory over the Islamic State (ISIS) after a bloody three-and-a-half-year war, the US-led coalition is decreasing air support in the country as part of the coalition's shrinking footprint amid a drawdown of US forces. US and Iraqi air force commanders said the ...
In this Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, photo, Iraqi army soldier stand guard near a U.S.-made Iraqi Air Force F-16 fighter jet at the Balad Air Base, 45 miles (75 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Iraq. The U.S.-led coalition is decreasing air support for Iraq following Baghdad's declaration of victory over the Islamic State group. American ...
Mada Masr publishes a letter from journalist Hamdy Mokhtar Ali, also known as Hamdy al-Zaeem, who has been held in pretrial detention at Tora Prison since September 2016. Police arrested Zaeem, who was working as a correspondent for London-based Al-Hayat newspaper and Al-Balad news website, ...
The store recently expanded into a larger showroom with floor-to-ceiling glass on two sides of its corner locale across from Trina Turk. More square footage means more space for Fermob's versatile range of mobile outdoor lighting. The Balad lantern's handle, which resembles a pair of sleek headphones, ...
Sallyport Global has secured a new foreign military sales (FMS) contract, valued at $400m, to support the Iraqi Air Force's F-16 programme. The cost-plus-fixed-fee undefinitised contract action has been awarded through the US Air Force (USAF) to support Iraq's F-16 mission at Balad Air Base, located 45 ...
Members of the Balad party are suspected of receiving hundreds of thousands of shekels from sources overseas and in Israel and misrepresenting them as legal, local campaign contributions. The state comptroller said Balad received 710,000 shekels in 348 separate cash contributions that were never ...
He also spent several weeks at Joint Base Balad, forty miles north of Baghdad. During his tour of duty, he was highly respected by both his peers and the enlisted soldiers serving with him. As the son of a prominent political figure, Beau Biden was a rarity in today's U.S. armed forces. Only about a fifth of ...

Syrian government forces and allies control Daraa al-Mahata, the northern and western neighborhoods of Daraa province's eponymous capital, while rebel forces control the city's southern half, known as Daraa al-Balad. The front line runs from east to west through the city's center. Months of heavy fighting ...
Another delegation from Jubbaland that was headed by Vice President Mohamud Sayid Aden joined Minister Farah on the fact-finding mission in the border crossing points amid rising tension in Balad-Hawo town. Speaking to local media, Farah said the main objective of their trip is to hear local people's ...
Sidoo kale wafdi ka ka socda Jubbaland oo uu hogaaminayo Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Maxamuud Sayid Aadan ayaa qeyb ka ah safarka shaqo ee Madaxda ay ku marayaan Balad-Xaawo iyo Doolow. Wasiirka ayaa ujeedka safarkiisa ku micneeyay u kuur-galista xaaladda magaalooyinka ku yaalla ...
BALAD-XAAWO, Gedo- Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya, Cabdi Faarax Siciid Juxa iyo wafdi uu hogaaminayo ayaa gaaray magaalada Balad-Xaawo ee gobolka Gedo. Juxa waxaa socdaalka ku weheliya, Madaxweyne ku-xigeenka Jubbaland, xubno katirsan dowladda ...
The attack took place late on Friday as gunmen opened fire on a gathering of civilians in the Farahiya district, north of Balad and south of Tikrit. Witnesses told Kurdistan 24 that four people were killed and ten others wounded. The assailants used automatic weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to carry out the ...
Of course, soldiers will get a large Christmas dinner, just like this one in Balad Iraq, 2011. Of course, soldiers will get a large Christmas dinner, just like this one in. Reuters ...
During an interview with Sada al-Balad TV channel, Erfan told the host of Salet el-Tahrir (Newsroom) program, Azza Mostafa, that the ACA is ... “ACA has formed a committee to pursue the medication with all parties responsible for providing it at the meantime,” Erfan told Sada al-Balad, affirming that ...
'Balad El Mahboub' stages at Jesuit Center in Alexandria. By: Egypt Today staff. Thu, Dec. 14, 2017. CAIRO – 14 December 2017: A Theatrical performance of “Balady El-Mahboub” (The Beloved Country) will stage at the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria on December 16, performed by Noah Ship theatrical troupe.
JEDDAH: Jeddah Civil Defense declared full control of a blaze, that broke out Tuesday in the historical quarter of central Jeddah and damaged six buildings, three of which collapsed. Spokesman Col. Saeed Sarhan said that Jeddah Civil Defense teams evacuated about 60 people to safe areas while ...
9, 2006, as he thanks crews from the 2/135th General Support Aviation Battalion Medical Evacuation unit at Balad Air Base for their service to the country. (Cherie A. ... U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates greets Air Force personnel before leaving Joint Base Balad Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008, in Balad, Iraq.
Jakarta, MINA – Direktur Al-Balad Waqaf Foundation, Legisan Samtafsir mengatakan, umat Islam perlu bersatu dalam memerangi sistem ekonomi konvensional. Jika tidak bersatu, akan sangat sulit, bahkan mustahil bisa menyingkirkan sistem tersebut. Hal itu dikatakannya saat workshop bertemakan ...
Kabiya told Al-Monitor that activists from the Arab Balad party have joined the Islamist demonstrators in their opposition, also considering the opening of new police stations to be an Israeli attempt to assert control over the Arab villages. Jamal Zahalka, Balad chairman and Knesset member, participated in ...
He served time in both Al Asad and Balad, where he was head nurse. In Balad, he was actually transferred to the Air Force—332nd Expeditionary Medical Unit. They were the only Level III trauma center in their area of operations and averaged more than 250 major trauma patients per month. They were ...
In 2008, he was deployed to Balad Air Force Base, Iraq as a legal advisor to the special operations air wing. Bowden said all veterans have ...
Last Thursday, for MK50 , Milton Keynes Islamic Arts Centre launched Al - Balad (The city) 'Migration' a new art exhibition with touring ...
About 60 people were injured in the Khanakin area, another 40 people were injured in the Balad Ruz district in the province of Diyala.
1, 2007, along with two other special agents, near Balad Air Base in Iraq. The agents were conducting a counterintelligence mission north of ...
1, 2007, when, at age 28, he and two other Air Force special agents were killed by a roadside bomb near Balad Air Force Base, Iraq, for which ...
The planes arrived at Balad airbase, north of the capital Baghdad, the ministry said in a short statement without giving more detail.
1, 2007, while serving as an Air Force special agent in Balad, Iraq. The North Huntingdon native and Norwin High School graduate was killed ...
Soon after they arrived at Balad, both Torres and Daniels got sick. Torres started coughing up a black mucus that military doctors called 'Iraqi ...
Everything at the Balad FOB in Iraq reportedly went into the 10-acre burn pit: computer parts, animal carcasses, medical waste, body parts, ...
Al-Balad, or 'Old Jeddah', is without a doubt one of the Kingdom's most enchanting places. Charming and decaying merchant homes loom high ...
At least seventeen civilians were on Sunday killed when an IED hot a vehicle they were travelling in near the Lower Shabelle town of Balad.
Said Al Farsi is the owner of the Al Balad dairy factory, which was established in 2014. Today, Al Balad products are sold in most famous ...
BALAD, Somalia - At least six civilians were killed, and several wounded after a roadside bomb ripped through a minibus carrying passengers ...
An MQ-1B Predator from the 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron takes off from Balad Air Base in Iraq, in this file photo taken on ...
Al-Shabaab overpowered the military base in Balad district, southern Somalia, seizing weapons and ammunition. Somali soldiers guarding the ...
BALAD, Somalia - Al Shabaab militants attacked a military base near Somalia's southern district city of Balad located in Middle Shabelle region ...
In 2008, Army Times reporter Kelly Kennedy unearthed what is now referred to as the “Curtis Memo,” an Air Force study of the Balad pit by Lt.
JEDDAH: Jeddah Civil Defense declared full control of a blaze, that broke out Tuesday in the historical quarter of central Jeddah and damaged ...
A July 2015 file photo shows a new U.S.- made F-16 fighter jet outside a hardened hangar upon its arrival at Balad Air Base, north of Baghdad, ...
He served as an electronics shop chief and primary marksmanship instructor for the 4th Electronic Maintenance Battalion. He deployed as an avionics technician for the 332nd Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, Joint Base Balad, Iraq; specialist flight expeditor for ...


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