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updated Thu. June 6, 2024

While there are those who spend their nights wondering about their position in the corporate ladder, unravelling the future of the industry is what keeps Rajat Basra (pictured), CEO of Indonesia at Omnicom Media Group, up at night. While he feels his journey is a great one thus far filled with many ...
BASRA, Iraq (AFP) – From his small home nestled alongside train tracks in the southern Iraqi province of Basra, Sultan Nayef looks out at plumes of smoke billowing across an expanse of oil fields. Like thousands of others, the unemployed 25-year-old moved to oil-rich Basra in the hope of finding work in ...

Basra ( – An Iraqi civilian was killed Monday as a landmine left over from the anti-terror war exploded at a border area in Basra governorate, a provincial official was quoted as saying. Jabar al-Saadi, the head of the security committee at the Basra provincial council, told the SNG news ...
BASRA, Iraq: From his small home nestled alongside train tracks in the southern Iraqi province of Basra, Sultan Nayef looks out at plumes of smoke billowing across an expanse of oil fields. Like thousands of others, the unemployed 25-year-old moved to oil-rich Basra in the hope of finding work in the ...
Iraq's Basrah Light and Basrah Heavy crude oil grades pushed past record high premiums from earlier this week amid zealous buying in the Asian sour crude spot market as refiners prepare for summer ... "Basrah demand in Asia is quite good," a Chinese trader told S&P Global Platts on Wednesday.
SINGAPORE- The Middle East crude benchmarks rose on Tuesday, close to the highest premiums seen earlier this month, as robust demand in Asia underpinned prices. IRAQ: Iraq's May-loading Basra Light crude has been sold at an all-time high premium of just above $1 a barrel to its OSP, traders said.

Imports of Iraqi Basrah Light crude into the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port so far in April have risen by more than 4.4 million barrels from the same period in March, according to data from Platts Analytics and US Customs. In the first half of April, 4.937 million barrels of Basrah Light were imported into Morgan ...
A Cardiff doctor is hoping to give medical advice to people in Iraq from his surgery in Wales via the internet. Dr Laith Al Rubaiy, who is originally from Iraq, recently helped treat displaced families on the outskirts of Basra. The doctor who is based at the University Hospital of Wales, specialises in ...
Saudi Arabia will soon open a consulate in Basra, Iraq, reported the Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday. Deputy Minister for Public Diplomacy Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Osama Ahmed Nugali, made the announcement, while emphasizing the importance of strengthening Saudi-Iraqi ties.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Protestors in the southern oil-rich province Basra in Iraq in al-Tamimyah area took to the streets to protest lack of services and ... Today, from this podium, a Basra podium, in the name of the heroic al-Tamimyah area, we demand that the local administration come to this area to look at its streets, ...
Instead of contracting it out to another IOC, Basrah Oil Company will operate the field and subcontract work it doesn't have the manpower or expertise to do. Ismaael confirmed that this month the Basrah oil terminal and one single point mooring will be offline briefly for repairs and maintenance. He said it ...
The Turkish Consulate-General in Iraq's southern city of Basra, which was closed for security reasons in 2014, will reopen “soon”, according to the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Fatih Yildiz. Speaking to Anadolu Agency on Friday, Yildiz said: “Turkey is a big country; it can't be limited to only certain parts ...
Cats in Iraq's southern city of Basra are purring with delight as the country's first feline hotel opens for guests. In a part of the country where many struggle to make ends meet, a prime venue for cat naps may seem like a luxury. But Mehdi Fadel, owner of Bella, a longhaired Angora, was enthusiastic when he ...
Basra ( Iraq will launch a search for a British, artefacts-laden ship that sank more than century ago, officials were quoted saying on Friday, saying they will cooperate with academics for the purpose. Alsumaria News quoted Qahtan al-Obaid, head of the antiquities and heritage department in ...
Iraq plans to launch a new Basrah Medium crude export grade in a bid to help stabilize the quality of its existing Basrah Heavy and Light export grades as ... survey found, as fields in the Kurdistan region in the north more than offset a drop in exports from the southern port of Basra due to weather conditions.
But after years of digging for victory, he and his comrades have now turned their skills to civilian use: gouging out irrigation channels for farmers in the southern province of Basra. “What I'm doing makes me happy,” he said, with gelled hair glimmering above his sun-browned face. In 2014, Ali and tens of ...
IT ALMOST feels like old times. Before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, Gulf Arabs partied on the banks of the Shatt al-Arab river in southern Iraq. Many owned villas in the fields around Basra and took Iraqi wives. Now, after a break of three decades, they are back. Saudi Arabia is putting the ...

Iraqi national football team players take part in a training session on Feb. 27, 2018 in the city of Basra a day ahead of their friendly match against Saudi (Arabia.Haidarr Mohammed Ali/AFP). Related Articles. Iraq recall Yaser Kasim for match with Saudi Arabia in Basra. Saudi Arabia will today play their first ...
Kurdish MPs in a joint statement at parliament in Baghdad on February 17, 2018, condemn the beatings of two tourists from Basra. MPs from Basra are ... BAGHDAD, Iraq —MPs from the Kurdistan Region unilaterally condemned this week's beating of two Arab tourists from Basra while in Erbil. The Kurdish ...
BASRA, Iraq - Rows of self-harm scars that mark the teenager's forearms from her wrists nearly to her elbows are reminders of dark times. At age 7, the now 19-year-old was diagnosed with sickle-cell anaemia, a hereditary disease that has painful symptoms, including inflammation of the hands and feet and ...
It's not easy for soldiers to adjust quickly and easily back to civilian life. It has taken Christopher Burrows more than ten years to become a pupil barrister since he got the idea to switch in 2007, and he started his pupillage at Hardwicke Chambers in October last year. As for how life at the Bar compares with ...
The Iraqi government announced that the Saudi Arabian consulate will open in the city of Basra within two weeks. Under the direction of Saudi leadership, the consulate will be in a temporary location with its staff set to arrive to begin working soon. The head of the Saudi delegation, Abdulrahman al-Shehri, ...
The Iraqi government yesterday sent hundreds of its troops, backed by armoured vehicles and tank, to the country's southern province of Basra to restore security and law following an increase in tribal conflicts in the region. The Basra Operations Command, Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Khalaf, said that ...
BAGHDAD: FIFA president Gianni Infantino will not attend Wednesday's international friendly between Iraq and Saudi Arabia in Basra, despite an invitation from local football authorities. “The president will not come to Iraq,” a FIFA spokesperson in Geneva told AFP on Tuesday by telephone. Iraqi officials ...
Iraqis can now visit a special visa-free zone in neighbouring Iran, over the border from Basra. Some locals see the open border as a cynical economic and political move that helps Iran, but not Iraq. An Iraqi passport is one of the most difficult in the world. Only a handful of countries will allow Iraqis to travel ...


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