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updated Thu. June 6, 2024

Herat Province: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan overran Afghan National Army's military base in Nari Pula area of Shindand district. Reports suggest that 12 ... For those of you interested, you can follow us on an official Twitter account @SyrianWarDaily, or me personally on my twitter @joskobaric where I ...
Recent developments in Syria have increased the possibility of a dangerous escalation, the suspected Douma chemical weapons attack, the talk of U.S. military strikes in response, and the apparent Israeli airstrike on the Syrian airbase where Iranian personnel were stationed have seen Syria become a ...

On February 23, 2018, the representatives of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline in the Western Afghan city of Herat. Gen. John Nicholson, the commander of the US Forces in ...
The US has also ramped up airstrikes as part of US President Donald Trump's new strategy for Afghanistan that has given American forces more leeway to ... Helmand province; while in Aug the country's air force killed up to 13 civilians in airstrikes targeting a Taliban base in the western province of Herat.
KABUL: Afghanistan's Taliban, apparently shifting its long-held stance, says it will negotiate with any side to find a way to end the US-led 16-year-old war in ... The move came days after Mohammed Ismail Khan, a former anti-Taliban leader who served as governor of western Herat and later as a Cabinet ...
Bangui's bloodiest flareup in two years brought hundreds of angry residents of the PK5 district to the base of the United Nations mission, MINUSCA. ... “When President Touadera was on the campaign trail, he promised us that he would not touch a hair on a Muslim's head if we voted for him, which we did.

In their opinion, the present government is a puppet regime, installed by the US and has adopted American policies. ... Just prior to the call for talks was the path-breaking ceremony for the launch of the Afghan portion of the Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (TAPI) pipeline at Herat in ...
In this May 27, 2016 file photo, Taliban fighters react to a speech by their senior leader in the Shindand district of Herat province, Afghanistan. With U.S. support, the Afghan government has made a surprising new peace offer to the Taliban, only to immediately run into a wall. The insurgents show no sign of ...
BACKGROUND: China has made significant investments in Afghanistan, including a US$ 3 billion copper mining project in Mes Aynak in Logar ... China's new involvement with the Afghan military stems from the belief that Badakhshan has increasingly become a base for Xinjiang's Uyghur militants who ...
HERAT(Pajhwok): A rebel was arrested with 28 walkie-talkies in western Herat province, an official said Tuesday. Abdul Razaq chief of 3th police brigade for ... He said the man was arrested with 28 walkie-talkies with one base station and a car in the Islam Qala Township. Alkhani said that the detainee had ...

The US military is redeploying its troops from an American-led coalition base in Iraq to Afghanistan following the defeat of Deash in the country, Fox News reported. The report said that it western contractors at the base say US troops began the drawdown over the past week, with groups of soldiers leaving ...
Latest Afghanistan News. Taliban Abducts Schoolteachers In Herat · US Orders 8 More Drone Systems For Afghan Forces · ANA Forces Conduct Over 60 Special Operations · Defense Ministry Working To Ensure Polling Stations' Safety · Pakistani PM To Visit Kabul Next Week ...
This comes after at least 27 civilians lost their lives in US airstrikes in Logar and Herat provinces in the past two days. “The bombers' systems are as accurate as they can surely follow their target even with a centimeter difference; but they (forces) are careless,” Atiqullah Amarkhail, a former commander of the Afghan Air ...
"A big base of the Taliban was targeted by an airstrike. At least 20 Taliban were killed and wounded, and also 13 civilians were killed in the incident, while 19 people who were prisoners of the Taliban were freed," Jilani Farhad, spokesman for the Herat governor's office, told RT's Ruptly agency Tuesday.
Civilian casualties caused by US air strikes in Afghanistan have long been a source of friction been the US-backed government and international forces, but over the past two years, the reformed Afghan air force has been conducting more of its own strikes. Defence Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said ...
As well as the Herat attack - which Isis claimed on Wednesday - in the last week, an Isis suicide bomb and gun battle outside the Iraqi embassy in Kabul killed at least two people, and a Taliban offensive on an army base in Kandahar killed 26. Also on Wednesday morning, the Taliban ambushed and killed ...
The insurgent group instead instructed locals to conduct their protest at a nearby Afghan and NATO military base. The strike continued for three days before religious clerics intervened and encouraged protesters to eat. “Religious clerics considered the hunger strike to be against Islam, and they asked us to end it, promising ...


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