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updated Sun. June 30, 2024

KABUL/PESHAWAR, Pakistan, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Afghanistan said on Tuesday the Taliban would have to be defeated on the battlefield after U.S. President Donald Trump rejected the idea of talks with the militants following a series of deadly attacks. The Taliban reacted to Trump's announcement by ...
WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Four U.S. citizens were killed and two injured in Saturday's attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday. "We can confirm that there were four U.S. citizens killed and two injured. We offer our deepest condolences to the ...

WASHINGTON, Jan 8 (Reuters) - The Trump administration is nearing completion of a new "Buy American" plan that calls for U.S. military attaches and diplomats to help drum up billions of dollars more in business overseas for the American weapons industry, going beyond the assistance they currently ...
KABUL, Dec 22 (Reuters) - Vice President Mike Pence made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to meet its leaders and underscore U.S. commitment to the country four months after President Donald Trump agreed to an open-ended war against insurgents here. Pence arrived on a military plane at ...
A grieving military father told The Washington Post that President Donald Trump offered him $25,000 after his son was killed, but said the president didn't follow through. Chris Baldridge's son, Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge, was killed in June during a suspected insider attack by an Afghan police officer.

Then-US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, left, and US Army General David McKiernan, the top US and NATO Commander in Afghanistan, right, listen to Afghan governors and local officials during their visit to Forward Operating Base Airborne in the mountains of Wardak Province, Afghanistan, May 8, ...
13, 2011, Army Staff Sgt. Richard Harris ensured that promise was kept. That day, Harris and his fellow Green Berets, led by Master Sgt. Danial “Slim” Adams, were searching a contested area near Forward Operating Base Airborne in Wardak province, Afghanistan, for a high-value individual, according to a ...

FOB Airborne, in Wardak province, was closed after a six-hour firefight in its last weeks, and FOB Ghazni suffered a ground attack the day U.S. forces were leaving. FOB Shank in Logar province suffered rocket fire and a stubbornly effective threat from improvised explosive devices well into its final month of ...
FOB AIRBORNE, Afghanistan - In the command center, the men were laughing. A donkey-borne IED. Who would do that? Who would load a donkey ... So the soldiers in the command center at Forward Operating Base Airborne laughed. They laughed at the new term of art entering their vocabulary — the ...
At FOB Airborne, located near Kane-Ezzat in Wardak Province, for instance, the Army intends to put in reinforced concrete bunkers and blast protection barriers as well as lay concrete foundations for Re-Locatable Buildings (prefabricated, trailer-like structures used for living and working quarters). Similar ...
I had left Forward Operating Base Airborne -- where I am based with U.S. Army units from the 10th Mountain Division and a French army training team -- for a short trip to a nearby combat outpost, only a few miles away. The objective had been to take water, food, and building materials to the new outpost.
FORWARD OPERATING BASE AIRBORNE, Afghanistan, Nov. 22 — The soldiers filed into the dining tent in the soft light before evening, carrying heaps of food for a Thanksgiving gathering as polyglot as anywhere. At one plywood table was a Special Forces staff sergeant who was born in Turkey.


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