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updated Wed. May 29, 2024

Thomas Feeney, a U.S. Army logistics/transition officer who led the closing of FOB Altimur earlier this year. There is an option to destroy them if there's no further need. “T-walls are a perfect example,” Feeney said. “It can be more cost-effective to bury these in place than to waste money to transport these ...

The journey home begins as the first stabs of sunlight crest the mountains east of Forward Operating Base Altimur, a hunk of land on the slope above a ... some of Prasnicki's soldiers still wear his name-tapes Velcroed to their combat gear, and as they pack up equipment at FOB Altimur, many wear black ...
The platoon of over 30 soldiers received help from Afghan soldiers stationed in the area and finished the task two days ahead of schedule. FOB Altimur, which had served as a joint base in the Logar Province, was one of many bases that were in the process of being handed over to the ANA completely.
The journey began at Forward Operating Base Altimur, a scrap of land at on a slope above a desert floor, deep in Logar Province. ... We met hardened veterans like Sgt. Mario Diaz, who was serving his third tour in Afghanistan and the second at FOB Altimur, which has both been his sanctuary from fighting ...
The road from Forward Operating Base Altimur runs mostly downhill during the 20 minutes or so it takes to drive to Forward Operating Base Shank, across a desert valley floor. Every couple of days — sometimes every day when stuff can be loaded fast enough — the troops of Bull Battery, 173rd Airborne ...
For the past month, the soldiers of Bull Battery have been working to hand Forward Operating Base Altimur over to the Afghans. A hunk of land on the slope above a wide desert valley, deep in Logar province, Altimur looks out on craggy, snow-sprinkled mountains that wouldn't look out of place in Utah or ...
Similar work is also scheduled for FOB Altimur, an Army camp in Logar Province. The Afghan Base Boom. Recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan District-Kabul, announced that it would be seeking bids on "site assessments" for Afghan National Security Forces District Headquarters ...
Extreme Make Over continues with new fuel point at FOB Altimur ... LOGAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Soldiers are using their own version of Operation Extreme Make Over as they continued the renovation of their base by relocating and resizing the fuel point area at Forward Operating Base Altimur, Nov.
FORWARD OPERATING BASE ALTIMUR, Afghanistan — The call came just after dinner: a pickup truck carrying Afghan national police officers had hit a buried bomb, and all five officers inside were dead. When First Lt. James Brown and his team of bomb investigators arrived at the shredded remains of ...


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