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AJ's unit was based 4km away in an outpost known as FOB (Forward Operating Base) Robinson, where an outer ring of earth-filled wire cages formed the first line of defence. The marines ... FOB Robinson had been set up on a slope, giving the Taliban concealed in the town a clear aim into its interior.

FORWARD OPERATING BASE ROBINSON, Afghanistan - Marines with Security Force Assistance Advisor Team 2-215 visited Afghan National Army outposts near Forward Operating Base Robinson, Feb. 24. Colonel AbdulHai Neshat, the executive officer of 2nd Brigade, 215th Corps, ANA, invited Col.
... the screening. ABU DHABI // While Capt Saeed patrols the area just 100 metres from a medical centre in battle-torn Afghanistan, Emirati doctors inside are busy helping Afghans. And the medics have their hands full on the one day a week that the centre, at Forward Operating Base Robinson, is open.
FORWARD OPERATING BASE ROBINSON, Afghanistan – Marines From Charlie Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 2, 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), enhanced security for ... The Marines who live and work on FOB Robinson are grateful the engineer platoon is there to help make their lives safer.
Back at Forward Operating Base Robinson, acting operations officer David Broomfield sat in his office - a baking hot steel freight container. Captain Dave Robinson's voice came over the company net. "FOB Rob, this is Copper Two Two Alpha - contact, ambush, wait out." A sentry manning one of the Sangar ...
February 13/17: Canada's Light Armored Vehicle III (LAV III) Upgrade Program will see General Dynamics Land Systems upgrade 141 Light Armored Vehicles external link . Valued at $308 million, the upgrades will bring the vehicles up to the latest LAV 6.0 standard, improving the vehicles' performance ...
Ronald Bryant, testified that Newell told him about the ear after Newell was arrested at Forward Operating Base Robinson, the remote base where the unit was assigned. "He said, 'I've got an ear on my second or third shelf (in his room),"' Bryant said. "It knocked me for a loop. I said what kind of ear. He said ...
It's poppy harvest, which means you see can the beautiful white and pink blooms from the air. It also means things are a bit quieter on the battle front because many of the Taleban are involved in running the opium and heroin trade. We land at FOB Robinson where around 150 British troops are based.
In July 2006, “The 2006 Saudi Shopping Spree: A Hardened, Networked National Guard” explained the SANG's importance within the Saudi political structure, and covered a $5.8 billion request for LAVs wheeled armored personnel carriers, weapons, and C4ISR equipment to modernize that force.
The friendly fire killed the two soldiers and wounded a number of others at Forward Operating Base Robinson in Afghanistan's Helmand province. The army report was released to The Associated Press on Monday. It contains a collection of witness statements assembled by American investigators. Costall ...


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