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updated Sat. April 10, 2021

George “Dubya” Bush had a nickname for nearly everybody he came in contact with, including his own wife (Bushie) and senior adviser Karl Rove (Turd Blossom). He called his Russian counterpart Pootie-Poot. Mark Jacob is the Tribune's associate managing editor for ...
This is one of the few scenes that feel forced. The woman's father is black, but he's progressive enough to have married a white woman. Yet he's so conservative he's a staunch Dubya backer and fumes when his crying daughter reveals her secret. Joni and Elliott leave before the conversation can play out, ...

... false-alert message has been reassigned and not fired. Don't you just love government bureaucracy? Maybe the only thing better is that this is somehow Trump's fault according to everyone. I'll do them all a favor and tell them where the blame should be placed – George W. Bush. It's all Dubya's fault.
When six-time Grammy-nominated Jourgensen had released the final album of his blistering Bush-era trilogy — "Houses Of The Mole", "Rio Grande Blood" and "The Last Sucker" — where he just railled against George Dubya, he realized that it's not about the candidate. "I always knew this, but on that ...
George W Bush is, shall we say, not a fan of Donald Trump. He has publicly slammed the 45th President in the most vivid of terms, accusing the magnate of 'racism' and 'name calling'. But as Trump flew into the eye of the storm yesterday — doing so literally, for once — and the First Lady strapped on her ...
Dubya, whose grandpa Prescott Bush owned a beachfront compound a few miles in Jupiter Island that served as the family's winter hangout, recently signed up as well. “So we have both sides of the political spectrum covered there,” Crane said. Membership is said to be going for $50,000 in initiation fees ...

Former official White House photographer Pete Souza Instagrammed this throwback yesterday of Dubya, Clinton, and the Obamas laughing ...
Ol' Dubya wasn't known to be a master of oratory, most of the time, but when the world needed some words of comfort, hope and resolve after ...
Ol' Dubya wasn't known to be a master of oratory most of the time, but when the world needed some words of comfort, hope and resolve after ...
The country's historical amnesia be damned; the roots of Trump's reactionary agenda were planted in Dubya's West Wing. I visited Bush's White ...
Colbert's speculations reminded us of the Dubya impressions of days gone by (remember Will Ferrell's?): “Hey, were you born in Kenya?
“Baby, I don't know where you're going,” says a buxom woman in an accent that is pure South. “But if you're ridin' that thing you can take me ...
Bill Clinton's libertine lifestyle helps produce monogamous teetotaler George W. Bush; Dubya's impulsive cowboy qualities, in turn, set the table ...
Quibbledicks will note I've assigned Iraq to Barry Hussein when they believe it should belong to Dubya. Dubya did indeed have an Iraq of his ...
Two weeks. I can't help but think of the "fool me once" maxim, most famously bumbled by "Dubya," President George W. Bush, a leader whose ...
... openly criticizing Dubya's policies. This cost him his place at the GOP table, along with his position at the National Center for Policy Analysis.
DMXS Radio thanks Coach Robb Beams,, Moto Dynasty, SCOTT, Shades of Gray, Racer X, MX Sports, DUBYA Wheels, ...

In yer face, Dubya! Like all good blockbusters,… Want to read more? Register with a few details to continue reading this article. Get access.
A flying jacket is a tricky piece of kit for a middle-aged bloke to wear at the weekend – but Dubya pulled it off, didn't he?” Also pulling off the look ...
George W, Bush was known for his total ignorance of geography. “Dubya the Geographer: Someone Buy This Man an Atlas” appears in ...
Like a double dose of Dubya: Donald Trump's presidency will be like the George W Enlarge Donald Trump; George W. Bush (Credit: AP/John ...
... veterans who served in the Middle-East conflicts — including Lyons-based artist and anti-war activist Emily Yates' “Portrait of a Dubya,” which ...
The artist formerly known as Dubya. The other day I saw a story about former President George W. Bush offering up to the world a book of paintings.
"Spreadsheet Phil" last week unveiled a budget that certainly met the Dubya test. But when it came to the values test, the only mark it deserves is fail.
Sting, the man who had epitomised what WCW was all about from the late-1980s onwards, was made to look second rate to several of WWE's top stars, and he wasn't the first 'Dubya-C-Dubya' performer to suffer that fate. Hark back to the ...
You all remember former US Secretary of State Condi Rice's notorious 2006 prediction about "birth pangs of a New Middle East.
In an op-ed for the Detroit Free Press, Mitch Albom, an anthropomorphic Chicken Soup for the Soul book, gave Dubya the softest of softball treatments. George W. Bush
Post-hardcore bands like Chavez found a niche where their brand of aggressive rock was particularly popular, but was out of style by the time the dimwitted Dubya moved into the White House. Plus, we were all older, getting suits (at least some of ... musical
Obama outdid poor George Dubya Bush who had to his paltry credit only 1.3 million jobs added in his two terms. That's not fair to George and Obama.
Over spring break I traveled with a group of friends to Milan, Berlin, and Paris. Among the many things we set out to see in our limited time in Europe was the German Reichstag in Berlin.
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But we think this would be equally funny no matter who's in charge. Obama might tell the invading aliens that if they like their vulnerable-to-Jeff-Goldblum-hacking computer network, they can keep it.
If we are inarticulate stumble-tongues, does the government provide us speech therapy? No it does not, not even when Dubya is elected President and could have used it.
When recalling the calamitous disorder surrounding Dubya's controversial election and the fact President Obama's lawsuits had mostly to do with the preposterous "birther" claims put forth by people like Donald Trump, the discrepancy becomes all the ...
George W Bush may well have been hoping when he embarked on his latest project his paintbrush would prove mightier than those weapons of mass destruction he struggled to uncover.
When Dubya wanted to celebrate a "mission accomplished," he flew in an S-3 onto a carrier hardtop. When Trump wanted to project American military strength, he spoke on the hangar deck of the newly christened carrier USS Gerald Ford.
Newfound warm and fuzzy feelings towards the former president can't mask how bankrupt mainstream conservatism really is. By Gary YoungeTwitter.
Former President George W. Bush recently put NBC's Matt Lauer in his place when the Today host tried to push him to say President Donald Trump is causing disunity in America.
Dubya did far worse than anything you accuse Obama of including allowing 3000 of our citizens to die on US soil and invading the wrong country. Special Prosecutor Russia
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... about size: the size of his unimpressive inauguration crowd (to the CIA of all the people you can lie to); the size of his hands (tiny, we've all seen them, Donald); the rather average size of his electoral college win (yes, Dubya got fewer, you ... Special Prosecutor Russia
Ah, World War II. The good ol' Dubya Dubya Dos. It's been such a long time since unstable right-wing reactionaries preaching ethno-nationalism wrested control of a major world power, threatening the stability of the entire world, that we're free to ... Special Prosecutor Russia
Back in the mid-'00s, when guitars were the indie weapon of choice, Arcade Fire blazed onto the scene with many a stringed thing. Special Prosecutor Russia
President George W. Bush has been at his presidential library in Dallas, out west on the talk show circuit, back east for the morning shows, and Saturday he wrapped right back in Dallas with a book signing at Barnes and Noble. Special Prosecutor Russia
Then we saw Dubya on Kimmel laughing at Trump jokes. Dubya says he doesn't like the racism. Former first daughter Barb is on the podium defending Planned Parenthood. Special Prosecutor Russia
Barbara Pierce Bush, Dubya's daughter, was on the cusp of adulthood when her father took office. As he was extremely anti-choice for his entire political career, including during the presidency, it's notable that Barbara has matured into someone who ... Special Prosecutor Russia
Former President Dubya is the midst of publicity rounds for his upcoming book of paintings, Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors, which will fund the George W. Bush Presidential Center's health care and employment ... Special Prosecutor Russia


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