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updated Sat. April 29, 2017

Stars are the most commonly observed objects in the universe. Now, with a new $2.25 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), researchers at ...
The Germany-based OpenSourceSeeds initiative this month started to offer open source-licensed seeds in an effort to strengthen a form of "copyleft" for new plant varieties.
One of the keys to open source platforms is the tradeoff between costs, features and support. linux, in all its forms, has been part of the data center for many years, but mostly from the edge.
OSM, which aims to deliver an open network functions virtualization (NFV) management and orchestration (MANO) stack that can be implemented across different technologies, announced Release One in October 2016.
When data replaces code as the secret sauce for analytics, it should come as no surprise that an open data movement exists, which like the open source movement, seeks to ensure useful big data sets are freely available to all. Moshe Kranc (MK), CTO at ...
Rebecca Fernandez - Rebecca Fernandez is a Principal employment Branding + Communications Specialist at Red Hat, a contributor to The Open Organization book, and the maintainer of the Open Decision Framework.
The work of teaching in developing countries is often hindered by an absence of basic resources, a lack of infrastructure, as well as underfunding, corruption and sociopolitical instability.
A development platform for the Android open source project (AOSP) has been created by Huawei. The ARM-based hardware is part of the Linaro open source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the ARM ecosystem.
German researchers have published a paper finding that developers do indeed copy and paste code directly into their open source software, which can lead to the introduction of security vulnerabilities if that code comes from flawed online tutorials ...
open source changed the software game, introduced in the mid-1980's but really making an impact in the late 1990's and introducing a free, collaborative approach to software development.
We've often heard (and said) if you can't hack it, you don't own it. We noticed that [tmbinc] has issued a call for help on his latest project: developing new firmware and an FPGA configuration for the Rigol DS1054Z and similar scopes.
While the resounding opinion is that the Department of Veterans Affairs should replace the proprietary VistA with a commercial EHR, perhaps choosing Cerner as the Defense Department did, that idea does not hold so true within the open source community.
College textbook costs are high. The Maryland open source Textbook (MOST) Initiative (see figure) looks to reduce those expenses, but will it be enough?
The field of edge computing has scored its latest endorsement: The industry group behind the linux operating system announced that it would release an open-source standard for building gateways that sit between sensors inside factories, office ...
However, if your project doesn't justify the cost of implementing a traditional CDN, the use of an open source CDN may be more suitable.
Whatever commercial software your company uses, it probably contains open source code. Black Duck Software recently completed its second open source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report based on security audits of anonymized data from more ...
For example, the open source Initiative lists nine "popular licenses" and Wikipedia lists dozens more coming in a variety of flavors for different purposes.
April 2017: Major industry supplier BetConstruct released its front-end source codes as open source. The release allows BetConstruct's partners to develop landing pages and front-end functionalities of their betting and gaming websites at their choice.
This upcoming free webinar -- from capital One and The linux Foundation -- will provide the necessary information to get your open source project underway with proven best practices. In this webinar, The Linux Foundation's Mike Dolan, VP of Strategic ...
We recently highlighted 5 such open source-oriented companies, and below we introduce you to 5 more. Note that this list only contains companies that have announced funding over the past year or so, and isn't intended to be an all-inclusive compilation.
The open-source landscape can be tricky to navigate with the different projects, licenses, and compliance requirements. The linux Foundation and Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) are announcing new resources to simplify free and open-source ...
Today, Airbnb's design team open sourced its internal library for writing React components that easily render directly to Sketch.
Recently, SAS issued a rather plaintive call for enterprises to limit the number of open source projects they use to a somewhat arbitrary percentage.
Recently, a Forrester Research report called attention to open source's preeminence in application development, noting that custom code now often comprises only 10% to 20% of many applications.
OPNFV also teased its next platform release under the "Euphrates" name, which the organization said will include expanded MANO support via collaboration with fellow The linux Foundation partner ONAP to integrate the open source enhanced control, ...
The linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration, has announced that the DPDK Project (Data Plane Development Kit) community has moved to The Linux Foundation.
Golang (or Go) is an open source language created at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. Go is a compiled, statically typed language in the tradition of Algol and C, with garbage collection, limited structural typing, memory safety ...
Santa Clara, Calif., April 4, 2017 -- The linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration, today ...
In the inaugural issue of the Journal of Open Hardware I review emerging business models for open source hardware. Many of these models are borrowed from the free and open source software industry and will no doubt be familiar to you. However ...
Believing that everyone needs to be sequenced and their information stored, Greenblatt noted that open source has the advanced technology to deal with the flood of data.
Last February AT&T announced the Open Network Automation Platform (also known as ONAP), on which they and other carriers will share their technologies ...
open source networking proponents have uncorked an updated routing protocol project designed to give white box, virtualized environments of all sizes fast and ...
Specifically, on March 28, AT&T engineers completed what they believe to be a first in the telecom industry: live field trials of a multisupplier open source white box switch carrying customer traffic. "What this means is we used a common, uniform open ...
He said, "Foundations, like the FSF or the Apache Software Foundation." I took him at his word and didn't think further about how open source software was funded. I always assumed foundations were paying for it, regardless of the open source software I ...
Mastodon, a distributed, open-source version of twitter, is almost identical to the platform it's based on, but with key differences: posts can run 500 characters rather than 140, and users can make individual posts private.
The program is aligned with Common Core learning standards, and takes a unique, evidence-based approach to teaching the basics of handling money, drawing from open-source financial literacy programs and relying heavily on changes in participants' ...
It's no secret that there is already a plethora of other CMS systems on the market and that it's hard to stand out in this crowded field.
Now it's possible for anyone to see and share 3-D nanoscale imagery with a new open-source software platform.
SANTA CLARA -- Open Networking Summit -- The booming interest in software-defined networking and open source is driving this event, but two of its biggest backers today warned an opening keynote audience that change is needed if open networking is ...
... for capturing and replaying the requests. To address these challenges, we decided to build upon ideas established by Betamax and create our own Internet mocking tool, called Flashback.
SONiC, originally known as Azure Cloud Switch, is linux-based open source software that runs on networking switches. It's designed to let public cloud providers do more on their hardware at great scale.
Short Bytes: USB Canary is an open source tool that monitors for any suspicious activity on a computer. Written in Python language, USB Canary can send an SMS or Slack message when a USB device is attached or removed from a computer.
Writing can be exhilarating when it's not completely terrifying or exhausting. Trust me, I know. I've been doing it for a while now, and only over the past few years have I felt more confident in my editing skills.
Android is a free open-source operating system. The AOSP (Android open source Project) is free to download, free to alter, free to build into a product that can power just about anything.
How well does open source work for such a demanding application with hundreds of simultaneous events and millions of followers?
A 3-D view of a particle used in a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle. The gray structure is carbon; the red and blue particles are nanoscale flecks of platinum.
A few years back, Adobe and Google teamed up to launch a new open-source font for Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages.
Cloudera, a tech company which works with open source software like Hadoop, has filed for a $200 million IPO. Cloudera work with open source software used ...
Google has published a directory of all its open source projects on the new Google open source Projects site. The site is not a code hosting site like GitHub or GitLab.



The Free Software Directory is a project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The project was started in September of 1999, and UNESCO joined our effort in April of 2003. We catalog useful free software that runs under free operating systems particularly the GNU operating system and its GNU/Linux variants.
The case for a developing country to adopt an open source software (OSS) driven Information Technology strategy is a compelling one. In a wider context IT is about the production, flow and control of information in a modern state and the rules which govern such activities are thus fundamental to its economic development. Software is a driver of those rules. OSS under these circumstances cannot be viewed as a mere product choice. It reflects more fundamentally an alternative strategy for building, maintaining and changing the rules that govern information flows in the economy.

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