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updated Sat. April 29, 2017

On March 9, 2017, ZT, an underground technologist and writer, read his upcoming novella: Architects of the Apocalypse, to a group of his adherents in the basement of an abandoned bar in Nashville, Tennessee.
artificial intelligence is all around us. Since 1956, when the field of AI was founded it's been a subject of public interest.
The classic fear that artificial intelligence is eventually going to outpace humanity has resurfaced now that this technology has become an irreplaceable part of daily life.
artificial intelligence being touted as a tool for addressing some of humanity's most pressing problems.
Siri, Alexa, Cortana - your artificial intelligence assistant, also known as chatbots - listen eagerly for a command. What else are "they" listening to?
Cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee warns of the existential threat AI software defects pose.
AI trained on human language replicates human bias.
in an exercise to investigate the ways in which machine learning can be applied to various creative challenges, designers at IDEO are bringing artificial intelligence to the world of typography. recognizing font choice as one of the most frequent ...
There's no shortage of books, news articles and comments in social media about how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is shaping our future.
The topic of artificial intelligence is dominating discussions of data management this year. But while a growing number of organizations are interested in AI, many don't fully understand what the technology can do to help boost their customer ...
Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Digital Industrial Revolution. About Jeremy Howard's TED Talk. Data scientist Jeremy Howard has studied machine learning for 25 years.
We have reached the point where pattern-recognition algorithms and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are more accurate than humans at the visual diagnosis and observation of X-rays, stained breast cancer slides and other medical signs involving general ...
WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) -- Elon Musk has a new plan to protect humanity from artificial intelligence -- if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
The classic sci-fi fear that robots will intellectually outpace humans has resurfaced now that artificial intelligence is part of our daily lives.
The next generation offerings include first relational database management system (RDBMS) with built-in artificial intelligence (AI), sql Server 2017, Microsoft R Server 9.1 and neural network models, azure cognitive services and Cortana intelligence ...
At the most basic form, artificial intelligence, known as AI, is enabled by building a network of hardware and software that mimics the web of neurons in the human brain.
science fiction novels have long delighted readers by grappling with futuristic challenges like the possibility of artificial intelligence so difficult to distinguish from human beings that people naturally ask, "should these sophisticated computer ...
Tokyo -- The danger of artificial intelligence lurks not in the possibility of it becoming smarter than and controlling the human race, but rather in our inability to debug it, warns Ben Horowitz, co-founder of the prominent Andreessen Horowitz venture ...
Imagine a world where you have a conversation with your phone when you want a lift home from the pub, ask your fridge to have a glass of cold water waiting for you upon your arrival and your alarm has been set to allow you an extra hour's kip.
As artificial intelligence (AI) begins to become more popular throughout businesses and industries across the world, we are now seeing robots in places we would have never imagined including supermarkets, hotels, and call centers.
Digital Reasoning, a leader in cognitive computing, was announced as the company with the 'Best artificial intelligence technology' at the fifth annual Sell-Side Technology Awards event yesterday in New York City. Digital Reasoning ...
Newcastle technology firm Sage is aiming to put itself at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution with the launch of a programme designed to train the next generation of workers in the AI field.
The University of Alberta is an unlikely international hub for artificial intelligence (AI) research, but some of its brightest minds are going south of the border.
With that in mind, this week MIT's Computer science and artificial intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) launched an industry collaboration focused on using machine learning to create functional human-like systems.
We look at 10 companies on the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. By: Chris Wiltz · electronics & Test · IoT, Automotive, consumer electronics, Cyber Security, Automation, Medical.
Workplaces that include artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be reality, say researchers who believe the rise of AI in all areas of life is not only inevitable, it's set to reshape the way we think about consciousness and human identity.
The tie-up will focus on implementing Mobvoi's artificial intelligence technology, such as its voice recognition feature and a smart rearview mirror, to help improve drivers' experiences.
Most consumers don't really know what artificial intelligence (AI) does, and the basic misunderstanding has some fearful of the technology.
artificial intelligence is not one technology but rather a group of related technologies - including natural language processing, machine learning (computer programs that can "learn" when exposed to new data) and expert systems (software programmed to ...
A near-miss during the Par-3 contest had Shane Lowry, Padraig Harrington and the crowd on the edge of some Augusta National magic.
Governing is hard. Predicting what the, ahem, disjointed members of Congress are going to do on any given day is even harder. So why not give your noggin a ...
AI in medicine is changing healthcare as we know it. The introduction of deep learning systems is only possible by powerful computing capabilities; capabilities ...
For those of you who live in China, recent news about the departure of the Chief artificial intelligence (AI) scientist at Baidu, Andrew Ng, was rather a surprise (for our lovely American readers, Baidu is often dubbed the Google equivalent in China ...
EMYS, the EMotive headY System, is a robot able to move its head, eyes and eyelids to display a range of emotions including happiness, sadness and surprise and is on display as part of "Robot Revolution" at the Museum of science and Industry.
EY today announced its plans to enhance its suite of automation and artificial intelligence offerings with the opening of its first artificial intelligence (AI) Center in India. The AI Center resonates with EY's purpose of "building a better working ...
In a statement provided to Business Insider, Google said the new tools will "help enforce our revised policies and identify content that may be objectionable to advertisers.
That's where artificial intelligence comes in. By removing the human component, it standardises quality and promotes remote telemedicine simultaneously, thus enabling the scale layer.
artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most actively growing areas of modern research and development. AI technologies, such as speech recognition or machine learning platforms, draw media attention and attract investment, and global AI revenue may ...
From its space satellites to underground missiles, the U.S. military is coming under attack as never before from cybertheft and sabotage by both self-motivated and state-sponsored hackers.
BERKELEY - Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers recently took exception to current US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's views on "artificial intelligence" (AI) and related topics. The difference between the two seems to be, more than anything ...
Computer scientist Zachary Chase Lipton hates the term artificial intelligence, which he says gives people the wrong idea. He prefers to call it machine learning.
Revenue for cognitive and artificial intelligence systems will hit $12.5 billion in 2017, up 59.3 percent from a year ago, according to IDC.
This extensive package (spanning 10 courses, 406 lessons, and 63 hours) covers the most essential elements of artificial intelligence and computer programming, and will leave you with a thorough understanding of quantitative trading techniques ...
Whether it's HAL 9000's murderous meltdown in "2001: A Space Odyssey" or Skynet's sadistic self-preservation tactics in the "Terminator" franchise, artificial intelligence usually comes off as a well-intentioned attempt to serve humanity that ...
Every day countless headlines emerge from myriad sources across the globe, both warning of dire consequences and promising utopian futures - all thanks to artificial intelligence. AI "is transforming the workplace," writes the Wall Street Journal ...
artificial intelligence Is Already a Better Artist Than You Are. MartinThoma via Wikimedia Commons. In Brief. Google Deep Dream learned to make its own art using a machine learning algorithm.
Because there's no reason to think artificial intelligence wouldn't surpass human intelligence, and likely very quickly.
artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic nowadays. Computer chips and clever programming can accelerate and improve an ever-growing numbers of tasks normally reserved for the intuitive thinking skills of human beings.
Computer-based artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1940s, but the current innovation boom around everything from virtual personal assistants and visual search engines to real-time translation and driverless cars has led to new ...





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