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According to the report, which cited "Palestinian, Arab and European officials who heard Abbas's version of the conversation," the plan includes the establishment of a Palestinian State without territorial continuity and with limited sovereignty, whose capital is Abu Dis rather than East Jerusalem. Furthermore ...
It was once a small rural village, noted for its fields of olive trees and spectacular views, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem to the south-west and the Jordan Valley to the east. But now Abu Dis is a name spoken by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as a potential capital of a future Palestinian ...

According to a Lebanese official, at the core of the US draft plan is the controversial suggestion that Abu Dis -- a Palestinian village bordering Jerusalem -- would be the capital of a future Palestinian State, instead of East Jerusalem. Perceived Saudi and Emirati backing for the proposal, which is reportedly ...
Riyadh: As a peace initiative between Israel and Palestine, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had proposed village of Abu Dis, a Palestinian town near occupied East Jerusalem as the future capital of Palestine instead of East Jerusalem. This has evoked widespread anger and a new hashtag under the name ...
Nothing remains of his proposal for a territorially non-contiguous Palestinian State with Abu Dis as its capital - and whose leadership would be unable to demand the right of return for refugees. Now Saudi Arabia has aligned itself with all the Arab and Islamic countries against Trump's intention to recognize ...
Riyadh also suggested that Abu Dis, a suburb of East Jerusalem cut off by Israel's separation barrier, could be the Palestinian capital, according to a Lebanese official who spoke to Abbas following his Saudi talks, the NYT reported. The majority of illegal settlements in the West Bank would also remain in ...
... ordered the removal of what was described as "illegal outposts," and to relocate the inhabitant in Abu Dis town, near Jerusalem, and Jericho.
The exhibition premiered in October 2015 at the Abu jihad Museum for political prisoner Affairs in Abu Dis, located on the campus of Al Quds ...
Ahmad Awad, a professor of media and political science at Al-Quds University in the West Bank city of Abu Dis, told Al-Monitor, "Most ...
Nine Palestinians sustained wounds of live ammunition and rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens suffered from teargas inhalation during ...
The Saudis have already proposed a peace plan that deals with Jerusalem, calling for Abu Dis, a village at the foot of the Mount of Olives, to be the capital and the seat of Palestinian government. One had to look very hard to even find a comment from Saudi leadership about Trump's announcement.
Jerusalem, December 14, 2017 (WAFA) - Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers on Thursday following an army raid of Al Quds University campus in the town of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem, according to witnesses. WAFA correspondent quoted witnesses saying that soldiers raided the campus ...
The army recently announced its plan to relocate the residents of Khan al-Amar, as well as the school to a site near the Abu Dis garbage dump.
... Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine Ahliya University in Bethlehem, Al Quds University in Abu Dis, Birzeit University in Ramallah, ...
She visited the abandoned Palestinian Parliament building in Abu Dis, East Jerusalem. It was here that, as a result of the Oslo Accords, PLO ...

A student wrapped in a Palestinian flag walks over Israel's apartheid wall between the West Bank and Israel in Abu Dis during a protest ...
Gerusalemme-PIC e Quds Press. Nove Palestinesi sono stati feriti e decine di altri sono rimasti asfissiati da gas lacrimogeni durante scontri tra ...
Hani Halabia, a local activist, said the Israeli troops raided Abu Dis on Wednesday, triggering clashes with the locals. The soldiers fired tear gas ...
Nine Palestinians sustained wounds of live ammunition and rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens suffered from teargas inhalation during ...
Elsewhere, Many Palestinians suffered, Wednesday, the severe effects of teargas inhalation, after Israeli soldiers invaded Abu Dis town, ...
Palestinian boys play under Israel's separation barrier May 4, 2008, where the controversial 30-foot-high wall cuts Bethany, Abu Dis and other ...
Following the storming of Abu Dis, confrontations erupted between Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas canisters against the residents and ...
Following the storming of Abu Dis, confrontations erupted between Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas canisters against the residents and ...
Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, four Palestinians in Abu Dis town, and one in at-Tour, in occupied East Jerusalem, ...
... also be part of Israel, though the decision might be made not to include some non-Jewish eastern suburbs or villages, such as Abu Dis.
... were children: Muhammad Khalaf Mahmoud Khalaf Lafi, 17, shot in the chest in the occupied West Bank town of Abu Dis on 21 July, and Abd ...
Palestinian Red Crescent also said it treated 15 people who were injured by tear gas inhalation in Abu Dis. Violence erupted on July 14 after ...
A further two Palestinians were shot dead by occupation forces during clashes in the town of al-Eizariya (east of Jerusalem) and Abu Dis near ...
... Palestinians around the Temple Mount. Three Palestinian youths were killed, two in East Jerusalem and one in the nearby town of Abu Dis.
... neighborhood of At-Tur, which is on the Mount of Olives; and Muhammad Lafi, 18, from Abu Dis, a Palestinian town on the outskirts of the city.
The Abu Dis dumpsite was the largest landfill in the occupied West Bank and has wreaked havoc on the lives of neighbouring Bedouin ...
Jerusalem, September 20, 2017 (WAFA) - Israeli forces Wednesday raided Abu Dis town, southeast of Jerusalem, triggering clashes with ...
In related news, dozens of soldiers invaded the schools Street, and the area surrounding Al-Quds University Campus in Abu Dis town, ...
Ramallah, Sept.10 (Petra) -- Palestinian students suffered from suffocation early Sunday following confrontations with Israeli soldiers in Abu Dis town east of ...
Israeli forces stormed the town of Abu Dis, in the occupied West Bank district of Jerusalem, on Sunday morning, and fired tear gas at university ...
According to eyewitnesses, clashes erupted with Palestinian university students after Israeli army troops stormed the East Jerusalem town of Abu Dis. Witnesses said that the raid had triggered clashes in which Israeli forces used rubber bullets ...
Elsewhere, in the West Bank town of Abu Dis, clashes erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian stone-throwers protesting against the controversial separation wall that snakes across the occupied West Bank, isolating large swathes of Palestinian ...
An Israeli flag flies from the Kidmat Zion Jewish settlement community on the outskirts of the Arab village of Abu Dis, where the Old City with its golden Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine is seen in the background, August 18, 2008 in East Jerusalem, Israel.
Ramallah, West Bank - Twenty-two students at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, bordering Jerusalem from the east, try to find the time between lectures to volunteer between 8 a.m.
[Local Palestinian farmers from Abu Dis and grassroots movements at their protest camp on the outskirts of Jerusalem in February 2015.
... which gives Israel an opportunity to suggest that Jerusalem as a capital can be replaced with one of the surrounding districts, such as Abu Dis. Freedom of worship does not conflict with our right to complete sovereignty over the heart of Jerusalem ...
The Regional Director ended his visit in Abu Dis, also in East Jerusalem but on the other side of the Barrier. adolescents from five vulnerable communities showed him the UNICEF-supported "entrepreneurial" initiatives which they developed and ...
Ramallah: The Israeli regime has ordered Palestinians in the Abu Dis neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem to take down a memorial board dedicated to a Palestinian intelligence officer who was shot dead last year by Israeli occupation forces.
YERUSHALAYIM - A Yerushalayim court on Wednesday sentenced Abd Aziz Al-Meri, a 22-year-old Abu Dis resident, to 35 years in prison for his role in the murder of Aharon Banita-Bennett and Rabbi Nechemia Lavie, Hy"d, in Yerushalayim in October 2015.
They also attacked Palestine Technical University- Kadoori, and the building of the Arab American University of Jenin, as well as Al-Quds University in Abu Dis. The university calls on the international community and human rights organizations to ...
Similar clashes took place in al-'Eesawiyya town, in the center of Jerusalem, Silwan town, south of the al-Aqsa mosque in the city, Abu Dis town, southeast of Jerusalem, in addition to the at-Tour and Jabal az-Zeitoun neighborhoods, overlooking the Old ...
Sebelumnya, pada Ahad (6/11) lalu, Israel telah melarang adzan Shubuh melalui pengeras suara di tiga masjid berbeda di Kota Abu Dis, Al-Quds, menurut sumber lokal. Setengah tahun yang lalu, seorang wakil ekstrimis Mote Yogev dari partai Baet Yahudi ...
Peristiwa di Abu Dis itu hanya berselang sehari setelah sejumlah warga Israel di pemukiman ilegal Pisgat Zeev berunjuk rasa di depan rumah Wali Kota Yerusalem Nir Barakat untuk menyampaikan keberatan mereka atas polusi suara dari azan di masjid.


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