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updated Wed. November 22, 2017

In the West Bank, the Kalandia refugee camp women's Handicraft Cooperative enables Palestinian women to secure their income by selling ...
The team, made up of Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Art Palace; Irine Saganelidze, Department Head of Art and Theater at the MoC; Irakli ...

[Israeli soldiers at Kalandia checkpoint in occupied West Bank taking Palestinian minors out of sight behind a building and assaulting them ...
In May 1967, six months after I had graduated from the Israeli Air Force Academy, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser closed the straits of ...

Palestinians cross the Kalandia checkpoint June 10, 2016, on their way to Jerusalem's Old City for Friday prayers during Ramadan. Credit: ...
I just returned from a short visit to Kalandia Camp where I survived 18 years of my early life. The Palestinian camps have come to represent the ...
Right: Hussein Muhammad Abu Ghosh, who was killed while carrying out a stabbing attack after having infiltrated the community of Beit Horon (facebook page of Kalandia Camp soldiers, January 26, 2016). 3. terrorist attacks carried out to avenge a friend ...
Art Palace director Giorgi Kalandia said a 19th Century costume of the King's daughter, Princess Tekle "faced disintegration" before it was restored and adorned with over 3,000 previously missing details.
The lines will lead to settlements of Ma'ale Adumim, Geva Binyamin (Adam), Giv'at Ze'ev and the Kalandia checkpoint.
Al Asaad grew up in the Kalandia refugee camp, where she still resides. "Clashes were very frequent and there were Israeli soldiers around our house.
Bij checkpoint Kalandia moest hij met alle andere mannen tegen de muur gaan staan, de handen op het hoofd, in de brandende zon. Het enige wat hij zag, waren de stenen van de muur. Een zwaarbewapende soldaat van een jaar of twintig controleerde hen ...
In March, two soldiers accidentally drove into what the New York Times called "an area bordering the Kalandia refugee camp, between Jerusalem and Ramallah.
In two different incidents that took place today, knives were found on Palestinian youths during routine security checks at IDF checkpoints.

... to the arts Palace (State Museum of Theater, music, cinema & Choreography, Kargareteli Str. 6) is being carried out through the support of Ambassador of Georgia in the Republic of Ireland, Giorgi Zurabishvili, and embassy representative, Natia ...
... Georgian affairs and so commanded their ambassadors in Constantinople to send them extraordinary correspondence meticulously detailing the matters-at-hand in Georgia's Kartl-Kakheti and Samegrelo provinces," said Art Palace director Giorgi Kalandia.
In Kalandia, 11 buildings, each made up of 25 apartments, were destroyed in one month only. For the first time, six Israeli official institutions, among them the Israeli Ministry of Defense, issued warnings to the owners of these houses.
"Israel mesti menghentikan tindakannya di masjid Al-Aqsha," kata Menteri Negara Wael Arabyat, Senin (1/08/2016) pagi. Dilansir dari kantor berita resmi Jordania, Petra, Wael Arabyat mengutuk campur-tangan Israel dalam pekerjaan para penjaga dan ...
... umum di wilayah itu. Sebanyak 300.000 orang Palestina saat ini tinggal di Jerusalem Timur. Pada awal pekan terakhir Juli, pemerintah Isrel merobohkan 20 bangunan tidak sah di Permukiman Palestina di Jerusalem Timur --Kalandia dan Issawiya. (C003).
Durante la notte sono arrivati i buldozer a demolire 11 case dietro il muro di Kalandia: 24 famiglie rimaste senza un tetto dopo aver costruito con tanta fatica una loro casa. Sono i disequilibri mondiali che Italia Post riesce quotidianamente a ...
... Praja memperkirakan keberadaan 20.000 unit permukiman dan bangunan umum yang menurut mereka ilegal di wilayah itu. Pada awal pekan ini, pemerintah Isrel merobohkan 20 bangunan "ilegal" di Permukiman Palestina di Yerusalem Timur, Kalandia ...
... and the municipality estimates the existence of 20,000 unauthorized residential units and public buildings in those territories.
Ramallah, July 26 (KUNA) -- Israeli troops demolished on Tuesday 13 houses belonging to Palestinians in Kalandia and Al-Esawiya villages on the pretext of being near the separation barrier which separates the West Bank from Al-Quds.
The newspaper articles were discovered by Art Palace Director, Giorgi Kalandia, in 2014 whilst looking through the British Library archives from the National Library of Ireland for references to Georgia.
A child from Kalandia is filmed saying that he is taught about how "Zionists are our enemy, and [we] must fight them." A different student at the same school says, "With Allah's help I will fight for ISIS, the Islamic State.
Kalandia said the articles - first obtained by the Tbilisi Art Palace from the National Library of Ireland two years ago - would be translated into Georgian in the first stage of the project.
In a statement issued Saturday, UNRWA spokesman said that the agency is "gravely concerned about the recent decision of the Israeli High Court of Justice to reject the appeals filed by Palestine refugee families against two punitive demolitions in ...
Another student from Shuafat says, "We have to constantly stab them, drive over them, and shoot them (the Jews)." A child from Kalandia is filmed saying that he is taught about how "Zionists are our enemy, and [we] must fight them." A different student ...
The purchase of the banner was announced by Tbilisi-based Art Palace museum director Giorgi Kalandia to his social network followers on Saturday.
Museum director Giorgi Kalandia said the working group aimed to recreate 200 garments by the time the project ended. Tbilisi's Art Palace Museum has revealed the first group of historical Georgian garments recreated through its project to restore and ...
And actually we had one once; it was called Kalandia International Airport. I live right next to it today. It would be so much easier to travel, instead of going through Jordan and the border, and passing through the three security checks.
Assistant agriculture engineer, a doctor and her driver, an IIC and a constable for demanding and accepting bribe. Vigilance Department sources here said Asst Engineer Govinda Kalandia was arrested for demanding and accepting bribe of Rs 5,000 from ...
As he approaches the Kalandia check-point, one of the few places to cross from Israel into the West Bank and the Palestinian city of Ramallah, "the watch towers surrounded by fences laced with barbed wire" remind him of concentration camps and "a ...
On Wednesday, a pair of Palestinian brother and sister, Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and Ibrahim Salah Taha, 16, from the Palestinian village of Beit Suriq near Ramallah, were shot and killed at the Kalandia checkpoint, a major crossing point between ...
On Wednesday, a pair of Palestinian brother and sister, Maram Abu Ismayil, 23, and Ibrahim Salah Taha, 16, from the Palestinian village of Beit Suriq near Ramallah, were shot and killed at the Kalandia checkpoint, a major crossing point between ...
The father, right, and grandparents of Mohammad Shadeh, 12, who was arrested with a meat cleaver and two knives in his school bag, under portraits of their killed relatives at their house in the West Bank refugee camp of Kalandia. Mohammad has been ...
Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Art Palace, said: "In my opinion, this is a very interesting project. In the fascinating history of our palace museum, I cannot recall such an event.
This is particularly the case regarding developments beyond the separation fence, as well as problematic locations such as the refugee camps in Kalandia and Shuafat. For their part, Fatah people in the Old City, mainly from the original families but ...
Le ginocchia sbucciate dei bambini nei campi profughi, i manifesti con le foto dei martiri, l'odore dei suq, le file ai tornelli dei controlli, i bambini disabili del campo di Aida, i copertoni bruciati sotto il muro di Kalandia, i ragazzi con le ...
"We are very excited and honored to be able to present the wonderful exponents we house at Art Palace to an international audience through the Google cultural Institute," said Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Art Palace. "Once the initial photos are ...
AARON DAVIDMAN: And I'm staring at this wall out the window of the bus at the Kalandia checkpoint, and 6 million ghosts chase me as we drive through.
Kalandia adalah sebuah desa di Tepi Barat, Palestina, yang terletak antara Palestina dan Yerusalem. Tepatnya di sebelah barat kota perbatasan Yerusalem.
There are not one but three Kalandias in Waze: a small Palestinian village, the nearby Kalandia military crossing operated by Israeli soldiers and the Kalandia refugee camp. It's the responsibility of every driver to adhere to road and traffic signs ...
Two Israeli soldiers had relied on navigational app Waze and unknowingly drove into an area of the West Bank near the Kalandia refugee camp. The area is known to be a hot spot for trouble. Upon seeing them in a recognizable military vehicle, the ...
Ramallah - Israeli occupation troops early Tuesday shot dead a young Palestinian during clashes in Kalandia refugee camp located north occupied Jerusalem.
YERUSHALAYIM - The IDF has opened an investigation into the circumstances that led to the riot in Kalandiya Monday night, as troops attempted to extract two soldiers who had entered the neighborhood and were unable to leave.
A battle broke out just outside of Jerusalem Monday after GPS mapping app Waze led Israeli soldiers into the Kalandia Palestinian refugee camp.




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