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 Helmand province, Afghanistan

Helmand is the largest of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the southwest part of the country. Its capital is Lashkar Gah. The Helmand River flows through the mainly desert region of the province, providing water for irrigation.

Helmand is the world's largest opium-producing region, responsible for 75% of the world's total production. This is more than the whole of Burma, which is the second largest producing nation after Afghanistan. Afghan opium accounts for more than 90% of the global supply, and thus is the main source of the global heroin trade as well.

The Helmand valley region is mentioned by name in the Avesta (Fargard 1:13) as Haetumant, one of the early centers of the Zoroastrian faith, in pre-Islamic Afghan history. However, owing to the preponderance of non-Zoroastrians before the Islamization of Afghanistan – particularly Hindus and Buddhists – the Helmand and Kabul regions were also known as "White India" in those days. Some Vedic scholars (e.g. Kochhar 1999) also believe the Helmand valley corresponds to the Sarasvati area mentioned in the Rig Veda as the homeland for the Indo-Aryan migrations into India, ca. 1500 BC.

Much of the fighting between NATO and Taliban forces is taking place in this province and Helmand is said to be a Taliban stronghold.

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Helamand Province in Afghanistan
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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Kabul explosion of a car in front of the bank on Thursday in the Helmand province in Afghanistan, killing at least 29 people exploded waiting to collect their monthly salary, said the governor of the province.
The activist said President Ashraf Ghani should pay special attention to Helmand province in order to prevent the situation here from further deteriorating, otherwise people would raise against the government.
Helmand province, in southern Afghanistan, has long been among the country's provinces most badly affected by violence.
Kandahar, Afghanistan (AP) - A local police chief in Afghanistan says a suicide car bombing targeted Afghan soldiers lining up outside a bank in southern Helmand province, killing at least 15 people. Provincial police chief Gen. Agha Noor Kentoz says ...
car bomb Kills At Least 29 People In Helmand's Lashkargah City. More socials. In addition to the 29 killed over 50 people were wounded in the mid-day explosion close to a busy bank in the provincial capital.
Kandahar, Afghanistan (AP) - A huge suicide car bombing struck Thursday outside a bank in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, targeting Afghan troops and government employees waiting to collect their salaries ahead of a major Muslim holiday ...
In addition to the 29 killed over 50 people were wounded in the mid-day explosion close to a busy bank in the provincial capital. At least 29 people were killed and nearly 50 others wounded in a car bomb in the provincial capital of Lashkargah, health ...
Kandahar, Afghanistan (AP) - A suicide car bomb exploded Thursday at a bank in Afghanistan's Helmand province as Afghan troops and government workers waited to collect their pay ahead of a major Muslim holiday, killing at least 29 people, officials ...
At least 29 people were killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province on Thursday. The bombing targeted Afghan troops and government employees waiting to collect their salaries ahead of Eidul Fitr, officials said.
Kandahar, Afghanistan (AP) - A huge suicide car bombing struck Thursday outside a bank in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, targeting Afghan troops and government employees waiting to collect their salaries ahead of a major Muslim holiday ...
Afghan governor in Helmand province raises death toll in suicide car bombing outside bank there to 29, mostly civilians. By The Associated Press.
According to officials the policemen were from the Helmand highway battalion. A source told TOLOnews that the incident happened when the vehicle they were traveling in hit a roadside mine in Popalzai Shakh area along the Lashkargah-Kandahar highway.
In the meantime, the provincial government in a statement said additional forces have been deployed to Marjah district in a bid to further step up counter-terrorism operations against the militant groups.
Afghan security officials patrolling an area after a suicide bomb blast that targeted a checkpoint run by the breakaway Taliban faction known as the Renouncers, in the district of Gereshk in Helmand province last week. Credit Watan Yar/European ...
The Hamouns are transboundary wetlands on the Iran-Afghanistan border and constitute three lakes: Hamoun-e Helmand, which is entirely in Iran; Hamoun-e Sabari on the border; and Hamoun-e Puzak, which is almost entirely inside Afghanistan.
At least 75 Taliban insurgents were killed in southern Helmand province's ongoing operation, local officials claim. Thumbnail.
Helmand province is the center of the Taliban's drug trade and a major source of its revenue. Afghanistan has long been suffering from unstable political, social and security situation due to the activity of Daesh terrorists and Taliban.
Kabul: At least twenty Taliban militants were killed during the airstrikes conducted by the Afghan and US forces in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan. The airstrikes were carried out late on Thursday in the vicinity of Marjah district of the ...
At least 43 Taliban insurgents were killed in an Afghan air forces airstrike in southern Helmand province on Wednesday, Ministry of Interior (MoI) said in a statement.
A suicide bomber targeted a checkpoint run by rival insurgents in the southern Afghanistan province of Helmand, killing nine of them.
Afghan villagers watch as US soldiers from the 82nd airborne's Bravo Company search a house for suspected Taliban and al-Qaida forces in the central part of the Baghran river valley during the finishing stages of "Operation Viper" in Helmand province, ...
The biggest name among those officials was Mohammad Faqir, a former commander of the 215th Corps in Helmand province, who was accused of misuse of supplies and rations, neglect of duty, and a lack of transparency in the use of fuel, food, and other ...
The so-called "friendly fire" incident occurred overnight, during a raid in Afghanistan's restive Helmand province, the U.S.
In a separate report from southern Helmand province, at least two border police officers were killed Friday night after their checkpoint was struck by US military forces during a joint operation, said Omar Zwak, spokesman for the provincial governor in ...
Several members of the Afghan Security Forces were killed on Friday when a US military aircraft opened fire during an overnight operation in Helmand province, according to officials. The incident took place in the Loy Bagh area of Nad Ali district on ...
journalists David Gilkey and Zabihullah Tamanna were killed in Afghanistan last year on a reporting trip. Our investigation found that the story of their deaths is ...
One such area is Helmand province, which is once again under the terror group's control. This is a devastating time for the Afghan forces, which have retreated as Taliban forces pressed forward in their effort to seize Helmand. However, the UK and US ...
For three years, Mohammad Nadir served alongside infantry and reconnaissance Marines, police advisers, and coalition forces in volatile districts like Kajaki, Lashkar Gah, and Sangin in Helmand province, Afghanistan. As an interpreter for U.S. service ...
8 June 2017 - 60-year-old Nazo stands at the bedside of his grandson Rahmatullah, 19, who was badly injured by a roadside bomb in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan. Rahmatullah lost both of his legs in the blast, and ...
Elsewhere, very little attention was paid to the also-rans, who frequently didn't appear to be even running. Most of UKIP's policies read like a side-effect of Paul Nuttall's PTSD medication (he did six tours in Helmand, didn't he? The only holder of a ...
In Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, where British troops suffered heavy casualties during the decade-long war against the Taliban, key towns such as Sangin and Musa Qala now find themselves firmly under the control of their former tyrants.
On Oct. 14, 2010, Joey's unit was heavily engaged in a nightmarish enfilade of automatic weapons fire interspersed with the detonations of improvised explosive devices set by the Taliban fighters that dominated Helmand province in Afghanistan.
Sixteen years after they were ousted by the U.S.-led invasion, the Taliban have regained control of large parts of Afghanistan. The BBC recently got rare access to the Taliban in one of those areas, Helmand province, where they have assumed many ...
The Marine Corps continues to use M855 ammo for their M16A4 and M4 5.56mm service rifles.
US Army medic Staff Sergeant Rahkeem Francis with Charlie Company, 6-101 Combat aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, treats an Afghan boy with a broken leg onboard a Medvec helicopter near the town of Marjah in Helmand province, August 19, ...
While launching the 500-day countdown to the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, Prince Harry said he felt "guilty" when he was evacuated out of Afghanistan in 2008 after an Australian magazine violated a news blackout and revealed his location in the ...
Nowhere is the complete collapse of Afghanistan felt more than in provinces like Helmand, Paktia, Kandahar, Kunduz, and Khost, where the Taliban are able to not just launch spectacular attacks, but take and hold ground, often seizing large amounts of ...
The BBC's Auliya Atrafi goes behind the front line in Afghanistan to see life under militant control.
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But on February 14, 2011, an IED blast in an area in the south of the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province caused Mr Gray to 'die' twice - once in a helicopter and then again in the operating theatre.
Kabul: As many as 19 Taliban insurgents were gunned down on Thursday during a 24-hour operation conducted by security forces in Afghanistan`s southern Helmand province. According to Khaama Press, the operations were conducted in the vicinity of ...
A local mother's memories of her fallen Marine son remain vivid almost seven years after his death in Afghanistan. His desire to serve, the danger he faced and the overwhelming community support shown when he was laid to rest.
In Kunduz in the north, the Taliban have made gains as well as in Helmand province in the south. Their influence is spread across most of the country.
Some of the names are probably familiar: Sangin, Gereshk, Kajaki, Garmsir, Nawzad. They are the most violent districts in Afghanistan's most violent province, Helmand, and the battles that British and American soldiers fought there have already become ...
... training local forces and conducting counterterrorism operations. In the past year, they have largely concentrated on thwarting a surge of attacks by the Taliban, who have captured key districts, such as Helmand province, which U.S. and British ...
"Their small number makes each one of their deaths especially valuable and important," Devereaux said. Devereaux recalled the story of Cpl.
Seen through a night-vision device, U.S. Marines conduct a combat logistics patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan, April 21, 2013.
At least eight Taliban insurgents were killed in a military operation conducted by government forces in Nad Ali district in southern Helmand province on Monday, local official said on Tuesday. In addition, a number of Taliban fighters were wounded in ...





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