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updated Wed. February 22, 2017

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta -- Setelah menghadapi Perang Salib pada 1095-1291, Dunia Islam harus pula mengalami serangan dari kerajaan di Timur, Mongol.
"Based on the order of the president, general Atta Mohammad has been appointed as the governor of Balkh province," reads a press release.
Shakespeare's plays, or for that matter the Ferdowsi Shahnama or Rumi's Masnavi is also one of my favourites. Rumi was actually born in Balkh, in Afghanistan, and Afghans insist on calling him Jalaluddin Balkhi. When he went to Turkey, he settled in ...
Shakespeare's plays, or for that matter the Ferdowsi Shahnama or Rumi's Masnavi is also one of my favourites. Rumi was actually born in Balkh, in Afghanistan, and Afghans insist on calling him Jalaluddin Balkhi. When he went to Turkey, he settled in ...
This bulletin is being issued for information only, and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies ...
The Deputy Minister for Higher education, Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Vice Chancellor (VC) Kabul Medical University, Shams ur Rehman Rehamani, VC Balkh University, Abdul Haq Haqiq, VC Qandhar University Hazrat Totakhail, while officials from HEC also ...
A number of money exchangers at Saray Shahzada (Shahzada Money market) in Kabul on Monday said they are concerned about the widespread of use of Pakistani Rupees in a number of provinces and urged the central bank to clamp down on the ...
Rumi lahir di Balkh, Afghanistan, kemudian mengembara ke Baghdad, Damaskus, dan lalu menetap di Turki pada masa Dinasti Saljuk hingga meninggal dunia.
The delegation members included Deputy minister for Higher education Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, Shams ur Rehman Rehamani, Vice Chancellor Kabul Medical university, Abdul Haq Haqiq, VC Balkh University, Hazrat Totakhail, VC Qandhar university, while ...
Among them were deputy minister for higher education Abdul Tawab Balakarzai, vice chancellor of the Kabul Medical University Shamsur Rehman Rehamani, VC of Balkh University Abdul Haq Haqiq and VC of Qandhar University Hazrat Totakhail. Officials ...
religious scholars and civil society activists in Balkh on Saturday raised their voices against this week's suicide bombing at Kabul's Supreme Court and the killing of six International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) employees in Jawzjan.
MAZAR-E-SHARIF, Feb. 9, 2017 (Xinhua) -- People carry the coffin of an employee of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) at a local hospital in Mzar-e-Sharif, capital of northern Balkh province, Afghanistan, Feb. 9, 2017. The International ...
In 2015, nine Afghan staff members with the Czech organisation People in Need were shot in a guesthouse in Balkh. Jowzjan, where Wednesday's incident took place, is rife with insurgency and armed struggles between competing pro-government factions.
Provinces with casualties and significant damage to homes and livelihoods included Badakhshan (several districts), Balkh (Chimtal), Faryab (Pashtun Kot, Kohistanat), Samangan (Darisuf Bala), Sar-i-Pul (Sozmaqala, Sayad and Balkhab), Hirat (Adraksan), ...
Since mid-2016 the group appears to have switched tactics, launching a series of deadly attacks against Shia Muslims and others in Kabul and bombing a mosque in the northern province of Balkh, neighbouring Jowzjan, in October. On Wednesday, IS said it ...
Identified only as Zarina, the woman from Kashinda district in Afghanistan's northern province of Balkh described her husband as a suspicious man, who was preventing her from seeing her family.
"We have checked the CCTV cameras and recorded eyewitness statements," he said. The diplomat killed was the brother of Mohammad Abdul, an MP from northern Balkh province, Afghanistan''s Tolo News reported.
Referring to the recent negotiations between Ghani and Balkh acting governor Atta Mohammad Noor, the press release states that Jamiat's leadership council strongly supports the discussions between Noor and Ghani and hopes that these talks reach s ...
The Afghan experience also offers suzanis - pure wool rugs and bedcovers - brought in from Mazar in the Balkh province. Coming from the area that is now Uzbekistan, suzanis are mostly embroidered with wool on a cotton fabric in traditional patterns.
The High Office of Oversight and anti-corruption (HOOAC) on Friday said at least six governors out of 14, who were asked to register their assets 20 days ago, have agreed to continue the process.
The statement comes after reports emerged of ongoing negotiations between Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor, the acting governor of Balkh province. However, the outcome of the talks remains uncertain. Noor said in a recent interview that he was hoping to ...
Zarina, who belonged to northern Balkh province of Afghanistan, was attacked by her husband without any reason. She got married to her husband when she was just 15.
jail "Counter-Narcotics police of Afghanistan (CNPA) and Afghan Security Forces have cracked 14 drug cases and captured 11 persons involved in the cases in Kabul, Farah, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces within the past one week," the Counter-Narcotics ...
This timeless poet was born in Balkh (in what is now northern Afghanistan) on September 30, 1207. As a teenager he was identified as a great spirit, and in his 30s he met Shams Tabriz, with whom he shared many mystical conversations, resulting in a ...
There are huge concerns among the people in Balkh that the security will further deteriorate in the northern regions of the country if government does not take solid action against drug smugglers and take back the weapons handed over to powerful persons.
A man in the northern province of Balkh is on the run after allegedly chopping off his wife's ears, local officials confirmed.
From his position as acting governor of the northern province of Balkh, Noor has built a local power base he is now intent on expanding into a national role with an eye to national elections.
"If our negotiations succeed, we will leave Balkh to new and young faces," he said, referring to the northern province where he has built a far-reaching regional power base.
Balkh police Chief Gen. Sayed Kamal Sadat has claimed that a number of provincial council members are protecting criminals by keeping them at their homes.
2016 saw several attempts to reorganise the power-sharing arrangement, most recently through the removal of ministers by parliament (which has not yet been accepted by the executive); the negotiations between Balkh provincial governor and chairman of ...
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta -- Berkembangnya geografi di dunia Islam dimulai ketika Khalifah al-Ma'mun yang berkuasa dari tahun 813 hingga 833 M memerintahkan para geografer Muslim untuk mengukur kembali jarak bumi.
Spokesman Munir Ahmed Farhad said the bomb went off on Friday in Balkh province as the car entered a stadium where the popular ancient sport of Buzkashi is played.
In Afghanistan, I got to play football with teenagers in Samangan, tour Tashkurgan, and visit the home of Zoroastrianism at Balkh and the stunning Blue mosque in Mazar-i-Sharif. "Afghanistan was brilliant, and emotional. It's a huge country and of ...
The explosion was to the east of Mazar-e Shariff, in the Khulm District of Balkh Province, as spectators were leaving the buzkashi match.
"Peranti diletupkan di luar kawasan perlawanan buzkashi, membunuh tiga orang dan mencederakan empat yang lain," kata Timbalan Ketua Polis Balkh, Abdul Razaq Qaderi kepada AFP. Katanya, letupan itu berlaku sebaik saja orang ramai beredar selepas ...
Rumi was born Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi in Balkh, near modern Tajikistan and Afghanistan, in 1207. His father was a well-known religious leader who straddled Sufism and Sunni Islam, a combination of tradition that Rumi himself would eventually ...
Kabul, Jan 17 (IBNS): National Directorate of Security (NDS), the Afghani intelligence has discovered a bomb manufacturing factory in Balkh province belonging to the Taliban, local Khaama Press reported. The NDS officials have seized ammunition from ...
The acting provincial governor of northern Balkh province Ata Muhammad Noor called the remarks as illogical. He emphasized the need to ascertain enemies in the system before going to face them in the battlefield.
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Relatives of Yakawlang victims in Bamiyan on Saturday lashed out at Abdul Hakim Mujahid, an advisor to the High peace Council (HPC), for what they say were insensitive comments that showed disrespect to their family members killed by Taliban in 2001.
A preview of the colourful bouquet of dances gives a glimpse of unique groups like the Pashtun ethnic people whose dance dates way back to Zoroastrianism in Balkh (in northern Afghanistan) which was known as Bactria in ancient times. The dance ...
Born in 849 CE (235 AH) in the Persian village of Shamisitiyan, within the Balkh (from which he gets his name) province, now a part of modern day Afghanistan, he went on to write more than 60 books and manuscripts.
So, this brings an uneasy equation for a Tajik warlord like Atta Mohammad Noor (Governor of Balkh province) and the Uzbek warlord, General Rashid Dostum (current Vice President) to coexist and fight insurgency jointly, as their own enmity goes back to ...
Born in 849 CE (235 AH) in the Persian village of Shamisitiyan, within the Balkh (from which he gets his name) province, now a part of modern day Afghanistan, he went on to write more than 60 books and manuscripts.
The first part of the road which is 93km, will be paved from northern Balkh province up to Dar-e-Suf. The second part from Dar-e-Suf to Kandahar province, which is more than 550km long, is being surveyed by the ADB.
The only 4th century evidence are gold coins discovered in Balkh dating from c. 380, where 'Kidara' is usually interpreted in a legend in the Bactrian language.
religion is against killing and it does not condone it," said Mohsin Danish, a member of Balkh Ulema Council. MPs also denounced the killing of the coalminers and said if the situation continues, the country will face a crisis.






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